Best Car Amplifier 2019

In this article, I will be talking about Best Car Amplifiers for 2019. It took me two months to research The Best Car Amplifier list for our viewers. Selecting a good quality car amplifier for a beginner is not an easy task. Nowadays the market is filled with the so-called?best amplifier which is hurting customers and sound lovers.

At StereoAuthority, we always focus on the quality and following our policy, in this article, we have selected the Car Amplifier for Bass and Sound quality. Car Amplifiers enhance the sound quality and you will enjoy more powerful and neat sound quality.?

Comparison Chart for Best Car Amplifier 2019

Here is the comparison chart for Top Rated Amplifier 2019. I have selected 9 best amplifiers for this chart.?

Car Amplifier Name Type Features Price
Boss Audio Riot Series Class D 2000 watts Monoblock, Impedance 2 Ohm Check Price
Rockford Fosgate Prime Class D Impedance: 4 Ohm Check Price
Pyle PLA2200 MonoBlock Output: 1400 watts Check Price
Hifonics ZRX2416.1D Class D Output: 2400 watts Check Price
Rockford Fosgate R400 Class D? Impedance: 4 Ohm Check Price
PIONEER GM-D9601 Class D?? Output: 2400 watts Check Price
Kenwood KAC-M3001 Class D Impedance: 2 Ohm Check Price
Alpine MRV-F300 Class D? Impedance: 2 Ohm Check Price
Kicker Bluetooth Amp 2 Channel Impedance: 4 Ohm? Check Price

Boss Audio R2000M Riot Series?– Car Amplifier

Are you, also, looking for ways to help power your loudspeakers? Are you a music lover, and want to enhance your listening experiences better? Well, here is a little something that can help you satisfy your audio needs. This exclusive Riot Series 2000W Monoblock is able to generate high-quality sound, while it also ensures minimum distortion.

You can enjoy superior sound quality with this stylish looking amplifier, which is well-fitted and solid to suit your audio needs. Let us discuss further this product, so we can help you make the right choice when heading out on a journey to find your perfect amplifier.

Here are some General Characteristics of Boss Audio R200M Riot Series;

  • These amps have the maximum power of 2000 watts and they generate a minimum of 2-ohm impedance.
  • It has a much more advanced technology as compared to the old and boring FETs. The MOSFET (called as Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor?) enhances current power supply on a much higher level. The main advantage of MOSFET is the fact that it consumes less current while operating which is more or less an ideal situation for audiophiles.
  • It has a built-in thermal protection circuit that puts a stop to the damage by turning off when needed to help the amplifier cool down.
  • Additional features are also present such as Speaker level inputs, Remote Subwoofer control, Subwoofer level control, Variable gain control, Variable bass boost and Variable low pass filter.

As we have discussed the general characteristics of this Best Car Amplifier, let us head to the next step to simplify your confusions regarding this product.

Why should you buy this Best Car Amplifier?

  • This amplifier has a variable low pass filter, as mentioned earlier. This enables for you control over the frequencies specifically passing through the
  • You can also adjust the low bass according to your will, within the boost range with the help of newly installed Bass Boost.
  • MOSFET has the capability to rapidly switch from full to non-conduction to give efficient output.
  • There is less or no distortion followed by increased sound quality and power output.
  • 2-Ohm Stable enhances power and results in better and clear volume.
  • Mounting hardware is also included along with the instruction manual to help you install it easily while also ensuring that it fits your car without being vulnerable to damage.
  • It is stylish, with a backlit BOSS logo, and durable.
  • The price is decent, falling under the range of only 100 dollars!

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Cons of this product:

  • Some sellers may sell the old discarded product, which is why you should be careful while buying it and should only but it through trusted sources.


If you are looking to update your car audio system to Best Car Amplifier, this amplifier has almost everything to help you do that in the best possible way. Most of the customers having this amplifier seem to happy enough as it is efficient, stylish and durable, what else can you want?

This is definitely the Best Car Amplifier for Bass and you will always appreciate your decision of purchasing this product. Car Amplifier is a basic part of Best Car Stereo 2019.

Rockford Fosgate Prime

Are you looking out for ways to satisfy the audiophile in you? Do you want to do this by enhancing the bass of your existing stereo system? Then, we feel honored to let you know, that you have landed on the right page and the right Product. The brand Rockford Fosgate generates extra power per square inch in their Prime Class D amplifiers.

This automatically and subsequently leads to more power in the limited space of your vehicle. These durable and stylish looking amplifiers will make your bass hit as hard as nothing else. It will not distort the sound, leaving it clear.

This product puts out 400 watts RMS to a 4-Ohm sub, which is quite fantastic. We ourselves are a fan of amplifiers and love to play with our stereo systems.

Let?s get you to know more about one of our favorites Rockford Fosgate Prime 1,200 Watt Class-D 1-Channel Amplifier?

Here are some General Characteristics of the product:

  • It makes your bass crisper, punchier and clearer. It is most popularly known for what it can do to the bass of your sound system with minimum distortion.
  • It does no damage to the electrical system of your car even though it functions at the optimum efficiency with watts with a good enough 1-Ohm load.
  • Deep bass in mainly produced due to the newly installed class D circuitry which can enhance the audio performance of any music system.
  • It is enriched with MOSFET power supply which is in all cases, much better than the regular FETs.
  • It also comes with 4 gauge power connectors and top mounted control systems. This feature alone increase the utility of this product and enhances perfection.
  • A Remote Punch Level Control is also present, that enhances not only the utility of the product even more, but also provides precision to the customers.

????? Why should you buy?

  • Infrasonic Filters:

It comes equipped with the mentioned infrasonic filters, which stop music from distorting and save the overall quality of music even during one of those ultra-low bass notes.

  • Enhanced Quality of Music:

The newly used technology and designs make this product a total go-to if you want to upgrade not only your car?s audio system but also your music quality overall.?

  • Onboard Punch Equalization:

It gives this extra benefit of onboard punch equalization with 18dB of boost with the provision of 45Hz.

  • Three level protection

This level of protection offers no or much less damage in cases thermal, short-circuit and over-current issues.

  • Compatibility:

It is compatible with 4-Channel stereo amplifier that enhances highs and mids and provides you with the amazing listening experience that you have been craving for.

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Let us now move on to the next question;

What are the cons of this product?

  • Some people have reported these to be less durable
  • Mounting hardware is not included within the package.


These amplifiers have won hearts over the globe of many. They are stylish as well as efficient. We totally recommend these if you are a deep bass fan looking for something that might come up to your needs.

Pyle PLA2200

These series have so far proved to be quite impressive. They provide power to your bass and quality to your music. You are pretty sure to have a blast with these babies. This product has a lot of amazing specifications that have left us totally spell bounded.

To be more specific, if you are tired of old and shady basses with distortions that torture your ears, you have to buy these to enhance your listening experience and to make it perfect. Rock the block with thee amplifiers! To cut the long story short, let us dig deep into the information about this amplifier so you can get to know what makes us include this one in our reviews.

Here are some General Characteristics of this product:

  • It comes up to your expectations, as it includes everything from switchable bass boost, variable gain control, and a configurable electronic crossover network.
  • One of the most stunning factors about this amplifier is that the installed MOSFET pulse width modulation power supply provides signals without any distortion and enables clarity like nothing else.
  • Safety comes ensure that for your car and the amplifier this product includes features like thermal, overload, and short circuit protection.
  • This amplifier has a size that fits! You will not have to fret over finding spaces for this amp. This is easy to install the product that does not take too much space and fit in wherever you want it to!
  • It contains gold plated RCA level inputs. How cool is that? This increases the durability and improves the efficiency of these speakers.

Intelligently designed:

It is designed in a way that ensures maximum safety, such as the use of protection LED indicator; soft turn-on/off, thermal, overload and speaker-short protection indicate maximum ease and zero damage for the customer. LED Indicator notifies if your amplifier is working fine o if there has occurred a flaw/fault.

Bass boost level control:

This control helps you make adjustments to bass settings, so you can have required and the right amount of punch in the bass feature.

Exclusive Audio Control:

This product gives you full control over your music, you can make adjustments according to your wishes in the following ways;

  • Level control; this helps you in adjusting the volume in a way that you can also adjust the incoming signal to the amplifier
  • Phase?aids you to be in control of the relative time that the waveform takes to reach your ear.
  • High-Pass Filter? this protects the sound quality and protects the speakers against low frequencies.
  • Low-Pass Filter is also included.
  • Bass EQ?this enables control over balancing and adjusting the range of frequency of your music. It determines the impact of your bass kick.

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What are the cons of this product:

  • We?re also searching for some, if you do find them, let us know!


These amplifiers are our favorites, they are not only efficient but also stylish look with the jet-black design. Moreover, fortified aluminum heat-sinks with stream-lined and next-generation audio technology will enhance your pleasure while going through your listening experience in your cars.?

Hifonics ZRX2416.1D

If you surf the internet, or the markets for the best amps in town, you will always come to cross this best car amplifier. It is simply amazing to listen to, and even better to look at! The stylish looks, along with the functions make a great combo.

This combination is great enough to blow your minds. You can expect a great bass, and utility out of this amplifier. It is durable and fits easily into your car, which makes us totally in love with this one. Enough of the talking, let us have a closer look at this product while aiding you to choose the best among the rest!

Here are some General Characteristics of this product:

  • The stylish looks are made possible by the presence of an Illuminated Hifonics Badge. This badge is backlit and defines integrity and class. Makes us want to grab one of these right away!?Learn here about properly mounting the subwoofer box in the trunk.
  • Superior heat dissipation is made possible by the installation of Old School’ Hifonics Heatsink. This enables the durability and safety of the product.
  • Military Grade PCB installation makes it even more of a catch. This ensures further durability.
  • Ultra-Fi MOSFETS for low THD & Noise are much better than the regular FETs installed in other amplifiers.
  • Additional features include DC protection, bass level remote control, overload protection, short circuit protection, subsonic filter, thermal protection. All under one roof!

These were some of the general characteristics of this product that may have helped you understand a little about why we have included this product in our reviews, but the story does not end here. There is a lot more left to know!

Let us now answer some of the most common questions asked frequently below. Buyers are appreciating this?Best Car Amplifier because of quality sound and powerful bass.

  • It contains diagnostic indicators. They will let you know when the amp is working out fine, and when is it not.
  • SPC – Simpatico Coil Design makes it even more desirable.
  • MOSFET POWER SUPPLY for equal and efficient distribution of electric signals in installing which adds to the utility of the product.
  • RCA Inputs & Outputs are used to control the digital signals and is installed in this amplifier.
  • The installation manual is also included to help you with the tough installation process and make it easier.

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The general characteristics, and thee additional features, both combine to answer the question. And to be very honest, we are really satisfied with what this product is and what it does in general. Moving on to question no 2.?

What are the cons of this product?

  • Mounting hardware is not included within the package.


The conclusion or the final verdict can be pretty simple. We are in love! If you are an audiophile who also is a lover of looks. This product is the right choice for you then! It provides you with deeper bass and has Class D circuitry installed which is proved to be very efficient.

Rockford Fosgate R400-4D

When compared to other varieties of amplifiers, especially the class D ones, it is very evident that this amp has more power per square inch, simultaneously adding more power to your music system. This is a cool-running amp, which will also make your music louder and clearer.

We personally love this brand and rely on it a lot when it comes to quality materials and excellent results. Let us now dig deep and get to know what this amp actually is and what does it do to your music?

Here are a few things marked as the General Characteristics of this Rockford Fosgate R400-4D amplifier;

  • What more can a customer want, than getting fulfilled his expectations when he spends out of his pocket? Well, his is something that is expected to happen with this amplifier. You will get exactly what you paid for. This will happen mainly due to the reason that this Rockford Fosgate R400-4D amplifier will give you the best-rated power output, every time without any exceptions.
  • This amplifier gives you enough control over your music, that you can prioritize your personal expectations. This is made possible because of the presence of variable high-pass crossover and variable bass boost. Read here: Best 5×7 Speakers 2019.
  • This brand has always been in the limelight for manufacturing best quality products, and they have managed to maintain that status this time around as well. There is reduced heat, distortion and thermal overload issues because of the newly installed heavy duty cast aluminum alloy heatsink. This is among the best car amplifier for 2019.
  • The music outcome is proved to be smooth and loud, for making better your listening experience.
  • This amplifier is not so hard on your wallet as well.

The design is extremely functional. It is not just designed in a beautiful and stylish way but also enables a maximum level of control. There is also a sleek logo of Rockford Fosgate on the frontal middle of the amp. In short, this baby has got beauty with brains!

The price is not at all unreasonable considering the quality you?re getting, along with the amazing features.

Maximum control is enabled. This amp has made it a lot easier for you to manage everything according to your personal choice with maximum ease. This amplifier also includes rotatory gain controls. Independent Butterworth crossovers are also installed for the front and rear channels. They can also be set for high, low or all-pass.

Mounting hardware is also included, making the installation a lot easier.

The durability is commendable. The heavy cast aluminum prevents damage and over-heating, hence adding to the durability of the amp.

Power supply enables the amp to increase power output following the increase of the voltage.

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What are the cons of this product?

  • On bridged mode, it is only reported to support a minimum load of 4Ohm (but given the price range, that is the best you can have)


Rockford Fosgate has done excellent work with this amp. It provides a much deeper bass with minimum distortion. The price is also extremely decent given the quality you are getting. The longevity is commendable.


If you are looking for unparalleled quality and performance, this amp might be exactly what you expected from one. We cannot ignore the amazing specs of this amplifier, for they are extremely qualified.

If you call yourself an audiophile who is addicted to bass, this amplifier is your dream come true. With the amazing 2400Watt power output, this best car amplifier has found its spot in the limelight.

You can also expect a lot from your subwoofers with this best car amplifier installed in your car. With its wired bass remote and variable bass control, the subwoofers are determined to give out excellent sound quality with the cleanest and the deepest sound you will ever get to hear. Moreover, this model is a class-D amplifier, so that just speaks for itself on so many levels.?I have explained here,?subwoofer size chart?along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers.

Moving on, here we state some of this amplifier?s General Characteristics;

  • This is a sharp looking amplifier, that not only send up to 1200 Watts RMS to your sub setup but also gets you on a roll with your longtime love; Music.
  • The highly acclaimed class-D technology does not only make it look cool but also makes it flexible in a sense that it can fit into compactor out-of-the-way spaces.
  • You never have to fret over impedance matching, because this amplifier provides you with this amazing facility to handle the 1-ohm load without a sweat.

We have now discussed in detail the general characteristics of this amplifier, let us move on to some other functions.

  • Compact in size, Versatile in Function

The efficient class-D technology gives you improved results in terms of power output, yet is half the size as compared to other GM-series Class AB amps. This makes the installation process easier and listening experience much more fun.

  • Design

The design enables flexibility which further enhances the connectivity between multiple subwoofers in a system. there is a much more stable and durable circuitry as compared to other amps. Input level is maintained as moderate as this amplifier has the ability to sense its internal temperature and cools it down.

  • Variable LPF

It gives you more control in order to manage the settings according to your own personal will.

  • Adjustable Bass

You can adjust the bass level according to your will and also keep in mind the characteristics of music you prefer listening to.

  • This brand is extremely trusted all around the has always been known as one of the best brands when it comes to updating any part of your car?s stereo system.

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What are the cons of this product?

  • With our experience, we have not found any major cons worth mentioning for this amp.


This is a really cool-looking amp, which functions effectively and is determined to leave you nothing but satisfied. It is decently priced and does not compromise on quality at all. Give in to temptation, and buy an amp that will satisfy the bass lover in you. That too with minimal distortion being experienced. This amp is sure to brighten up your listening experience. We love it, so will you!

Kenwood KAC-M3001

Having a power range up to 300 watts RMS, this compact subwoofer amp with giving you a clear, crisp and powerful bass that you have always dreamed of. We are very hopeful about the fact that there are zero or minimal distortions, with such a deep bass.

One of the most amazing factors about this amp is that it can fit literally anywhere. And we are not just saying it. We mean it.

This compact amplifier is ready to rock any vehicle, be it a car, a storage compartment on a boat, or ATV, etc. Kenwood in itself has always been a trusted and valued brand, with people buying and loving is products from around the globe, so that just adds to the credibility of this compact Kenwood KAC M3001 amplifier.

Let us add more information about this amplifier to this review by discussing some of its General Characteristics;

These amplifiers include amazing features such as a conformal coated main PCB known as a printed circuit board. The PCB prevents damage as it does not let the moisture or damp air into the amplifier, because of the added layers for maximum protection. This adds a lot to the durability and longevity of this product.

These amplifiers are smaller in size, hence being easier to get installed in any vehicle of your priority.

These amps also have Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET power supply, which is so much better than the rest, or most amplifiers out there in the market.

Since you might have a sketch formed in your brain about what this product actually is, let us move on to the next step.


This amplifier promotes excellence in efficiency by having a class D 1-channel marine design.

This amplifier enhances easy integration when it comes to factory audio systems, too. This is made possible with the help of a speaker level input with signal sense turn-on.

It is suitable for marine applications as well. A conformal coated circuit board is installed to fulfill the purpose.?Read about if you want more bass out of your subwoofer.

It packs a lot of power it. At 2 ohm it can easily deliver up to 300 watts RMS, which for sure is not just impressive but also commendable.

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This is a very decently priced amplifier, which does not go too hard on your wallet. Given the quality, the price is not just decent but appears cheap.

What are the cons of this product:

Some manufacturers might be selling worn out or defected pieces, so one must always be alert before buying.


This compact looking amplifier is good with what it does. It provides a deeper bass to put your music back to life. It is durable and easy to install. All these features (and much more) is available at a very low price so that just makes us shriek with excitement. How excited are you?

Alpine MRV-F300

Versatility is one of the basic features that make this product worth mentioning. V-power amps have always been trusted by thousands of people to be durable, trust-worthy and also filled with quality power.

They have not only maintained their heritage but also have improved their overall designs with this amplifier. They have proved that perfection has no limits.

With these amplifiers, you don?t have to worry about distortions, even during extreme power demand cases. These amps are 80% more efficient than class A or B amplifiers, because of their highly efficient Class D technology. Get ready to satisfy the audiophile in you by listening to clearer bass that is crisp and punchy at the same time.

Let us move further and discuss some valuable General Characteristics of this product;

Don?t let the compact sizing of these amplifiers fool you. They are smaller in size, but they are a power pack. Their power capacity is commendable. Although they have a smaller footprint, about 40% smaller, to be precise as compared to their predecessors, their performance is nothing but enhanced on so many levels. In short, these amps give you maximum power, even in limited installation spaces.

TMP or thermal management processor, installed in these amplifiers make sure they are durable and keeps a check on their longevity. It is done by protecting it against heat levels so there are no distortions.

The dual internal error connection technology is present in these best car amplifiers, which analyzes the input signal. This results in providing the amplifier with the best frequency response, higher damping factor, and also the lowest noise in its class. Isn?t that great?

These amplifiers are very easy to install, considering their small size.

You don?t need external converters to enable any sort of connection with the head unit, as this amplifier takes care of that on its own. No fancy tools are needed for its installation either.

V-power amps are tested and documented, which enables maximum transparency when it comes to actual power output. They come with their own birth-sheet!

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You can expect great sound quality from these amplifiers. The music is smooth and loud at the same time.

These amplifiers are really easy to install.

What are the cons of this product?

Given the price and quality, we have not been able to find any major cons.


These are compact sized amps that go easy on the wallet without compromising on high quality. These amps work for the best and provide you with the extra power that gets your car rolling. The installation is much easier.

They are durable and good for audiophiles who always crave a punchy bass and crisp sound in their cars.

Kicker 40PXIBT502

This is an amazing amplifier which is empowered with the Bluetooth services along with high mobility. You can implant this device on your motorcycles, Golf carts, boats, ATS and riding lawn mowers, etc. ?It has a back lit remote control and this remote control can be easily attached on the dashboard of golf car or handle rods of the motorcycle.

Let me explain its features in detail here:

2 Channel Amplifiers:

It has the capability of two speakers conjoined with the help of two speakers and provides a better availability of sound. It provides ease in the availability of music to the person on the motor bike or your small vehicle. It has the power to potentiate music for the combination of two speakers at a time.


Its average power output is good. Its Root means square is of the approximately 15 watts and the resistance is approximately 4 Ohms. This output is a good thing to be noticed. It creates good sound quality. It RMS is very optimum for the proper working of these devices on the motor bike.


It is a charging system of 12 Volts batteries and thus able to produce to produce a great sound quality at the usage of very low sound. This battery life is good for small vehicles. It can easily be charged on the vehicles. This helps a lot in getting optimum music experience.

USB Ports:

It has a 5 Volts USB ports for the charging of the devices and ability to provide good connectivity for the different type of devices. It is very much important device which is able to connect different type of USB powered devices with it and it is very much important if you have small devices you can transfer data and also this device get charged easily.

Remote Control:

It has a remote control device. Its remote is attachable to the handle of the bike. It is composed of backlit and has rubber buttons. This is able to develop a connection with the speaker. It has enhanced wireless connectivity. It is a very important thing to note that it provides good hands-free control of music.


It has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20KHz at 4 Ohm. Any speaker with an impedance of 4 Ohms is quite well.? It is a good response as its wave of signals is high and produce a good response. This means that it produces an enhanced and good sound effect on motor bikes.


It is a display screen is illuminated by the light. Due to this the visibility is enhanced. Also, you can get control over the Bluetooth devices. Due to this lighting display, the usage of the device is also easy in dark.

Click here to buy from Amazon


  • It is accurate in its action and is able to judge the low frequencies easily.
  • It is a remotely operated system and thus easy to use.
  • Its Bluetooth technology is very much compatible with a lot of devices


  • Its sound quality is quite average.


This device is a miracle for music lovers having smaller vehicles. Due to this device, you can listen to music on a motorbike too. It is very simple to set up and you can listen to music at very ease.

You can also control the music when you are driving as the buttons are soft and very less. Thus its operation while riding is also easy and convenient.

Final Words about Best Car Amplifier

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Through the tough walk, and pleasant joys that life has offered me, I believe writing has helped me stay sane, and for that, I shall be forever grateful. Writing to me has been an expression. This is why, today, I write for multiple blogs.

Some places I share my insights, and other places I discuss insights given by others. I would resort to modesty and not exactly say that I am an established writer, but yes, I try to be an honest writer. I try to help others with my writing, as much as I can.

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My city does not have a lot of liberal people, but yes, it for sure has some lovely people like my parents in it. They have always supported my passion for writing and music. In fact, I was always drawn to cars and learning driving so I could have those long listening experiences in my car.

I loved the idea of wind blowing my hair while I could listen to my favorite music in my own car, and just forget about all the worries of the world.

Being the sweethearts that my parents have always been, they broke the norm and gifted me, a girl, her own very first car when I turned 18. It was like the world was at my feet. I never wanted to get off the car and soon enough I learned driving.

But soon enough, I noticed something very different about the music quality by the speakers of my new car, and my friend?s car speakers. Inquiries began and I found myself asking them what was so special about their cars.

Eventually, instead of asking my own self, I resorted to asking them about it. They made fun of me for being so na?ve first, as they said everyone knew factory installed speakers are dull and don?t work as well. Then they suggested to me about building a new stereo system by replacing my speakers.

In no time, considering my undying passion for music, I found myself replacing my car speakers. And yes, it did work. The long drives with my friends did become interesting and pleasant enough. We would bang our heads to my friend?s rock music playlist and cry tears of relief over my soft classic playlist of songs.

It is not that I was ungrateful, but I always felt that something was still missing from my car stereo system. I tried adjusting the bass, the settings, and everything but nothing really seemed to work as well.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted more from my music, and I wanted more from my car speakers. This car and the fact that I could listen to my favorite music in full volume, while driving was my dream come true, so I decided to make the most of it.

One day, God heard my prayers. A fellow colleague was dropping me home as my car was being washed that day, and I felt like my ears were finally happy with what they heard. Something about his car stereo system was just too appealing and perfect. I decided to break the ice and ask him. He laughed first but then told me about his secret ingredient.

Being a girl there was no way I could have known about it by myself. His secret ingredient was an amplifier. I did not directly ask him for his amplifier?s model number, but I did some research work first. It was so because I wanted my car to have the best amplifier.

Even better than the amplifier installed in my colleague?s car. Yes, I can be very competitive at times. So I surfed the internet, but there were so many articles about so many brands and so many models simultaneously.

So I first searched what to look for in a good amplifier. Then I found or looked for the brands offering all of the features that I found in my previous research. But then again, there were so many contradicting views about the same product on different websites.

Most of the reviews were fake or plagiarized. It was hard to trust them. So I also kept asking my friends about their amplifier preferences. Gathering all the knowledge I had acquired, together, I actually was able to make some decisions.

I bought myself my first car amplifier. It was like heaven. My car was glowing and shining with good music quality and deeper bass with no distortions, and I was so in love with it. The amount of control I was able to acquire through my amplifier over my music was commendable. I have kept upgrading my amplifier ever since. And nothing makes me happier to achieve what I was looking for, finally.

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