Bose Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers – Reviews

Are you planning a house party and looking for the best speakers that will make your friends spellbound? If yes, try out Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Bose speakers produce crystal clear sound, and their aesthetic design makes them stand out from their counterparts. 

Selecting the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speaker can be difficult as all the speakers are best in their way. 

Bose is a U.S.-based company that Amar Bose owns. Bose is known for its audio systems, sound systems. Wireless speakers, headphones, and other professional-grade audio products. The company is highly defensive about its trademarks and its brand and thus lives by its name and reputation.

About The Products

According to the outstanding features, quality, crystal clear sound, and price, we have selected the three best outdoor speakers by Bose.

  • According to portability: One of the best speakers is Bose sound link color Bluetooth speaker II. It is very convenient to set it up and gives the cleanest sound that you always wanted. The device is water-resistant, compact, easy to charge with a laptop or a power bank. The speaker has a built-in mic that helps you connect it via the internet and choose whatever you want to hear. The speaker is best for houses, apartments, and small gatherings in the backyards and basements. With eight hours of battery life, it is one of the best speakers by Bose.
  • If looking for the best home speaker Bose Home Speaker 500 is one of the best. For rich home audio that is easy to set up, this device is perfect. All those are willing to spend a little more for the best sound quality, which points in two different directions. This will help fill your entire room with stereo sound. Connect it with Alexa as an intelligent voice control system is built-in to give you options to hear thousands of songs via the internet. It has a Built-in mic with an eight microphone array design to hear music from a far distance. 

Let us review one of the best Bose Outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

Bose Soundlink Micro Waterproof Speaker

This micro-speaker is a gear that you will fall in love with. Its crisp, clear sound quality and compact design make it stand out from other bulky speakers. The gear is small, portable, and easy to use. It has an unmatched bass for a speaker of this size. Now attend your online classes, conference calls, and listen to your favorite music without any interruption. 

  • Highly portable: take this speaker wherever you go. Go for camping, outdoor trips, school trips or go to the beach with friends; this device will serve as the best companion. 
  • Wireless range of 30 feet: now enjoy crystal clear sound up to 30 feet as the speaker has a built-in mic. It is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Use it the way you like it without worrying about dents and scratches.
  • Tags along with your bike: The speaker has a silicon, tear-resistant strap that helps you attach it to your bike handle, backpack, or anywhere you find convenient. 
  • Easy pairing gear with a Rechargeable battery: with a rechargeable battery, you can use the speaker for six-hour non-stop. Pair it with other Bose speakers via sync technology. Make your house feel like a party place as you can play the same song in two different speakers paired together. 


  • The compact design makes it highly portable.
  • The speaker is (IPX7) waterproof and has a built-in mic that provides crystal clear sound up to 30 feet.
  • A tear-resistant silicone strap helps you place the speaker on your bike’s handlebar, car steering, backpack, and more.
  • The speaker has a rechargeable battery that allows you to use the speaker for 6 hours.
  • With simply-sync technology, pair two speakers with ease.
  • Available in three different eye-catchy colors with other colored silicone straps.


  • Low battery life as compared to other Bluetooth speakers
  • If you play the device at full volume, the sound can crack.
Bose Soundlink Micro Waterproof Speaker
The gear is small, portable, and easy to use. It has an unmatched bass for a speaker of this size

Buyers Guide

Before buying a wireless Bose outdoor Bluetooth speaker, it is better to go through this buyer’s guide. It will help you select the best gear for yourself.

Maximum wireless range

Before investing your money in buying a Bluetooth speaker, it is essential to look for a range of almost thirty feet. The device must not lose its connectivity within this range even if the furniture or wall comes in between. 

Pairing capacity with two or more devices

Ensure that the speaker you are buying can be connected or synced with other devices without losing its connectivity. With a multi-speaker setup, your house can be in a party mode anytime you want.

Compact size 

Make sure the speaker you purchase must have a compact size. This will help you take the device with you wherever you go. Carry the device with you while trekking, camping, hiking, picnics, going to the beach, traveling, and going for a bike ride.

Rechargeable battery with Long-lasting battery life

Some speakers allow a battery life of at least six hours. Do not compromise on this. Some speakers like Blaster Roar 2 provide a battery life of 12 hours with a single charge. Twelve hours is more than enough for you. Thus select a gear that has a rechargeable battery that does not get discharged quickly.

Waterproof and long-lasting

You don’t buy a Bluetooth speaker now and then. Thus, make sure that the speaker you invest in is durable and has a stain and scratch-resistant body. Buy speakers with a good IPX rating that will make your speaker dust, weather, and waterproof.

Alternative Products

JBL Clip 3 Speaker

One of the most compact and portable gears that will make you fall in love with audio devices. It has a lithium-ion battery that takes three hours to recharge and gives you non-stop entertainment for 10 hours. The speaker’s clip design makes you attach it with your backpack, belt, bike, and almost everywhere you can think of. It is IPX7 waterproof; hence, it uses it in the shower, pool, and beach with ease.

The speaker is not at all heavy as it weighs 0.46 lbs that helps you carry it everywhere along with you. JBL Clip 3 comes with a micro USB charging cable that makes it convenient for you to charge the gear with any charger. The durable and rugged quality rubber material makes it scratch-resistant. 

JBL Clip 3 Speaker
This JBL bluetooth speaker streams uninterrupted high-quality music for 10 hours after charging for 3 hours only

MusiBaby Speakers

This outdoor, portable speaker can be paired with two speakers via wifi and will make your house party entertaining. With a Bluetooth signal of 5.0 and playtime of 1500 mins, it will keep you on the go. It provides a range of 100 feet and can be used with a 3.5 mm audio jack. The speaker has a compact size of 12.3 centimeters and weighs 0.77 lbs. 

Its 360-degree stereo sound quality makes the speaker perfect for large-scale house parties and get-togethers. IPX5 rating makes the speaker resistant to splashes of water. Thus it is easy to use in the shower and by the poolside.

MusiBaby Speakers
With a Bluetooth signal of 5.0 and playtime of 1500 mins, it will keep you on the go. It provides a range of 100 feet and can be used with a 3.5 mm audio jack

SONY SRS-XB33 Speaker

This portable, wireless, dust-proof speaker is highly durable. For all those who love extra BASS, this is for you. SONY is a famous and reliable brand which is known for its quality all over the world. The speaker is IP67 rated, which makes it not only waterproof but rust and shock-proof too. With 24 hours of battery life, this speaker stands out from its counterparts. 

The speaker’s X-balance unit enhances its sound quality. Anyone can operate the speaker as all the buttons are mentioned on it. It has two colorful lines on each side that make the speaker look great. With the Fiestable app, you can turn on and off the lights with ease. You can sync almost 100 speakers with this speaker. Charging the device with a C-type USB is convenient.

SONY SRS-XB33 Speaker
With 24 hours of battery life, this speaker stands out from its counterparts. The speaker's X-balance unit enhances its sound quality

OontZ Angle 3 Portable Speaker

It has a downward-facing passive bass radiator that helps produce louder bass. The speaker can be used for 14 hours non-stop as it has a larger battery of 2500 mAh. There is a 10+ volume booster AMP pump that plays the loudest of music without distorting it. You can hear your favorite music from 100 feet. 

The Bluetooth 4.2 helps connect the device with other devices like Echo Dot, iPhone, Samsung cell phones, pads, laptops, and other Bluetooth devices. This highly portable gear weighs 10 oz that makes it easy to carry from one place to another. It is IPX5 rated, which makes it water-resistant and durable.

OontZ Angle 3 Portable Speaker
The speaker can be used for 14 hours non-stop as it has a larger battery of 2500 mAh


After reading this article buying a Bluetooth speaker will be very convenient. You do not buy a Bluetooth speaker now and then; thus, before buying one, do consider the buyer’s guide. I hope you will select an audio device that suits you the best. All the above-listed gears will help you understand why Bose outdoor Bluetooth speaker is the best.

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