Best Headrest Monitors 2019

In this article, I will review?Best Headrest Monitors for 2019. While traveling on a long journey, you can enjoy quality videos on the headrest monitors. Thanks to the latest technology, these?Best Headrest Monitors are coming with the best user-friendly features along with the latest features. I personally enjoy sitting on the back seat and watch my favorite videos while I travel.

Selecting any technology product nowadays is not an easy task. I have seen many cheap products by the so-called best brands. You should check the buyer’s reviews while selecting any headrest monitor. When I decided to write an article on this topic, I went and buy these products and I have been using these for the last 2 months now. I must say, with these best headrest monitors, now I enjoy while traveling long distances in my car.

Comparison Chart for Best Headrest Monitors 2019 Reviews

Best Headrest Monitors Features Screen Size Price
DDA10D Touch screen, Android 6.0, Bluetooth 10.1 inches $$$
Eonon C1100A Stylus, HDMI port, built-in FM 10.1 inches $$$
eRapta USB port, can be used as a tablet. 10 inches $$$

I have selected quality and best headrest monitors that are available nowadays. They all are the well-known headrest monitors of the popular companies and all are of high quality. You just have to pick up the one which you like the most, for yourself or for your loved ones. So select the one or more from these best headrests monitors and fill yours and your family member?s life with pleasures, enthusiasm, and energy.

So here we go;

DDA10D, 10.1 inch IPS Touch Screen – Best Headrest Monitor 2019

DDA10D is a player with the full combo of the multimedia monitor and the Android tablet. This is such an amazing headrest entertainment system with its amazing sound and a smooth and widescreen that it can be used in cars, home and also for the portable use.

Features of DDA10D, 10.1 inch IPS Touch Screen Car Headrest Multimedia Monitor

?Sit tight and continue reading all the fantastic features of this product.

High quality

This headrest monitor is made up of the best high-quality materials. While manufacturing this monitor, the quality material was its main focus and this is what that makes it the most popular, highly durable and worthy.

Operating system and processor

Its operating system is Android 6.0, a superior Quad-core processor ARM A7 Quad 1.3 GHz CPU with ROM of 8 GB and the 1GB of RAM.

Smooth performance

It gives a highly fast and smooth performance. As well as it ensures the ultra-smooth gaming and the best fast speed multimedia user experience that is also available to surf the web or download multiple apps and easy to navigate.

Touch screen size

It is a G+G ?LCD capacitive multi-touch screen with a great size of 10.1 inch IPS display (16:9) and a resolution ratio of the touch screen1366B*RGB*768 touchscreen?comes with the slot in type lens and is compatible with the most discs available in the market of best companies for DVD fans

Powerful battery

It is having a powerful 4000mAh battery built in it, in a crafted shape which gives an unlimited usage without any wire connection. This battery can run for hours and you can easily enjoy the max play or usage timings as long as you want. It is basically the best and highly durable lithium-ion battery.

Anti-glare screen

This headrest monitor has the best anti-glare screen which is very protective and best to use because it causes less harm to your neck and eyes and you can also safely handle this to your kids without worrying about their eyesight. You can easily adjust it in your car and by relaxing your body and neck, use it or play games on it for several hours without getting tired.

Supports Bluetooth and others

It also supports the Bluetooth 4.0 with the best strong connection, you can send files or anything like pictures, videos from your mobile to this monitor by establishing the best and strong Bluetooth connection. It also supports the Airplay, Miracast and HDMI also. It supports all the files from USB drive and the TF cards.


It can also support the frequency modulation FM, you can switch to your favorite FM channel and listen to whatever you like, like news related channels, current affairs, songs, music etc

Net weight

The net weight of this headrest monitor is 3.5 pounds and as for as kids safety is concerned, they can definitely use it completely but it is recommended for kids not to use this monitor with their hands. As this monitor is basically a large screen and kids may damage it or their selves by breaking that screen. But for an adult and sensible kid you can easily handle this to him, otherwise set this monitor at a proper place for your little kids.

Highly valuable package

It?s a highly valuable package. As this monitor is a great combination of Android 6 .0 tablet as well as the DVD player from DDAUTO, so it?s 2 features in a 1 combination. So this thing is great for this awesome valuable package. I must say the best features with the best price.

Media playback

Its supports the media playback in WMA, MP3 and MP4 very well and it is the most popular and common media support that does not cause any kind of issues. So you can play any kind of media on this monitor screen and store it on this monitor too.

Highly portable

This headrest monitor is highly portable, you can take this monitor with you anywhere you want. You can hold it in your hands and take it everywhere with you and play games and do whatever you want to do in your free time either in the day or even at night. It has also the 5x holder pipe of 10.2- 14mm for enhancing your convenience. This marvelous monitor will never let you down and facilitate you as much as it can

Different formats support

It has the picture format of BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG etc and the video format of DVD, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, CD-RW, CD-R, CD, AVI, ASF, DAT, FLV, M2TS, MKW, MOV, MP4, MPG, MP4, RM, RMVB, TP, TS, VOB, WMV etc and the audio format of AAC, ARM, AC3, APE, DTS, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA etc.

Box inside???????????????

You may be wondering that what will be inside the box, so when we open the packaging of the box it has 1x Android DVD monitor, 1 x Cig-charger, 1 x adjustable mount of 4.3-7.0 inch and 5x holder pipe(10.2-14mm) also.

Warranty and support

This headrest monitor works on the DDAUTO return policy. So, you can easily return the new player purchased that is dead on arrival if it arrives in a damaged condition or still present in an unopened box. You will actually get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing.


This excellent headrest monitor is available at a reasonable price to everyone.

>>>>>Check Price at Amazon<<<<<

Specifications of DDA10D, 10.1 inch IPS Touch Screen Car Headrest Multimedia Monitor

    • Product dimensions are 10.2 x 1.6 x 7 inches
    • Item weight is 2.6 pounds
    • Item model number is DDA10D
    • Available in 3 colors
    • 1 lithium ion battery is required of 4000mAh
    • Large 10.1-inch full view IPS screen
    • Memory card slot with MP3, CD+RW, CD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R
    • Media playback is supported with WMA, MP4, and MP3
    • Shipping weight is 4.19 pounds
    • Excellent warranty and support if there is actually damage in the product, refund within 30 days
    • Android 6.0 operating system
    • 32 G of extended storage
    • 1 inch G+G capacitive multi-touch screen
    • Resolution ratio of 1366*RGB*768
    • Supports WIFI of 2.4 G 802.11 b/g/n
    • Built-in functions like HDMI, Bluetooth(4.0), microphone, FM transmitter, G sensor

Pros ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Best high quality
  • Excellent performance
  • A large capacitive multi-touch screen is best
  • Anti-glare screen


  • No wireless remote
  • Try not to hold it in your hands all time

Final words

So here I am done explaining all about the DDA10D Headrest Multimedia Monitor. It is the best monitor that performs at its peak and most of all it is safe for eyes and neck, Go for it if you want it. Good luck.

Eonon C1100A, 10.1 inch Best Portable Headrest Monitor 2019

Eonon C1100A is the second best headrest monitor according to our ranking. It is the most stylish big-screen headrest monitor that you will love to have for you or for somebody else.

So let?s start;

Features of Eonon C1100A, 10.1 inches best portable headrest monitor

Eonon definitely stands tall among the best headrest monitors for 2019. Here, I will explain in detail all the features of this amazing headrest monitor.


Eonon C1100A is the best, stylish and a decent looking best headrest monitor. It has the stylish touch buttons on it that will enable you to do a quick touch and handling of the screen. It looks pretty gorgeous

Big screen ?

It has a 10.1-inch digital screen with the resolution of 1024 x 600. You can adjust screen brightness, tone, contrast and saturation on the screen. It?s a high definition screen that will make you feel more immersive. You can handle the screen by touch buttons. It will provide you and your family an extraordinary experience and a lot of different services like games, music, and movies etc.

Easy installation

It has the easiest fast clip-on installation and it is applicable to each and every vehicle. DVD player can be easily and smoothly mounted which only fixes the bracket and just twist the screws without affecting the seat?s appearance

Dual channel headset

It has dual channel headsets also with frequency channel A: L/2.3 MHz, R/2.8 MHz and channel B of L/3.2MHz, R/3.8MHz with the frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and signal noise ratio (SNR) of ? 50 dB and the channel separation of ? 60 dB, receiving distance of <5m with a stereo audio mode. Its power supply is 2 AAA batteries that are not already included in it, you have to take them separately.

Built-in HDMI input???????

With a dedicated HDMI adapter cable, you can enjoy high definition videos and movies on its big digital screen. You can also connect iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6plus, 6x and even iPhone7 to this monitor via HDMI cable. With the latest models coming now, I have seen they are also compatible with this device. I would still recommend checking compatibility with your version of the mobile phone. These features are what makes this product stand tall in?Best Headrest Monitors list for 2019.

Input and output

It has other inputs like RCA Audio R/L input/ Video input*1 and RCA audio R/ L output/ video output*2. HDMI input*1 and 3.5 mm headphone jack*1, DC12V power interface*2

DVD compatible

DVD compatible formats in this headrest monitor are DVD/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/MP3/CD/CD+R/CD-R/CD-RW/CD+RW

Other compatible formats

The best thing is that this monitor is compatible with a lot of different formats like in case of video formats it supports AVI, MP4, RMVB, MPG, and FLV but MP4 video is encoded by the H.264 and AVCO1 is not supported so you can try the MP4V coding while audio formats are supported by MP3, WMA, WAV etc and picture format support is JPEG.

Other accessories

Other accessories of this monitor are Multifunctional remote controller*2 and English manual*1, cigarette lighter receptacle powder cable*2 of length 2.5 m, power AV cable*2 or length 2.5 m, AV extended cable *2 of length 82 cm, bracket*2, native 32-bit game disc*2 and 10mm/12mm/12.5mm/14mm/15mmm plastic adaptors of 2 pairs each size. It has wireless IR stereo headset*2 and screws for fix bracket*2

Screen and sound support

It supports 32 bit game, also best supports the screen reversal function. This headrest monitor can handle the sound mode, Standard, news, music hall and theater very perfectly, as well as you can also control colors on screen to standard, warm or cool and also the picture mode at bright, soft, standard and best.

Multiple languages facility

This amazing headrest monitor can handle multi languages and this is another best thing in it. It supports Japanese/ English/ German/ Spanish / Turkish/ French/ Italian/ Portuguese. Such a vast variety of language support gives the opportunity to the various language speakers to use this headrest monitor very easily.

Built-in design

This full of features amazing monitor is made with the built-in design like it has built-in speakers within it, built-in IR transmitter. Built-in FM transmitter with a lot of frequencies like ?87.7/88.1/ 88.5/ 88.9/106.5/ 107.1/ 107.5/ 107.9 MHz. This?Best Headrest Monitors also have built-in USB/SD card inputs.

Warranty and support

Eonon C1100A headrest monitor is giving a 30-day money back guarantee due to any reason like if you found that your headrest mounting is wide to install in your car then you can return it back immediately. It has also the 2-year warranty for any of the quality related problems. This product is definitely among the?Best Headrest Monitors for 2019.


This headrest monitor is highly affordable for every one of you. Whenever you want to buy this feature full, awesome headrest, you can easily buy. It will not even bother your low budget.

>>>>>Check Price at Amazon<<<<<

Specification of Eonon C1100A, 10.1-inch portable headrest monitor

  • Product dimensions are 4.9 x 4.1 x 4.4 inches
  • Item weight is 8.25 pounds
  • A built-in structure like built-in speakers, FM and IR transmitter, USB/SD, HDMI, headset etc
  • Adjustable bracket difference is 110mm-161mm
  • It has infrared remote control
  • 1-inch digital screen size will the resolution of 1024 x 600
  • Adjustable screen brightness, saturation, contrast, and tone.
  • Supports JPEG picture format
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Support multiple formats for audio, video DVD
  • Available in various languages
  • It has dual channel headset
  • Audio mode stereo
  • Its power supply is with 2 AAA batteries
  • It also has the plastic adapters (2 pairs each size)
  • It has also the multifunctional remote controller
  • Also having the cigarette lighter receptacle power cable
  • Easy to install
  • Supports excellent warranty


  • Stylish touch button design
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Excellent sound production
  • Big responsive screen


  • Because of encoding, MP4 is not supported well but you can easily use MP4V encoding
  • It can support video file to 720×480 but above it cannot be supported at all

Final words

So getting all the points, knowing all of the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this amazing headrest monitor, make a choice and fill your life with joy by using this best headrest monitor.?

In this world of modern technology, thanks to the luxury of Headrest DVD players. Everybody just loves to use the headrest players. They are the source of entertainment for the children and the adults too. Using headrest in cars will make your journey enthusiastic and just amazing.

Portable DVD players for car headrests are great ways for entertainment for the back seat people especially your kids. You can simply connect them to the front seats and your kids will keep enjoying the whole long journey.

eRapta– Best Headrest DVD Player 2019

This best headrest DVD player is on the top of my list for 2019. With unique and user-friendly features, this is the best seller in this category. Amazingly this quality product is budget friendly and suited for the majority of buyers.

?Features of Headrest DVD Player

The unique features of this Headrest DVD player are as follows;

For cars

This headrest is a multipurpose product. You can easily use it in your car and this will not let you bore at all. But if you are driving then you have to focus on driving. If you have kids with you then use this headrest monitor in your car. This will make their trip more happy and harmonious. This headrest DVD is best for your kid?s entertainment and it will make your traveling much better than ever before.

Optical drive

This headrest DVD player comes with the suction type optical drive. It helps in loading the disc automatically when inserted. The best thing is that the DVD will not damage at all by rude manual Insert like the old model.

This saves the disc life and increases it further. This will become much easier for your kids to insert DVD by themselves.

Portable DVD region

It has a portable DVD region free. It is the best way by which you can study and enjoy movies even at home or in the car. It is the best gift choice for children as they will love to use it.

It has more than one sources, not only DVD but also USB. By using this headrest, not only your kids will enjoy but also learn a lot from it. You can let them play some lessons or you can allow them to watch cartoons or Disney movies too.

This will also help your child to learn different behaviors. Kids are fond of tablets, using headrests, so you can gain the benefit of this.

Troubleshoot help

In case of any troubleshooting, this headrest provides full support and help. Like if there are non-read DVDs than you can change the other brand new DVD to test it again, check if you have put the DVD on the wrong side and ensure that the DVD is back facing you.

Or if there is any other problem for USB or SD, you can just contact the manufacturers or the company as they will offer more detailed solutions based on your problem.

It also offers brand new replacement or refund if you have any problem with this product.

Big screen

It is a big screen of 10 inches, anti-glare and bright and gives just an amazing view.

2-way use

The headrest DVD player has a 2-way usage both in the car and as a tablet. So it?s a multipurpose product and you will definitely love using it.

Safety and camera

This product was found in 2010 and it was named eRapta was named after its mission statement that was;

To provide a safety camera to each and every commercial vehicle that will prevent any risk to life and the limb and reputation and assets of protecting the corporation.


It is available in a unique and a decent color called as H2 color by its manufacturers.

Item dimensions

The dimension of this Headrest DVD player is 11 x 1.5 x 7 inches.

Customer service

This amazing headrest is giving the 2 years factory warranty and also the brand new replacement post within 24 hours. The replacement is in the case if there is any defective item when it is received.


You will be glad to know that this headrest DVD is extremely affordable. So you can also take this for your all children. Even you can give it as a gift to your loved ones or others. This is the best headrest choice as for as price is concerned. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications of Headrest DVD Player

  • Product dimensions are 11 x 1.5 x 7 inches.
  • Available in H2 color.
  • Shipping weight of this headrest DVD player is 4.35 pounds.
  • It has a big, super HD sharp screen.
  • Available at a cheap price.
  • It gives 2 years factory warranty.
  • It gives lifetime support and 24 hours of continuous customer service.
  • A complete help in case of any troubleshooting.
  • It has a suction type optical drive.
  • It not only plays from DVD but also from USB.
  • It has a gaming mode too.
  • It is also having a big screen of 10 inches.
  • Movies form USB and SD card can play on it.
  • It has a 2 ways use, both as a tablet and as a DVD player.
  • Can be used in home and the best headrest in your car.


  • Affordable
  • Big screen
  • Bright display
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complete help in troubleshooting
  • Decent color


  • Not slim.
  • Slow working sometimes.

Final words

So finally you get to know that what is this product and for what purpose it is meant to be. Your children will definitely enjoy using it. It is good to gift someone. This is the best headrest DVD player. Your kids will just love to use it and enjoy their journey.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Also, your children would not disturb you while driving if they are so much busy watching on this best headrest DVD player. So I hope that now you all are satisfied by reading all of its high quality and safe use features and ready to buy it for your loved ones.

This won?t take your much money and you will enjoy using it for sure. You will be proud of your good selection.

Final Words about Best Headrest Monitors 2019

I have given details of two best headrest monitors for 2019. I have personally used these two in my cars and they are just love. Just recently, I watched the birthday party video of my son while I was traveling with my family.?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to headrest monitors for a car.

Best of Luck,

Team – Stereo Authority

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