Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews 2019

Hello everyone! So you are here to know about the Bluetooth car stereos. You will find the best Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews along with a detailed buying guide. A product with multiple luxurious features always attracts the consumers. Car stereos with Bluetooth facility are truly awesome.

Bluetooth Car Stereo allows us to do a lot of hand free things. It?s great ease. Like it allows us to send and receive the music and other sound files wirelessly. Besides doing audio streaming, you can also do the hands-free calling. You can connect your whole mobile phone with the car stereo.

No one can deny the importance of Bluetooth car stereos. So, let me tell you about these Bluetooth stereos. You can select from these which you like the most.

Comparison Chart for the?Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews 2019

I have added 4 of the?Best Bluetooth Car Stereo for 2019. Along with the detailed product reviews, I have added a dedicated section for Pros and Cons of these Bluetooth Car Stereos.

Bluetooth Car Stereo Technology Size Price
Lexxson Car Navigation USB port, USB charging 7-inch $$$
Planet Audio USB port, SD, AUX 6.2-inch $$$
Sony Audio Android Auto, CarPlay 6.95-inch $$$
Pioneer AVH Android Auto, CarPlay 7-inch $$$

Lexxson Car Navigation-?Bluetooth Car Stereo System

This is a new Bluetooth Car Stereo which is well supported by the Android system. It is different because of its own unique features. Let me explain all these details here:


It has got all the unique features like;


It has ANDROID 6.0, 1G + 16G. You can update the app on your mobile phone for the availability of the latest version. It works very affluent, beautiful and smoothly and clearly. This performs a smooth operation. This means that you can use that app on your car stereo too, that you have updated on your ANDROID phone.


This is actually a smooth connection between your android mobile phone and the car stereo.? You can easily connect the apps that are already built in the head unit. You can easily establish a connection between your smartphone and the stereo. This will mirror your phone on the head unit. After that, you will be able to use all of your mobile apps on car?s stereo.

This is such a great feature as you don?t need to open and handle your mobile during driving. The stereo unit screen will act as a mobile for you. Within single smooth touch, you will be able to do anything without opening your mobile.

Navigation, map, GPS?

It has already built in Sygic map. It is a great facility to download any of the other maps you want,?like Google maps. This means that you will be safer and more aware of your path and the destination points.

But for the Google maps, you will require online support. Make sure that you are connected with the Wi-Fi for this purpose, that why it also have a Wi-Fi system built in it too.

Built-in Wi-Fi

This Bluetooth Car Stereo is also having a built-in Wi-Fi. So, you can also download an app in it. Not only you can use the already installed ones but also download your favorite new ones too. And by the help of the mirror link, you will be able to use those apps both in the smartphone and the stereo.

You can also do other online things like listening to the songs, music, videos etc. You can see the maps of any location within no time. You will also be able to download your whole phone book on your car?s head unit. This is a special Wi-Fi setup that is basically aimed to establish a non-disturb able connection.

Wireless Bluetooth support

You can do wireless Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling too. You will be able to the important and the family phone calls, without picking up the cell phone. This is a great ease and rules don?t allow picking up the calls while driving. So you can make and receive hands-free phone calls by the stereo.

This will enhance your safety and at the same time, you will be following all the driving rules too.


Many people just love to the FM and AM.? Even if you don?t listen to the radio, but sometimes it?s a need that you stay connected with the world current affairs. That why this stereo supports the FM, AM with 30 preset stations, radio and the rear AV inputs too.

Screen size

This?Bluetooth Car Stereo has a full 7-inch capacitive digital touch screen. By doing the smooth touch, the whole unit will be under your control. It?s a responsive touch screen and operates very smoothly. The maximum resolution of this screen is 1024 x 600. This screen has 7 colores LED-backlit


This stereo is made up of the high-quality plastic and the metal too.

USB inputs and steering wheel control

It is also having a one rear USB and one front USB input. It also provides the full steering wheel controls by the buttons shown on it.

Language support

It has multiple OSD language support too.


This Bluetooth stereo is hiving the 1 GB DDR3 RAM and cortex A7 CPU chips. The CPU frequency is 1.2 GHz.

Warranty and support

It also supports a good warranty for its users.


Lexxson Car Navigation CT0013 stereo is available in a quite affordable price. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Supports Android smartphones
  • Mirror link enabled with dual core
  • Navigation, maps, and GPS available
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming enabled
  • Supports FM, AM, Radio and rear AV input etc
  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen
  • A2DP streaming with a phone for radio
  • 7 colored LED backlight
  • 2 G quad-core
  • A built-in 4*45W power amplifier
  • Rear view camera input available
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Single din stereo
  • Package includes remote control, GPS antenna, power cable, installation key and user manual.
  • 9 kg of the total weight.
  • 4 volts power
  • AAC media playback supported
  • 7 x 9.5 x 4.1 inches package total dimensions

Pros ????????????????????

  • 7 colored LED Backlight is awesome
  • Bluetooth hands-free feature
  • Mirror link support is excellent
  • Big digital touch screen


  • Difficult to install

Final word

This is a high-quality Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo. Now without any worries, you can connect your smartphone with it.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

You can use all your mobile apps and enjoy hands-free calling and other Bluetooth wireless streaming. Good luck.

Planet Audio P9630B– Best?Bluetooth Car Stereo Double Din

It is our second Bluetooth feature enabled car stereo. It?s a double din. Double Din stereo with Bluetooth enabled is the best combination. Double Din stereo itself is a good one with its enhanced features and good qualities.


Bluetooth hands-free

The most important feature by which this stereo is best known is its Bluetooth enabled feature. You can easily do the Bluetooth streaming, play the music and the songs from your mobile on your cars stereo. It can control apps like Spotify / Pandora, completely wireless.

Hands-free calling

You can make and receive the calls you want. As it is not legal to use your mobile phone while driving, so by connecting your mobile to the car stereo via Bluetooth, you can do this easily.

Also, you can make your phone contact book displayed on your car stereo. Bluetooth feature on a double din stereo is the best combination.


Planet Audio P9630B is also compatible with the audio out from smartphones and MP3 players. It also plays DVD, CD, USB, SD, MP3, WMA, AM and FM, digital media from smartphones too.

Frequency tuner

Bluetooth Car Stereo is also having the switchable US and the Europe frequency tuner. You can tune the frequencies according to your own choice.

Wireless remote

This stereo is having a wireless remote too. You can tune frequencies with it rather than doing it manually. You can also do many of the other things with this remote.

Touch screen control

It is actually a 6.2-inch touch screen monitor. It a pretty much large screen size to handle and use efficiently. It is actually a digital touch TFT widescreen display panel, having the most innovative graphics interface or touch control of many of the functions and the whole screen of the unit.

USB Port and USB charging

  • This stereo also supports the USB flash drive files up to 32 GB.
  • You can also charge the USB connected devices with the help of built-in 1 A charger.

AUX input

Aux input makes us able to connect with the audio output of an external device just like the MP3 player or a smartphone so that you can enjoy the music through the system.

Pre Amp outputs

Preamp outs of this unit fully allow you to expand your system by adding 3 amplifiers if you want. These amps or signal processors is for your rear, front, and the subwoofer channels.

ID3 tags

These tags named as the ID3 tags allows any of the audio file to display and store the additional data, Like the album, artist, track number, title and many more.

SD memory type port

Bluetooth Car Stereo supports the SD memory cards up to 32 GB for full music playback on the unit

Video output

You can easily connect any of the external monitors RCA inputs directly to this Double Din stereo. A video signal amplifier is recommended when you connect with the multiple video monitors.

Rear camera input and SWC

This input automatically powers the rear camera when the vehicle is shifted to the reverse and display the whole picture in the stereo display screen. You can also easily do safe parking because of this feature.

You can also control this unit by using the steering buttons. SWC actually stand for the steering wheel control buttons. But sometimes an additional interface is also required for it. Mostly the Metra ASWC is recommended.

ES protection

This car stereo has the latest amazing feature too. It is the electronic skip protection.? This feature buffers the disc while playing, storing the 5 seconds if the music play. If this disc gets interrupted, then the stored data fills in for continuous performance.


It is having a maximum power of 80 watts x 4

Boosted entertainment

Planet audio P9630B will keep your entertainment going to the miles

Built-in equalizer

It is also having the balance, fader, bass and treble and a built-in equalizer. This equalizer actually curves for a variety of music styles like pop and rock etc.


Planet Audio P9630B has a 3 year Platinum online dealer warranty. Such great warranty timings are appreciable.


This Bluetooth car stereo is cheap. You can buy it for you and for anybody else without worry about its price. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Bluetooth audio streaming feature is enabled.
  • Compatible with the audio outs from smartphones and MP3 players.
  • It has the 80 watts x 4 max power.
  • It has switchable tuner frequencies and a wireless remote.
  • Built in equalizer for bass, fade, balance, and treble
  • 3 years platinum online dealer warranty
  • A USB port and USB charging available
  • SD memory card port available
  • Aux input available
  • Preamp outputs and ID3 tags available
  • Rear camera input and steering wheel controls
  • Electronic skip protection is given
  • 2-inch screen size
  • Double Din stereo
  • DVD player; Yes
  • 8 x 7 x 4 inch product dimensions
  • 41 pounds of total weight


  • Bluetooth hands-free feature
  • In-dash double din
  • Widescreen size
  • Vast preamp outputs
  • Highly affordable
  • Boosted entertainment


  • The rear camera is not included with it, sold separately

Final word

Fill your life with the more advanced luxuries. This Bluetooth car stereo is truly a great facility. Enjoy your driving more with Planet Audio P9630B Double Din stereo. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Volunteer Audio Sony– Best?Bluetooth Car Stereo 2019

Another best car stereo that will be better for iPhone and Android users both. So, here is the Volunteer Audio Sony XAV-AX5000 Car play. It is having a Harley Davidson aftermarket radio installation kit with Bluetooth Android auto and Apple car play both.

Features of Aftermarket Bluetooth Car Stereo

Apply Car Play compatibility

Now, here is the safer way to use your iPhone in the car. This is also the most facilitated and luxurious to use. You can simply talk to the SIRI and make it happen whatever you want to do on your car?s stereo. This will keep you stay focused on the road along with doing all these things.

You can get quick directions from Apple maps. You can send and receive the messages and voice notes. Even you can make and receive your important phone calls too.

Android Auto compatibility

You can bring Android convenience to your car also. Just plug in through USB or connect via Bluetooth and get easy access to everything. From Google apps to Google maps you can use anything by the help of the touch screen receiver.

You can access all the Android auto?s features with the help of touch or voice commands too. Listen to your favorite music, phone calls and other things too. The best is that you will be able to drive safely without any intrusion and interruption.

Screen size and camera

This?Bluetooth Car Stereo screen size is 6.95 inches. You will be able to smoothly handle this pretty much normal and vast screen.

Moreover, this unit is having the reverse camera input information and the backup camera ready in it. The backup camera enables you to add a rear-facing camera that can assist with rear visibility, towing and safe parking too.

Thumb controls

This stereo also retains the thumb controls. It uses heavy duty metal brackets to handle any misuse of Harley.

Bluetooth HFP

It also has the Bluetooth hands free calling and audio streaming available. This is the best way to stay safe and follow all the local hand free laws by the help of built-in Bluetooth HFP.

Wireless Bluetooth technology has made life in the vehicles much more convenient. You can do wireless audio streaming (A2DP) with artist, album, simple pairing, song search and control audio (AVRCP).

Vehicle service type

You can also use this stereo unit in SUV, vans, trucks also, besides using it only in your car.

Button controls

It also has the buttons given on it. You can use buttons for the volume, sound settings and the voice controls.

Dual USB

With the help of the dual USB ports, you can now easily hook up to the storage devices to access your music library when connecting a smartphone with Android or Apple iPhone.

Sculpt the sound

You can easily tailor the sound to your personal preferences with the 10 bands graphics equalizer.

Customize the sound system

It gives full liberty to build in your own sound system. This stereo is having the 3 pre-outs. It means that you can add the 3 components of your choice e.g, extra amplifiers or subwoofers.

Easy installation

It has easy installation with a compact rear chassis. This chassis is far smaller than of the Double Din units. This actually makes a much easier installation. This leaves a vast room available for cabling and other accessories in the space behind the display.

Powerful amplification

It has a strong and powerful sound amplification as much as you want. The advanced signal processing from 4 x 55 W dynamic reality amplifier 2 removes all the interferences.

It will give you the clear and enhanced sound even when you crank up the volume.

Music from dashboard

Sound waves are directional, so if your speakers are fitted in any of the places in your car. The dynamic stage equalizer will adjust it. You will listen that the sound is coming from the dashboard.


Volunteer Audio Sony XAV-AX500 is also available in an affordable range. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Item dimensions are 12 x 8 x 12 inches.
  • Item weight is 5.82 pounds.
  • Vehicle service type; car, van, SUV, and trucks also.
  • Shipping weight is also 5.82 pounds.
  • Rear camera input available
  • 95-inch screen size
  • Retain thumb controls and use heavy duty metal brackets to handle any abuse.
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling feature enabled
  • Maps and navigations system: yes
  • Compatible with all the Android Auto and the Apple iPhone.
  • SIRI help: yes


  • Easy installation
  • Enhanced amplification
  • Apple Car play compatible
  • Android auto compatible
  • Wireless Bluetooth compatibility


  • No cons found

Final word?????????????

So, finally, you know much about this car play. Whichever mobile you are having either an iPhone or an Android one, go for this stereo unit, as it supports both.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

You will be happy to use this Bluetooth Car Stereo in your car. This is affordable, nice, decent and with the enhanced features.

Pioneer AVH-?Bluetooth Car Stereo 2019

It?s a Double Din Multimedia DVD car stereo which also supports the Apple and the Android both. Let me tell you all about this product.

Here, you go;

Features of Bluetooth Car Stereo:

WVGA display

It has a wide 7-inch WVGA clear resistive touch screen display. Such a widescreen is just amazing to use with greater ease. This display is smooth and responsive too. You will love it when you use it.

Power output

The peak power output is 50 watts x 4 channels and the RMS power of 17 watts x 4 channels.


It has a Pioneer AVH -4201NEX in-dash receiver bundle.

?Apple car play

It supports Apple car play. It is the smartest, easier and a good way to use your iPhone in your car. Apple Car play gives iPhone users the best opportunity to do hand free calls, listen to music, use maps and do whatever you want to.

Android auto compatible

It is compatible with Android smartphones too. So there is no need to have any special mobile phone for this. You can easily connect any of your android mobiles with it.

You can do all the things by using voice command, play the videos, music, favorite songs, and other wireless things too. Do hands-free calling while safe driving and enjoy the luxury.

Back up camera ready

It also includes ND-BC8 surface mount rear view camera. Rear view helps you a lot in safe parking. This is truly a great facility. This backup camera is always ready for the rear view. You can keep an eye in the rear view to keep you car safe always.

AppRadio Mode

By this feature, you can easily get the direct control for the compatible apps on the stereo unit. You can connect your mobile with car stereo by cable for this feature. After that, you will be able to enjoy the whole screen. You can get access to all the apps and the features on your mobile.

You will be able to use maps, calendars, contacts and many more other things too.

Bluetooth feature

Do anything wirelessly by connecting via Bluetooth. You will not be able to connect iPhone wirelessly as it does not have a Bluetooth in it. While you can use any of your Android smartphones with the car stereo completely wireless.

Listen and answer to your important business calls, hear your lovely music tracks and do the endless fun during the whole journey.

Enhanced listening experience

This Bluetooth Car Stereo is giving an enhanced listening experience to you. This will give a melodious sound when you listen to it.

SIRI help

You can use SIRI help with iPhone too. It is having a powerful SIRI free eyes control. You can take the great advantage of the SIRI eyes free functionality. When you simply touch the NEX screen, SIRI will start listening to you.

You can ask any question to SIRI. You can make the things happen what you want to do on the stereo unit. In short, you can ask for any kind of help from SIRI.


It also plays the FM and AM radio. Listen to your favorite channels. You can listen to your favorite music and also the day to day news while driving. This will keep yourself aware of the country?s current affairs and the hot trending topic debates too.

Mixtrax technology

Pioneer Mixtrax technology will create a non-stop mix of your music library. It has a wide range of DJ inspired effects.

Dual-zone entertainment

This stereo will truly take your entertainment to its peak levels. This will make you fall in love with it.

iDataLink Maestro

You can keep your factory features. Along with this, you can expand in-vehicle connectivity levels too. When you install the receiver AVH-4201NEX in a compatible vehicle using iDataLink Maestro, then you will be able to enjoy the high performance and the new best features and enhanced audio too.

Enhanced interface

It is the more advanced car stereo than other ones. NEX actually features the highly responsive, powerful and intuitive touch screen. It is actually highly customizable. Actually, NEX has specially designed for today?s world modern smartphones. So, it is the most advanced and enhanced user interface.

Color customization

It is having the 5 display colors and 112 key colors.

Sound quality

Pioneer NEX in-dash stereo has an enhanced sound quality for all. It has built-in auto equalizer, 13 bands graphics EQ and time alignment.

SiriusXM ready

This stereo unit is SiriusXM ready. It means that now you can play over 140 different channels. You can play any channel according to your mood. Like it is having a channel for sports, comedy, news, weather and many more.


Pioneer AVH-4201NEX Double-DIN?stereo is of high quality but not pricey. You will get it within a reasonable range easily. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Product dimensions are 13 x 10 x 6.5 inches.
  • Item weight is 7.8 pounds.
  • Shipping weight is 7.91 pounds.
  • Supported media type: MP3.
  • Surface mounts in dash installation type.
  • Pioneer AVH-4201NEX In-Dash Receiver Bundle.
  • It has 7-inch WVGA Clear Resistive Touch screen Display.
  • It has a rearview camera
  • It has max Power Output of 50 watts x 4 channels? and RMS power? of 17 watts x 4 channels
  • Supports Apple car play and Android auto too.
  • Bluetooth features enable and SIRI help is also available
  • AppRadio mode technology: yes
  • SiriusXM ready for 140 above channels
  • HD radio, both AM and FM for more music
  • iDataLink Maestro: yes
  • Mixtrax: yes
  • Enhanced listening experience


  • High-quality sound
  • Too many apps compatible
  • SIRI eyes-free control
  • Dual-zone entertainment


  • Too bright screen

Final words

Finally, we came to an end. This is a high-quality good company car stereo unit. Get ready to have one of them in your car.? This stereo has compatibility with too many useful apps and the advanced technology is also used in it. You can easily install this affordable and amazing stereo in your car. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Final Words About the Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews 2019

Let me tell you guys that don?t get confused in all of these. Every product is unique in its own way and obviously, you can see a clear difference between them too. When you go to the market you are very much confused in all the cars stereos. Even you don?t find out there that which one is of high quality. That?s why we have specified some of the best Bluetooth car stereos for you.

These all car stereos have one thing more prominent in them, and that is their Bluetooth enabled feature. And of course, this is our main topic also. Actually, stereos with no Bluetooth feature deprive you of too many facilities. You already know how much the worth of wireless Bluetooth is important for a car stereo.

The choice is completely yours. It totally depends that how much money you want to spend on your car stereo. And which one?s feature attracts you the most. So, pick that one which satisfies all your needs and you are comfortable with that too. Believe me that a good stereo unit will make your journey best and memorable forever. ?Good luck.

Best of Luck.

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