Best Surround Sound System 2019 Reviews

In this article, I have added 6 of the?Best Surround Sound Systems for 2019. These amazing surround sound speakers deliver a cinema-quality sound that will just amaze you. Our experts researched, studied and tested all these products and here are our top picks for?Best Surround Sound System for homes.

Comparison Chart for the Best Surround Sound System 2019

Surround Sound System Features Surround Sound Price
Monoprice Premium 5.1 Home Theater System Yes $$$
Logitech 5.1 Home Theater System Yes $$$
Yamaha YHT 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System Yes $$$
Enclave Audio 5.1 Wireless Home Audio System Yes $$$
Definitive Technology 5.1 Home Theater System Yes $$$
Onkyo HT Dolby technology with a subwoofer Yes $$$

Monoprice Premium– 5.1 Home Theater System 2019

Monoprice is a great brand of home theatre. It is a dream of any entertainment lover. It provides the complete entertainment experience to anyone who is in love with watching a movie in complete surround sound. There are many home theatres present in the market and they are full of features and sound quality is quite high but you cannot afford these fancy machines. It provides you with the experience of the cinema hall at home. ?It makes you the experience of a movie or game worth watching.

I will like to explain some of its features for you:


It is equipped with a very beautiful finish with silver speakers. It has skin which has the ability to hide the smudges and fingerprint easily. It has a center speakers subwoofers and tweeters. It has a simple design, not very pomp.? It is also very much to the point in its design and looks more like the energy speakers.


Its resistor has been removed thus the frequency is quite very high. It?s all speaks got a very good ability to produce high-frequency sounds at very low voltages and thus they are going to provide a richer, louder, better sound experiences with obviously by all three speakers. Because of these speakers potential each other?s actions in a very unique way.

Sound Quality:

It sounds quality is very high and shows a good high pitched sound response. It has a sound quality which is very well oriented. Its sound quality is very clear and audible. You have an experience of 5.1 surround sound when you connect it with your display device and this experience is very much clear like crystal.

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  • It has two-way speakers. It has a full bass reflex and also the range is full.
  • It has a maximum input voltage of 100 watts.
  • It provides the maximum sensitivity of 88dB.
  • It has volume control and ON/OFF.
  • Its system has full subwoofer controls.
  • Its output feature has a good reflex bass.
  • It has a built-in 200 Watts sub amplifier


Its some reasons for selection are as follow:

  • I possess outstanding sound quality.
  • Its subwoofer has rubber feet which avoid the risk of shock.
  • It has a foot level which avoids from floor vibrations.
  • It has been available in the market with the universal mounting options.
  • Its installation is quite an easy task to perform.
  • It is quite energy efficient device and protects the device from energy dissipation.
  • It is available in a very lightweight with a very small package which has made its transportation quite easy.
  • It?s one of the great features is its availability with 5.1surround sound.
  • The price of this device is available in quite affordable.
  • It’s built is quite attractive in its body.
  • Its build is quite solid which shows its strength.


  • Its subwoofers cannot handle the too loud sounds and start trembling.
  • Its design is very much ordinary in looks.


I guess the Monoprice 10565 is the perfect choice for budget-conscious buyers. It is a beautiful surround sound system having very few compatibility issues and?it creates a full surround sound effect. It makes a living room to a complete home theatre in no time.

It is the device which provides a complete entertainment experience. It is a source of enhancing gaming and movies experience with a design which is simple and at a very cheap rate.

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I hope I have explained my point of view completely and you like it. You can ask whatever you want about these Best Surround Sound System. Your questions are more than welcome.

Logitech Z906?5.1- Best Surround Sound Speakers

It is one of the best surround sound systems having a lot of features and these features make it stand out among the pile of stereo speakers available in the market. It is a source of entertainment for many of the people who want to get the experience of the home theatre in their living room It is a complete surround sound system and has many features which impress the user. It has a system which can upgrade your gaming and viewing experience of movies and games.

I am going to explain some features of this surround sound system:


It consists of five speakers having the upper powered subwoofers and a center speaker. It is also having a console also carry a wireless remote. It is compatible with every kind of device like DVD and Blue-ray also gaming devices. It is a very beautiful sort of machine. It has the ability to make your home theatre aesthetically very beautiful and updated.

Set up:

It has quite a nice setup and it is quite an easy task to enhance its connectivity. It is not much powered enough to get the sound looks quirky and the positioning of the speakers is totally right according to the ears. Its subwoofers do not require much power and ability to work easily on different levels of sound.

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  • Its subwoofer has a power of approximately 165Watts.
  • Its total RMS power is round about 500Watts.
  • Oh yes, It comes with the RAM of 4 GB which is a good memory figure.
  • It has a frequency of 90dB, in fact, greater than 90dB.
  • It is equipped with a ported device of 8 inches as subwoofer driver of deep bass.
  • It is powered with the system with the input for computers and also gaming devices.


  • It has power 1000Watts peak power.
  • It has 5.1 Dolby surround sound system of having a full surround sound effect with a full on deep bass.
  • It has the ability to work with the Headphone jacks and also the other input devices like coaxial cables.
  • Its remote control and console controls are very much powerful and compact.
  • It has compatibility and connectivity to many devices like blue ray, DVD, Play station and other related devices.


It has lots of merits which provide the chance of selection for these devices:

  • Its sound impact is very powerful and effective. With surround sound, you will always a better listening experience.
  • Its built set up is very outstanding.
  • Its console is very nice and technically strong.
  • Every satellite speaker of this system is very much efficient o control the sound of the whole room.
  • Master sound control can control the sound but its console is also equipped with the volume settings.
  • It speakers can also be controlled with a remote. Thus making it more user-friendly and convenient.
  • It also has access to the digital inputs that can convert the signals of sound to HD stereo sound signals.
  • These speakers provide a perfect gaming experience.
  • Wires used for these devices are super long and movement and long distance connectivity is easy.
  • Play music very nicely and has the ability to connect to six different devices at a time.


  • It console has so many LED lights that it can be little confusing.
  • It is not powered with HDMI ports. You have to buy it separately unless provided by the seller.


It is a beautifully designed set of speakers which has the ability to produce high pitched sound with full bass. It has a completely remote controlled system. It is highly sophisticated and rich looking system and can control the sound pitches well. It differentiates the sounds very well and has very loud sound with powerful quality.

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I have tried my level best to explain this device. I hope you like it and you are free to ask anything regarding this machine.

YAMAHA YHT?5.1- Wireless Surround Sound System

Yamaha speakers are wireless blue tooth powered speakers and are truly a blessing for music lovers. Inventions are always impressive but the inventions that increase the status of lives are always close to the heart. These speakers are too good to use.? In fact, they are considering as one of the most helpful things to be used.? Yamaha speakers are also considering as a symbol of quality music.

I will like to explain some features of these speakers.


Yamaha speakers have got the superfine receivers. Its receiver is able to work on with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and wireless connections. Its power usage is very minimal and able to play two channels at a single period of time. It compatible with Apple devices and also able to work well with the Bluetooth enabled devices. It is also equipped with Bluetooth devices. Any digital file is easily playable on these Yamaha speakers. It is also equipped with six HDMI ports and only one HMDI output port. It is also able to connect with the coaxial cable ports.

System Setup:

The system setup is quite easy in Yamaha speakers as they can easily get connected to the internet and its access to the Apple applications is also important to get help. It is also helpful to provide a guideline in connecting a Yamaha device setup. It is quite tough to remove the insulation of the wires.

Surround sound:

It features surround sound 1.5 application and has the ability to combine with the TV and produce a full-time theatre impact on your ears. It is a perfect choice for a music lover and the effect is quite full. It can improve the quality of the music to a great extent and surely enhance the level of entertainment in games, Movies, and other music-oriented tasks. This is definitely among the?Best Surround Sound System for 2019.

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  • It is equipped with 5.1 surround sound channels.
  • It is also powered by the wireless Bluetooth streaming of music.
  • It is composed of 4 HDR video empowerment with the Dolby vision and Hybrid Log gamma.
  • It is composed of 4 K HDMI cables empowerment.
  • It has the ability to produce extra bass.


  • Its level of impedance is 6 Ohms.
  • Its frequency response is 30Hz to 25 KHz.
  • Its subwoofers are six in number and have the power of 100 Watt.
  • It has YPAO powered sound optimization speakers setup.


  • Its maximum power is approximately 700W,? frequency ranging from 20Hz to 20 KHz.
  • Its speaker is magnetically shielded with a proper enclosure.
  • It can easily connect to other devices like mp3 devices.
  • It is equipped with a cinema front which gives a proper impact at very small space.
  • It is very strong in its audio streaming features and that?s its biggest strength.
  • Its price completely justifies its performance.
  • It has the ability to be compatible with Apple devices too.


  • Its subwoofers are relatively small in size.
  • It has a speaker cabinet made up of plastic which is not beautiful aesthetically.


It is a device with a lot of features like HMDI cables and wifi has made it stand out. It is able to connect many devices which, mostly wireless wifi does not e.g. apple. It provides full surround sound system and it surely enhances the activity your TV. This device is a wonderful theatre experience at home. It sound-quality is just awesome at a very low voltage.

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I have tried my level best to explain my point of view. Hope you find it worth reading.Free to ask any question regarding these amazing surround sound speakers.

Enclave Audio?CineHome HD 5.1 -Wireless Audio Home Theater System

It is the?Best Surround Sound System, which provides the complete music system for TV. If you don?t like tiring squeaky TV sounds and also tangling wires are problematic to you then this is a good choice for you. You can go for it as it may create an effect on your ear that you can easily be helping in differentiating between different frequencies. This home theatre creates a beautiful surround sound effect.

I will tell you some of its prominent features as follow:

Design and setup:

This Best Surround Sound System features a design that is simple and easy to use and you can set it up easy. It is for sure not powered by Dolby features but its also free from freaking wires. It is easy to assemble as you do not need to work on a lot of wires with it. It is a perfect device for people who want to keep it simple and to the point. It provides a complete surround sound at very cheap rates and also full fill your desire of HD system which is also a very cool thing.

The performance with music and movies:

It has surround sound 5.1 effect.?It can win the race among the many of its competitors. It has the full HD effect on the room and the efficiency of TV speakers also increases.? With these amazing surround?sound system, you will have an awesome experience. It has an effect on the sound that it has the ability through which we can differentiate among the sounds of different pitches and the impact of sound is quite different for different pitches. Its speakers are enriched with Dolby digital vision and that’s why it is the?Best Surround Sound System for home.

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  • It has vanished the necessity of cables and other methods of connectivity. It is the smart form of a speaker which has ended the need speakers with wires.
  • It has 360 degrees of 24 bit HD system which has the ability to produce perfect surround sound effect.
  • It is the system powered with Dolby DTS system which is supremely and is able to produce an uncompressed sound effect and no issue with lip sync in its sound.
  • It has a power supply of? 100-240V.
  • It has a frequency range of? 50-60Hz.
  • It has three HDMI ports. It has the connectivity with the DVD console, It also connected with the gaming device.


  • It?s a true surround sound system which is free from the problems of wires.
  • Its setup is quite easy and fast.
  • It provides a high resolution wireless audio transmission.
  • It?s a simple device with a very simple setup if the DC socket is closer.
  • Its menu is not so much tough to handle.
  • It has a WISA speaker system which has made it affordable to use.


  • Some controls are very much underrated.
  • Its look is just average.
  • LED has no differentiation whether it is On or Off.


It is a speaker with a very simple system and user-friendly. Its operation is quite easy and even the kids can easily understand it.? It is quite affordable and should be the first choice for people even with a tight budget.

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Its design sometimes looks very ordinary and many people do not get attracted by it. But its all about it s features which are very much attractive and good to be worked on. They provide high definition theatre like effect on TV and not only TV but it also enhances your working experience too on gaming.

Definitive Technology– Pro Cinema Surround Sound System

A beautiful Surround Sound System is a must buy for any person who wants king size things in his or her life. ?It is a spacious speaker set with a clear sound and a technology that everyone likes. Its sound level is quite high and is very much helpful in defining the quality of any system which is important in the selection of a high definition surrounds sound system.

It certain important features are as follow:


Its frequency response is quite different for different speakers as it has a front speaker with left and right speaker is 124Hz? to 18.2 kHz ? 2.9dB. Its center speaker is 120Hz to 16.1KHz with a ?4.0dB. It is also surround sound system 124Hz to 18KHz?2.7dB system availability.


It has provided its user with the sensitivity of 86dB. Its center speaker has the sensitivity of 91dB.


It has an impedance of 3.3/11 Ohm to left right and with?surround sound speakers. Its central speaker has an impedance of 3.2/7 Ohm which is quite good for its efficient working. We all know that the effect of the impedance highly affects the pitch of the sound and helps a lot in producing louder high pitched sounds.


It has low-frequency nodes due to which a high pitched sound is produced with clear and deep bass and due to this way the sound is increased and working is quite easy in it and a true home theatre experience is faced. It is a source of high pitched sounds and the effect of sound is great and louder. The movie and gaming experience is automatically enhanced with this system.

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  • One pure aluminum dome speakers which enhance its quality.
  • One pair of binding posts which has the ability to join 5 ways.
  • It has one high definition 8inches woofer pressure and this high-pressure woofer system combines with the 8 inches low bass radiation system.
  • Its internal amplifier has a good power scale of 300 watts.
  • It is equipped with the signal sensors which can detect the ON /OFF mode automatically.
  • It works on the regular power requirement of 110-120 volts of alternating current
  • Its approximate weight is 26 pounds.
  • It has 5.1 surround sound channel of converting a room into a theatre.


  • It is equipped with a huge sound stage from small cabinets.
  • Its subwoofer is quite very much impact full in their performance.
  • Its style is quite modern and up to date.
  • The speakers are capable of producing a high-grade sound.
  • Its dual sound system creates?wonderfully clear and sharp sound pitches.
  • It is available in black and also white in color.
  • Its subwoofer requires a very low voltage of approximately 250 Watts.
  • It comes with the five years warranty.


  • This system does not possess any sort of wire included in its package.
  • Its frequencies are too much high that it sometimes creates a negative impact.


It is a quite wonderful surround sound system, which is able to generate a maximum sound at a very good clarity and the impact of sound is very high. It has a quality to get a good quality of sound and music which produce a full-on surround sound impact.

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I have been using this for few weeks now at my home and this always amazes me with the quality sound.?

Onkyo HT?5.1.2 Ch. Dolby-?Best Surround Sound System

A good surround sound system is quite an important thing to get as you cannot be satisfied with the visuals which do not possess a clear sound with surround sound effect. It is the best choice for anyone who wants a reasonable sound system to upgrade his or her living room to home theatre.? A good surround sound system is a good choice to promote your entertainment experience and it surely has the ability to do so.

Now Onkyo HT S7800 is a good economical choice for a person who wants to watch programmes in a fuller manner.

Here are some features of this home theatre surround sound system.


It is very much modern looking gadget and gives your home theatre a superior look.?It consists of two speakers which are united to form one speaker as this pair of speaker is enclosed in one casing. These are front speakers enabled with Dolby technology. ?It has subwoofers of a smaller size having the front blue colored LED light. It also comes with the blue fluorescent receiver powered by Onkyo.

Setup and navigation:

This device has removed us out of the pain of a lot of wires.? It is powered with eight HMDI ports which increase its way of working with just HMDI cables. It also comes with a wired arrangement. This wire arrangement is quite enough for the medium sized room and it?s just fine. It provides huge connectivity for the devices. ?Its every speaker has its own colored wire and the port is also well defined. This is the way you can enhance the connectivity of your surround speakers.

It has the ability to connect with other utility devices and this thing is quite fine. It can connect to a cable box, Xbox, Play station with the help of it HMDI ports. It is also powered with Onkyo app online through which you can control its system.

Dolby Atmos & Surround Performance:

It is powered with two? Dolby Atmos speakers which have got the ability to work like ceiling speakers and the surround sound produced by this speaker is super high and you can feel it easily.?In fact, it gives the effect of ceiling speakers and you can get them at a very affordable price.

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The surround performance produced by these speakers is very good It can give the impression of a very expensive machine. Shrill and high pitch sounds are very much clear in these speakers. The most fascinating feature of its speaker is that it can distinguish between the sounds of different ranges easily and the quality of sound is very high.


  • It requires a power of approximately 1190Watts to work on.
  • It has other specifications like dynamic audio amplification.
  • It is also equipped with VLSC front channel control.
  • It is 4K Ultra high definition HDR and color contrast is quite nice.
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth system, empowered with wifi system with Pandora, Spotify, and Airplay available.


  • It is a unique machine which has the ability to get connected to any device it wants to connect.
  • It is equipped with a very sound wifi system.
  • It has Bluetooth which is hi in technology and working is quite great with this Bluetooth technology.


  • The user interface is not quite simple and working on it cannot be performed clearly.
  • The design is very simple and old fashion and it does not impact nicely.


This device is such a great choice as a home theatre as it can work as a surround sound system and also the ceiling speaker. It is full of wonders and the price is very affordable and able to provide you with the ultimate entertainment. I will recommend it to every person who wants to enjoy a surround sound experience at a minimal price.

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I have tried to explain the features completely. I hope that it did the needful. Feel free to ask any questions related to surround sound system.

Best of Luck.


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