Best Apple Carplay Stereo 2019 Reviews

In this article, I have given detailed product reviews for?Best Apple Carplay Stereo. Now everyone has a car stereo but is it offering all the advanced features such as Apple Carplay?

If you own an iPhone, you definitely want to connect that iPhone to the car stereo. Not every car stereo comes with advanced features like this. In today’s world, it is not easy to find the best product, when the market is filled with so-called brands selling cheap products.?

At, we ensure that we only review quality products that will be helpful for the buyers. This article is dedicated to CarPlay Stereo System.

Comparison Chart for Best Apple Carplay Stereo 2019 Reviews

Apple Carplay Head Unit Features Screen? Price
Alpine ILX-107 wireless connectivity, 3D views, and maps 7.1-inch $$$
Boss Audio Double Din hands-free control, Bluetooth 6.75-inch $$$
Pioneer MVH-1400 NEX hands-free control, Bluetooth 6.2-inch $$$

Here, I will review 3 Best Apple Carplay Stereo for 2019. I have given detailed information on product features along with specifications.?

Here we go:

Alpine ILX-107, 7 inch Mech less with Wireless Apple CarPlay Stereo

Among the best Apple Carplay stereos, is the Alpine ILX-107 Mech less in the dash. It provides a big 7-inch screen that is very smooth, responsive, wide and clear. The best thing is that it is wireless and there is no need for any cable for connection.?

So let us talk about this best Apple Carplay stereo now

Features of the ILX-107 Mesh less in-dash receiver with Wireless Apple CarPlay Stereo System

The excellent features of this amazing car stereo are;

7-inch screen display

It is a wide, 7 inch, VGA display with a capacitive touch screen which is very responsive and smooth and you will definitely love to use it repeatedly.

Wireless feature

There is no need to connect your Apple iPhone with the stereo with the help of any cable or something.? It works with Apple Car play over wireless completely. There is no need to get wires or cables, simply connect the iPhone wirelessly with Apple CarPlay Stereo System and that’s it.

9 band equalizer

This Car stereo uses the 9 bands parametric equalizer (EQ) so that you can also set or equalize the bands like the loudness, bass, sound pitch etc for the best sound as you like the most

Apps compatibility

This remarkable CarPlay Stereo System is compatible with many of the apps but most importantly, its compatibility with the Alpine Tunnel app for iPhone is just excellent. With the help of this app, you can connect your Apple phone with your car stereo. Otherwise for the wireless streaming purposiPhones ones lacks the Bluetooth features so by using this compatible app with the stereo system you can get facilitated.

6 channel time correction

In this CarPlay Stereo System, you can set time or can do the time corrections most actively by the Alpine Tunnel app. It has the basically the 6 channel time corrections. The radio installed in it will definitely allow you to play any channel that you want to play and love the most.

Remote control

In this Apple Carplay stereo, there is a steering wheel remote that is always ready to use as for your convenience and ease. You can easily use this remote control system anytime.


Alpine ILX-107 CarPlay Stereo System can handle the max power of 50 watts x 4 in a much better and effective way and performs best at its peak level.

3 pre-outs

Alpine ILX-107 has pre-outs of 2 volts and that is also a reason for its high performance

Factory controls

This is another feature of this car stereo. It ?can also keep the factory controls with the help of iDtatalink Maestro Module


Alpine ILX-107?CarPlay Stereo System has the excellent mediaXpander in it. This mediaXpander uses digital sound technologies for improvement of audio quality more. Mostly it is used for the improvement and enhancement of sound qualities of the various compressed audio files like MP3 and WMA that are mostly the basic formats of the music audio storages.

SIRI button

This Apple carplay stereo is also having a separate SIRI button, so by just using your voice, you can make anything happen on this stereo. Take help of SIRI especially in the driving scenarios

Camera view

It has the 1 camera (composite) input. The rear camera is ready to provide you a clear and safe rear view so that you can see that what is behind your vehicle and can do the safe parking and ever driving. Connect to the Alpine rear view camera and enjoy the facility, this camera is sold separately

3D views and maps

Whichever the way you go, lets the Apple CarPlay show you the path. The simple and easy Apple maps will guide you with your every turn by helping with the spoken directions. This stereo gives completely interactive 3D views, tell you about the traffic conditions and the estimated traveling time also. These all the things can be done on a single screen of your dashboard. So you can do multitasks on it.

Innovations Honoree

Let me tell you that, it is the first aftermarket Apple car play receiver. This ILX-107 is an award-winning stereo and it offers all the convenience of Apple car play like text messaging alerts on the big screen, turn by turn direction guide by Apple maps, hands-free voice calling etc. So, you can make and receive hands-free voice calls easily and also take SIRI help for this purpose. Everything will be presented in front of you just like a cake piece.

Accessory control ready

This CarPlay Stereo System has also the accessory control ready (KAC-001 is required) in it.


Along with the high-class amazing features, this stereo is lighter in weight also and this lightweight helps to be installed in the cars very easily. Here is its actual weight that is 4.89 pounds only. Especially its dash frame allows it to go in most of the vehicles very smoothly


This Best Apple Carplay stereo is manufactured by using high-quality materials and the latest best technology that is why it is highly durable

Worthy sound

You can play your type of music and listen to the other audios, music, songs list or radio in a worthy audible sound. This best apple Carplay stereo will give you a clear, melodious, non-punchy and non-distorted sound that you will appreciate listening. So you can easily play loud music and songs of your choice. As well as, during calling from it, it will give you the same high-class sound without any distortion and even in the case of any bad weather, you will still able to do and make flawless calls.

Warranty ?????????????????

Alpine ILX-107 gives a good warranty that you can also see on your instruction manual guide.


This Apple Carplay stereo is available at the affordable price.

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Specifications of ILX-107 Mesh less in dash receiver with Wireless Apple CarPlay Stereo System

  • Product dimensions are given as 11 x 9.8 x 10.5 inches
  • Its weight is only 4.89 pounds
  • Item model number is ILX-107
  • It has given 4.0 out of 5 stars by customer reviews info.
  • This Best Apple Carplay Stereo uses the SIRI voice control even
  • The available color of this stereo is black
  • It has a7 inch VGA display with capacitive touchscreen
  • It can do 6-channel time correction set by Alpine TuneIt App
  • It has amazing, ready to use steering wheel remote control
  • It is also having the 3 pre-outs of 2 V
  • Power of 50 watts x 4
  • It has 9 bands parametric equalizer also
  • It definitely works with the Apple Carplay over wireless
  • Its uses MediaXpander
  • It is the most innovative and high tech car stereo
  • It has a rollover image to zoom in


  • Large capacitive touch screen
  • 9 bands EQ is best
  • The wireless feature is just excellent
  • Uses the latest technology
  • SIRI and maps help is awesome
  • Most innovative


  • No separate wireless remote
  • Does not have any CD player

Final words

Most people are coming towards this car stereo because of its amazing wireless feature. As in other Apple Carplay stereos, you have to connect the Apple iPhones with a cable, as they don?t have the Bluetooth feature, although iPhone 8 is coming with Bluetooth their connection is not stable and good.

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With this Best Apple Carplay Stereo, simply connect your iPhone wirelessly with the car stereo and enjoy all the features associated with the iPhone. Thanks to this latest technology, there is no need of wires connecting the phone to the car stereo.?

Boss Audio BVCP9675A?Double Din, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, 6.75-inch Capacitive Touchscreen Stereo

If you prefer to have Apple iPhone or if you have only Apple phone available, besides the Android auto than this facility is just for you. It?s an amazingly high-quality in-dash receiver which integrates both Android auto and Apple Car play that allows you to seamlessly integrate your mobile to access the music, send and receive messages and phone calls too.

It has a lot of features that are going to be discussed here.

Features of Boss Audio BVCP9675A Double Din, Apple car play

The Boss audio car plays are always good because of their best features and double din are better than the single din car play. So here are the features that this car play has got, here we go;

Music ramp up??????

You can ramp up your digital music options with this in-dash car play. ?Boss Audio BVCP9675?is Mech-less (no DVD/CD) advanced and digital multimedia receiver that give you more options to ramp up your music as you want.

Capacitive touch screen

It has got a large 6.75 capacitive touch screen. This screen is fast and responsive too, so within single fast quick you can easily operate this screen and your life will become faster and facilitated. Because bad responsive screen takes too much time to operate and also waste your time too and make you feel completely irritated but the responsive screens like this are very much excellent to use and enjoy

Apple car play??????????

It works best with the apple car play and supports it very well. Sync your Apple iPhone to seamlessly get all the access to all of the features of your phone on this touch screen and safely do the drive while handling this car play without leaving attention from the road.

Built-in EQ

The best thing is that it has built-in EQ in it for the best bass, treble, balance, fader controls and the preset. So an attention-grabbing, worth listening sound is just waiting for you to listen

Hands-free control

This CarPlay Stereo System gives a complete hands-free control by the Bluetooth streaming and control feature. This wireless Bluetooth is enabled for hands-free calling and messaging as well as listening to the speaker when connected to your smartphone. You can listen to the streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify and can control the tracks and also play and pause any audio or music. Also, you can turn the volume up and down easily

Aux input

This Aux input allows you for an immediate connection to audio output or any external device just like the MP3 player or the smartphones. So you can enjoy the music through your own system in front of you as your desire with this amazing?CarPlay Stereo System.

USB port

It can support USB flash drive files up to 32 GB so that you can have the music playbacks on this unit without monitors and other playbacks on units with monitors.? Another facility is that you can also charge the USB connected devices through the built in 1A smart charger

Pre amp outputs

Pre Amp outputs will enable you to expand your system by adding up to 3 amps or the single processors for your rear, front and the subwoofer channels?

Steering wheel controls

The steering wheel has the control buttons and you can easily control this unit by using these steering wheel control buttons existing in your vehicle. This additional interface is required and recommended one is the Metra ASWC

Android Auto

Boss Audio BVCP9675A car stereo also supports Android Auto very smoothly. Actually Android auto integrates your iPhone with the car built-in controls and display

Hi-Resolution Audio

Listen to the top class music using FLAC playback. It is capable for the reproduction of 24 bit or 96 KHz. You just have to load or copy your favorite FLAC files into the USB or SD drive and then you will be able to freely enjoy the High-Resolution audio in your car. It can play other MP3/ WAV/ WMA/ USB/ FLAC 24 bit high-resolution audios.

Power controls

?It has the 800 watts x 4 max of power and it supports this power range very effectively

Frequencies control

This in-dash?CarPlay Stereo System has the RBDS tuner as well as the switchable US and the Europe tuner frequencies, so you can avail this facility by taking this in dash stereo for you.

Rear camera input

When you shift your vehicle to the reverse, this will automatically shift to the rear or reverse camera and display the whole picture on the unit?s screen so that you can do the safe reversing and safe parking too, yet this rear camera is sold separately.

Available color

You whole chassis or body of this in-dash Apple Carplay is black and you can choose the look with the selectable illuminating color also

Hand free calling and texting

When you will connect your phone with this car stereo or connect via Bluetooth then you will be able to do the hands-free calling and text messaging and using the voice commands too. By just using the voice command you will be able to make or receive calls or write and send text messages without even touching the screen and also listen to your favorite music tracks by just setting the playlist on.?Best Apple Carplay Stereo always amazes me with the latest and user-friendly features.

Highly durable

Boss audio company is the most reliable or trustable popular company that claim their products best. This?Best Apple Carplay Stereo is made with the top quality material that makes it highly durable


Best Apple Carplay Stereo comes with a 3 years Platinum Online dealer warranty.


Boss Audio BVCP9675A is available in a reasonable price to each and every single person.

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Specifications of Boss Audio BVCP9675A Double Din, Apple car play

  • Supports both, Apple car play and Android auto very well
  • It allows for Bluetooth streaming and wireless control
  • It also plays / USB / MP3 / WMA / AM/FM Radio and the Digital Media?
  • Product dimensions are 7 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches
  • Item weighs 3.1 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 4.79 pounds
  • It has given 3.8 stars out of 5 by customers
  • Its main inputs are USB, AUX, Rear Camera as well as? Steering Wheel Control
  • It?s all outputs are front, rear and sub preamp
  • Gives a multi-color illuminating options
  • This in-dash Apple Carplay Stereo has the RDBS (Radio Data Broadcasting System)?
  • This in-dash stereo has the Tuner, Balancer / Fader/ Treble/ Bas, and Pre-Set Built-In EQ in it for the production of the best sound and equalized frequencies.
  • Also gives the 3 years Platinum Online dealer warranty.


  • Best wireless managements
  • Compatible with various outputs
  • Excellent warranty time
  • Best bass and frequencies management


  • No CD or DVD player

Final words

If you consider it the best choice for you than buy this cheap and amazing in dash stereo with Apple car play now. I personally suggest that this is the best one for you people and also for the price but the choice is yours. Try it and have the fun.?

Pioneer MVH-1400NEX– Apple CarPlay Head Unit

Pioneer NEX or network entertainment experience is designed as such to let you enjoy an innovative and powerful user interface. And this interface is highly responsive and customizable too. These NEX models are specially designed for a smartphone-driven lifestyle. You will love using this car stereo model.

Features of Pioneer MVH-1400NEX – Apple Carplay Double Din Head Unit

Here I am going to share some of its customizable features with you people. Here we go;

Touch screen display

It is having a clear-resistive, 6.2-inch touch screen with a complete resolution of 800 x 400. You will experience a great response for this touch screen tough.

It has a 24-bit true color panel, complete display, and color customization.

Hands-free calling and audio stream

This is featured for hands-free calling. So you can pick up your important calls while driving. This will let you to do a complete focus on driving while listening to the calls. This is because you can make and pick up the calls by using your voice commands only, even without seeing towards the dash. Beside this, you can also do other voice streaming too.

By using dual phone connections, you can display the whole contact-list on your car play. You can choose which contact you have to talk to.


If you are comfortable with your mother language or any other one, then this stereo is providing you with a multi language display (attention/SP/FR/chi). Use any language display which you found comfortable with.

Wiring and harness

It includes wiring harness, USB extension cable, along with the Bluetooth microphone.

Apple CarPlay compatible

This is surely compatible with Apple CarPlay. The best thing about this car stereo is that along with the compatibility with Apple, it can also be connected with Bluetooth. While usually apple compatibility is limited at Bluetooth technology. But in this carplay head unit, you will enjoy this feature too. Yet it is not wireless till now, but by using cable or USB microphone you can do whatever you want.

With apple car play you can listen to you your favorite music, access to your messages with just a single touch or word.

Back up camera ready

You must be familiar with the backup camera. This will let you do safe parking and driving too. You can use this camera whenever you want. This will ensure your enhanced safety or security.

Apple radio mode

The revolutionary game-changing AppRadio technology is used in this Apple CarPlay. With this App radio mode +, you can experience a complete control over the compatible apps directly on your dash.

You can get connected to iPhone or any compatible Android smartphone via USB interface cable and with Pioneer free AppRadio application. This will let you a facility of using the full screen, control the other apps, contacts, maps, calendar, and many more things. This interface is specially designed for safety in vehicle operation.

SIRI eyes-free control

Everyone loves to get more facilitated. iPhone users can easily get the luxury of eyes-free functionality. When you touch the SIRI help button, she will start listening to you through the NEX unit?s external microphone. SIRI will help you to control a lot of features like calling, playing music, opening contact book, access to messages, open voice messages etc.

This will help you to keep your eyes on the road along with using the dash fully.


By the help of SiriusXM, you can have the full liberty to get access to over 140 channels with great ease. These channels would include commercial-free music, comedy, news, live events, all kinds of entertainments and exclusive tasks etc. This programming can be achieved by the SiriusXM connect vehicle tuner.

iDataLink Maestro

Expand your in-vehicle connectivity levels with this. When your MVH-1400NEX is installed by using this app with this iDataLink Maestro RR, you will be able to enjoy the high performance and features, along with touch-screen controls with audio.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Best sound quality

You can experience using a built-in auto equalizer and time alignment like sound quality features. It is also having the 13 bands graphic equalizer. Along with built-in low and high pass crossovers, it has adjustable points and slopes that will provide you control over to Taylor listening experience according to your listening preferences.

The features don?t stop here. Still, there is another way here to enjoy the high-resolution audio. You can also use FLAC file in your vehicle without converting them. It actually offers a playback at CD quality of files that are encoded with high resolution up to 24 bit.

USB direct control

This gives you a direct connection to your iPod or iPhone for audio and music through a USB interface cable. You can directly and quickly transfer anything via the USB. Like songs, music, audios along with videos.


This in-dash Apple Carplay Double Din Head Unit is user-friendly. You can use it with great ease. By the help of powerful searching tools such as Link Play and Alphabet search, you can find your desired content faster.


It plays the music with added transition and effects and creates a virtual DJ inside the Pioneer receiver. It will keep creating a non-stop music from your music library. It makes the automatic remixing of tracks much easier. You will like using it for sure.

Spotify app

You can use the Spotify app directly on your dash screen. This will let you control some other different contents from iPhone or any Android devices.

Warranty and price

For checking the exact warranty of your product, you can check out the warranty card. While talking about its price, it is quite reasonable.

Specifications of MVH-1400NEX??????????????

  • Dimensions of product: 11.1 x 9.7 x 3.5 inches.
  • Item weight is only 3.5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 3.5 pounds
  • 3 stars out of 5
  • Brightness control: Yes
  • 800 x 400 resolution
  • Clear resistive touch 6.2-inch screen
  • Display customization: 5 backgrounds
  • LED backlit: Yes
  • AppRadio mode + : Y
  • Voice control and SIRI eyes-free control
  • Ready and compatible with multiple apps


  • Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay compatible
  • High-resolution sound
  • Incredibly fantastic apps compatibilities
  • A high graphics, 24-bit true color panel


  • The display is too bright, difficulty viewing in night
  • No other specified cons


I have been using this amazing Apple Carplay Head Unit for a couple of weeks now. The sole purpose was to access every detail before I write this write this review.? Make your everyday journey memorable with Pioneer MVH-1400NEX.

Final Words about?Best Apple Carplay Stereo

I have explained two of the best Apple Carplay Stereo for 2019. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to Apple Carplay Stereo. I will not only answer your question but I will post a detailed article on that topic. You can use the comment section below to cotact me or even email me at:


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