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Stereo Authority is a dedicated website on Car Stereo, Car Speakers, Car Amplifiers, Car Subwoofers and anything that relates to car audio system. I have been myself a big fan of good car audio equipment and I was always on the internet looking for related stuff.?

I noticed that the majority of blogs and websites are just spam, giving no quality content. They were either filled me spammy links or pictures and content that was old and not updated.

A few years back, I decided to give this a shot, I started with just one technician that would help me know the details of audio equipment. Today as I am updating this post, Stereo Authority is a recognized name and a Brand in the car audio equipment.

Life is becoming busy with each passing day, I have seen many fellows who are willing to buy best and quality car stereos and speakers but they just have no time for it.? So just come to Stereo Authority and we will help you choose the best.

Here, I have divided this website into different categories, you can simply go to the related category and select the topic of your choice. You can choose between speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, kits and a dedicated category for a buying guide.

I have posted many articles that are directly targetting problems or the questions that we normally ask before buying car?audio equipment. If you have any query or you are facing problems with any audio products, give us an email. My team will not only help you but we will publish a dedicated article on that question. If that question can bother you, why not others.

We do not write sponsored reviews, before writing any product review, our team will personally use that product for days and then discuss it with the related technician. Once it passes the quality check, the product review becomes available to the public.

You can contact us, by visiting the contact page. Feel free to ask me anything related to car speakers etc.

Team – Stereo Authority

This website is owned by Muhammad Farooq Haider.

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