Best Budget Headphone Amp

Let’s talk Best Budget Headphone Amps. We’ve all been there… Headphones plugged into our phone, volume turned up to max, squinting as the sound seems to whisper to us from the other side of an ocean. You can only yell “What?” so many times before you start to feel a fool, and the person on …

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Best Integrated Amp Under $500

Best Integrated Amp Under 500

Best Integrated Amp Under $500 – Expert Reviews and Recommendations If you’re a new audiophile, it can be easy to balk at the amount of money people are willing to spend on their sound equipment. True, you get the best results from equipment that’s been invested in. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend …

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Best Home Theater Amplifier: Buyer’s Guide

Best Home Theater Amplifier

Best Home Theater Amplifier: A Buyer’s Guide Enhance your experience of watching movies or listening to music with the best home theater amplifier. I am an audiophile. I love to savor every note and every frequency of the music I play. So when I invested in a home theater a few years ago, I was …

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