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Best Android Car Stereo 2019 Reviews by Stereo Authority

Best Android Car Stereo 2019

Android Car Stereo brings luxury to the car stereo system. With Best Android Car Stereo, you can enjoy all the features that come with Android software. Now with the latest updates and apps like Android Auto, you can also stream live internet on the go. My personal favorite is watching Youtube videos on my Android Car Stereo.

In this article, I have given detailed information on Best Android Car Stereo, I have selected 4 best products for review here. At Stereo Authority, we always select quality products that come with the affordable price tag. 

Comparison Chart for Best Android Car Stereo 2019

Here is the comparison chart for Best Android Car Stereo for 2019. I have added all the basic features along with price in this chart. 

Here we go,

Android Car Stereo Screen Size (Inches) Features Check Price
Sony XAV-AX100  6.4 Android Auto
Apple Car Play
Pioneer Navigation Receiver 6.2 Android Auto
Apple Car Play
JVC KW-M730BT 6.8 Android Auto
Apple Car Play
Hizpo 6.2 Android 6.2 Android Auto
Apple Car Play

Sony 6.4 inch Car Play with Android Auto– Best Android Car Stereo 2019

This is the best Android Stereo with its best qualities and performance. All of the complete details about it are given here.

Features of Sony XAV-AX100 6.4 inch Car Play

The remarkable features that this amazing stereo has got are explained one by one below;        

6.4-inch screen              

This is a big and clear 6.4 inch (16.3 cm) car dashboard stereo screen that looks super classy and has added life in the car’s visual world. You can play anything you want on this screen. Like anything you play or use in your mobile, the same you can do on your car’s stereo screen and definitely this is something that everybody will love and feel proud to be facilitated by this.

Voice control

It has an excellent voice control with Apple Car play and the Android Auto. This provides a clear, high volume and the best voice without any kind of distortion. So you can easily voice call or video call to anyone and if you are driving in a heavy traffic road you can just voice call to your loved ones or make the business calls etc while driving safely and it will give just an excellent sound anywhere or in any situation without picking up your mobile phone. Even your iPhone will also get connected and give the same marvelous results.

Distract free operation

There is an ergonomic rotary dial that gives us a complete and easy access to the helpful functions while driving in roads. You can easily turn this knob like button for the immediate volume controls or you can also push the integrated buttons to access sound control menus directly to set the proper volume according to your liking or demand. In an alternative to this, you can also hold the button to use the voice control commands.

Powerful amplification

Definitely, you can play a loud music on this Android car stereo. It actually has the powerful 4 x 55 W amplification with the dynamic reality amplifier and audio level adjustments of -8 dB to +18 dB. Such a great amplification makes the music sound clear and dynamic, non- distorted and melodious completely even at a very high volume. As, if you do not use this Android car stereo you are missing the true fun.

Actually, this  Best Android Car Stereo enables you to handle the stereo completely in front of you. Connect with your Android mobile and whatever you have to do on your mobile screen, do it on the stereo screen smoothly and play the music in front of you and most of all, the favorite music or song list on your mobile.

Safe play

It has hundreds to thousands of the benefits. It is easy to use. It enables to a safe play while driving on the roads, what is more, useful than such a wonderful Android car stereo. Play the music or listen to the voice calls while focusing on the driving completely. The best of all, you can also use the navigation system on it for further save driving and ensuring the right pathways for your destinations. Do a safe drive with this safe play, enjoy this luxury and fun.

Responsive touchscreen

This is such a responsive touch screen that you will love to handle. It is not like some of the bad screens like in some mobiles it gets hanged up after a long time usage. It will give a quick response and you just feel like everything is going very fast and amazing. This responsive screen will let you enjoy the high technology world

Rear camera feature

One of its most amazing features is that it has the rear camera installed in it that will help you to park easily. You can use this feature by tapping on the rear camera icon. This will put your vehicle in reverse and instantly there will appear a video feed up on your screen and those customizable guidelines will help you to back in very safely and smoothly.

10 bands equalizer

Among its other excellent features are that it has 10 band equalizer that will help to give a customized sound and enables you to make a customized sound as you like the most so that you can hear the music as the way you want to. Best Android Car Stereo comes with a built in graphic equalizer which can cut and boost up ten different frequencies for an ultimate sound sculpting options.

Three pre outs

So if you are looking to built up your own, in-car sound system than definitely, this feature is just for you people. There three pre outs will give you the countless possibilities and for expanding your sound system set up. So you can also plug in to your desired amplifiers and subwoofers to customize your sound more

Dynamic stage organizer               

Now you can also enjoy an authentic sounding music from the various set ups just by the help of the DSO (Dynamic stage equalizer). If you have connected it to the door speakers installed in your car than the sound will effect definitely. Dynamic stage organizer actually recalibrates its frequency output and making the music sound as such like it is coming from the speakers fitted in your dashboard and you will love this feature. Personally, I love all of its high class features proudly.

Apple Carplay                                                                          

Writing about this feature separately is to ensure you that your Apple iPhone can also be connected to this stereo and give the same best performance like the Androids. You can use all the essential iPhone functions. This is the best Android car stereo with Bluetooth feature enabled in it but iPhone does not have Bluetooth, so you can connect it via the help of a cable and then you will get the familiar interface on the screen that is displayed very clearly and smoothly. You can tap the icons and use them very easily.

With this Best Android Car Stereo, you can do calls, check out the text messages and voicemails as well as bring the maps also. You can easily listen to your favorite songs on Apple music, on iTunes or your other music apps. The coolest thing is that you can also talk to SIRI like you do in your phone and can take help to control all of the features with using just only the voice commands. 

You can send messages, talk to anyone and control the music tracks with the help of SIRI without taking off your eyes from the road for only a single moment even. Read this detailed article on Apple Carplay Stereo.

Android Auto play

This feature will also make your driving much smarter. You each journey will become safer by the help of Android Auto. You can connect your Android phone via cable or through the Bluetooth connections to enable all the icons on the dashboard screen. All the things like voice mailing, text messaging, and calls can be definitely done by making an Android connection.

You can also get lane guidance, traffic information and real time navigation systems by tapping Goggle maps.  Android Auto is excellent for the best in-class voice recognition Technology, so use the facility and control everything by speaking only. Control the music and everything by keeping your hands safely on the steering wheel. I simply love this Best Android Car Stereo for these awesome features.

Price and durability             

It is made by using high-quality materials and real sound features, the hi-fi technology. So, it is highly durable and as for as its price is concerned it is affordable too.

>>>>>Check Price at Amazon<<<<<

Specifications of Sony XAV-AX100 6.4 inch Car Play

  • Item dimensions are 6.36 x 7.01 x 3.94 inches
  • Its style name is ‘’media receiver with Bluetooth’’
  • It is available in black color
  • Item weight is only 2.4 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 4.05 pounds
  • Works best with Android Auto
  • Also best works for the Apple Carplay
  • It’s a 16.3 cm (6.4 inch) highly responsive touch screen
  • It has a rotary dial for the distraction free control
  • Its Dynamic stage organizer will create your virtual speakers on car’s dash
  • It has also Tuner features preset: FM18/AM12
  • 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp with the audio level adjustment from -8 db to +18db


  • Having the best features for sound customization
  • Enabled expanded sound system
  • Rear camera supports easy reversing
  • Powerful amplification
  • Excellent voice command features


  • Big size is a little bit tough to install
  • No cons found

Final words

Finally, I would like to say that all of the things are explained in a much better and comprehensive way. Read it carefully and you will found nothing more best like this. Go and get it and fill your life with luxury and ease. Do the fun.

Pioneer Navigation Receiver with Carplay, Android Auto– Best Android Car Stereo 

One of the best and popular brands Pioneer, also giving you the best Android car stereo and this is the best navigation receiver also and you will surely love user-friendly outlook of this Android Car Stereo. I have added all the important features along with the specifications in this review. It is among the top Best Android Car Stereo for 2019.

So here we go;

Features of Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Navigation Receiver with Android Auto Carplay

6.2 inch touch screen                                         

It is having a great and responsive touch screen of width 6.2 inches. Such a large and gorgeous display deserves to be loved the most and most of all it is of extremely high quality with the latest technology used in it.

Double din

It’s a remarkable Android car stereo and is Double din that means it can also receive CD’s and DVD’s, along with the extra space to put some other things inside it. It’s a 4 inch tall dash openings.

Android auto play

You can connect your Android phone with this compatible car stereo and play whatever you want to play, most of all it works best for the navigation systems. So make your journey more adventurous and safe with this car stereo

Apple Car play

It is compatible to another device that is Apple iPhones. So this Apple car play is the second choice for you people. Connect your Apple iPhone with this stereo and get the desired same results like the Android play and enjoy it.

SIRI control

You can also have a SIRI eyes free control with iPhone 4s and newer. You can say to SIRI whatever you want to do or do not like to manually. Just speak to SIRI and everything will be presented in front of you.

FM tuner

You can also tune to the FM, radio and switch to that channel which you like the most or any of the channels with greater ease.

Maps view

It’s a brand new best Android car stereo and it is best for maps. You can open up the maps of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico along with other 7.9 million of different points of interests. Most of all, the best thing ever in this feature is that you can open up different types of maps even like fresh water map, street map, salt water map, city tour and topographical/ tourist map.

Installation tip

Some of the things that you people may not know and do the wrong, So let me correct you about the installation guidance here. So the Apple car play only works fine if you plug in to the USB port 1, as USB port 2 is just for the charging purposes.

Navigation system

The navigation system is the best feature of this stereo and it is more famous just because of this feature. It has made our journey more safe and easy. Many of the navigation systems of the Android car stereo are confusing because the multiple high ways, multiple exits and a lot more confusing places but in case of the navigation system, of this stereo, it will give you the best results like you have never seen before.

Wireless technology

You can play wireless by connecting the Bluetooth of your Android phones with this car stereo and you can get the exact screen on your dash, just like your mobile’s screen and you can touch and tap the icons easily for the using any of the feature.

Liberty to travel                

This stereo works best for both of the Androids auto and or the Apple Carplay, so never ever think that it might work best for the only one, it actually provides you a full liberty to travel anywhere without wasting a single second of your time by thinking that which phone you should take with you for connecting with the stereo. It’s a multi media MARVEL that does not force you at all for this discomfort, as it is compatible for both Androids and Apple Carplay with complete surety.

Light weight

Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX is completely lighter in weight as it is only 5 pounds and this weight is a normal, ideal weight for any of the best car stereo. So this stereo will be your best and perfect choice that you will praise after using it for sure.


As for as warranty is concerned, this brand new Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX is providing a good warranty and support to its users and for this kind of further details, every user can also check out the warranty card or the instruction manual, as it has all the necessary information like this  of any particular product.


As for as its price is concerned, this Android car stereo is a little bit expensive for some but if you can afford it, then you shouldn’t wait anymore. Go and get it now.

>>>>>Check Price at Amazon<<<<<

Specifications of Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Navigation Receiver with Android Auto Carplay

Its remarkable specifications that this stereo has got are perfect ones and are listed as;

  • Product dimensions are 11 x 6.5 x 10 inches
  • Item weight is 5 pounds only
  • Shipping weight of this Pioneer Android car stereo is 6.35 pounds
  • Item model number is AVIC-8200NEX
  • It has got 3.7 out of 5 stars according to customer reviews
  • Its wireless technology involves Bluetooth connection
  • Total 7 inches of the big screen
  • We can use different types of maps on this stereo like the street map, city tour map, fresh water and salt water map and the best topographical/ tourist maps
  • It is also Apple car play compatible
  • It has a double din 4 inch tall dash openings
  • Its gives a full SIRI eyes free control with iPhone 4S and newer
  • Full Android connection control and even wireless
  • Maps of thousands of different countries like US, Canada and other 7.9 million different points of interest.
  • This is highly durable and also have a high class quality
  • Can be easily installed
  • Supports with a good warranty


  • Best navigation system
  • Supports both Android and Apple Carplay well
  • Large responsive touch screen
  • Bluetooth wireless connection available
  • Different types of maps display
  • High quality


  • No wireless remote available
  • Not any other con

Final words

So finally you got all the info related to this outstanding Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Android car stereo and now there is no need to think about it anymore. So for ensuring a safer journey and being facilitated by the latest technology, make your mind and go buy this stereo and enjoy your life.

JVC 6.8-inch Car Bluetooth Receiver Android Carplay– Best Android Car Stereo Double Din

If you want to know about this amazing Android car stereo then keep reading. No need to go anywhere, you will get all the info from here.

Here you go;

Features of JVC KW-M730BT 6.8 inch in-Dash Car Bluetooth Receiver Android Carplay

Continue reading my dear readers; see all of its features below;

6.8-inch wide display

It’s a wide and classy 6.8-inch screen display which looks very decent and large to handle all the things correctly and enables us to see all the icons or display in a much clear view. This represents a wide variety of icons to facilitate us. The best thing is that it gives a rollover image to zoom in. Zoom the display and get a more clear view as per your demands

In-Dash car receiver

It is an In-Dash car Bluetooth receiver, so without using the cable, directly connect the Bluetooth and enjoy the wireless connection. You can also connect to the dual USB port and enjoy the things you want to play or listen.

FM and AM tuning

It has 20 preset stations with FM and AM of 15ch and 5ch. It has automatic presetting which means that it has a Strong Station Sequential memory. Its FM frequency range is 87.9 – 107.9 MHz and the AM frequency range of 87.9 – 107.9 MHz so that you can easily switch to AM or FM on your personal favorite channel and enjoy the music or songs you like or want to play according to the situations or your mood swings.

Max power output

It has the front and rear max power output of 50W x 4 with the full bandwidth power (front and rear) of 22W x 4 (at less than 1 % THD) with a MOS-FET amplifier having a 13 band graphic equalizer, Preset EQ (8 Preset + 4 user). With such a great power handling and the high amplification, it gives a wonderfully loud, clear and smooth sound that you will find perfect.

Bass boost

One of the best things is that this car stereo is having a boosted up bass. This bass is so much alluring and melodious that I give you a guarantee that you will start loving this stereo for this feature because, without bass, a sound is nothing but a punchy audio.

3-way crossover

It has a 3 ways crossover used in it along with the high and low pass filters for a better sound response and a clear audio without any distortion.

Sound optimization

This stereo has used the High-resolution Audio K2 technology in it that gives an enhanced sound and immediate sound response also. This advanced technology enables the playback of the premium high-resolution audio sources and a vast variety of sound adjustment functions for a fine-tuning and customizing the acoustics as the way you exactly want. K2 technology is basically for the enhanced digital sound quality.

K2 is actually JVC KENWOOD’s original technology that reproduces an original master sound by expanding the frequency range and the bit rate. For example, K2 will expand the digital data of the audio CD recorded at 44.1 kHz/ 16 bit to 48 kHz/ 24 bit and immediately recreate the 20 kHz of the high-frequency range that is cut during the CD formatting.

High resolution audio

It gives high-resolution audio files with their approximately 6.5 times data volume with highest sound quality approaching the original master recording itself and you will definitely experience the presence and ambiance of a tune in a way that a CD cannot even do. Through this high-resolution audio playback, you can definitely enjoy the playback of 96 kHz/ 24 bit which is having 3 times the musical info of music CD’s  (44.1kHz / 16bit) and even 192kHz / 24bit

Highly durable

This car stereo is made up of a high-quality material with enough toughness and perfectness that these all things make this Android car stereo excellently durable.

Time alignment

JVC KW-M730BT Android car stereo has time alignment feature in it with Dual-zone functioning. You can change and set the time zone of any country where ever you go so that you may not find any difficulty in seeing the exact timing of that area and can do your work according to that country’s actual timings.

Inputs and outputs

This Best Android Car Stereo has the audio and video, both of the inputs mini jack and it has RCA video out and second audio output terminals, line output terminals having 3 pairs of (front + rear + subwoofer). JVC KW-M730BT Android car stereo is also having the amazing rear view camera input.

Frequency control and impedance

It has the subwoofer output with level or a good and high-frequency control with a backup memory also and the impedance (pre-output level) of 4.0 Volts / 10k ohms.

Bright view

This Android car stereo screen gives us a bright and a smooth view even during the night timings and looks very decent and fantastic, although produces a little glare but its  easily tolerable

Available color

This Android car stereo is available in the mat black color that looks super decent.


This Android car stereo also supports the good time warranty for its whole structural framework and performance


It is available in a reasonable price to everyone, so there is no issue of your budget at all, you can purchase it any time you want.

>>>>>Check Price at Amazon<<<<<

Specifications of JVC KW-M730BT 6.8 inch in-Dash Car Bluetooth Receiver Android Carplay

  • Item dimensions are 7.2 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Available color is black
  • Item weight is only 3.75 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 5.7 pounds
  • 8 inch In Dash car Bluetooth receiver
  • 20 Pre set stations of FM 15ch and AM 5ch
  • FM Frequency Range is 87.9 – 107.9 MHz
  • AM Frequency Range is 530 – 1,700 kHz
  • Maximum Power (Front & Rear) output is the 50W x 4
  • It uses 3-Way Crossover and High-Resolution Audio K2 Technology
  • It has time alignment and the Dual zone function
  • It has Pre-output Level or the Impedance of 4.0 V / 10k Ohms
  • It has the advanced technologies that enable playback of premium High-Resolution Audio sources
  • High resolution audio playback of 96 kHz or 24 bit audio
  • It can recreate the high frequency sounds ranges at above 20 kHz
  • It uses low pass filters as well as the high pass filters also
  • It has front and rear full band width power of 22W x 4
  • Provides a good warranty, support and durability
  • Presents an affordable price


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Boosted bass
  • Works great
  • Flawless and responsive touch screen
  • Reasonable price


  • Produces glare
  • No cons found

Final words

Finally, I have informed you about all the features and remarkable specs genuinely and all about its pros and cons, so if you consider all of its features best for you, than go for it. Actually, this product is excellent having its own unique specs but the selection choice depends upon you that either you are looking for these kinds of features or not. If yes than why are you getting late, fill your life with luxury now. Good luck.

6.2 inch Android 8.1 Double Din in Dash Radio Car Video Receiver with Bluetooth

So there is another best Android car stereo, about which you should definitely know. So it is an Android 8.1 sized, Double Din, in dash Radio, car video receiver with the wireless Bluetooth technology and the DVD player to 4G speedy Wi-Fi. It has the rear camera attached with this and the best navigation system for your facility, ease and safety.

Features of 6.2 inch Android 8.1 Double Din in Dash Radio Car Video Receiver with Bluetooth- Best Android Car Stereo

Features explanation is given below, continue with me and let’s go

Android 8.1 supporting system

This car stereo has Android 8.1 car operating system with CPU  of QUAD CORE Arm A7 4*1.2 GHz  which also supports the USB and the SD card  up to 64 GB.

Special design

It has the best user friendly control interface with new design UI. Along with the 6.2 inch wide screen, it has separate buttons on it to just press and play and knobs for the up and down of the volume and muting also and other buttons are also there, like map button, USB and Bluetooth connection buttons, etc

Dual zone function                        

It has just amazing Dual zone functioning by which you can watch the videos, play the music or do anything you want to do when navigation. You can do multi tasks on this stereo screen and this feature is pretty much cool.

Big digital screen

It has a 6.2 inch full HD digital capacitive touch screen with the high resolution of 800 x 480. It is a big and clear screen with high responsiveness.

Supports multiple languages

It can also supports multi OS languages like English, Turkish, German, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish etc, This can easily meet your individual needs, set any language which you understand and like the most.

Radio support

It also has the car radio support like FM of 76.0 MHz to 108.0 MHz and AM of 522 KHz to 1620 KHz. Along with this, the special memory function can also record your favorite radio station so that you can listen to your wanted track again and again whenever you want.

Wireless streaming

You can also play music through USB connector or SD card of your mobile phone. It has built in Bluetooth also for other wireless streaming systems.

Android and Apple Airplay support

This car stereo can easily support the Android phone connect and also the support mirror link of iphone airplay in a very well manner 

Built in microphones

It has built in microphones for the hands free calling, so you can easily make and attend your family call or important business calls etc

GPS navigation system

The vehicle GPS unit supports the satellite navigation system well. This GPS navigation has built in GPS receiver. GPS antenna is also included and the offline North American map is also preloaded in it, so immediately after installation, this GPS is ready  to use even if you don’t have the access to the internet. This car stereo is also compatible with the Google maps, Navfree and Online Waze.

Multi functions       

This excellent car stereo is just awesome because it is multifunctional. It is DVD (VCD/ DVD/ MP3/ MPEG4/ CD / CD-RW) compatible. It is also compatible for 4G, USB and micro SD readers, FM and AM, GPS, phone book, Aux input connector jack, steering wheel control as well as the equalizer settings to convenience you from each and every angle.

Wallpapers and photo viewer

This amazing Android car stereo has the 5 live wall papers and 17 standard wallpapers. It also supports the DIY wallpapers from the gallery while in case of image viewing; it supports JPS, BMP, PNG, GIF and many more. You can also format any picture from here. It has the power point support of 4096 x 4096 Pixels

Flash and RAM

It has DDR3 2GB of RAM and a 16 GB flash


It provides an enough warranty and support to its users; seek guidance from this product’s instruction manual also for this type of info.


This outclass Android car stereo is available in a very reasonable amount, infact you will found it a cheap package to buy immediately.

>>>>>Check Price at Amazon<<<<<

Specifications of 6.2 inch Android 8.1 Double Din in Dash Radio Car Video Receiver with Bluetooth

  • Package dimensions are 10 x 9.8 x 7 inches
  • Item weight is only 6.05 pounds
  • It has a DVD memory card slot
  • It has Android 8.1 car operating system
  • It supports the fastest 4G internet
  • It has QUAD CORE ARM A7 4*1.2 GHz
  • This stereo supports USB and SD card up to 64 GB
  • 2 inch full HD Digital Capacitive Touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480
  • Supports multiple OS languages like English, Turkish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish etc
  • It has Car radio support for AM of 522 KHz-1620 KHz and FM of 0 MHz-108.0 MHz
  • Station Memory function has the ability to  record your favorite radio station for you
  • It allows to play music through SD card of the cell phone or USB Connector
  • Enables wireless streaming with built in Bluetooth connection support
  • Supports voice calling through built in microphones
  • Its GPS unit Support Satellite navigation system even without the internet connection
  • It has a user friendly control interface with new design UI which supports Dual zone functioning
  • It has offline North America Map preloaded in it


  • Best navigation system is well supported while doing other tasks on the screen
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Big responsive touch screen
  • Best hands free calling feature
  • Excellent sound production
  • Full of best features
  • Offline maps and navigation support is best
  • Cheap to buy


  • Takes more space for installation
  • No other cons found

Final words

Personally speaking, I love this Android car stereo very much as it is also available in a reasonable price to buy. I had bought this last year ago and I am very happy with it and I would suggest you that if you want a perfect best Android car stereo without spending enough money, than this  Android Car stereo will be the best choice for you people. Buy this and enjoy. 

Final Words about Best Android Car Stereo 2019

That’s it, I have given 4 detailed product reviews for Best Android Car Stereo category. Android Car Stereo is always my first choice for car stereo’s as these not only provide quality features but are durable and user-friendly.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question related to Android Car Stereo. You can use the comment section below to contact me or email me at:


Team – Stereo Authority

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