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    This online portal is dedicated to Stereo, Amplifiers, Sub-woofers and Music accessories. You will find detailed product reviews and I have added buyers guide related to all music and stereo products. At the end of every article, I have added a detailed section of frequently asked questions.

    How to Build The Best Car Stereo System!

    I will discuss the brief introduction of a Car Stereo System and information that is necessary for you if you are planning to buy car audio equipment.

    Lets me start by explaining “Car Stereo”.

    What is a car stereo?

    When talking about vehicle’s audio equipment, things get a little too complicated. Especially because so many terms are being simultaneously used and you have no idea what term refers to what audio system? At times, a lot of people would also come across a word, ‘car stereo’ and we are sure some of you are still clueless regarding what it actually means. So, to cut it short for you, we will first identify what is a car stereo and then move towards further steps.

    Basically, car stereo can be referred to the centerpiece of any car’s audio system. This car stereo deserves so many mentions because not only do they look really stylish in the dash, but they are also full of useful features. These car stereos can also be referred to by making use of different terms, such as ‘head units’, ‘receivers’ or ‘radios’.

    This adds up to the fact that car stereo is a term used as a whole for both head units and car audio systems. While it is used to refer to a number of car audio systems, including amp, equalizers, crossovers, speakers, but the main term ‘Head Unit’ is mainly used as a synonym for car stereo systems. The Head Unit can easily be said to be the heart as well as the brain of a car audio system. And it can include a variety of things, mainly CD players, amplifiers, radio systems, and equalizers.

    Best Apple Carplay Stereo Reviews 2019

    With Wireless technology, simply connect the iPhone with the car stereo and you can enjoy all the features of the iPhone with Apple Carplay. Read here about Does my Car Support CarPlay?
    I have added a detailed list of all major car brands that are compatible with CarPlay. Along with this, I have added the Best Apple CarPlay for 2019.

    Best Android Car Stereo Reviews 2019

    If you have the Android mobile phone, then going for a Best Android Car Stereo. With a compatible car stereo, you will be able to attach your Android phone with the car stereo. I recommend using the Android Auto App and that works fine and you can access major Android Apps on the car stereo.

    Car stereo enables a listening experience that we can better enjoy and relax in. Its functions can be pretty complex, but the major ones include three different sections, and these sections are stated as follows for better understanding;

    1. Preamp: This section is mainly known for making all the sound adjustments. It is having controls that range widely from simple tone adjustments and source selection to technical crossovers and time corrections.
    2. Source: This section aids us in identifying what we want to hear. It may include CD or DVD players, a radio, a USB port, FM or AM tune or a standard iPod or smartphone input.
    3. Amplifier: This section does the tricky yet significant part of the process, it boosts into high voltage audio, the signals sent to the speakers, the low voltage signals that are coming from the preamp section.

    So, this was pretty much all the basic and necessary details that one needs to know in order to understand a car stereo system. Because until we don’t know what a product is, how can we then know the specifications needed to identify when buying that very product? We know what you are thinking, ‘Why on the earth do I need a new car stereo system?’. Well, we are ready to answer that! Just keep reading so you don’t miss out.

    Car Stereo Fit Guide.

    This is a detailed guide and will explain in detail, how you can easily fit stereo in your car. I have seen many fellows who just get confused when it comes to fit car stereo. I have explained the entire procedure in a step-by-step method. Just follow the guide and you can easily fit your car stereo.

    Why do you need to buy a new car stereo system for your car?

    While there can be many reasons convincing enough to make you get your car a new car stereo system, some of the reasons are just too real to avoid. For example, anew stereo system will facilitate you with better sound and enhanced playback options, as compared to the old and typical factory stereo system installed in your car. Some other reasons that are valid enough to change and enhance our decision of not buying a new car stereo system are as follows;

    • It enables better sound quality. With a new car stereo system, you get to hear a sound that is not just clearer but is crisper and has a deeper and enhanced bass. This richly detailed sound is enabled through the genuine built-in power and better circuit design than the old and typical factory installed stereo system in your car. You can fine-tune your music by making use of the enhanced tone controls in the preamp section.
    • It helps you find new sources for music and adds functions. It is a very common reason to get a new stereo system installed, that you can expand your system’s music playback along with other capabilities. These capabilities can be termed as;
    • MP3/WMA/AAC playback
    • Support for iPod and iPhone
    • Android support
    • Satellite radio system
    • DVD playback
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • GPS navigation
    • Support for Pandora Internet radio and other app-related sources

    To cut the long story short, to enable the use of smartphone apps in the car is a reason huge enough to get a new car stereo system installed in your car. I recommend selecting a Bluetooth Car Stereo, if you have an old car, then read this guide about adding Bluetooth to Car. Connectivity is a major concern for the majority of buyers. With the Bluetooth technology, now you can easily transfer data to your car stereo.

    Car Head Units (Car Stereo)

    Now, when talking about Car Stereo/ Head Units, and if you may be considering to buy these, it is a major necessity to know the exact type of car stereo that you should have installed in your car. We all know that the market is filled with piles and piles of head units, with new crops being released each year.

    So, does that also make you find yourself in a state of choice paralysis? Don’t worry! We are here for you. We will guide you through the whole process, leaving your mind with all the information it needs to make the right choice. But, for that, you first need to be able to identify the answers to some questions.

    These questions include interrogative statements as follows;

    • What is the head unit that will actually fit my car?
    • What should I focus more on; budget or quality?
    • Identify your overall plans, including your needs and wishes for your car stereo system.
    • How would I like my head unit to be used as?
    • How to Connect Car Stereo Wires?

    We know very well that some of these questions you might find difficult identifying by your own self. So, we bring you enough knowledge about the facts that are important and might prove to be helpful. But we promise, once you get to know your needs and identify them well, you will know how much fun shopping for a new head unit can get!

    Let’s start with the basic thing we need to identify, ‘what stereo will fit my car?’. For this question, you need to know the types of head units that are present in the market.  This will aid in helping you find out what car stereos will actually work in your vehicle.

    Why is my Car Stereo Getting HotEvery electric product will eventually get hot and you should be ready for this. In this article, I have explained in detail the possible causes of car stereos getting hot. Along with that, I have added all the methods to fix this issue.

    Types of Head Units

    The two main types of head units are

    These are approximately one inch tall. If you have a car which already has a single DIN head unit, then you are left with limited choices. You can only replace this type of head unit with another single DIN car stereo.

    There might be a few cases where the factory installed set of the single head unit might be able to fit a double DIN stereo but to get really sure one must always disassemble the already existing car stereo to see if it can really fit a double DIN car stereo.

    These are approximately two inches tall. If your car has a double DIN head unit, then you are inclined to have multiple options. For example, you can replace this unit with an aftermarket double DIN stereo. Or even better, you can install a single din unit using bracket kit.

    If you replace it a single DIN head unit, then you are free and have enough space to attach additional components with your head unit, for instance, a graphic equalizer, or even a storage compartment. 

    Best Bluetooth Car Stereo

    Now buying a Double Din Stereo is not enough, now with the advancement in the technology, you should always go for a Bluetooth Stereo. In this article, I have explained in detail how to select the best Bluetooth Car Stereo along with detailed product reviews. If you have any question regarding Bluetooth Car Stereo, email me and I will respond with details.

    How to Clean Car Touch Screen?
    For a car stereo to perform at optimum levels, you should have a regular cleaning strategy for a touch screen. In this article, I have added a detailed guide for maintaining a decent touch screen. I have seen many fellows who are struggling on cleaning their touchscreen car stereo.

    How to play Youtube Videos in Your Car?
    If you have a double din car stereo, you can play YouTube videos on the car stereo. There are two methods for this:
    for Android phones, you will need Android Auto.
    for iPhone, you will need Apple CarPlay.

    Most car stereos fall under the category of single or double DIN, but there are other forms and sizes too, which are seldom found in cars. You might run into a radio which is 1.5 DIN, and you can replace this unit with a single head unit a direct-fit unit. Read this guide about adjusting double din stereo for the best sound and also about connecting Bluetooth to Car.

    How to Play Music Through USB in Car?

    In this article, I have explained in detail the entire process. I love to play music in my car and using a USB is a good choice. I have a dedicated list of my favorite songs that I have added in my USB. Read the article for details.

    Bluetooth FM Transmitter 2019 Reviews

    If you want to enjoy quality music and free radio stations, then going for the Bluetooth Transmitter for cars is the best choice. Now, the latest models are coming equipped with a video screen along with features like hands-free. In this detailed guide, I have added 5 of the best Bluetooth Transmitters for 2019. I always prefer using this transmitter while driving.

    Best Headrest Monitors

    If you are planning for a long drive, these super cool headrest monitors will keep you entertained all the way. I have added detailed product reviews along with a buying guide. Even before writing this article, I was watching a movie on the Headrest Monitor in my car. Here, I have added a few of the best Headrest DVD players for 2019.

    Single Din vs Double Din

    Read this detailed article about single din vs double din. I have added charts to explain how they differ and what makes one superior to other. I personally like to go for a double din stereo and there are many reaons for it. With a Double Din Stereo, you can have many features that do not come in a Single Din Car Stereo. This is a dedicated guide that will explain in detail all the differences and features of both Din sizes.

    Components of Car Stereo: 

    There are three major components of a car stereo system, these components are not only operated by the head unit, but these are also somehow dependent in terms of proper and adequate functioning on the head unit. These components are as follows;

    How to Install Tweeters to Head Unit

    This is a step by step guide on Installing Tweeters to car Head Unit. with tweeters added to your stereo, you will have an awesome listening experience while you drive with your loved ones.

    Let us talk about the speakers first. Speakers are devices that produce sound and compose your listening experience in your car. You can listen to any music you want with the help of these speakers. Various points are to be considered when finding the perfect speakers i.e. their bass, their impedance, their power handling, for some people also how these speakers look.

    An ideal set of speakers should have powerful magnets installed in them, and these speakers themselves should be easy to install in your cars. Good quality speakers always better deliver top quality sound with powerful bass for better user experience. I have just finished an article on Car Speaker Sizes, that is specifically made for beginners. Car door speakers come in a variety of sizes.

    Car speakers are divided into two categories;

    Component Speakers – there are multiple drivers included in this type of speakers that perform the function to operate within a given range of frequencies. These speakers are placed in different parts of the whole car, hence enabling a fuller sound and better clarity. Read here, if you are looking for a guide on Installing Component Speakers in the Car. This is a step-by-step guide for installing component speakers with ease.

    How to Make Your Car Speakers Louder?

    In this article, I have added 9 best ways to boost your car speakers sound. 

    Full Range (coaxial) – present mostly in factory audio systems, these types of speakers are common and are usually a typically single driver or 2 drivers that mounted together and emanate sound from 1 center point. Their quality is less dignified as compared to component speakers.

    Types of car speakers:

    • 3 1/2 inchCar Speakers
    • 5 inch Car Speakers
    • 5 1/4 inch Car Speakers
    • 6.5 inch Speakers
    • 6 3/4 inch Car Speakers
    • 6×8 inch speakers
    • 5×7 inch Speakers,
    • 6×9 inch Speakers – These Best 6×9 Car Speakers are most famous when talking about audio systems. They are widely used around the globe to update or replace factory audio systems. They are oval shaped, stylish looking, and provide deep bass with the crisp and clear sound that enhances your listening experience while being in your car.

    How to Fix a Blown Car Speaker?

    If you have encountered a blown car speaker, then just follow this step by step guide by our editors. In this article, I have explained in detail about fixing a blown car speaker. You have either replace the ripped cones or even the entire speaker system. Read this article for details.

    Marine Speakers vs Car Speakers 

    Both the marine speakers and the car speakers deliver good sound.  In my opinion, marine speakers are more strong and tough if compared to car speakers. In this article, I have explained in detail all the major differences among both. Read the article for details.

    How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk
    If you planning to install the speaker in a car trunk, just follow all the steps given here. Normally, we do not install speakers in a trunk but inside the cabin. I normally install speakers in the side doors, however, if you are planning to buy large-sized car speakers, then the trunk is a good option.

    How to Test Car Speakers?

    Now, this is an interesting article, I love to test car speakers. This is a detailed guide and in this article, I have explained in detail the entire method with a step-by-step guide. Read the article for details.

    Ultimate Guide on Car Speakers Wire Colors

    I have added dedicated charts for various car models along with their speaker’s configuration. This guide will explain in detail car speakers wire colors and their codes. While installing car speakers, you must ensure proper fixing of all wires and for that, you must have knowledge about wire colors.

    Best Car Subwoofers:

    This special type of speaker is designed to produce frequencies under the range of 30Hz level that results in cleaner and crisper sound. Subwoofers work together with other audio speakers and provide a wide range of sound frequencies. This way, you can not only hear guitar solos just fine, but deep bass licks and drum beats will also allow an amazing listening experience. I have added 5 of the best car subwoofer for 2019.

    Read about if you want more bass out of your subwoofer.

    Read this guide about why you should a subwoofer in your car.  I have explained here, subwoofer size chart along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers.

    How To Break In a Subwoofer?

    In this guide, I have explained in detail why do you need to break in your subwoofer. Our editors have added details about the reasons, precautions, tools required along with a step-by-step guide to breaking in a subwoofer. Read this article for details.

    Subwoofers produce sound by making use of the movement of air. These are designed in such a way that they enable enhanced cone movement required for low bass frequencies. Learn here about properly mounting the subwoofer box in the trunk.

    Car Subwoofers should be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. Here is a detailed guide that explains how to clean a subwoofer

    Subwoofers Can be divided into the following categories according to their sizes

    Different types of box designs for different sub-woofers will, in turn, produce different types of bass:

    Sealed Subwoofer Boxes:

    These air-tight boxes provide you with deep, precise bass. You can enhance performance by adding an amplifier having ample wattage.

    Ported boxes: For forceful and powerful bass

    These boxes work well with re-inforcing of low bass response. They are best used by metal-heads who love rock music.

    Bandpass Subwoofer boxes

    These boxes produce an aggressive and powerful sound that is suitable for music genres such as rap, reggae, and hard rock.

    Free-air subwoofers

    These sub-woofers enable flat frequency response. They are the most convenient ones to install but lack power handling abilities.

    Car Amplifiers:

    An amplifier receives small electrical signals and enhances them. It receives an input signal from its source and transforms it into an enlarged replica of the original smaller signal. The amplifier acquires the power to do this through a 110-volt wall receptacle. Read this Amplifiers Buyers Guide for detailed information. You can always use a multimeter to test a car amplifier.

    Car Amplifiers can be divided into the following categories:

    • Mono Channel Amplifier
    • Dual Channel Amplifier
    • Three Channel Amplifier 
    • Four Channel Amplifier 
    • 5 Channel Amplifier 
    • Six Channel Amplifier

    Types Of Car Amplifiers:

    1. Class A Car Amplifiers :
    2. Class B Car Amplifiers :
    3. Class AB Car Amplifiers :
    4. Class D Car Amplifiers :
    5. Beyond A, B and D :

    Here is the detailed guide for Class ab amplifier vs class d.

    Amplifiers can also be categorized as follows;

    • Weak signal amplifier
    • Power Amplifier

    A weak signal amplifier is most commonly used in wireless receivers. It is engineered in a way that it can only deal with small input signals that measure only a few nanovolts. You can find such amplifiers in acoustic pickups, audio tape players, and compact disc players.

    A power amplifier is most commonly used in wireless transmitters and hifi equipment. They have major power output and massive power efficiency. 

    You may also like: Best 6×9 Speakers 2019, Best Car Amplifiers 2019Car Amplifiers Buyers Guide

    How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo?

    This is a step by step guide that will explain in detail, how to connect your laptop to the car stereo. I love to travel while my laptop connected with a car stereo.

    Home Audio Equipments by

    Today is a good day, at, we have just added another section, related to home audio accessories. I love to listen to music when at home. I have a dedicated soundbar where I play music at full throttle. I will explain all the different gadgets that I have at my place.

    How to Choose a Soundbar?

    This is a detailed buying guide for soundbars. In this article, I have added a step-by-step approach for choosing the best soundbar for 2019. Along with a buying guide, I have added a detailed list of features that are now offered by different manufacturers of the soundbars.

    There are different types of soundbars that are now commonly available in the market. I decided to go with a 5 channel soundbar. If you have any questions, related to a soundbar, just shoot in the comment section and my team will respond.

    Best Surround Sound System 2019 

    Latest home theater system features Dolby Surround Sound. Thanks to the technology, now you can enjoy a wireless surround sound system that is just awesome. I have bought a few of the home theater system before this review, and O, Boy, I am enjoying every bit of it. 

    With full HD resolution of TVs and rich-audio, thanks to these amazing surround sound system for homes. If you have any question related to the surround sound system, just post in the comment section.

    Best Home Stereo System 2019

    I am a big fan of the home stereo system, these are much better than conventional standing speakers. With features like Bluetooth, wireless remote control and NFC, you will be amazed at the quality sound. I have been using these home stereo system for months now and for this review, I bought 4 of the top quality stereos. 

    New brands are now coming with a 3D sound that features 5.1 or even 7.1 surround sound. With this home stereo system, you will have an awesome movie watching experience just like at the cinema.

    Speaker Placement for Surround Sound

    This is a detailed guide for proper positioning for the surround sound speakers. I have added a detailed section for 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 surround speakers. With proper positioning, you will enjoy sound like never before. 

    I have used a few of the top brands before writing this article, O, Boy, this was an awesome journey and once place properly, you will have a cinema-like sound at home. 

    Soundbar Placement Options

    The soundbar can be placed at a variety of different locations. You can mount the soundbar above the Tv, Under the Tv, On the Table and even on the floor. Also, I have added a detailed description of how I attached a soundbar with a 55-inch Tv. Read this article for details. 

    Best Soundbars for 2019 Reviews

    With the latest soundbars, you can enjoy the quality sound with powerful bass. In this article, I have added 8 of the amazing soundbars. With features like Bluetooth, Surround sound along with HMDI connectivity. These best soundbars can be easily placed on the floor or under the Tv. Read this article for details.

    Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2019 Reviews

    Our editors have selected 7 best portable Bluetooth speakers for this review. Also, we have added a detailed buying guide along with much other related content. Read this article for a detailed guide and benefits of Bluetooth Speakers.

    Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers 2019 Reviews

    Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are the ideal choice if you want hassle-free setup. These amazing speakers can be installed within the ceiling and you have never to worry about space again. We have selected top rated Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers for this article, you will be amazed to see their awesome features. These tiny speakers deliver a powerful sound with deep bass.

    What Does a Subwoofer do with a Soundbar?

    Subwoofers deliver powerful and deep bass and when connected with a soundbar, things just get awesome. In this article, I have explained in detail about the features and advantages of Subwoofers Soundbars. Read for details.

    What does a Soundbar do for your TV?

    TV without a Soundbar? Really? Soundbars deliver an awesome super quality sound, latest models are coming equipped with subwoofers that enhance TV sound. If you are planning to watch movies on your TV then a soundbar is the choice.

    How to Turn Car Speakers into Home Speakers?

    This is a step by step guide for converting car speakers into home speakers. Car speakers and subwoofers can bring quality audio into home Tv.

    Best Headphones for Gaming and Music

    Our editors have selected these amazing products for this article. With a high-quality headphone, you can experience a cinema-quality sound at home. Thanks to technology, new headphones are featuring top-notch sound that is not possible even with super speakers.

    How to Set Up Outdoor Speakers?

    In this article, I have explained in detail about setting up outdoor speakers for a party. I love Bluetooth outdoor speakers, latest version delivers quality and powerful sound. Read this article for details.

    How to Hide Speakers in Living Room?

    This is a step-by-step guide that explains in detail procedure for hiding the speakers in the living room. I have explained 3 different methods with detail for this, read the article for details.

    Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers 2019

    If you are a truck driver, you know the importance of a good quality headset. Our editors have selected these Top Rated Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers. Read the article for details.

    Best On-Ear Headphones for Working Out 2019 Reviews

    Whatever you do while at the gym, on-ear headphones keep you pushing harder. I love to work out while listening to my favorite tracks. New headphones are coming with technology that is resistant to sweat and can handle jerks and physical activity. Read the article for details.

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