Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2019 Reviews

The best thing about Bluetooth Speakers is that you can do music streaming from your mobile, tablet and laptops. For this article, our editors have selected 7 amazing products for review. It took us around 2 months and we have checked and used these Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for 2019.

Comparison Chart for Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2019 Reviews

Here is the comparison chart for these amazing portable Bluetooth speakers, along with basic features, I have added a check-price button.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers Features Bluetooth Price
Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM shock-proof design, 360 degrees sound Yes $$$
Bose SoundLink Revolve+ deep and loud sound, Aluminium body Yes $$$
WONDERBOOM Surround sound, long battery life Yes $$$
Bose SoundLink Micro built-in speakerphone, Siri Yes $$$
JBL Pulse 2 multi-colored visuals, water-proof Yes $$$
JBL Charge 2 + latest version, social mode Yes $$$
Denon Heos 3 clear and loud sound, light-weight Yes $$$

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM– Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you are hosting some sort of event or just hanging out, grab the MEGABOOM with you. Ultimate Ears have just slammed down the gauntlet with its MEGABOOM speaker. Having the hot LAVA red color, it grabs the attention of the public. Let me tell you about this high-class product of Ultimate Ears.

Features of Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM speaker

Some of its features are those which make it a unique piece among all. Some features are still somewhat like other speakers. But those unique features are the most demanded ones. Now, I think you are getting anxious about it. Ok, let me explain now;

Bold, shock proofed design

The first feature is its bold and beautiful design. It is crafted using the most premium materials. Along with its unique design, this speaker is tough too. This tough design and strong material can resist all the falls. Along with this it is highly shock-proofed.

360? sound coverage

The next high leveled feature is its freakishly amazing fits 360-degree angle sound coverage. ?You will experience to listen to the same loud sound in all the corners without missing a single beat. It is having an amazing advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP) and 3.5 mm audio output. That?s why sound dominates everywhere. These?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers, have changed the music industry with their revolutionary features.

Ultra high playtime

You can enjoy an incredibly high 20 hours of rechargeable battery. Along with it, this battery range will also vary with the environmental conditions, the use of this speaker and its settings.

Long wireless range

You can Bluetooth wireless range, superbly make that 10 feet away. Use the Bluetooth mode in good environmental conditions.? You can pair any of your other devices via Bluetooth. Even when you place your device far away, this connection will be maintained undisturbed.

For audio playback, you can use your Bluetooth supported smartphones and tablets. You can also use the Bluetooth smart wireless audio profile.


It has UE MEGABOOM app for additional features and control. This will give you extra control over this speaker and a great facility too. So, by using this app on your mobile, you can control the entire speaker.

Use this app to download the features like customizable equalizer, block party, and remote ON/OFF, tap controls and many more. PartyUp will allow you to connect more than 50 UE speakers together completely wireless. You can also get updates via this app.

Ipx7 waterproof

This item is proved and tested against water splashes. So, use it anywhere, just grab and go.

Shockingly light

When you grab it, you will feel that it is shockingly lightweight. It is carrying the weight of only 1.93 pounds.

Fast charging

Another most different feature of this product is that it has ultra fast micro USB charging. Just put the speaker on the micro USB device. Within no time, it will get charged up.

Rich deep bass

We all love the bass. Without it, the speaker is nothing but a loud punchy sound. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM speaker has a rich and deep bass. It will let you feel the music and getting immersed in its deepness. With these?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers, you will always have better music experience.

Hot color

Talking about its most beautiful thing, it is having the hot Red LAVA color. It looks super classy and gorgeous.


MEGABOOM speaker is available at a reasonable price to everyone. Click here to check latest price.

Specifications of Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM speaker

  • It has got the dimensions of 3.3 x 3.3 x 8.9.
  • Item weight is shockingly light, only 1.93 pounds.
  • Wireless connections; Bluetooth.
  • It has 20 hours rechargeable battery timings.
  • It is having LAVA red color that looks super classy.
  • It?s a portable wireless speaker on steroids.
  • It is having a rich and deep bass.
  • Pair the 2 speakers 150+BOOM 2/ MEGABOOM.
  • You can get updates via UE MEGABOOM app.
  • The Bluetooth range can group to 100 feet.


  • Heart pounding bass.
  • Blast freakishly awesome 360 degrees sound.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Ultra high play timings.
  • Awesome eye-catching color.
  • Extra features and allows full control.
  • Allows connecting more than 50 UE speakers wirelessly.


  • No Alexa voice control.
  • No other specific cons are found.

Final words

Get ready to do fun everywhere. Grab your MEGABOOM and enjoy the real neat music.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+?- Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Let?s start telling you directly about these. After long research and testing, we have found some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for your people. The first one is going to be explained here. Sit tight and be ready to enjoy this product at your home soon.

Features of Bose SoundLink Revolve+?

Its features truly define this product. Know about its some qualities that make it a big choice among the audience.

Deep and loud sound

Bose has specially designed their speaker to deliver a deep and loud, jaw-dropping sound. You will place it anywhere at the proper place where the sound doesn?t cancel and it will truly cover the angle of 360?. So, sitting at any far place you will enjoy the same deep and amazing sound just like the sound when seating near it.

Aluminum body

Its seamless aluminum body is highly durable.? The good thing is that it is water resistant too (Ipx4). So, don?t worry if your speaker gets exposed to water splashes. But you know, using any product extremely bad can definitely damage it. So, you have to use it with care.

Best performance

It performs at its best. Stream music from any of your device and dance. You can also turn on the party mode and once set the playlist. It will keep going on and you will be able to enjoy music with a new taste.

Google and SIRI access

You can have direct and quick access to SIRI and Google too. You can search any song by voice command. You can take help form SIRI in playing any music or songs list on your speaker. This means you will have the full liberty to enjoy hands-free commands.

Party mode

You can also use the party mode. In this mode, you are given the facility to connect two speakers together for stereo and for the party mode playback. The music will keep going on and tracklist will play next by next. You can enjoy as much as you can.

Wireless Bluetooth streaming

Not only you can stream music through wireless Bluetooth features. But you can also take hands-free calls. You can also do Bluetooth pairing by using voice prompts only. Its wireless range can extend up to 9 m (30 ft).? Bose Connect app makes it much easier to automatic connect and switch between the Bluetooth devices.

Extended play time

You can enjoy it up to 16 hours of continuous use. This is because, as this speaker is having a rechargeable, long-lasting, lithium-ion battery, 3.6 inches with full range driver. You can do fast and easy charging by using a Micro-B USB port.

Highly portable

You can enjoy playing it, no matter where ever you go. It is easy to handle. A flexible fabric handle is attached to it. It makes easier to grab it. Plus you can hang it at any suitable place.

Colors available

Bose SoundLink Revolve +?is available in 2 gorgeous colors;

  • Triple black
  • Lux gray

It looks modern and pretty much cool. Personally speaking, I am in love with this Bluetooth speaker. With its unique colors, it has a unique style too that looks great while placing it anywhere or hanging.

Improved bass

It has got multiple features with an improved bass too. True bass will make you feel the music more. Not only you will enjoy listening but also you will get immersed in its deepness.


For checking out the warranty of your product, directly check out its warranty card. In case of any damage or broken part, you will be able to claim. You will show you warranty card to them and the company will repair it for you. Bose is a trusted and popular company, so they give a good warranty.


It is neither too pricey nor very cheap. It is available in a reasonable amount in which any of the good speakers should be. Click here to check latest price.

Specifications of Bose SoundLink Revolve+?

  • Product dimensions: 2 x 4.2 x 7.3 inches.
  • Item weight: 2 pounds.
  • Shipping weight: 3.06 pounds.
  • Color: Triple black.
  • Power source: battery.
  • Connectivity: wireless, Bluetooth.
  • Voice prompts: yes.
  • SIRI/ Google assistant help.
  • Bose connect app: yes.
  • Stereo and party mood: yes.
  • Battery life is 16 hours.
  • Water resistance IPX4.
  • True 360-degree coverage.
  • Flexible fabrics handle for portability.
  • Party mood playback.
  • Seamless aluminum body.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with full range driver.
  • Engineered for a deep spread and jaw-dropping sound.


  • Water and shock resistant.
  • Deep bass.
  • Surround 360 degrees sound coverage.
  • Excellent loud, clear sound and performance.
  • Strong and durable.


  • Some time sound gets a bit too loud.
  • No other con.

Final words

Bose SoundLink Revolve+?speaker is the best Bluetooth speaker among all. You will gain an amazing experience. You can take it anywhere and do parties at your friend?s house. You didn?t have to take great care if it as it is tested and waterproof also. Buy it and fill your life with music and fun. Click here to buy from Amazon.

WONDERBOOM?Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Get ready to know about these Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers. It incredibly provides you a luxury to use it around water. As you know, every product is special, so its major specialty is that you can use while swimming or any other watery area without worry. This will take you to another world of fantasy.

Features of WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

Let?s start about its features first.

Serious sounding system

In this product, don?t let the small package fool you. Each and every UE WONDERBOOM is equal in delivering a crispy, massive and a clear sound. This sound also surrounds the angle of 360 degrees. So sitting in any corner, you will experience the same crispy sound. It truly lightens up all your parties.

IPX7 waterproof????????????????????????

This is the feature that everyone is talking about. It is IPX7 waterproofed. Now, you can safely play your music around water with these high-quality speakers. It can withstand the depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Enjoy using it in the rain. This is the best thing you can dance in rain with your friends by playing music on this WONDERBOOM speaker without worries.

You also have the full freedom to use it around the shower and in the tub too with these?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for 2019.

Bluetooth connectivity

Connect this speaker with Bluetooth. You can also connect your all other devices with it by using this feature. ?The specialty in this connectivity is that this Bluetooth connection can be kept playing up to 100 feet (30M) away, without dropping out your music. And all devices are compatible with its connection.

Battery life

You can play this product up to 10 hours continuously, on just a single charge. So you can listen to your music longer, without having to get the charging cable. When it ran out of its charging, plug it for charging. Within just 2.8 hours it will be ready for you to be played simultaneously for next 10 hours again.

Double up

It has an amazing new feature to get a connection with other devices within just a tap. Connect with devices and play the stored music of your taste. You have to hold the UE button on your device to play. In order to pause the song, you have to press its button again. And even if you want to skip a song and want to play the next one, the double tap the button and you will be done.

These are actually FCC related products: FCC ID JNZS00163.

Big sound

Hear your music like never before with this WONDERBOOM speaker. It will play a surprisingly big sound that will let you enjoy at the peak. It is an accessory for conjuring the magic out of music. Ultimate ears will actually give you all this opportunity to listen to a smooth and loud sound.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Good design

This product is award holder because of its good design.? This award was given to it from Chicago Athenaeum in Good Design Awards Program. It is one of the oldest and prestigious Global Awards Programs of Design Excellence and Innovation.

Extreme portable

These?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers are? highly portable. Even you can take it in anywhere holding it in your hands. Or placing it in your pocket, take it to all the places where you are going. Enjoy using everywhere you go.

Speakers pairing

You can connect or pair two of the WONDERBOOM speakers together and play the beats. ?Two of the speakers combined will give you 2 MEGABOOM. Even you can connect both of these speakers with the same source and at the same time. Hold the button at the upper top and just pair it and party louder.

Colors available

This color of this product is SubZero Blue. It is also available in multiple different colors. Like avocado color, Cashmere Pink, Concrete, Deep Blue, Fireball Red, Lilac, Midnight blue, Neon forest, Patches, Phantom Black, Raspberry, Stone Grey, and Unicorn.

Warranty and support

You can return a ??dead on arrival?? product. A full refund will be in 30 days of purchase. If customer misuses it or breaks it, then, in this case, the product won?t be returned back. The company would only be responsible if some damage occurs while delivery or some default by them.


Just like its good look, it is good at its price too.

Specifications of WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

  • Its dimensions are 4.2 x 4.6 x 5.3 inches.
  • The weight of this speaker is 1.32 lbs only.
  • Its power source is a strong and quick rechargeable battery.
  • The brand name of this product is Ultimate Ears.
  • It is having the beautiful SubZero blue color.
  • It is from WONDERBOOM series.
  • Shipping weight is 1.32 pounds.
  • Customer reviews give it 4. 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Provides a good and strict 2 years limited warranty and support programme by Amazon.
  • It has got the height is 102 mm, width and diameter of 93.5 mm.
  • Its maximum sound level is 86 dB, with the frequency range of 80- 20Hz. It also has the two 40 mm active drivers and two 46.1 x 65.2 mm passive. radiators. This all covers the sound angle of 360 degrees together.


  • Big sound
  • Award holder for good design.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Easy play and pause.
  • Highly portable.
  • Bluetooth compatible with multiple devices.


  • A waterproof claim doesn?t mean that you can float in the pool, proof to immerse in water in only one foot deep.

Final words

I am glad to tell you guys about this product. It?s great fun to enjoy music everywhere without any limitations. So, be ready to stay connected with your favorite music always. This will refresh your mood and keep you happy as music is great therapy. Click here to check latest price.

Bose SoundLink Micro?- Bluetooth Speakers 2019

Here I am going to talk about the decent looking, uniquely designed Bluetooth speaker, ?? Bose SoundLink Micro??. No matter if you are biking, riding or hanging out with friends, you can enjoy the music anyway. This is the high-quality product that will keep pace with all of your adventures.

It amazingly delivers an unmatched sound for its size.? Yes, it is small, but at the same time, it is powerful too.

Features of Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker

You will be definitely waiting to know that actually what kinds of features are making this speaker, so demanded one. So, here are some of its features;

Balanced sound

These?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers always delivers a crispy and a balanced sound. Balanced in a sense that is has a perfect sound, with loudness, deep bass etc. Never underestimate it because of its size. It delivers an unmatched bass than you can?t even expect. When you will use it, you will have a better idea.

Rugged exterior

These?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers have an amazingly soft and rugged exterior. It has a perfect resistance against scratches, dents, and cracks. This design looks super decent and amazing. Looks very cool to use anywhere because of its small and elegant style.

Easily portable

This speaker is Ultraportable. It gives you the luxury to take it with you where ever you go. It is portable with its tear-resistant, durable, silicone strap. So, you can strap it to your bag pack, handlebars or anywhere you want. It grabs the entire speaker very tight. This actually makes it ultra-portable, along with its size and lightweight.

Built-in speakerphone

One of its best features is that it has a built-in speakerphone.? You can take your calls loud or listen to any audio or voice messages of your phone on this speaker. You can also have voice access to your phone?s SIRI and Google assistant with these?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers.


It has a pretty much good up to 6 hours of play time. You can enjoy the 6 hours non- stop music. After that, charge it. It is having a rechargeable battery. And for this, Micro-B USB port is available.


This is amazingly highly waterproof. It is Ipx7 waterproofed from inside out. You can easily use it without the fear of water. Enjoy it in the rain, tub, beach or any of the other wet places without any worries. It can resist all the water splashes.

It not only performs best at its first time only but resists all the wet conditions. This speaker is rigorously tested for all kinds of conditions. It amazingly better survives when fallen in a pool. So, there is no way to get panic at all when you mistakenly drop it. Just take out and hit the play and enjoy.

Bluetooth enabled

Bluetooth is the best wireless feature. You can connect it with any of the other devices to it. And it delivers an unmatched outclass sound for its size. It is perfectly clear and loud for the outdoors. This will be the perfect choice for camping trips too.

Without any worries about its loudness, play it in the open areas and it will not disappoint you. Its Bluetooth range can go up to 30 feet (9m). ?You can pair up to 8 devices together. This little pack will boom big.

Available colors

A variety of colors are now available for these Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers. These are black color with black strap, Bright Orange with Dark Plum Strap and the beautiful Midnight Blue color with Smoke Violet strap. It looks very elegant and decent placed or strapped anywhere. And this is just because of its unique colors and design.

So get ready to take it with you everywhere you want and chill out with your friends using this fantastic item. Wherever you go the backyard or bike path, wherever you are headed, SoundLink Micro is designed to tag along. ?A great thanks to its custom mounted transducer and passive radiators.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Amazon Eco Dot

Not only it works with Google assistant and SIRI, but also works with Amazon Eco Dot. Just press and hold the multi-function button for it. It will give you the convenience of hands-free voice control.

You can also get connected with the Bose Connect app. This will let you connect with more than one compatible speaker together for party mode. In order to play the music same everywhere, turn on the stereo or party mode and fun hard. You can also connect a USB cable and play your type of music.

Highly durable

This item is amazingly durable. If it falls in an accident, then it is durable enough that it left unbroken. Just because that the manufacturers have used rubber in its exterior that makes it fall and shock proof too.


It is a little bit pricey as compared to other Bluetooth speakers. But it will worth, each and every single penny spent on it.

Specifications of Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker

  • Product dimensions are 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches.
  • The weight of this product is just 10.2 ounces.
  • Shipping weight is only 1.3 inches.
  • Power source: battery
  • It has Multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB etc.
  • Midnight blue color with Smoke Violet strap.
  • 1 lithium polymer battery requires.
  • It has got 4.7 out of 5 stars.
  • Compatible with Bose Connect app and Amazon Eco Dot.
  • Gets controlled with voice prompts.


  • Delivers a balanced sound.
  • Ipx7 waterproof.
  • Highly portable.
  • Built-in speakerphone.
  • Durable and high quality.
  • Elegant design and rugged exterior.


  • Average battery life
  • No other specified cons.

Final words

After knowing all about this speaker, you should definitely take it for you or for your loved ones as a gift. It will truly fill up your life with colors of music. Yet choice is all yours, you can select any one from these or more as you want. Click here to check latest price.

JBL Pulse 2?- Best Bluetooth Speakers 2019

Evaluate your music experience to another dimension with this outclass speaker, JBL Pulse 2. It offers a sensational sound with an amazingly interactive light show. Let start reviewing about this product now;

Features JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Speaker

This uniquely designed product has got the features like;

Multi-colored visuals

First of all, the best thing in this Bluetooth speaker is that you can bring your music to life. With glowing visuals, this will lighten up all of your parties. You can transform it easily whenever you are at a party or when anywhere else goes. You will experience sensational music with an interactional light show.

You can have the full liberty to get control over this light show by using JBL prism sensor lens. You have to just point out and shoot the lens at your desired color. This will give you, your demanded view and music. You will definitely love using it.

Splash proof design

The splash-proof design enables it to show its high quality and to light up at any stage. You can play it in rainwater. Even you can clean it under the running tap water. But one thing that you must have to take care of is that you shouldn?t have to submerge it into the water.

Enhanced battery life

A strong 6000Mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built in with this item. It takes the stereo sound for up to 10 hours of play time continuously.

With such enhanced, amazing battery timings, you can enjoy everywhere. Charge it once and next 10 hours will be for your enjoying. It completely plays for 10 hours with music and light show even.

Clear calls

All of its features are best just like it. Now you are able to listen to your calls loud and answer them without any voice problems. You can listen to calls while going anywhere or doing your work. Plus 2 has a feature of noise and echo canceling speakerphone. This is the actual reason for the crystal clear calls.

The call talking method with this speaker is just to press the touch button over it. This is actually the eco canceling speakerphone that will let you enjoy smooth and un-disturbed calls.

The audio specifications are: Signal to noise ratio ?80db while the frequency response of 85Hz-20 kHz.

Available colors

JBL Pulse is available in two decent colors. Black and Silver color. Both of these give a decent look. Mainly its light show adds colors to the music.

Bluetooth streaming

Another top feature of these Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers is the Wireless Bluetooth streaming. You can easily connect 3 smartphones or tablets to this speaker. You can take turns with the sensational music with such a sensational and melodious sound. This is the latest version of Bluetooth 4.1.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

?JBL connect

You can connect multiple JBL speakers with each other. This will build your own ecosystem. Along with this, the system will be more amplified than before and you can enjoy the part in an open area too. This system will play a big sound that will reach the same at every corner.


It is only 1 pound. This makes it possible to take it all the way with you. By placing it any bag, you can go anywhere and enjoy an amplified and soothing music from it. Like you can take it to a party, during biking, hiking, playing, etc.

?High Durability

It is made up of a tough material. Thus, it is highly durable. It will work for many years without any damages. Even it can resist some slight falls. But use everything with great care.


Some of the other supports, this speaker is having are; A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2.


JBL pulse 2 is completely affordable to everyone, rather say it is cheap. Without any budget issue, you can buy this amazing product just now.

Specifications JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Speaker

  • The Product dimensions are 8.3 x 4 x 6.7 inches.
  • This item is having only 1 pound of weight.
  • Shipping weight is only 3.15 pounds.
  • It has got 3.7 out of 5 stars.
  • It has got the total frequency response of 85Hz ? 20Hz.
  • Its signal to noise ratio is greater than 80db.
  • The available colors of this product are black and silver.
  • Saves 69 % off the list price.
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming.
  • It is having multiple JBL speaker connecting option too.
  • Lightshow, visualize your special tracks.


  • Glowing multi-colored visuals.
  • Unique design.
  • Crystal clear and smooth calls.
  • Highly splash-proof design.
  • Highly affordable.


  • No longer charge properly.
  • Nothing more.

Final words

I am having and enjoying this Bluetooth speaker a lot. But in my busy schedule, I only find time to play it during the night, but you know what its light show makes it look super cool and more glamorous during night time. So, whenever I play it, I dim the lights of my room and enjoy the lively music with colors.

I used to dance on my favorite songs and this refreshes me from the whole day?s sick works. My little brother also enjoys its fantastic lights and music with me. So, we are enjoying this product at its best. Click here to check latest price.

JBL Charge 2+?- Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2019

Here is another JBL speaker, having its own uniqueness and specificities. The renewed JBL Charge 2 + is an ultra-powerful and amazing Bluetooth speaker. It is having a high-quality stereo sound. With a decent and fresh style, it allows you to enjoy in rain, on the beach or everywhere you want. Get ready to enjoy this amazing product.

Features of JBL Charge 2+ speaker

It has got the features like;

Social mode

The first and foremost special feature of JBL charge 2+ speaker is its social mode. You can get connected with the three different music sources with the same speaker at the same time. Each and every family member or your all friends will be able to enjoy their own music. This is such a great facility.

Trade off as DJ with your friends. Share everyone?s special tunes with them by using this social mode.

JBL bass radiator

The most special Bluetooth speaker feature is the bass radiator. Not every speaker has such great features. Now, you can listen to the bass and even feel the bass. Its dual external passive radiators actually demonstrate that how much powerful, this speaker is.

Passive radiators field enough bass that you will see the trembling from outside. Dance along with its trembling beats.


The best thing of any speaker is its tested design. As other speakers just get damaged because of water splashes and the loss of the whole product.? But this speaker is highly splash proved. It means that no longer you have to worry about rain or any kind of spills. Clean it under running water without any fear of any problems. Just don?t try to test it by submerging in water as it will definitely cause issues.

Use it as we have told you about it. Submerging in water is not good otherwise it is splash fearless.


This item is also having the built-in speakers. This will let you listen to clear calls anywhere. Tap on its touch button and you are ready to listen. It cancels out the entire eco or pinch and you will only enjoy You will not miss even the only single beat during the whole call.

Unique design

It is having the best unique bottle like a design. It can easily fit into any bag or any other thing. You can take it with you always.? This design looks pretty much good. It looks unique when placed anywhere and when playing at its peak.

Available colors

Colors add beauty to our lives. So that?s why it has multiple choices for colors for you. It is having the color options like; Reds, Green, Orange, Yellow, Grey, and Pink. You can select your favorite one from these.

Rechargeable battery ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

These?Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers are powered by 6000Mah rechargeable battery. It?s an ultra big battery. It provides an incredible 12 hours of non-stop playtime. It can even charge all of your devices like tablets and smartphones through USB.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Wireless Bluetooth streaming

You can do wireless Bluetooth streaming, play your favorite beats by any of the Bluetooth enabled device. As I have told that this speaker also charges your device, so you will be able to listen longer. So, be ready to go anywhere with just a moment notice, without worry charging your phone. If the speaker has charging then it will transfer some charging to phone and this all can be continued for some hours.

High-quality sound

You will experience listening to the high-quality stereo sound. Its high quality and amplification don?t even stop in the pool or in the rainwater. It would work un-stoppable.


JBL Charge 2+ is pricey for few people. But when you buy and use it, you will get to know its worth.

Specifications of JBL Charge 2+ Speaker

Here I will enlist some of its specifications so that you can have a quick review of this product.

  • Dimensions of JBL Charge 2+ are 8.5 x 4 x 6.8 inches.
  • Item weight is only 1.8 that makes it highly portable.
  • It has got 4.4 stars out of 5, an amazing rating by customer reviews.
  • It has built-in noise and echo-canceling speakerphones.
  • It is powered by the big and powerful 6000Mah battery.
  • Single tap, touch button for picking up clear and non-distorted voice calls.
  • Fantastically revamped with the fresh style and splash proved design.
  • Allows wireless Bluetooth streaming with Bluetooth enabled all kinds of devices.
  • Its passive radiator fields more bass that it causes trembling of the speaker.
  • This speaker charges the other connected device too.
  • It can also get connected with another device via a cable.
  • Available with the social mode.


Some of the excellent things which define this speaker and make it a demanded product are;

  • Incredibly high play time.
  • Can connect with 3 different music sources at a time.
  • Highly durable and portable design.
  • Built-in speakerphone.


It has not such specified cons. Yet it has the small parts and there?s a warning for choking hazard. It is not for the children under 3 years.

Final words

JBL Charge 2+ speaker will let you experience the soothing music. It is the perfect selection for bass lovers. Not all the speakers have such a good, clear and high bass. This is the one which provides you with enough bass to let you listen to the melodious beats. Enjoy experiencing the new music fantasies. Click here to check latest price.

Denon Heos 3?- Hi-Res Audio, Compact, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Denon Heos 3 is the true speaker set which has the ability to provide great sound quality along with the right on target bass. It is a speaker which is equipped with every technology you wish your speaker should carry. It has the ability that it can cling on a wall easily. Its design is ultra modern and up to date. It is the choice of anyone whose desire is to buy a beautiful machine. It is equipped with every type of wireless connectivity. I must say it is a device of ultimate choice.

Features of?Denon Heos 3 HS2 New Hi-Res Audio, Compact, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Amazing Sound (Updated Version), Black, Works with Alexa


It is a device with maximum connectivity. If you want to connect the device to the internet you have to download the hoes app on your smartphone and then it will provide the ultimate connectivity. It is an amazing device which is equipped with very much powerful Bluetooth availability. ?It has Ethernet connectivity too. ?It is powered with Alex just Siri and we can say that it is a high tech style of speakers. It provides maximum connectivity by its connection with the internet. You can also connect it with your mobile phone.

Sound performance:

It provides an excellent sound quality. The sound quality is just like it seems that your room has each and everything dancing on the beats. It provides a very high-quality bass. The sound quality makes the music experience best. You will be able to listen sound at a very optimum level. The sound is very much differentiated. You can easily distinguish a different sort of sound. The loudness of sound is pleasant for ears. It?s very clear and louder.

High compatibility:

These speakers provide great compatibility with all kind of devices. It has the ability to get easily connected with Spotify, Pandora, and Rhapsody. It has also the capability to get easily connected with the different music files like FLAC, ALAC and WAV formats.? It has access to different sound libraries on mobile and online. I personally feel that the system has provided the best compatibility with smart devices.

Dual Wide Range drivers:

Its driver has full coverage of sound. Its drivers are very much potent and powerful in its working. Due to this strong drivers, the sound effect is very much loud and it has very strong bass. The mode of sound has increased the worth of these devices. Its sound effect is so loud and clear. It is easy to distinguish between the sound of different pitch easily.


  • The sound quality is very much high and clear.
  • The sound effect is integrated one and easily get into the setup.
  • It can easily get mounted on the wall easily.
  • It has very deep bass and creates a lot of impact full music.
  • You can add multiple units to a system and create a stereo-like effect.


  • It does not support any application for a computer.
  • It has full-time deep bass and vibrates a lot and produces a sound of vibration.
  • Its AUX able gets strangled sometimes.


I truly love this device. Its design is very modern and up to the date. It is a device full of technical beauties. Its bass is very much loud and the pitch is also very loud. You can easily distinguish between different sound pitches. You can feel the music at its best with these speakers.

The Bluetooth is very strong and compatible with most of the devices. It is a wireless device as it can connect to smartphones easily and show very high effectiveness in music. It is a device on which you can experience a clear sound quality. Click here to buy from Amazon.

How to connect Bluetooth Speaker to Laptop?

Doing wireless Bluetooth streaming with your mobile is quite easy. But you know that you can also connect Bluetooth speakers with your laptop. ?Connecting your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop takes the entertainment to its next level.

Step-by-Step Method to Connect Bluetooth Speaker with Laptop

Here I am going to share the detailed method with your people.

  • First of all turn ON the power button of your Bluetooth speaker.
  • Now, go to your laptop control panel or start menu.
  • You will see the option for Bluetooth connectivity there. Otherwise, in the control panel or start menu option, click on the devices. You will find the option of Bluetooth there.
  • Click on Bluetooth and other devices.
  • Now, it?s time to click on the Bluetooth pairing button of your speaker.
  • Allow your laptop to search out all the Bluetooth devices.
  • If your laptop is unable to find out your device then click on scan option. Also turn on the option to allow other devices to find your laptop. This will help both the devices to find and connect with each other quickly.
  • When your laptop successfully finds out your speaker?s name, then click on it and your laptop will get paired with your Bluetooth speaker.

This wireless Bluetooth connectivity will help you to watch movies, listen to the music or any audio loudly on the speaker. This sounds super awesome and creates an amazing atmosphere. If your laptop and Bluetooth speaker both are of high quality then this connection or pairing will be stable so far. Follow all these steps and do fun.?

How do Portable Bluetooth Speakers work with TV?

We all know that technology is developing day by day and the quality of life is increasing with this improvement. There are Televisions available in the market with Bluetooth enhancement. ?These Televisions are very easy to connect to the Bluetooth. You do not have to install any device on the TV. You just need to connect the TV with the Bluetooth speakers. It is a very good system to watch movies or your favorite programmes. It is the wireless system of listening to music. You can enjoy the music at its full just by pairing your device.

Actually, the real problem is with the TV sets which are without any Bluetooth. Without Bluetooth TV is not a problem nowadays. There are a lot of devices available in the markets which are helpful in connecting your TV with your Bluetooth. There are different transmitters and adapters available.

You can connect the TV with some kind of transmitters and receivers. There are some ports on your TV which helps you to connect your Bluetooth speakers via transmitters. These transmitters are connected to the TV set via audio analog ports. The connections with these ports are not very much strong and sound quality is also not up t the mark.

There are coaxial ports, digital ports and also the video ports available on the TV and these ports usually help the gamers or the video viewers who want full loud sounds.

The selection of a proper transmitter is a very much important task to do. You can select a transmitter for the Bluetooth speakers which are approximately compatible with all the devices easily. Avantree aptX Low latency Bluetooth transmitters and Homespot Dual stream are majorly used transmitters for the non-Bluetooth powered TV. It has broad compatibility and these devices have surely increased the entertainment levels.

You should keep in mind that the latency in the signals of picture and sound is a very important thing to consider. It should be kept in mind that signals of the Bluetooth takes some time to reach TV and it will also take some time to convert these Bluetooth signals to sounds signals and there may be some delay in sound and visual signals.

Some Bluetooth devices are available with a built-in battery and this battery is independent of the TV and features a power supply. There are also some Bluetooth devices that are available with the power supply from the TV. They get ON every time you turn ON the television.

In short, It is easy to connect any Blue tooth speakers to the TV. You can easily get a full-time music experience. The music system is very much loud and for sure increase your music experience with your family. The sound is quite louder and audible. You can get a full-time movie, gaming and Television experience.

How do Portable Bluetooth Speakers work with a Computer?

You can connect your Bluetooth devices with your computer easily.? As we know that approximately every computer nowadays coming with Bluetooth technology and you can pair it with your Bluetooth powered speakers and enjoy the optimum music or sound experience.

There are two versions of computers older one which is not powered by the Bluetooth technology and the modern one which carries the Bluetooth technology. The older one can be connected to the Bluetooth devices in two ways. One way is to connect the device with the aux cable to the Bluetooth adapters. If it does not carry the Aux jack then you can use a USB adapter for Bluetooth pairing with your blue tooth speakers.

When you are using a computer with a Bluetooth speaker. You just need to connect it with Bluetooth setting of the computer and thus you will enjoy the utmost music experience. Mostly the Bluetooth speakers are connected with the computers by the gamers or the people who used to watch the movies on their computers.

Although there are wired speakers present in the market, the quality of sound produced by the blue tooth speakers is optimum. This is a source by which you can listen to music watch movies and play the game with louder clearer sound.

By pairing your computer with Bluetooth speakers you can save yourself with the headache of wires and also these speakers are chargeable and you can enjoy it completely.

If you find any difficulty in pairing you Bluetooth speakers with your computer you can simply go through its user manual and you will come across the complete knowledge about it. Also, it does not really matter that which sort of windows version you are using. You can just go on its setting and find your access to the blue tooth settings and you will surely get connected to the devices.

This is the hustle free way to enjoy the sound with great clarity and bass. You do not have to go through difficult installation processes. The only thing you need to do is get the Bluetooth adapter to find out the Bluetooth connectivity to the devices which do not carry Bluetooth services.

You can also get these devices charged by your computer and you can also save yourself from the headaches of charging. Thus it is an easy process overall to use Bluetooth speakers with computers.

Benefits of Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth speakers are a source of luxury for most of the people. It is a convenient source of enhancing your music experience and it helps by providing loud sounds on the TV also which do not have any lavish stereo system. Its usage is quite very simple. Nowadays a lot of technological methods have been imposed on the new Bluetooth speakers. It is a technology which has the ability to transfer data to the different sort of gadgets. It is lightweight and helps a lot in producing loud sound effects.

In today?s world where technology has been flourish a lot. The portability and the usage of wireless instruments have been increased. People love to use the wireless instruments because they are tired of the clingy wires. These wires are tangled in each other and affect the mobility too. Bluetooth speakers have solved this problem. They have made the music experience wireless and portable.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers require a very minute amount of energy. Some blue tooth devices can work on AAA size battery too. So we can say that the dissipation of energy is reduced by the usage of Bluetooth speakers. We can use this easily at any time anywhere without the headache of a lot of supply of electricity with complete Volts.

You can connect your Bluetooth device to any device of your choice and it is a wonderful experience. You do not need to waste your energy on the installation of your speakers. You can just connect your speakers directly to your computer, TV laptop or smartphone just with the connection to Bluetooth services.

You can use these speakers not only indoor but also at the outdoor markets parks and play areas. The sound quality is very good to provide the maximum entertainment experience at home and also you can use these devices for outdoor or office presentations.

These Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers are very smart looking. Nowadays different designs of the wireless speakers are in the market with a lot improved design and very innovative styles. You have the freedom to use these speakers anywhere you want. Just you need to get your device Bluetooth connected to the Bluetooth of the speaker and then you can enjoy the music of your desire at the fuller experience.

These speakers are nowadays coming with a lot of improvements as you can enjoy it with great music experience. The sound quality of these speakers is optimum. In fact, you can enjoy the louder music which can compete with any stereo system easily. It not only enhances your music experience but also become the cause of your entertainment. In short, Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers has made the usage of music system quite easy.

Buying Guide for Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth speakers are amazing products which have undergone a lot of improvements. People are working on a large scale with the Bluetooth devices of different sizes and designs. Everyday technology is improving. This improvement in the technology is also becoming the cause of increasing prices of these speakers.

It is an important job to do to select the best quality of the Bluetooth speakers with the affordable price. The usage of Bluetooth speakers is a must for every person who loves music and wants to enjoy it anywhere or any place he wants to listen.

Selecting a perfect Bluetooth speaker is really a tough job. It is quite difficult to select a device from the heap of devices available in the market. There are some points you should focus on while buying a Bluetooth device.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are available with a lot of innovations. You should keep in focus that its usage place is important to find out where it should be used. I mean if you are using it in an office it should have maximum sound quality. For sure in an office, a speaker is used at its maximum strength for the purpose of presentations. Bass is not very much important in these devices.

If you are using these devices on beaches then it is an important thing to notice that it should be in waterproof form. As it has to interact with the sea water a lot then for this purpose the instrument should be safe from water easily.

what to look for in a Bluetooth Speaker?

Similarly, If you are using these devices at home then the sound quality is the ultimate feature which should be kept in the mind. Well, the sound quality is such feature which is necessary for every type of speaker because some listeners can never compromise on the sound.

Some important features before buying are as follow:


Speakerphones are one of the most important features of a Bluetooth speaker. You know that the basic function of the Bluetooth speakers is to provide you with the optimum sound experience and this is the only desire of anyone. The best speakers are those who got the best speakerphones.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of your Bluetooth should be good. Its power,? Impedance, output power and frequencies of the features are an important thing to note about the sound quality. The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is high and thus it will surely increase their worth.

Lightweight and compact:

The more the speakers are compact and lightweight. The working is enhanced surely. It is due to the reason that mobility is increased. Its portability is also increased when it is a compact device. It will thus increase the mobility of speakers increases. You can connect it with your mobile phone or TV anywhere you want to listen to music of your choice.

Battery life and charging:

Whenever you talk about the portability the charging and battery life are important things to consider. You should note that a Bluetooth speaker with a good battery life is a wonderful feature to notice. ?If your speaker has a good battery life then it is surely going to be a truer portable one. You can take it to travel with you. You can get a lot of musical entertainment with it.


If you have a good Bluetooth device. It must have maximum connectivity. If there is Bluetooth device connection with your device then there must be the availability of NFC services. They are also available with the Auxiliary wire attachment jacks. If that must connectivity is available then this is a perfect device for using it any device you desire to get full of music experience.


There is a huge number of devices available which are compatible with approximately every new Bluetooth device. You should select a device which has the Bluetooth technology able to get connected to every device you are going to use for listening to the music.

Simple controls:

A speaker with the simple controls is a dream comes true. If you have a speaker which does not possess high studded buttons then you are definitely feeling easy using it. These things protect you from complexity. You can enjoy your device experience easily.

Connects to different speaks:

The speakers with the ability to combine with multiple speakers are a very good feature. Some products are present in the market with these features and people are enjoying its ability to connect. You should buy those speakers which have multiple connectivities to various types of speakers.


Waterproof speakers are very much in nowadays. People love them because you can use them near beaches and water sources. This is a very helpful feature. It is also an impressive one.? You can use these features if you are travel lover. In fact, Nowadays people are using speakers in their shower too so waterproof is a good feature to focus on.


There are a lot of products regarding the Bluetooth speakers are available in the market. These speakers are with many features. But I think you should go for the features which suit your usage and your working. It should be also according to your taste and style. It all depends on what you like. Some people like a stylish design. They only focus on the aesthetics.

Some people are interested in the sound quality as they are music freaks then they must select the one with loud sound. Every one as his own requirements and needs and we should choose wisely.?


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