Best Soundbar Reviews

Our editors have selected 8 Best Soundbars for this article. Selecting a Soundbar is a hectic task, we have gone through a number of products before making this list. With features like wireless remotes, Bluetooth connectivity along with HDMI ports and internet along with wi-fi, these best soundbars are here to stay.

Comparison Chart for the Best Soundbars Reviews

Here is the list for 8 of the best soundbar for a home entertainment system.

Best SoundbarFeaturesUser-friendlyPrice
Yamaha YAS-107Built-in subwoofer, BluetoothYes$$$
Samsung SoundbarPanoramic soundbar, BluetoothYes$$$
DenonWorks with Alexa, BluetoothYes$$$
Bose SoundTouchPowerful bass, BluetoothYes$$$
Philips FidelioSurround sound, BluetoothYes$$$
Sonos SoundbarSurround sound, BluetoothYes$$$
Bose Solo 5 TvPowerful bass, BluetoothYes$$$
JBL Sound Bar5.1 surround sound, BluetoothYes$$$

Yamaha YAS-107– Best Soundbar

This best soundbar can easily be defined as a great overall performer. Considering the price of this product by Yamaha, we conclude that is truly the best you can have. It offers several refinements and hence is better designed than it?s predecessor YAS-106.

What has improved?

Not only with what it does, but also the looks are fairly improved. YAS-107 soundbar is sleeker in shape and looks way trendier than it?s predecessor.

Moreover, If we talk about what is inside this soundbar that has been improved, we would have to make a fairly long list. There are two 1-inch dome tweeters, two 2-1/8-inch midrange drivers, and two 3-inch cone subwoofers in a fashion that is more of a dual-ported one.

Here are a few other things that have been redesigned;

  • The internet cabinet has been designed in a different and more efficient manner.
  • Midrange and dialog have been made clearer
  • The drivers are given more attention to.
  • The amp is made better

Let us now have a look at the general characteristics of this soundbar by Yamaha!

General Characteristics:

  • This best soundbar is designed aptly to provide stern support to today?s updated version of HDMI tech. This enables its buyers to enjoy their audio by connecting a 4K UHD to their soundbar directly, as it will video perfectly through the TV! Isn?t it mouth watering?
  • YAS-107 is the among the very few soundbars that have added DTS VIRTUAL:X. This is a technology that makes good and efficient use of Digital signal processing and psychoacoustic techniques. These amazing techniques not only are being used to simulate an object-oriented audio experience but also provide height characteristics to the sound, even though there are no height or rear surround speakers attached or in working.
  • Yamaha has provided its users with brand new ways to operate this soundbar. There are three main ways which enable perfect and accurate controlling of this product. You can either operate it with the remote included in the box, with your TV?s remote or by the help of the Yamaha?s Home Theater Controller app on your very own personal smartphone or any tablet that you might be using.
  • The size of it?s remote is fairly larger than the other credit card sized remotes that come with other sound bars. The buttons are large and icons have been made visible, making it more convincing to operate this baby.
  • In case your television supports HDMI CEC, you can also use this remote for different necessary purposes, such as operating TV?s main functions. These functions may include basic controls, such as power and volume.

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Let us find out about the different features of this product.

Basic features;

  • Empowered by the help of dual and built-in subwoofers, this sound bar provides rich and sturdy sound, perfect for Audiophiles. Features like unique Bass reflex port and Bass extension processing and not only included but also refined to work really well!
  • Exceptional low-end performance is delivered with zero distortions, that too without the disturbing and pricey need of a separate subwoofer box!
  • This best soundbar fits in front of almost any TV without being much of a distraction. It can also be placed on your TV lower shelf or at a nearby stand, without disturbing the theme of your living room?s d?cor. You can also mount this device in your wall to create a more composed look!


  • Slimmer in look, which adds to its durability and utility.
  • Built-in subwoofers.
  • Clearer voice and enhanced efficiency of dialogue
  • Wireless streaming via Bluetooth connectivity
  • HDMI setup
  • Supports DTS VIRTUAL:X feature.


  • Status lights are not visible from little distance.
  • No other specific cons.


This soundbar has been made slimmer and smarter. It comes at an extremely affordable price and is undoubtedly one of the best of its price range. You can stream your favorite movie shows, songs and all of that with this little baby! It is equipped with the latest technology and is also thoughtfully designed to meet the ultimate needs of the customers. We would totally recommend this to our readers. It is stylish looking with amazingly satisfying features. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Samsung HW-N650?- Best Soundbar with Bluetooth

This sound bar is specifically designed for gamers and movie fans. This one is here NOT to disappoint for sure. Samsung has been a brand trusted by many for a long time. This brand name is not only credible but also truly efficient in its performance. This model of sound bar has been revisited and revised by the engineers at Samsung, and the public is fairly loving the new design and features of this sound bar!

Enough beating about the bush, let?s have a look at its functions and utility in the daily life of a buyer!

General Characteristics:

  • The design of this brand new sound bar by Samsung includes a Panoramic Soundbar, which further comes with an innovative Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology, which is a wonder in itself! This technology aids the sound to travel without distortions while also being in sync with the screen motions. For gamers, this feature is a big hit as it helps them to feel like an actual part of the action.
  • Initiating Game Mode enhances the performance of this soundbar.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is enabled.
  • It performs effortlessly well with your Samsung TV!
  • This device works by mixing and delivering. It apparently mixed and delivers sound at the top of itself. This is why the music or the audio appears to come from exactly the place where the action is being pulled off on the screen to which it is connected.
  • It brings forth a truly seamless 4K experience, which is just like a dream come true for audiophiles, especially metalheads.
  • With 4K Pass-through, a much precise and simpler HDMI connection gives out an excellent audio and picture quality.

These are the general characteristics of this soundbar. Let us further peel off its layers and discuss it?s basic features!

Basic Features;

Here are a few of its basic features listed below!

Product information

Soundbar dimensions43.3inches x 3.9 inches x 2.3 inches
soundbar weight7.93 pounds
Shipping weight29.9 pounds
Manufacturer Brand NameSamsung Electronics DAV
Dolby TechnologyDolby 5.1ch
Manufacturing QualityGood
Wireless Rear SpeakersOptional add-ons
Batteries2 AAA batteries required.

Let?s also take a look at this product?s pros and cons.


  • The sound quality is huge. It is like a heaven for gamers and metalheads. The sound is immersive mostly, without any prominent distortions. Overall sound performance is very fulfilling.
  • This soundbar is a good choice for hardcore gamers.
  • We all crave an integrated subwoofer. Don?t we? Well, this product has it! It?s such a relief and so much less disturbing!
  • Excellent build quality is what makes this sound bar worth buying as it makes this sound bar really durable. You can invest once for a long while of good experience.
  • This sound bar is relatively easy to set up and install. You can save your energy and mental peace with this one!


  • Although this product has a fancy name and is manufactured by a fancy brand, we cannot ignore the fact that some features are missing. These featured might not be that noticeable, but considering the hefty price tags, we want the best we can have!
  • The price might seem a little too heavy to some people.
  • No other specific cons.

These cons and pros have been listening while keeping in mind the reviews of actual customers who have bought this product online or by some other way.

Let us conclude this review.


Samsung has no doubt been good with this one. We are not disappointed, rather all appreciative of this soundbar. The engineers have really put their souls into this product. It looks sleek and works well as well. Bluetooth connectivity is enabled. Samsung acoustic be technology has made this product even more worth your money. Various featured are enabled to give you maximum control over this product.

The hefty price might be a turn off for some customers, but the durability and sensibility of design that this product offers is worth a purchase. This product is available in black color and is extremely lightweight, so you have a minimum problem in installation and placing of this soundbar.

Denon?- Surround Sound Bar

Hey guys. You also want to enjoy the thrilling experience with surround sound bar system. Here I will guide you about some of the best soundbar home speakers. It will let you enjoy true sensational music.

Features of Denon Surround Sound Bar Home Speaker

This best soundbar works with Alexa. So by just using your voice, you can control this whole system. The soundbar is a really cool technology. Surround sound bars will make your excitement and entertainment double.? You can enjoy listening to anything and watching movies with full sound with this item. Let me share with you some of its worthy features.

Sound quality

HEOS sound is actually a Denon legacy. They have surely created their name in big attention the innovate craftsmanship and quality.? This company is the first one to deliver the new audio innovations. Each and every HEOS system is passionately created in-house in Denon.

It has meticulously designed components that are harmonized together. This is because so that it can deliver a high performance which music lovers actually crave for.

Easy setup

This product is just extremely easy to install. Within just four easy steps you can set up the best sound system for a lifetime. These steps are.

  • Plug into HEOS
  • Install the free HEOS app
  • Connect to your network

You can easily play your frequently listening list. You can like all of your preferred and liked songs or music. Within no time, you can do the easy setup. After that, you have to do nothing just to play the sound and enjoy it.

Multi-room inside

Denon Surround Sound Bar has multi-room in it. This means that it has too many possibilities to get connected with any of the devices wirelessly. After installation of the free HEOS app in any of the device you like mobiles, tablets etc. By doing this, you will be able to control the music via Bluetooth or WI-FI from any of the room through any device.

You can also group two or more rooms together for the play of the same song to perfect synchronization in party mode. Still, there is another choice that you can play a different song in each room to let other people dance and enjoy their own tunes too.? This will keep each and every person happy living in the same house. As from kids to adults, each one can enjoy their own.

3 channel sound bar

This best soundbar?features a real 3 channel sound bar which has a dedicated centered speaker too. Actually, greater than one channel sound bar is just great. You will surely stun by its virtual sound effects and clarity of dialogues.

You can also add HEOS subwoofers and 2 speakers as rear channels. By this, you will create a cinematic 5.1 surround sound setup too. And this is totally wireless.

HDMI standards proof

This bar is amazingly future proof with the latest HDMI standards. It is having the 4 HDMI ports. These four 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make the surety that you can enjoy four movies in 4K ultra HD.

In case, your TV is having less 4K switching capabilities, then connect the 4K sources directly to the soundbar. For achieving this purpose, this bar offers class-leading audio format support with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. This will provide the multi-channeled sound superbly.

Digital amplification

It provides a best and clear amplified sound too. It is having 6 channels of high efficiency, cool running class D of digital amplification. We all love listening to the high or an enhanced sound.

Slim design

Sound bars are usually very sleek and slim. This truly gives an impression of advanced technology. Same is the case here. It?s also a slimline sound bar, designed to improve the sound of large TV sets with 50 + inches.

Bluetooth support

It also provides wireless Bluetooth support. You can play sound on one speaker and also add other HEOS speakers in party mode. So just by using this wireless support, you can enjoy all the fun.

Works with Alexa

By just using your voice commands, you can easily talk with Alexa and control this whole surround sound bar home speakers system. This looks so modern. It is an extreme convenience and you will love this surely.

Item weight

The weight of Denon Surround Sound Bar Home Speaker is only 10.58 pounds. It’s a quite normal weight. So, you can easily adjust this on walls even. Place it under your TV or above it. You can place it in any of the suitable places in your room.


This decent looking soundbar is in black color and comes in a set of one.

HEOS home cinema

TV?s are getting thinner now a day, along with their sounding quality. HEOS technology will deliver a truly wide range fidelity audio for max enjoyment from TV shows, music, and your favorite movies. It breaks all the sound barriers and provides you with the best sound.


It is available in a reasonable price.

Specifications Denon Surround Sound Bar Home Speaker

  • Total dimensions of this sound bar are 8 x 43.3 x 2.8 inches.
  • Item weight is 10.58 pounds.
  • Shipping weight is also very normal. The packaging weight is also included in it. It is 17.68 pounds total.
  • 1 CR2 batteries are required.
  • Bluetooth supported.
  • Latest HDMI input.
  • Class D digital amplification.
  • Item model number: HEOSBAR.
  • 1 out of 5.0 stars.
  • These acoustically sculpted, powerful speakers, together or individually deliver a more pure and precise sound.


  • Slimline unique design
  • Provides optimum dialogue clarity
  • Provides amplification of sound
  • High-resolution audio support
  • Bluetooth integrated
  • Provides pure and precise sound
  • Gives 4K Ultra HD compatibility
  • Easy to install


  • Length of usage is not more than 6 months according to some users
  • No other specific cons

Final words

A good sound system provides quality entertainment for all. Every one of us wants to add fun in our lives and sound bars are a good source of it. That?s why I am guiding you about some of the best, beyond a single channel, reasonable priced surround sound bar systems. Let everyone dance their own tunes. Good luck.

SoundTouch 300?- Bose TV Sound Bar

Another sound bar, with a luxury of Alexa, is the Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar. Let me tell you the reasons that why these products are becoming the dream of music cravers.


Features are the reason for the selection of any product. So, let me tell you about some of its enchanting features.

Quality material

High-quality premium glass and metal grill make this sound bar a strong and uniquely designed item. Plus its glassy material gives it a sleek and shiny look. It looks super good just like its sound.

Supported formats

The supported audio formats by this sound bar are Dolby Digital and DTS.

Bluetooth with new features

It has Bluetooth with NFC pairing and WI-FI technology. It will allow you to stream any kind of music wirelessly. You can also listen to music services like Spotify, Pandora and Amazon music. Not only these services but you can also listen to your stored music list for sure.

Fewer efforts, more music

You can listen in whichever way you want and can enjoy music at peak levels. This speaker will let you play the music directly from any of the other device using Bluetooth. Or you can connect your speaker with the WI-FI for instant play of any of the music without needing your phone.

Fast and simple??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Experience listening to your loved music from this SoundTouch speaker with the help of the SoundTouch app. It will allow you to take full control over your listening experience directly from your smartphone or tablet.

You can also quickly browse to the popular music services like Deezer and Spotify, internet radio and stored music library too. It has easily personalized presets for one-touch music access and controls all the SoundTouch speakers around your home.

More spaciousness

It is the most spacious speaker that is reviewing here. You can add the Invisible 300 rear sound speakers. It will provide you;

  • The compelling sound effects for theater sound.
  • Wireless connection with the soundbar.
  • Blend nicely in your room as it is only 4 inches tall.

More bass

You can also add the Acoustimass 300 bass module. As it will give you;

  • A deep bass performance with virtually no distortion.
  • Wireless connectivity to sound bar.
  • Premium glass top finish.

Quiet port technology removes all types of distortion. This gives an amazing deep bass.

Enhancement in everything

You have full liberty to add both the bass module and rear surrounds to your soundbar. It will let you enjoy;

  • A complete surround sound experience.
  • Bass module and rear surrounds wireless connection with the soundbar.

It is also having an adapted audio room calibration that finely tunes the system?s sound to your room.? So, in this case, your surround always fits your space.

Works with Alexa

Enjoy hands-free voice commands to the music by using Alexa enabled device, just like the Amazon Echo Dot. All you need to do is to open the Alexa app and search out ??Bose?? below the skills menu. Then follow that simple set up. You will only need to do this at once.

Best performance

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar offers an outclass performance. Its inside is the custom shaped speakers. These help in keeping the profile low and pumping out a big sound. Its every cubic inch is packed with full technologies that bring the best in everything.

HDMI connectivity

For perfect audio compatibility, this soundbar is also having the perfect HDMI ports and 4K pass-through also.

Warranty and support

When you purchase this item, then it is eligible for 60 days of free technical support, starting from the delivery date. You can check out the warranty card and also call the technicians for any kind of help and support. They can guide you in setting up, configure, connect and troubleshoot. After taking further guidance, you can easily enjoy your new purchase.

Price ?????????????????????????????????

As compared to other soundbars, this one is a little bit expensive.


  • Item dimensions are 4.25 x 38.5 x 2.25 inches.
  • Item weight is 12.6 lbs
  • WI-FI, Bluetooth, HDMI, NFC, wireless connectivity.
  • Color: black
  • 2 AAA batteries required.
  • Brand name: Bose
  • Speaker type: sound bar
  • 8 out of 5 stars
  • Works with Alexa for voice control
  • HDMI connectivity and 4K pass-through
  • Bluetooth with NFC pairing and WI-FI technology
  • Free 60 days technical support
  • Fast and simple control for all music
  • Require less effort and more music
  • Good looks with good sounds
  • More bass and spaciousness
  • Shipping weight is 14.73 pounds


  • Pure sound
  • Best known for its spaciousness
  • Bluetooth enhanced pairing options
  • Supports multiple formats


  • Bass performance suffers a little

Final words

The sound bars being reviewed here are the ones which are of high quality. These all are the products of a good company. By reading these reviews and seeing their prices, you can select your own choice.? These surround sound bar systems will surely fill entertainment in your life.

Philips Fidelio?- Best Soundbar for Music

It is the best soundbar with the ability to have a perfect surround sound system which has a pair of detachable speakers. You have the freedom to use these speakers according to your taste. These are perfect for people who want to get complete entertainment in a small packet.

You can get a smart version of this sound bar without speakers and a full-on surround sounds effect with speakers. These speakers are available at very affordable price. Its design is quite unique and beautifully made. This thing has definitely increased the worth of these speakers. ?It has got everything you want to get from soundbar speakers.

It has the following features:


Its sound quality is just unique and best to work on. Its system is very well organized.T he sound quality it is offering is one of the best features to work on. Its sound quality does not seem fake and unclear. Its sound is perfect to differentiate as you can easily differentiate between different types of sounds.

Build and design:

Its design is its biggest USP. It is very sleek and smart in its appearances. You can stand it in every corner of the room as they are easily adjustable. Its speakers are easy to detach and can also be used as the rear speakers. Their calibration mode is quite an easy task to perform and they have made it an easy task to be done.


The connectivity of these speakers is quite well to operate as they have wireless support. They also come with the HMDI connectivity and also there are some coaxial cables available for connectivity. It also has some Ethernet ports. It also has the wonderful blue tooth connection, in fact, it considers as one of the best blue tooth connection.

This best soundbar has also a connection with the NFC powered mobile phones and it is a wonderful feeling that u can listen to the music from your mobile phone on your own HD surround sound Dolby empowered speakers. This thing has improved the working a lot regarding music at your own home and the comfort level of your living room is also increased.

Some other features are:

  • These speakers are equipped with Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround sound system which enhances the effect of music and sound for any music lover.
  • Its woofers are super fine which are easily detachable from the main soundbar.
  • It is composed of two HDMI cables which are a definite cause of its increased connectivity.
  • It is also available n Bluetooth empowerment thus causing it to be a completely wireless system.
  • It is also capable of getting just one-touch connection to the mobile device equipped NFC with the help of blue tooth connection.


  • Its sound output is very much excellent and up to the mark.
  • Its set up is very much stylish and user-friendly.
  • Its design is very good to operate.
  • It is equipped with surround sound speakers.


  • Can be costly for few buyers.


This device is full of luxuries. For me, it is the best device to work on. Its rich design, its features, its wireless access etc, in fact, its everything making it just perfect for its working. ?Its sound quality finishes the need of any sort of Hi-fi surround sound system as it is quite a difficult task to perform. For me, its price completely justifies its features. It is one the best surround sound bar.

Sonos?- Best Budget Sound Bar

You know a soundbar is a good source of providing surround effect and providing enhancing sound without the usage of a spacious and large speaker system. It is an economical way of getting things done to enhance the sound quality of the movies you are watching.

Sound bars are a very smart way of listening to music. It protects you from the slow sound of TV speakers. It enhances the watching experience of the viewers. It is a wonderful invention as its ability to work is quite awesome.? Like it has endless connectivity to a wide range of devices. Its Dolby so0und signals also made it stand out and its surround sound system has a very enhancing effect on its sound quality.

It has the following features:

  • It is connected to the internet and helps you listen to music and soundtracks directly from the web.
  • It is equipped with an amplifier which is with built-in amplifier and having nine speakers. These speakers consists of three tweeters and six drivers.
  • It consists of a Wifi network connection and it is also equipped with 2.0 wireless networks.
  • It has the ability to get controlled by smartphone and tablets.
  • It features good compatibility with all kinds of protected files like iTunes etc.
  • It also has connectivity with Pandora and through this way you can connect to the personalized radio stations.
  • It can connect to the TV, blue ray and other optical devices through cables.
  • It has the ability to accept Dolby digital audio signal and thus able to provide a good quality of music.
  • Bass, Treble, balance and volume control can be control through the remote and can easily be handled
  • It is empowered by 2 port Ethernet switch.
  • It has the ability to get mounted on the wall and it comes with a complete mounting kit.


  • Its sound quality is quite awesome its gives give the image of very big hi-fi speakers.
  • Its sound quality makes it work nicely with many devices.
  • Its wireless system provides it endless connectivity.
  • Its audio wire is too good to work on.


  • You can not please everyone.


It is quite an awesome kind of speaker system for TV as it is powered with Alex voice assistant. It has mounting ability on the wall which is the distinguishing feature of such type of the speakers. They occupy very less space and the ability to work like is just as same as any expensive woofer system. These sound bars are very easy to operate and are also very user-friendly.

For me, it is one of the best systems to work on and their ability to work is quite great. I have tried to explain my point as best as possible. I hope that I have explained my point. Any question regarding this will highly be obliged.

Bose Solo 5 TV?- Best Soundbar System for Tv

It is a single speaker sound system which is full of different features and it?s a good surround sound speaker system. The sound quality is so much high and it?s a reasonable one. ?It is a device which can contribute in the bass control. It provides high pitch sound system and the quality of sound is quite high. ?It is a small thing but the thing is full of huge packages.

Some of its features are as follow:


It is a system which is very simple in design with no visible button on this best soundbar. It is an important thing to notice that it is available with a remote control set and it a universal remote. You can operate all you infrared devices with this remote. ?It is a nice machine which does not give a very cheap look to the device but its looks are very decent.

Connectivity and inputs:

It is equipped with coaxial, auxiliary and optical input cables. It is also equipped with coaxial cables as the product is on a budget but provides good connectivity. It is not equipped with HMDI ports and also no NFC equipped setting is there. It is equipped with a Bluetooth device. Thus it provides good connectivity at a very reasonable price.


Its sound quality is very much good and loud. The dialogues of movies on this speaker are clear and audible. The level of differentiation of sound is quite well in these devices and the sound is very much easy to apprehend. It is a speaker system which has a good bass arrangement and produces high pitched louder sound waves. ?Now it is an important thing to focus on that this sound system is full of wonderful sound enhancement technology.

?Some other highlighted features of this system are as follow:

  • Its audio Input cables are of two types. One is optical digital and the other one is coaxial digital thus good connectivity is provided.
  • It is audio output has an attachment of AUX cable which provides good audio support.
  • It is equipped with the Bluetooth technology.
  • Its voltage requirement is not very much high as its voltage window falls in 100 to 240VAC.
  • It comes along with universal remote control.


  • It is a compact sized device.
  • It provides maximum quality of sound.
  • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • Its universal remote has made this device easy to use and handle.


  • It is a mediocre type of sound system.
  • It does not have a lot of multidimensional sound system.
  • The remote is unable to work on the device without infrared availability.


It?s quite a well device to use as it has every kind of technology placement at a very affordable price. It is a smart device and does not require any special placement. It?s very simple and slim device and is very easy to install. Not very much fancy but good to provide great bass and good sound features.

I personally prefer this device as it carries all useful features. Its most wonderful feature is the availability of universal remote control. This has removed the hustle of buttons and protect us from a headache multiple remote controls.

JBL Bar– 5.1 Soundbar

It is a magical blend of Bluetooth speakers, surround sound system and of course a sound bar. You take the name and the technology is present in JBL bar 5.1 speakers. It is a surround sound system which carries a lot of features to enhance the working of the speakers. It is the speakers which carry the technology 5.1 surround sound. It is the JBL bar 5.1 speakers which provides a complete music effect and enhances sound quality.

Let me explain its features in detail here:


It is a very beautifully designed system having strong capabilities to work on. It is quite simple in its design. Its black matte color plastic body sound bars. Its working is quite authentic but the design is quite simple. You should have enough space for its placement as its subwoofers are huge in size and this can be sometimes problematic.


It is an important thing to focus on that these speakers are high in its performance. A complete surround sound effect is the most important part of their system. ?It is able to produce crystal clear sound quality with complete distinguish action. The effect of music on these speakers is quite very much good and genuine and will surely make you fall for these masterpieces.


Its bass level is 0-30 and adjusted at 16 by default. It is a good thing for bass lovers as it has the capability to produce good bass effects. Its bass layer is very much prominent to focus on as it is a very good thing to enjoy for music lovers. This thing keeps the level of music at a good level.


This best soundbar has Dolby Digital Pro Logic II and DTS services available which has the ability to provide the ultimate music experience. It has the ability to surround the room with the sound which is very much good and fuller. It will thus make the gaming experience and the quality of music great and up to the mark. This Dolby technology makes this sound bar a lot expensive looking device with a lot of features.


It has three HMDI inputs for the connection of devices. Thus it has the ability to have great connectivity to provide full-on music experience. ?It can connect to all the 4K devices easily and provide a good home entertainment experience at home which is a wonderful thing for a soundbar. It features a wireless subwoofers connection thus it protects us from the headache of different wires.


  • It is a very tidy and neat soundbar which is without any kind of wires which makes things clumsy.
  • Its bass is very much powerful and impactful.
  • It?s one of the biggest pros is its 5.1 surround sound option.
  • Its rear speakers are wireless battery operated system.


  • It is difficult to differentiate between the different sound levels.
  • Its blue tooth range is very short.


This best soundbar is a very decent looking user-friendly device. It has converted the concept of the sound bar to a complete surround sound system. It has a perfect sound quality with a good battery time for subwoofers. This device provides an ultimate listening experience.


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