Best Car Subwoofer 2019 Reviews

You are going to see the Best Car Subwoofer here. Subwoofers are the soul of any sound system. Without them, the sound system is just incomplete. For some of the people, the bass is the only reason to listen to music and you can?t achieve the deep bass without a good subwoofer. So, I am sharing these best high-quality subwoofers for cars. You can pick one of your choices.

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Best Car Subwoofer Features Size Price
Sound Storm LOPRO powerful bass, built-in amplifier 10-inch $$$
Sundown Audio powerful bass, high power-handling 12-inch $$$
Orion Black Coil powerful bass, built-in cooling system 12-inch $$$
Rockford Fosgate P300 powerful bass, high output efficiency 12-inch $$$
Rockville 10 powerful bass, compact & slim design 10-inch $$$

Sound Storm LOPRO-?Best Car Subwoofer 2019

This is among one of the Best Car subwoofers that will add luxury and entertainment to your life at its height. You are going to see the best things about this amazing subwoofer. So, here we go;

Let me explain few of the Features here:-

Deep bass

Whenever we talk about a subwoofer, the first thing that comes to our mind is bass. Deep bass is loved by everyone. As it not only allure our ears but our hearts too. It has a variable bass boost that allows you to adjust the low bass with the boost range in just the way you love it.

So enjoy the rich sound of bass in just any vehicle with this SSL LoPro10 class A/B 10 inch low profile amplified subwoofer.

Low profile

Low profile subwoofer is actually a great choice for space-constrained areas. It has an amazingly low profile with no issues of power and performance.

Built-in amplifier

It has a MOSFET power supply by which you can get an improved switching speed. It will give you better performance with less power from the driver and low gate to drain feedback capacitance. They also provide a low thermal impedance for the higher switching frequencies.

Actually, the system with built-in amplifiers actually doesn?t require any of the additional external amplifiers. As they already have got the power to play quite louder as per your desire.

Phase control

Its phase control will allow you to switch the speaker phase with the amplifier phase in case your speakers and subwoofers are hooked up out of phase.

Short protection?

It gets automatic shut off when its amplifier gets extremely hot and if the speakers are going to short circuit. It gives extra protection to your amplifier. It prevents from overheat.

Size and height

It is of 10 inch, that?s a quite normal size to be fitted in any vehicle. This can be hooked up into any in-dash stereo.

Its height is only about inches. It is a quite perfect solution in case of space issues. As it can also easily adjusted under the seat of most of the vehicles.

MOSFET and class A/B

MOSFET actually means Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors that will let you to quickly switch from full to non-conduction to achieve a high attention output.

While class A/B amplifiers feature specific linear circuitry that increases sound quality and power by improving its efficiency and just reducing the distortion.

?Subwoofer Filters

This subwoofer is also having a variable low pass filter and subsonic filter too. Variable low pass filters will actually give you control on the frequencies that normally pass through the subwoofer.

While subsonic filter restricts the low frequencies below the specific settings for better performance and protection.

High-level inputs

The speaker level inputs are called as high-level inputs. It is used to connect this subwoofer with the car?s radio or aftermarket radio that does not have the RCA or low-level inputs.

Low-level inputs

These inputs are also called as RCA inputs or line level inputs. It means that you can use RCA interconnect cables to link with this subwoofer with the source unit. Many of the aftermarket radios have multiple pairs of the RCA outputs which can easily be connected with many of the amplifiers.


The overall dimensions of this subwoofer are the 15.2 inches of the depth, 11.2 inches in the width and 2.8 inches of height. A subwoofer with such nice dimensions is ready to be fitted in any type of vehicle.

It is an all in one combination of amplifier and subwoofer. This makes it an ideal for the spatially challenges vehicles.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Variable input controller

Along with the low and the high-level inputs, this subwoofer is also having a variable input controller. Its name clears much about its main functions. It actually allows the input of the amplifier to match with the output signals from the head unit. This will give you the excellent performance when adjusted in a proper way.

Max power

It has 1200 watts of the max power.

Subwoofer level control

Sound Storm LOPRO10 gives you the best subwoofer level control. It is actually having a wired remote that will allow you to control the subwoofer level with full liberty. You can get a customized output and a superior sound too. Gear up and get your music thumping with this amazing amplifier.???????????


LOPRO10 provides you a powerful 3 years Platinum Online dealer warranty, from the purchasing date from Amazon dot com.


This all in one Sound Storm LOPRO10 subwoofer is available in an extremely reasonable price to everyone.


  • Product dimensions are 13.9 x 11.1 x 3 inches.
  • Item weight is 3 pounds.
  • Variable low pass filter.
  • Dimensions are L13. 9?? x W11.1?? x H3??
  • Remote subwoofer control.
  • Bass boost technology.
  • Have subsonic filter.
  • No high pass filter.
  • 10-inch woofer size.
  • Low profile subwoofer.
  • Built-in amplifiers and low and high-level inputs.
  • 1200 watts max power.
  • Shipping weight is 15.25 pounds.
  • Class A/B and MOSFET power supply.
  • Comes with cable, high-level input plug, remote, owner?s manual and warranty card.


  • Have short protection circuits.
  • Phase control feature.
  • Have a variable input control.
  • Subwoofer level controller.
  • Bass boost technology.


  • Check warranty, few buyers are not giving a warranty.

Final words

Now, you know much about this Best Car Subwoofer.? Take it for yourself and also for your loved ones. Fill your life with music luxury and fun. Its cheap price will let you take it with greater ease. Believe me, if you are taking this subwoofer for your car, you are surely going to make your journey awesome. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Sundown Audio 12 inches-? Best Car Subwoofer for the Money

As we know that this speaker belongs to the E series.? And this E series is an important machine to work on as it is very much easy. It can provide much strong speaker system for having the high mechanical strength, and ability to control the temperature increase.

Its features are defined as follow:

Driver size:

It is commonly known that you should focus on the driver size very closely while buying a car subwoofer. If the driver size is big the bass will be deep and the response will be delayed while the smaller the driver size the quicker will be the time response will take to work on. Its driver size is 12 inches which is mostly selected size and is able to produce the optimum sound.

Volume displacement:

It is a necessary feature to get an optimum frequency of sound in a woofer system so that a good range of sound is audible and the Maximum sound is audible. It has a displacement of? 0.12 Cu ft. Which is also an extraordinary feature to deal with and listen.

Frequency Response:

The frequency response is quite an important feature of an incredible quality of sound at lower frequencies. ?Its lowest frequency is 36.6Hz, Which is a good lowest audible frequency and good thing to be focused on as this is the lowest sound which a device can produce. Thus it is capable of generating higher and audible sound with extraordinary bass effects on the ear.

Peak Power Handling:

Basically, it is also known as the RMS of a woofer and its full form is Root means Square of the power which a subwoofer can bear without getting damaged.? It can bear the RMS of 500 Watt. This shows that it has the ability of good power handling and has the ability to endure the high power scales. It has good power bearing abilities thus they can control the power fluctuations.


It is dependent on the electrical resistance of a device. Keep an eye on the impedance and observe the power co-relation with it. It provides the resistance of about 6.1 ? which is quite fine that mostly a device need a resistance of approximately 4.0 ?.


There are three different types of enclosures available which are sealed, ported and bandpass. Enclosures are very important for the selection of a good subwoofer.? Well from all of the car subwoofers the enclosed one are the best one to be selected as they provide full-on bass without any sort of tripping and the sound effect is best.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


Its sensitivity level is 86.4 dB. The higher the sound the higher the sensitivity thus it is important that the sensitivity of the car subwoofer is higher to show the sound with the louder pitch. Any gadget with the sensitivity more than 80dB is considered as the good scale to judge at the good sensitivity.


It comes with a warranty of two years which is a good deal of time as you can check the working and compatibility easily at your level of compatibility.


  • Well, this car subwoofer is equipped with the high power handling status and can handle the power to a greater extent.
  • Its sensitivity is very much high which surely enhance their performance.
  • It has the heavy driver motor and can be able to endure its higher use and misuse as the heat dissipation is highly controlled.


Higher impedance sometimes becomes the cause of higher temperatures and thud device gets heat up when on higher sounds.


Well as far as my personal choice is concerned. I have tried to explain all the required features of the subwoofer and its higher bass effects have made it perfect for choice as a car device. Hope my article did the needful. As I tried my level best to explain the machine clearly. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Orion black coil series– Best Car Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Well for me, the Orion black coil series and it is a most magnificent subwoofer as far s its working is concerned. It is very much durable can control high temperature. Avery much able to generate high-pitched sounds and working wisely it is super cool in its working. Its sound quality and its bass make it stand out among all the brands of subwoofers available in the market. Some of its features are as follow:


It is available in the size of 12 inches which is a good optimum size to be fit in the car. This size is perfect for approximately each and every size of the vehicle and aesthetically enhances the looks of the vehicle.

RMS Power:

?can tolerate and this power is quite helpful in doing so. It has the power of 2500watts which is good and efficient one for such kind of devices and helps in their proper working at higher power supplies.


Sensitivity is usually calculated in the decibel and this is an important feature as the higher the sensitivity the lower the power required by the device which automatically enhances the loudness of the sound along with the pitch. It has the sensitivity of 84 dB which is a great one to produce the louder sounds.


Its impedance is important for its full-time power supply and the ability to increase the volume to a good audible range and thus making the higher bass. So it has the resistance of approximately 4 ohms and that the dual availability so the quality of sound get enhance automatically. This is another feature which has increased its worth among the competitors.


It is another feature which affects the customer a lot and enhances its worth in the market and thus its availability with warranty makes it a trustworthy product to buy. It comes with a warranty of two?years which also a considerable period of time.

Cooling System:

It is available with the good cooling system which does not allow the system to get heat up and ruin itself to a greater extent. It has an enhanced cooling system with the availability of induction techniques with the aluminum body.

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Replacement cone kit:

If someone mistakenly blow the voice system of the sub woofer there is an availability of the replacement cone kit and you can exchange the burned one with the new without any extra burden on you.


  • It is available with the system that is easy to use and they can handle a huge power fluctuation easily and conveniently.
  • It also comes with the propylene power woofer cone and it?s a time-saving feature.
  • It has a Rubber tri radius surround system which makes it stand out.
  • It has a superior sound quality cooling method which is a distinctive feature of this device and help it to compete with others very easily and wins conveniently.
  • It has dual voice shelves attachment which makes it work out good with two speakers also and this feature makes it very much user-friendly.


  • Maybe costly for few buyers.


I have explained all the related feature of the subwoofers. In my point of view, you can call these Orion speakers the superior one as they are out class in their looks, usage, working, and durability. There is nothing wrong in these miraculous machines. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Rockford Fosgate P300

Rockford Fosgate is a name that needs absolutely no introduction. It is not just a name, but a trusted brand, which has successfully made tons of loyal customers due to their excellent performance. They have always bought innovation and creativity in their designs which is nothing less of a huge fat achievement. They provide their buyers with what they need, and this is why it is an internationally accepted brand.

So, are you getting annoyed of listening to the same monotonous bass? Want to boost up your system? If so then you’re at the right spot. Rockford FosgateP300 packed with subwoofers is your entertainment remedy. So you might be wondering what makes them so worth it. Well, the wit might be almost over! The reasons why it is among the best products are as follows.

  • Has a simple yet beautiful closed box shape making it compact.
  • Its architecture serves both purposes of amplification and fluctuating base.

It has a well-built inner electric mechanism which tackles all spheres of circuit problems and increases efficiency.?It is done by adding an Embedded 0 to 180-degree phase switch. It contains a variety of input for both low level and speaker level creating a perfect blend for power consumption.?

A true art on an electric circuit level. It is often a huge task when power connectors need to be changed but these speakers come with a movable power connector. A moveable power connector is literally a life hack for people who know a thing or two about speakers.

Here are a few other advantages, mentioned as follows;

  1. Consumes low amount of current so you can save up your power supplies and utilize them somewhere else. Cool, isn?t it?
  2. It has a high output efficiency.
  3. Movable 12db octave crossover.
  4. Comes with a remote to control bass level.
  5. Its built with 5/8 inch of MFD making it strong and compact.

These speakers have a whole new option variety when it comes to user desirability. Let us provide you with some cues related to that;

  • Embedded with adjustable EQ giving the user a large number of options to set the desired rhythm.
  • Its coated with heat activated vinyl.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty.

To sum up, the facts mentioned above Fosgate has been the face of bass amplifiers in all realms of entertainment. The embedded woofer comes in super handy when the bass needs to be amplified.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Based on some of the most reliable and accurate reviews given by buyers of this product, our team has made a convenient list of pros and cons of this subwoofer to provide a deeper insight on the specs and features of this product for our readers!


  • Its compact shape comes in handy when kept in the trunk
  • Takes up less power and is highly efficient
  • Produces clear low bass
  • Comes with a reasonable price
  • Features like coating heat resistance and cable grounding give these speakers a longer life
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install


  • There have been some complains related to the remote the remote feature.

Technical points

  • Item Weight?????? 28.8 pounds
  • Product size?????? 11 x 19.8 x 15
  • Item model number?????? P300-12
  • Power?? 1 12V batteries needed.


Well, this product is a must-have. Considering its price and power efficiency, our mouths have already watered. There are no specific cons of having this beautiful little thing, and it also is super sleek and stylish looking. As far as work is concerned, the engineers have really put their heart in this design, which is very user-friendly.?

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Rockford Fosgate has managed not to disappoint this time as well! The simple yet nicely shaped box matches all our needs and further amplifies its user desirability. A moveable power connector fosters transparency and good overall image of this product.

THE ROCKVILLE?10 800 low power Car Subwoofers

Rockville is genuinely one of our most favorite brands to review. Their innovation and creativity with their designs, and how they keep experimenting with their products, keep us hooked. Being among one of the most recognized brands, this brand has always managed to woo us with their products. Let us see in detail what they have in stores for us this time by reviewing their product that has undoubtedly been loved by many; The Rockville 10 800 low power car woofer!

If you are one of those people who find huge speakers packed with heavy woofer a total waste of energy and are looking for something moderate in size with a sexy finishing to the model congratulation! You’re at the right spot. Presenting your only problem solver THE ROCKVILLE 10 800 low power car woofers.

Let’s first discuss its apparent physical design

  • Slim in size
  • Has low weight compared to the other speakers
  • Comes in beautiful blue and black covering

Don?t trust and believe any and every brand when it comes to internal electrical details because the truth is far from actual reality from power ratings to frequency output. ROCKVILLE has always been extremely known not using such cheap methods to attract followers. To prove this you can return the damaged device in a span on 30 days.

Here are some interesting technical features this device has to offer the users. I will break down the details to make it easy for you guys to understand

  • It consumes from 800 watts to 200 watts at the peak which very impressive in terms of power ratings.
  • Contains PWM MOSFET power supply.
  • Needs a low level of RC input, in other words, saves both power and money.
  • Embedded with auto turn ON technology at high-level inputs.

Now for some physical technical details

  • Soft delayed remote.
  • Circuits are thermally protected.
  • Circuits are protected from overloading
  • Contains a phase switch of 0 to 180 degree

The woofers are designed in such a way that it easily fits under your seat. So overall they are very easy to install and get used to. Every single detail of these speakers is simple to add motor benefits to the user. From its size till easy to handle design.

Here we present some of the more technical details of this product. These basic specs will help you better identify if this product by Rockville matches your needs or not. The details are as follows;

  • Power: 800 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS
  • Impedance: 2 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 13.4 x 2.7 (L x W X H) in inches
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 150Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB 1w / 1m
  • Built-in Subsonic Filter 29Hz
  • Subwoofer Level Remote Control
  • Bass Boost: 0 – 18dB 45Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 50Hz – 150Hz

Based on some of the reviews mentioned by people who have actually bought this product, here are a few pros and cons of this product so our readers can dive deep and get all the information they need to make a sound purchase!


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • No other specific Cons.


Well, we have already stated all that was needed to know of this product, from having one of the best brand names associated to it, to have the best looks you can get, this product has charmed us all in its own ways. It is easy to install, so you can cut out on all the mess created due to complicated installation processes.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Safety has been made a priority if we closely monitor this product?s design. All the circuits are thermally covered and protect to ensure minimum or no damage at all. If you are someone who wants to save both the power consumed by this speaker and the money in your wallet, this subwoofer might be the best buy for you!

Any query will be welcomed and answered as soon as possible. Thanks

Good Luck!!

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