About Stereo Authority

Stereo Authority is a website dedicated to all things stereo.

Whether it is on home audio, personal audio or for anything that relates to car audio systems (Car Stereo, Car Speakers, Car Amplifiers, Car Subwoofers). We are big fans, stereo nerds and eternal learners.

Our goal is to be more than just an affiliate marketing website just pushing you to the nearest retailer. We have a mission to provide you with the best information. We want you to create the sound experience your music deserves.

In January 2021, we took over StereoAuthority.com from its founder who originally grew the niche website to be a recognized name in the industry. This was especially true in the car audio segment.

The founder of StereoAuthority.com created a place where busy people could use this website as a “cheat sheet” for finding solutions to their audio desires and needs. The website showcases the best of the best.

What to Expect on StereoAuthority.com

  • The website is divided into different categories, and you can simply go to the related category and select the topic of your choice.
  • You can choose between speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, kits and a dedicated category for a buying guides.
  • Many of our articles directly target problems or questions we normally ask before buying audio equipment.

If you have any query or you are facing problems with any audio products, give us an email. The S.A. team will not only help you but we will publish a dedicated article on that question. If you have that question, others do too.

Before writing any product review, our team will personally use that product for days and then discuss it with the related technician. Once it passes the quality check, the product review becomes available to the public.

You can contact us, by visiting the contact page or emailing the account listed below. 

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