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If you are looking to buy Best 6×9 Speakers for your car. Then congratulations you are in the right spot! In this article, I have given detailed product reviews for Best 6×9 Speakers for Money 2021.

6×9 Speakers deliver quality sound with powerful bass. You will have a better driving experience with quality sound when you go with these amazing car speakers.

The market is filled with so-called “best speakers” from a number of brands. At Stereo Authority, we only select quality products, so you will only see best 6×9 speakers that have a good reputation when it comes to Brand name. In addition, we will go over buyer reviews and price comparisons.

Comparison Chart for Best 6×9 Speakers 2021

Here is the comparison chart for the best 6×9 speakers.

6×9 Speakers NameFeaturesPower HandlingPrice
Pioneer TS5-way speakers650 Watts MaxCheck Price
Rockford R169x2Sensitivity: 90 db130 Watts MaxCheck Price
Rockford Fostage Prime R169x3Sensitivity: 90 db260 Watts MaxCheck Price
Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692Sensitivity: 91db300 Watts MaxCheck Price
Kenwood KFC-6995PSSensitivity: 88 db1300 Watts MaxCheck Price
Kicker DS693Sensitivity: 92 db280 Watts MaxCheck Price
Polk Audio DB691Sensitivity: 93 db600 Watts MaxCheck Price
Boss AudioSensitivity: 90DB800 Watts MaxCheck Price
Please see detailed reviews below

Pioneer TS

Thinking to buy new speakers for your car? After a lot of research and taking bits of advice, you have finally decided to buy a brand new pair of Pioneer TS-A6960F? Then, we feel proud to say, you have landed on the right webpage!

We will provide you with all the information you need about these 6×9 5-Way speakers for your car. We will discuss in detail the various feature this product can offer you!

We know how selecting the Best 6×9 Speakers for your car can be such an exhausting job! This is why we are here at your service. To make your journey much easier and successful. Sweat no more!

Here are some General Characteristics of Pioneer TS-A6960F

  • Pioneer’s next generation of TS-A series speakers are designed to improve bass and dynamic range, this is verified as a new cosmetic design and also has higher power handling. These speakers are designed to replace the already existing factory installed speakers of the vehicle, and provide better sound quality at a very affordable rate.
  • The TS-A line includes a new highly rigid Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure that helps in the wider dispersion of sound with deeper bass. It also includes a new tweeter which is designed to produce optimized sound at higher volumes and provide the modified range of mid to high frequencies.
  • These specific TS-A6996R speakers are oval in shape that gives the excellent look when installed properly. Moreover, they also come with a square plate to fit certain vehicles for customer?s ease.?
  • These speakers are sold as a single set of two speakers, it completes your car s sound system and delivers excellent and powerful sound.
  • These speakers come with a pretty nice cover grill. Also, there are holes drilled in the circumference of the speaker, for mounting.
  • These speakers are especially known for their improved and amazing bass handling.

The Pioneer TS-A6960F speaker is designed in such a way that it provides mid and high frequencies projection in a uniform and wide dispersion pattern, which consequently results in a smooth on- and off-axis response.

The hard plastic in the diaphragm balances lightness and a result it acquires high sensitivity, speed, and responsiveness with outstanding sound propagation.?The large magnet installed, greatly enhances and modifies the drivability of the diaphragm and makes sure that sound is reproduced with stunning yet graceful power.

This product includes a multilayer mica matrix cone as it?s woofer composition, where a surface that includes mica appropriately maintains the cone?s internal loss and superior rigidity while on the other side another layer makes impressive use of light, water-resistant material.

It is affordable as the price range is extremely decent and leaves us astonished.

Coming down to the sound, it produces high-quality sound, which is pretty crisp and also involves a much-improved bass without a drastic change in the volume. As much people would say, it has translucent highs, warm and rich mids, and amazing low bass notes.

Best 6×9 Speakers will always amaze you with quality and powerful sound that features deep bass.

This product also includes 4 tweeter-mid speakers for a fuller and improved soundscape.?This product comes with a good warranty of 1 year.

Pioneer TS-A6960F A Series 6" X 9" 450 Watts Max 4-Way Car Speakers Pair with Carbon and Mica Reinforced Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) Cone Construction Bundled with Alphasonik Earbuds
  • Power handling: peak: 450 watts per pair/ RMS: 90 watts per pair
  • Multilayer carbon and mica reinforced IMPP woofer
  • Elastic polymer Surround 11mm, 18mm pet dome tweeters 9mm pet dome Super tweeter
  • Top-mount depth: 2 7/8"/ 4 ohms impedance
  • Frequency response: 34 - 25, 000 Hz/ sensitivity: 89 dB

Power handling is where this speaker series stands out. With a sensitivity rating of 93 dB, it is among the most amazing speakers.

What are the cons of these speakers?

  • At higher volumes, the sound quality may get quite muddied.
  • Unlike the previous model, they are not waterproof as they are not a Marine grade


There are a lot of note-worthy Best 6×9 speakers in the market but these speakers for sure will be included in our list among the best car speakers till date. Not only do these speakers come with mouth-watering specifications, but they also are easy on the wallet. These speakers for sure shine in bass handling, and enhancing our listening experiences. To cut it short, we think these speakers qualify to be a MUST HAVE!

Rockford R169x2

These speakers work well in both the situations; whether you want to build up a new sound system for your car or if you want to replace the old and burnt out factory speakers. These speakers will be there for you always, because of their mind-blowing durability, and also without being hard on your pocket at all!

Let us consider some General Characteristics of this product:

  • Their amazing and new elegant design includes a polypropylene cone which not only enables quality sound but also neat transitions from one note to the other.
  • The speaker surround is completely made of rubber, which helps in the linear movement of the cone that helps in a greater excursion than the majority of other speakers
  • The PRIME series speakers are well known for including a design that promotes a shallow mounting depth and also wide frequency response. This makes these best 6×9 speakers fit easily into any vehicle! Moreover, these speakers can fit perfectly into any car door, as long as the door openings are 6×9??. So you do not have to worry about their proper fitting, once you read the manual.
  • These speakers are sold as a single pair of two speakers. And each speaker unit has strong drums and base because each unit independently includes a polypropylene woofer.
  • It comes with an easy to read, language friendly installation manual in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. That manual includes every detail that is essential for you.
  • These speakers come with a set of Two 15′ wires that have evident spade terminals on them. The end of the wires is tinned and setup to be installed directly to an amp. Or in most cases, they can also be soldered to an already existing wire.?
  • With these speakers, you do not need to have an amplifier, as there is an already integrated tweeter, and crossover already there.

Rockford Fosgate R169X2 comes not only with a propylene woofer cone that provides strong drums and bass, but it also features a woofer mounted together with the tweeter hence enhancing the high-frequency speaker responses. The built-in crossover network also enables the frequencies to be appropriately divided according to each driver that they have been assigned to. This also adds to the durability factor.

An important feature of these speakers is that they provide us with a shallow mounting depth and a much improved and wide frequency response that produces enhanced high-quality sound.?

These speakers feature are designed in a sleek and flat-black way, also with glossy dome tweeters. The silk-dome tweeter and the woofers are mounted together so there is enhanced and stronger frequency response.

The speakers can easily fit anywhere, no matter the location, and also give a focused image due to the modified tweeter design.

These speakers come with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) athermoplastic??grilles, that is not only ideal for industrial and marine applications, but this feature (ABS) of the R169X2 offers you the opportunity to add a stylish design to your vehicle and to customize your car?s cabin for better and improved aesthetic beauty.?Learn here about properly mounting the subwoofer box in the trunk.

Although these speakers are not waterproof, their stainless steel design makes them adjustable to extreme weather conditions included elevated temperatures and high and low-temperature resistance. These speakers are fitted with stamped stainless steel basket that also adds to the hardening properties of speaker design.

These speakers are easy to fit in almost every vehicle. They come with proper installation instructions and protective grills. Mounting hardware is also included. This makes the installation process much more sweat free.

Rockford Fosgate R169X2 Prime 6"x9" 2-Way Full Range Speakers (Pair)
  • Vacuum Polypropylene cone
  • Rubber surround
  • Silk dome flush mounted tweeter
  • Integrated tweeter crossover
  • Grilles and mounting hardware included

What are the cons of this product?

  • These speakers do not serve as great noise reducers.
  • The impedance matching is not reliable.
  • Some modification with brackets might be needed and this could lead to additional cost.
  • The basket might not fit in all the latest car designs
  • If you are looking for audiophile quality, you might be disappointed
  • These speakers are not waterproof
  • These speakers enable low power handling ratings


Generally, Rockford R169X2 speakers are great to listen to and also come with an amazing durable design. These best 6×9 speakers have very few discomforts such as low power handling ratings, which can be quite a turn-off for its users.

But nevertheless, these speakers can get the job done quite well if you are thinking to build a new stereo system that is pleasing to listen to in your car, or even if you want to replace the old burnt out factory installed speakers.

Rockford Fostage Prime R169x3

These are full-range speakers, perfect for the new generation of factory replacement speakers. If you are looking for sound value at a fantastic value, these speakers are your call!?

Why should you buy this product?

These speakers will not disappoint you in terms of quality and performance. With the quality structure, it will always deliver the best sound with the power of deep bass. The cone of these speakers is made of polypropylene which is both rigid and lightweight so the sound quality and the performance of the speakers is not compromised. Moreover, due to this cone design, there will be no sound distractions or lags.

The out-standing rubber surround won’t give into extreme weather conditions and will not disappoint you when it comes to the durability and excellent sound performance.

If you are looking for the perfect lows than these speakers should be your best choice! It has the best tweeters, meaning that the low frequencies will also sound pretty impressive.

These speakers are also having a silk dome pole mounted piezo tweeter, which will enhance your highs perfectly because of the smooth texture of the silk

The balance the tweeters will have with the woofers is worth mentioning when describing the reasons you should buy these speakers.

The tweeters within these speakers, employ the piezo technology. Such tweeters are known for cutting down the cost of overall speakers and it is not hundred percent necessary to have a crossover. Nevertheless, these speakers also have a crossover along with the tweeters, and this just serves as a cherry-on-the-top for your amazing listening experience

One more factor that can grab your attention is the mid-range. These speakers will not have you switching your settings at different songs, because this mid-range helps to work for all music genres pretty well.

The frequency output is more balanced in 3-way speakers as compared to the 2-way speakers that add to the amazing sound quality.

These speakers are amazing, but also cheap. They fall under the price range of being less than a hundred dollars!

  • These speakers come with a proper installation manual that makes the installing these speakers into your car process much easier. Mounting hardware is also included along with grills.

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6” x 9” 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker (Pair)
  • The Prime R169X3 is a pair of 6" x 9” 3-Way Full Range Speakers that are ideal for that factory speaker upgrade you’ve been looking for
  • These 4-Ohm 3-way speakers, with an integrated tweeter crossover, have a power handling of 65 Watts RMS / 130 Watts Max
  • The 6" x 9” speakers have a mounting depth of 2.85" and come with grilles and mounting hardware. Nominal Impedance (Ohms)- 4-Ohm
  • Perfect for replacing factory speakers, they feature polypropylene cones, a silk dome Piezo tweeter and midrange
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller

What are the cons of this product?

  • You have to pay attention to your car audio system dimensions before making the purchase.
  • The power handling is decent but fails to amaze.


These speakers are a must have if your car dimensions match with these tiny things that sound as amazing and satisfying as you can ever imagine! They provide good sound quality and are equally durable and longer lasting.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692

Rockford Fosgate showcases their fanatical commitment to sonic excellence in the Punch Series of speakers, amps, and subs. If you are a music fan and want to listen to amazing audio quality that stands out? Go for these speakers!

Here are some General Characteristics of these speakers:

  • This full-range speaker includes a flex-fit basket that provides improved and satisfying compatibility.
  • These speakers are useful if you have to install them in odd shaped factory speaker location as they can fit in easily as this speaker system utilizes slots instead of single sized screw holes
  • These speakers minimize your installation time because they have an integrated concealed crossover that hides the crossover inside the basket.
  • These Punch speakers allow full range speakers to fit in certain odd openings, by including an OEM Adapter plate system. The adapter plate includes ?break-away? tabs that can be removed to adjust in all speaker sizes.
  • These speakers include VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) which increases a speaker?s effective radiating cone area. It also lessens the complications involved in installing of the speakers. There is an increased cone area as the surrounds are shifted due to the modified design of these speakers which eliminates the large flat glue surface area.
  • Nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities are also modified and improved for customer satisfaction.
  • These speakers are sold as a single set of two speakers.

The compatibility is improved due to the installation of the flex-fit basket.

These speakers are useful if you have to install them in odd shaped factory speaker location as they can fit in easily as this speaker system utilizes slots instead of single sized screw holes.

These speakers minimize your installation time because they have an integrated concealed crossover that hides the crossover inside the basket.

OEM Adapter plate system includes ?break-away? tabs that can be removed to adjust in all speaker sizes. This plate enables these speakers to fit into all types of odd openings.

These speakers include VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) which increases a speaker’s effective radiating cone area. It also lessens the complications involved in installing of the speakers.

Nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities are also modified and improved for customer satisfaction. These speakers are also easy on your pocket as they fall under the price range of being less than a 100 dollars

Mounting hardware is also included along with the grills. The installation manual is available and comes with each pair in different languages to help and enable ease among the customers. There is an increase in the subwoofer’s effective radiating cone area up to 25% due to the advanced VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique)

The ICC; Integrated Concealed Crossover, hides the crossover inside the basket, creating a cleaner looking surface and a much easier installation.?Power handling on Rockford Fosgate speakers conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards.

Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch 6"x9" 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speakers - Black (Pair)
  • The Punch P1692 is an impressive 2-way full-range speaker designed for fanatics who need a high quality factory replacement in an easy to install package
  • The P1692 6”x9” 4-Ohm black speakers come as a pair, have a power handling of 75 Watts RMS/150 Watts Max and include grilles, mounting hardware and OEM adapter plate
  • Featuring a PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover and injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround that provides high output and accurate frequency reproduction
  • FlexFit basket design utilizes slots instead of single screw sized holes that allow for a slight adjustment of the speaker when aligning with OEM mounting holes for a better fit
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller


These speakers are a great pick for people looking to upgrade their stereo systems at a lower price rate while they also provide excellent sound quality.

These speakers give the buyers nothing major to dislike. Some also say that these can prove to be the speakers with the best audio quality within this price range.

Kenwood KFC-6995PS

These speakers will work best in your car system, because of their massive power handling abilities. Despite having a low sensitivity rating, these speakers can do wonders with their loudness which is ear piercing, yet is not reported to be a burden to our ears. So what are we waiting for? Let us find out interesting facts about these speakers that will help you choose rightly, wisely and safely!

Here are some General Characteristics of these speakers:

  • Kenwood’s Performance Series KFC-6995PS 6″x9″ speakers come with a 5-way design that enables clear vocals, smooth lows, and ear-splitting highs
  • The power handling among these speakers is commendable, the credit of which goes to the division of labor among the 5-way design.
  • The modified designing of the 5-way feature enables some serious power handling for a speaker in this price range.
  • These speakers come as a single set of two speakers.

Now, let us consider some of the Basic Features of this product:

Product Weight9 pounds
Item Dimensions11x 12x 5
Battery1 12V batteries are required
Model numberKFC-6995PS
Top mount depth3-1/16
Nominal Impedance4-Ohm
Speaker Size6×9 inches
Sensitivity88 dB
Product Tweeter DesignDome
Product Tweeter Composition1/ 2″ PET balanced dome tweeter


1/ 2″ PET super tweeter

Product Woofer Cone? Composition2/3-4″ Paper cone mid-range
Product Woofer SurroundRubber Surround
Frequency Response60-20,000 Hz
Product’s Power HandlingRMS: 125 Watts each (250 watts is product?s peak power.


Peak: 1300 Watts per pair (650 Watts each)

These were some important technicalities to be kept in mind so that you can easily go through the process of choosing the perfect pair of speakers for your car. No information is ever enough but we will provide you with a wide range of data to help you with your car audio system building processes. So, let us answer the two most important questions while considering to buy a new pair of speakers.

Why should you buy this product?

  • These 6×9 speakers include Kenwood’s new radial rib pattern in a waterproof cone. This increases the durability and strength of your speaker set.?
  • This radial rib pattern also gives you a more responsive and enhanced bass.
  • The rubber surrounds the best you can have around any woofer, installed within a speaker. It ensures durability and can survive extreme weather conditions, giving you the same sound for years!
  • To make your journey with these speakers more perfect. The manufacturers have designed these speakers in such a way that we also get a .5″ ceramic super tweeter. It enables a much more smooth audio quality.
  • It comes with an Acoustic Sound Harmonizer that is proved to give better responses in 3k-4k Hz range
  • The fantastic division of labor in this 5-way design enables the 2-3/4″ paper cone midrange driver, a balanced-dome tweeter, and two smaller super tweeters to work in an appropriate arrangement. This enables punchy bass and improved power handling.
  • They produce clear and crisp audio quality at a given of minimal power. this leads to minimal distortion at higher volumes
  • They can be easily installed in different car systems and can enhance your overall listening experiences.
  • The mounting hardware and grills are included making it easier to install these speakers
  • The price range is decent and affordable; under 100dollars
  • The bass is punchy and improved.

What are the cons of this product?

  • There can be a manufacturing default among some speakers, as they can get fried within the few hours of use. Keep your warranty safe and be alert while picking out your set of these speakers.
  • The overall audio quality might not become up to the expectations associated with a 5-way design.
  • These are not waterproof


These speakers are overall a good choice if you are a fan of higher volumes with no distortions! They can prove to enhance your audio systems and your listening experiences and make them much more pleasing.

Kicker DS693

Kicker company has always been in the limelight for designing, developing and manufacturing speakers since 1970. “Livin’ Loud” has been their slogan ever since. And it will be safe to say that all the speakers manufactured by this company have been able to live up to their slogan. Even their lower-priced products, like the DS693s, they have given full importance and concern.

They have not neglected these products while also have infused their knowledge and experience into these products. This justifies the fact that these speakers can be your best choice if you have a strict budget, but are unwilling to compromise on sound quality and your listening experiences.

Here are some General Characteristics of this product:

These speakers work well with the factory audio system, but they can do much well with a compatible amplifier.?These speakers might be considered to be the budget speakers but there has not been any compromise on their quality or materials that they are made of.

These speakers are sold as a single set of two speakers.

This product speaks for itself. It comes with a polypropylene woofer cone, for mid-range frequencies, and also has tweeters that take care of the higher range frequencies.

These speakers also have a Kicker’s Extended Voice Coil or EVC technology. This promotes a decent bass, and overall sound quality is good too.

These speakers sound amazing without an amp (but they can sound even better with one)

Grills and mounting hardware is included. The installation manual is included in various languages enabling better understanding. Making these speakers easy to fit and install in your car. These are one of the most widely accepted speakers for their price range, around the globe.

It has neodymium magnet installed, which provides with the appropriate amount of drive needed to power each speaker. The stronger the magnet, the better the speakers! And this magnet is one of the strongest and the finest magnets among speaker magnets.

They are durable and have good sound quality, as long as they are rightly broken, they will give you a decent bass and a good overall experience.

2 Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers
  • Size: 6x9"
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Peak Power Handling: 360W
  • Sensitivity: 92
  • Frequency Response: 30-20k hz

What are the cons of this product?

  • You need to follow the directions given by the manufacturers exactly
  • They are slightly bulkier than other speakers
  • The overall experience can be better, but given the price range, they are appropriate


These Best 6×9 speakers by Kicker can be a good choice for people having a tight budget and who want to be able to self-install the speakers. The overall sound quality is amazing, and the composition materials are of high quality and durable.

Polk Audio DB691

Your music listening experience in your car will fairly be great with these speakers. Polk Engineers have designed this model to determine the ideal combination of materials used in these speakers, but also to ensure less distortion. They have been able to achieve these goals fully through the help of their laser imaging.

This technology enables the speakers to produce smooth frequency responses, no strain while listening to music at high volumes, and sharp details. These qualities make these best 6×9 speakers worth buying. These speakers are easy to self-install and come with amazing specs and features to simply blow your mind.

Here are some General characteristics of these speakers:

  • These speakers are known for their exceptional quality and versatility.
  • Upgrade your car’s stereo system with Polk Audio’s revolutionary db691’s. These speakers enable accurate reproduction of music through it’s amazing and one-of-a-kind Cutting edge technology.
  • You can witness quick response and smooth roll-off at any volume because of the accurate balance of materials including the Silk/Polymer Dome tweeter and Mica Cone Woofer.
  • There is not just an improved bass but also a longer-lasting durable speaker in your car if you buy these tiny things.
  • These speakers will satisfy your versatility dreams, and the wish to use your speakers in many applications will finally come true, because of the fact that these speakers are marine certified.
  • These speakers use less power for the same quality output because of their high-efficiency. The durability is like never before.
  • These speakers are sold as a single set of two speakers.

Let us consider some of the Basic features of this product.

Product Weight5 pounds
Item Dimensions8x 14.5x 4.8″
Battery1 12V battery required
Model numberDB691
Top mount depth3-3/16″
Nominal Impedance4-Ohm
Speaker Size6×9 inches
Sensitivity93 dB
Product Tweeter DesignDome
Product Tweeter Composition19mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer


Neodymium Tweeter Magnet

Product Woofer SurroundButyl Rubber
Frequency Response35-22,000 Hz
Product’s Power HandlingRMS: 100 Watts each (200 per pair.


Peak: 600 Watts per pair (300 Watts each)

Since we are done with the technicalities, we should move on to the next step which is just as important.

  • Installation instructions/manuals are present, in various languages for enabling better understanding among the users/ customers.
  • These speakers have an exclusive MOMO design base.
  • Grills are also present.
  • These speakers are marine certified, enabling them to be longer lasting. These are not only recommended for power sports but also for freshwater applications.
  • Superior power handling is enabled by the modified technology of Pole Plate Heat Sink that also promotes better heat dissipation, necessary for good speaker compositions.
  • Flat Spider for faster is present, it also produces longer excursion linear motion

Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair, Silver)
  • Pair of 6x9 inch 3 way component speakers
  • Equipped with a polymer/mica composite cone with rubber surround
  • Maximum input power: 125 Watts RMS, 4 Ohms, 93 dB efficiency
  • Equipped with one 1 inch liquid cooled silk polymer composite dome tweeter and a neodymium magnet
  • Durable butyl rubber surround stands up to the stress of extreme temperatures, sunlight and time

What are the cons of this product?

  • It does not have a wireless remote to operate from anywhere within the car.

Apart from some unnoticeable minor defects, these speakers can live up to anyone?s expectations.


These speakers can prove to be the best choice for your car, and will not disappoint you. Vague difficulties might occur, but they will not disturb your listening experience.

BOSS Audio 6×9 Inch, Full Range

There are several features on which you should select 6×9 inches speakers. I think the sound of the speaker is the main feature on which you should focus and put your energy on but along with sound, there are also many other features on which you should focus.

These features are as follow:

Manufacturing material quality:

It is an important feature that you keep an eye on the quality of materials used for building a speaker. The quality of these speakers is very good and is highly unique. A polymer called Polyurethane. It is very much durable material as it has the ability to bear shock with great ability as its flexibility and has the ability to endure the shock with great resilience.


Power is the most important feature as it is measured in Watts and if the power of your device high then the impact is also very high. If you want a louder sound experience with extra bass then it is necessary that the power of your system should be high.

Each of its speakers has the power of approximately 400watts and as they are available in pairs then both of its speakers have the combined power of approximately 800Watts.


The sensitivity of the speakers is measured in decibels. Most the sensitivity above or greater than 90Db is considered very good. It has the sensitivity of 92Db which is quite awesome thing to notice. This shows that it has very good sensitivity which in turn provides ability to use the lesser power and thus a louder clearer sound will be heard. Thus it has the feature of good louder sound production.


Frequency of these speakers is a great thing to get adheres to as it defines the loudness of sound. If your speakers have high frequency then it must have the ability to produce the louder sound. And low frequency devices produce the low sounds. It is an important to produce the higher louder and clearer sounds with high frequency. It has frequency limit of 45 Hz to 20 KHz. This is great frequency limit and provides an up to the mark sound experience.


  • Its price is budget friendly.
  • It is modern in design and color scheme.
  • It is very flexible and easy to handle.
  • It provides great sound quality which is crystal clear.
  • It provides louder bass without shaking or vibrations.
  • It has no visible screws.
  • You can make speakers upside down without any trouble to the sub woofers and tweeters.


  • Its packaging has lots of problems to handle.
  • The frame of its speakers is of plastic while looks average I think it should be of metal.

Last Note:

It is a great set of speakers. Its sound quality is awesome. It has very up to the mark sound quality with maximum bass. It has strong and durable speakers with flexible body. It has high frequency and the loudness is quite high. It is highly recommended that it has a price of not too much.

BOSS Audio Systems NX694 Car Speakers - 800 Watts Per Pair, 400 Watts Each, 6 x 9 Inch, Full Range, 4 Way, Sold in Pairs
  • Cone - Made from polyurethane, the NX694 6 x 9 inch car speakers provide a resilient and durable material that can offer great sound with the advantage of long lasting speakers
  • Voice Coil - Our voice coils are able to withstand high temperatures yet maintain its strength and fatigue properties. This gives our speakers the advantage of longer play times with lower weights
  • Surround - Rubber has the ability to endure much punishment without any sign of damage. It complements the whole structure of the speaker by allowing constant abuse where it is most needed, without the wear and tear
  • Basket - The stamped basket offers a strong and rigid platform allowing the listener to hear clean and clear music output
  • Tweeter - The dome shape radiates sound with a wider dispersion pattern than the semi-dome design. Since high-frequency sound waves are very directional, a wider dispersion of the sound waves will give you a larger "sweet spot"

It is quite a wonderful device with approximately every quality which a person requires for its feature. I truly love this device.I have tried to explain the device at its maximum if you have any question regarding this you can ask. Your questioning is highly appreciated.?

My Story: how I chose my amazing 6×9 car speakers

I am Hibba, currently a resident of a small city, but having an irresistible urge to move overseas. I have always felt connected to something beyond myself, I remember it all starting from one main thing that changed the way I thought about myself, and the world around me, forever.

This thing, that played a considerably vital role in my life was, music! A wise man has rightly stated, Music can change the world because it can change people. That is exactly what music has done to my whole existence. It surely has helped me change from within. Lord has unimaginable plans to make us reach where we are supposed to be, and He made music my oar to row my boat with.

I will stay eternally grateful to John Lennon, Pink Floyd, and Selena Gomez, for them, through their amazing art of music, have helped me find out what I wanted from life. Like everyone else, I have my own ups and downs in life. Where ups can easily be the days I party whole night, and end up listening to good quality music in my car with my best friend, on way to drop her back home. And downs can be stated as the monotonous days at work with nothing inspiring happening to keep the spark of life alive. And the worst days are when even the music during my car rides back home from my workplace, fails to cheer me up. This happens once in three blue moons though.

Music always tends to cheer me up, especially when driving. I learned driving when I was just 17 years old, and it has been one of my greatest reliefs a refuge in life to listen to healthy music while driving. Along with a sense of independence, it gives me an immense sense of pleasure. Driving has given me wings, and music helps me feel light so I can use those wings and fly high to the destination of my dreams. Read about if you want more bass out of your subwoofer.

So, until now, I have only talked about music and driving. But there is this one thing that makes these both things possible for me to cherish, my car speakers. Without these tiny things, no car ride would be fun. No music would be there to lift my spirits up, and car drives would just be boring, with overthinking happening inside my head, since I would have no tunes in my ears to distract me from these overwhelming thoughts.?Best 6×9 Speakers Buying Guide 2019 will surely help my readers in their purchase.

Although, since I started driving, along with learning how to do it safely without hurting anyone else, I have also always struggled with choosing the best car audio system for myself. The already existing speakers in my car were the worse set of music players ever.

They were either hardly audible or they would be so loud that you could barely listen to anything. Power handling was extremely inappropriate. I had the best car stereo but still sound quality was not up to the mark.

That is when I realized, not every speaker can put life back into your music. So, my search for finding the best speakers around began. I surfed the internet, asked a few friends, took suggestions from my colleagues, and the choices were diverse and left me confused.

However, I kept a few points in mind and that lead me straight to the road of success in deciding my choice of speakers for my car. These points not only helped me choose the best speakers but also gave me further insight into how to enhance these speakers to have the best listening experience.

How to Choose 6×9 Speakers

Finding a similar system that matches your car requirements. It is very important and necessary that you don’t just look for any speakers, but the ones that match with your needs and designs of the car systems you want to install them in. This could include considering 4 things; sensitivity, frequency response, build quality and power handling.

Sensitivity is a measure of the amount of sound a speaker yields from the power applied to it. If you own a low-powered car stereo, speakers with high sensitivity ratings will make a better match. If you have a high-powered car stereo system, speakers with low sensitivity ratings will make the perfect match and be more suitable. When the speakers will be properly powered, hey will give the best sound quality.

Frequency is a measure of how wide ranged frequencies a speaker is able to emit and enable. It is a certified measure of the range and the pitch of lows and highs provided by various sound enhancers like tweeters, woofers, etc.

Build quality: the name makes it pretty evident that this aspect has something to do with the longevity of the speakers being installed. We all know that if the build quality of a speaker will be good, as a result, the speaker will be longer-lasting and durable.

Power handling explains to you how much power a speaker can handle. If you have a low-powered car system, you should not opt for speakers that are able to handle lots of power. On the contrary, if you have a system with powerful external amps, you are expected to opt for speakers whose power=handling is close to the output of the amps. Maximum RMS power handling is the key speck in power-handling. RMS ratings will give you an accurate measure of how much power the speaker can handle on a long-term basis, and not just on a short-term basis. Always adjust stereo settings better sound and music.

Two Main Categories of Car Speakers

Car speakers come in all shapes and sizes. It can be pretty confusing, but for the beginner processes, There are two main categories of car speakers that should be kept in mind while selecting car speakers:

  • Full-range car speakers
  • Component speakers

Full Range Speakers

Full range speakers will prove to be good for you if you are just wanting to replace factory speakers with minimum effort and sweat. This type of speakers come in different sizes that can easily mount into the locations of factory speakers. In some cases, you just have to take out the old ones, connect these new speakers, with a free crutch field wiring harness, mount it, and you are good to go.

These speakers contain woofers for the lows, and there are tweeters installed on the woofers to produce the highs. Full-range speakers can be found at every price point and power range, so that is also a plus.

Component Speakers

They comprise of a superior speaker design to give you desirable and amazing is safe to say that a typical set of these speakers include separate tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers- all of which work in coordination with one another. These speakers can help your music sound more ?live?. Component speaker systems are usually made of better materials, so they provide good quality sound, delivering exceptional dynamics.

Things to consider while selecting speakers?

What happens when we go clothes shopping? We might want to be aware of the brand, the designer, the type of clothes that look good on our figure, but in the end, the most important thing is what material the clothes are made up of.

This identifies how durable, comfortable, and long-lasting our clothes will be. It kind of all comes down to the ?material? at one point in every shopping.?

While selecting speakers you may also want to consider the speaker materials:

  • Speaker materials are crucial in identifying the durability and sound quality of your given speakers. Speaker materials include woofer materials, tweeter materials, and surround materials.
  • Woofer materials; in order to effectively produce high-quality soothing sound, one’s component speaker or woofers of full range might be made of the relatively stiff material which is also lightweight. Polypropylene is often good for this requirement, especially when mixed with other such materials (like mica) it often gets stiffer and hence provides a strong bass. We basically need materials that are lightweight, strong, and provide excellent responses. One other point to be kept in mind should be that these materials also stand well to heat, cold, or moisture.
  • Tweeter Materials: the type of sound being produced is greatly and enormously affected by the tweeters. Unlike woofer materials, tweeters should be made of softer materials to produce fine quality sounds and sounds that are somehow mellow. Textile blends and silk will be much appropriate tweeter material.
  • Surround materials; the surround materials around a woofer are no less important. They enable good basses and a free movement space for woofer cones. Foam and cloth surrounds are cheaper and work fine. Rubber surrounds generally are known to work the best even in different temperature settings. I have explained here, subwoofer size chart along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers.

Other Features of Best 6×9 Speakers

Striving for perfection has no end, so here are some additional features that you should look for in order to improve your listening experience. These additional features can be fairly said to play a vital role in being cherry on the top of our listening experience in the car.

  • Pivoting tweeters help to direct the sound waves directly from the speaker to the ears of the listener. This enhances our listening experience with a more lively and dynamic sound performance. Moreover, last but not least, these can be installed in various appropriate locations.
  • Detachable tweeters are installed either as the coaxial system or a component. With these little babies, you don’t need to buy new tweeters even if you are on a mission to upgrade your car audio system.

External crossovers can appear in some of the full-range systems. They would separate the sound channels to appropriate ranges. Further, they will send those to the corresponding component. Each component is expected to give excellent results.

Features of 6×9 Speakers

The next appropriate step is to explain to you the actual benefits of these 6×9 speakers. These will provide you further insight into what your car might want and what can these little things offer to your car audio systems. Here are a few benefits that I came across while using 6×9 speakers:

  • These speakers go easy on the wallet and are a good choice for people who just want a simple choice of nicely audible speakers.
  • These speakers can be a much easier choice than building a whole system. Since there are so many things to choose from, woofers, sub-woofers, tweeters, amplifiers, capacitors etc. Having a good set of these 6×9 speakers just save you the thinking that requires in building a whole fancy system.
  • These speakers can safely be called ?all-rounders. They are excellent in producing mid-range sounds, which is expected to give you a good base of your choice that is also strong. They are also capable of making a good amount deep bass notes, and they are known well to have the capability to reach into higher frequencies too. This proves that these speakers perform well overall.
  • You can select a 6×9 size speaker in a 2 or 3-way configuration. This point will be better explained by having a keen look at the 3 basic types of 6×9 speakers.

Types of 6×9 Speakers

The three basic types are

  • 6×9 single- these speakers have good mid-range, with relatively decent bass, but these may not perform well with higher frequencies. But nevertheless, it is a great speaker to replace a factory speaker or even good if you combine it with the factory speaker system to ?fill it out?. It is also good if you are looking for a fuller, more premium sound.
  • 6×9 two-way– as the name suggests, these are actually two speakers in one. It consists of a one or two-inch tweeter, ?nested? in front of the space of the larger speaker cone in a 6×9 speaker system. It produces more piercing high-frequency capabilities. It makes your music sound clearer as it does not overburden your 6×9 speakers to produce high notes more than its capabilities. It is a good choice for someone who wants to have a single set of stand-alone speakers that will sound great by itself.
  • 6×9 3-way– This is thought to be the best choice among the three of the types, as it is more versatile in nature. These speakers are 3 in 1. The 6×9 and two differently sized tweeters are built to handle high-mid and ultra-high frequency sounds well. It has strong bass capabilities. These speakers are so clearly audible that they can stay clear through a whole range of rock songs, the reason being that the load is not just bored by one speaker, but three of them.

These three types and awareness about them will help you further categorize the types of speakers you want for your car. These set of speakers are life savers especially when you are a total music lover in your car drives. These speakers help soothe your mind during those busy traffic days at work. I personally have loved the bass and the amazing sound quality of these speakers. This oval-shaped speaker is perhaps the most frequently used audio upgrade, but it has its own cons too that we should keep in minds.

Everything has two sides, but it is up to us which side we prefer over the other. Some of its disadvantages might be as follows;

  • Since these speakers are oval-shaped, and around cone is more rigid than an oval shaped one, so at higher frequencies, an oval-shaped speaker stands a good chance to distort the audio. You will sacrifice in sound quality a bit this way but that will be accommodated by the amazing bass features. Since the area in this speaker is greater it will create more space for the air to move which will, in turn, create a better sounding bass.
  • It is better not to have a sub-woofer installed as the bass is already pretty high and clear so we don’t want to overdo anything here.
  • The size of this speaker only enables us to accommodate its placing in the trunk of the car, that can create problems. It will most likely end up in the rear deck or a separate speaker box. The rear deck might also demand some rewiring and cutting that might not be an ideal situation to tackle. This placement of these speakers in the trunk will cause the voice to be less clear and audible and the very reasons for purchasing these speakers are over-shadowed. Hence, one should always consider the speaker space in their car before installing these speakers.

These are enlisted advantages and disadvantages of these type of speakers while they are the best in use and have high recommendations and ratings, I suggest you all give these speakers a try. Also, it is suggested never to use any subwoofers as they will overweigh the bass area and your sound will not seem good at all to the ears. These speakers have saved me the embarrassment that I used to face among my fellow car riders during rides in my car when I had those old factory installed speakers.

Moreover, these speakers have suited my needs really well and have made me able to relish the pleasures of a nice and calm car ride back home from the pressures of work. I have found the courage to deal with the everyday stressors through music and these speakers have a huge hand in that too since they are the source of my good music. They have so far been able to put life back into my music. I owe my happy moods in my car while driving it, big time to these amazing speakers that have brought me clarity and vision! Wuhoo!

How to Install 6×9 Speakers?

Once you have selected the best 6×9 speakers to be your certified choice for car audio system, it is very important to realize how to install these speakers in your car.

This for sure is a very crucial aspect, so we have enlisted a step-by-step guide to install best 6×9 speakers in rear deck for our readers, so they can go through this crucial step of installing, and are able to start their journeys with 6×9 speakers easily and comfortably.

Tools required?

  • Flathead screwdriver (medium sized)
  • Gasket material
  • Your choice mounting screws
  • The drill bit, depending on the size of your mounting screws (Preferably 1/8″)
  • Cut out the template for your speakers, most brands include this template with the speakers.
  • Drill/cordless drill
  • Sharpie
  • Grinding wheel attachment for said tool
  • 2-3 metal cutting wheels/cookies for your tool
  • Some form of a generic rotatory tool/ Small cutting tool (preferably a Dremel)

Items required?

  • Safety glasses
  • Particle dust mask
  • Ear protection
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • EZ-lock cutting set
  • 3/8″ ratchet w/12″ extension and 12mm socket

These pretty much sums up all the tools and precautionary items we need to have to ensure our safety as well as the careful installation of these speakers. In order to install these speakers, one must be careful not to hurt his own self or the surroundings. Slow and steady will be the key so that the job also gets done and nobody is hurt in the process of it.

Step by step guide to installing these 6×9 car speakers:

  • Start off by setting out everything in an orderly manner and keep the stuff close to you. This will make the whole experience much easier and you don’t have to jump in and out of your seats constantly for finding and taking tools. This orderly placement that is also within your reach will be able to save you a lot of time and energy as well.
  • Step 1: Firstly, you have to pop out the grills of factory speakers. This can be done by pressing your thumbs up and against the edge with the motion that is backward and upwards. Another option can be to pry it up with the flat head but this might be a bad option as it can break the grills so be patient and use a constant force. Strength is as important as being patient enough not to overdo anything. Or it may be damaging to your car stereo system.
  • Step 2: The second step is not as tricky, you just have to unscrew the stock speaker and remove it. You also have to disconnect the connector.
  • Step 3: The third step might need a little more concentration and care as you are expected to place your cut out template to what looks like the center of the hole to you. Trace the edge onto the fabric/insulation with a sharpie. Don’t lose patience, good things come to those who try and are consistent enough!
  • Step 4: This is a very important step to ensure your own safety and as the wise men say, safety first. So basically this step is not to be missed. You have to put your safety glasses on, also a mask (any white mask will do) Trust us, it will not be fun at all coughing metal/fiberglass particles. Stay safe guys! And girls, too obviously.
  • Step 5: So this is the step where we really get down to business. This step includes you cutting out the fabric with your Dremel/cutting tool, you have to make sure its cut by running your cutting tool along the cutout line in the fabric un till it touches metal. You might find cutting the edge closest to you difficult if you are using a bigger cut-out tool. You can use a razor blade with a fresh blade but this might take some considerable amount of time. Be careful with the process.
  • Step 6: Toss the cut-out material after 15-20 minutes and some profanities. This step is pretty easy and to the point. Again, be careful not to hurt yourself.
  • Step 7: Now this is a really crucial step so we might divide into 3 parts; step 7a, step 7b, and step 7c.

Step 7a: Cutout the metal along the edge of the remaining insulation. I suggest using something to the keep tiny, hot pieces of metal from flying everywhere while you’re cutting. Try to cut out as much of the raised stock mounting tabs as possible without deviating too far from your cutout line.

When cutting remember to cut in the direction the blade is spinning, if not you don’t you’ll dramatically shorten the blades life, probably going to have the blade catch, and put yourself at risk of having the blade shatter and cause either damage to your rear window or yourself!

Start at the right side and work your way around to the rear of the hole and then the left side (unless you blade spins counter-clockwise then go in the opposite direction). You will eventually reach this point where the metal closest to you isn’t cut, you have two options.

Continue as you have which means reaching around and contorting your arms/body to get a clean cut OR laying in the trunk and finishing the cut from there. You can go into the trunk as it does not look safe with so little control over the Dremel and this can turn out to be much easier.

Step 7b: you have to create more arm space by removing the sub-woofer (4 12mm nuts)

Step 7c: The third part of this step is to Grab your dremel/cutting tool, your cut-out template, the sharpie and climb into the trunk. Once you find yourself in there (it’s quite roomy ) place your template against the existing cut. This will give you some idea of what you need to trace in order to cut.
Cut away but don’t forget you are under the cut so you will most probably have hot metal flakes falling on you, which will not hurt you if you are wearing safety glasses, your mask, and a long sleeve shirt.
Also, this is going to be time taking so you need to be patient. If you are impatient and keep cutting close to the rear window with a fast moving cutting tool, disasters may befall you.
You’ll eventually have to change blades, and it is suggested that you DO NOT use a worn out blade.

  • Step 8: Once you have the holes cut out, take a general idea of how close your cut was, as you may need to do some trimming. You can take this idea by placing them against your template
  • Step 9: Step 9 might test your expertise, and this includes the fact that even if you are a master of your dremel, you still might find meat hooks, and you have to grind them down to an even and smooth surface. Now, you have to place your new 6x9s on to the cutout. Afterward, mark along the edges and also cut it out where the insulation is still in the way.
  • Step 10: Step 10 is the step where we are getting really close to actually reach our goal of installation. Just a little more time, hard work, and patience will get us right there! Firstly you have to test fit your speaker into the hole. Make sure it’ll fit wrap the part of the speaker’s frame that touches the metal of the car with your gasket material. The goal is to reduce vibration/rattle by having the gasket in-between the speaker and the edges of the cutout hole
  • Step 11: Find a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the threads of your mounting screws (1/8″ is a pretty common size to use for this).
    Position and maneuver the speaker to where you’ll want it to be mounted and using the speaker’s mounting points as a guide drill out one hole at a time and place a screw into it to hold the speaker still as to prevent holes from being drilled in the wrong spots.
  • Step 12: This step will require you to replace the factory grill and tighten your speakers down
  • Step 13: Hook up your speaker via butt connectors. If you don’t want to worry about rewiring when you upgrade your head unit (if you do) use both sets of wires in your connections
  • Step 14: You have to Reinstall your sub-woofer, and then plug it back into the amp. Vacuum up and clean all the mess from cutting the metal/carpet. Cleanliness should never be ignored.
  • Step 15: This is the step we have all been waiting for! Enjoy your new rear speakers and start thinking about upgrading your front speakers/sub-woofer/head unit/tweeters.

Final Words

This was the step by step guide to installing your Best 6×9 Speakers in the rear deck. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your pieces and start your amazing journey to a blissful listening experience, just like I did! And I bet, you will not regret it a bit! You can find various types of best 6×9 speakers to fit in your vehicle and enhance your overall experience with driving, music and stereo system of your car.

We as a team wish you a joyful journey free of complaints, sweating and fretting when finding your ideal car speakers and installing them.

Team – Stereo Authority

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