Outdoor Speaker System Setup

Learn the steps of outdoor speaker system setup with this simple guide. Also, learn how you can select the best outdoor speaker for your place.

With winters over, people will start to spend most of their leisure time outside. Hosting outdoor parties and get-togethers during summers is fun. Having an outdoor speaker system set up to play some music enhances the experience even more. 

While setting up an outdoor speaker system for my house, I realized that you could easily set it up with the proper equipment and some knowledge about the process. I have curated a step-by-step procedure for you to follow for an outdoor speaker system setup.

What You Will Need?

Before starting this outdoor speaker system project, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment handy. For setting up an outdoor speaker system, you would require some essential items.

  • Speakers
  • Mounting equipment and tools
  • Wires and conduit for wire protection
  • An amplifier
  • Volume control device
  • A playback device

Steps To Follow For Outdoor Speaker System Setup

While it may seem complicated, setting up an outdoor speaker system is not that difficult if you know how to follow instructions. 

Step 1 Planning The Setup

The first step is planning the outdoor speaker system setup according to the area or the weather. Planning according to the environment the speaker system will be in is the key to a successful setup. 

For a small patio or deck, a pair of stereo speakers would be enough. Ensure that the speakers are not more than 10 feet apart and 12-13 feet from the sitting area. For a large backyard, you would need to break up that large space into several small areas and set up multiple speaker systems to avoid any dead zone. 

According to your setup area, you would need to consider the number of speakers required, their placements, and the wiring for that. Choosing a poor speaker layout might result in uneven sound or dead zones. 

You would also need to keep in mind the factors like weather or the location of your place. Sound flows easily in hot mediums than cold, so the temperature may also cause hindrance to your outdoor speaker system. 

For places with heavy rainfalls, it would be best to choose waterproof equipment. An unexpected rain might spoil your equipment if it is not waterproof. If you live at an Oceanfront, you need to consider the equipment that will survive the saltwater sprays.

Step 2 Choosing The Speakers

The second step would be choosing the speakers for your outdoor speaker system setup. It is the most crucial step of this process as the audio quality will depend on the speakers you choose. Before buying an outdoor speaker, there are several determining factors that you will need to consider. 

  • The first important factor is your budget. Remember that you need speakers for outdoor speaker system setup and other equipment like amplifiers and wires. You can not spend all your budget on only speakers.
  • The second factor would be the sound quality of the speaker. With the market flooded with speakers, it would be best if you took an expert’s advice on which type of speaker would offer the premium sound quality for your space. 
  • The third and one of the most important factors is the type of speaker. There are various speakers available, which provide better sound quality and help enhance your patio or backyard look. 

The most common type of outdoor speakers used by people is traditional pairs of two stereo speakers. They offer good quality sound and can be mounted anywhere. One of the excellent choices for conventional outdoor speakers is Bose 251 outdoor speakers. 

Bose 251 outdoor speakers
High quality articulated array speakers with water and weather resistant casing

Landscape Speakers

Other than the wall-mounted speakers, there are several different speakers you can place on the ground. These are commonly known as landscape speakers. One of the most popular designs in landscape speakers is satellite speakers. You can mount them on the ground with the stakes. 

Outdoor Rock Speakers

Some other types are mushroom, bollard, or outdoor rock speakers. While rock speaker’s designs camouflage with the surroundings to enhance the look, the bollard and mushroom speakers offer a 360 degree sound field for enhanced sound quality.

Bench Speakers

Another common type of outdoor speakers design is a bench or planter shape speaker. These speakers not only hide in plain sight but also act as a decoration for your backyard or patio. Gardening enthusiasts like me can also plant some flowers in the planters.

Line Array Speakers

For an even sound throughout your space, you can go for line array speakers. These are a combination of similar speakers which offer premium sound even over large distances.

Bluetooth Speakers

In case you don’t want a permanent outdoor speaker system setup, you can always go for Bluetooth speakers. High-quality Bluetooth speakers offer good sound and can last up to five to ten hours, depending upon your chosen model. These are ideal for small get-togethers without costing much. 

One such Bluetooth speaker pair is Tiki tunes, outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Apart from having good sound quality, these Tiki tunes outdoor Bluetooth speakers have a great design.

Tiki tunes outdoor Bluetooth speakers
True stereo surround sound with 30 ft range.

In-Ceiling Speakers

You can also choose the speakers according to the place of installation. While outdoor speakers are weatherproof, it is always better to offer some coverage to the speakers, so the experts recommend outdoor in-ceiling speakers. You can also mount the outdoor patio speakers under the eaves.

Step 3 Mounting The Speakers

After planning the setup and selecting the equipment, the third step is mounting the speakers. Whether you are using traditional outdoor speakers or landscape speakers, mounting them at the correct angle and position is essential. 

For outdoor patio speakers, you would need to drill holes to mount the speakers and for the wires to pass through the walls. While mounting the speakers, make sure that they are no more than ten feet above the ground. Higher placement of speakers will impact the sound quality. For outdoor in-ceiling speakers, I would recommend getting help from a professional for a better finish.

For landscape speakers, apart from satellite speakers, most of them don’t require any mounting. All you need is a place and some wirings. For satellite speakers, first, you will need to fix the stake in the ground. Once the stake is secured firmly in the ground, you can mount the speaker on top. Make sure to buy good quality speakers as the cheap ones come with low-quality stakes, which break after two or three seasons.

Step 4 Wiring

The fourth and most crucial step of this whole outdoor speaker system setup is the wiring. After mounting the speakers, you would need to properly connect them with the power source and each other in case of multiple speakers. 

For outdoor patio speakers, you can pass the speaker wires through the wall so that it remains hidden from sight. You can also use masking tape over the wires if the connections are outside. It would be best to use four-conductor wires for stereo speakers as they have a separate set of cables for right and left speakers. In case of a distance of 80 feet or less, you can use a 16 gauge wire. For speakers placed above 80 feet and up to 200 feet, use a wire of 14 gauge.

In the case of landscape speakers, you would need to keep the wiring underground. You can use either two or four-conductor cables for the connection. You can bury speaker wires underneath the soil, but make sure to use a PVC conduit to cover the wires to keep them protected. It also helps prevent accidents in case of exposed wiring.

Always work with extra wire length than required for any adjustment. Before snipping off extra wires, make sure the sound quality is good, everything else is working fine, and you are happy with your speaker’s location. Properly seal all the holes you made for passing the wires to avoid moisture or any insects getting inside.

Step 5 Other Connections

Connecting your outdoor speaker system set up to your indoor system is always a great choice. While setting up the outdoor speaker system, place a receiver near the door leading outside, and you are good to go. It helps to take the party outside or inside as the weather or mood demands without using a separate media player and amplifiers.

You can control the speaker system with your smartphones. But having a separate volume control device is a good choice for areas near the pool or just for the sake of convenience. 


While the procedure may seem like a lot to you, it is pretty simple to follow once you start. I hope this tutorial helped you build your outdoor speaker system the way you imagined it.

Ensure you have all the equipment mentioned in the list before starting the task to set up the outdoor speaker system. 

I would be happy to hear from you, the experience of setting up your outdoor speaker system following our procedures. Consider letting us know how your experience was in the comment section, and share it with others if you benefit from this tutorial.

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