Best Headphones for Gaming and Music

With these high-quality headphones, you can enjoy the cinema sound quality at home and even on the go. In this article, I have explained in detail about the best headphones for gaming and music. Our editors have selected the top 3 products for this article.

Comparison Chart for Best Headphones for Gaming and Music 2019 Reviews

Here is the comparison chart for Gaming and Music Headphones 2019:

Headphones Features User-friendly Price
Logitech Dolby Surround Sound, powerful bass Yes $$$
BENGOO Surround Sound, powerful bass Yes $$$
ONIKUMA Surround Sound, powerful bass Yes $$$

Logitech?DTS Headphones for Gaming and Music

These are the set of headphones which completely justify their cost and have a lot of features and specifications. It is the speaker which is full of miracles although it is not an?expensive set of speakers. It is perfect for a gaming laptop. These gaming headphones will enhance your laptop with great sound quality and perfect bass.

With these Best Headphones for Gaming and Music, you can get the supreme musical experience and this experience is a source of perfect enjoyment for you. This is the set of the speaker which is so good that you will enjoy the surround sound effect without any problem and effort.

I will explain some of its features as follow:

Great Design:

These headphones consist of a color scheme with a perfect blend of black and blue. On the head side, it has foam padding which is quite comfortable. It has a beautifully adjustable mic which for sure increase the aesthetics. It is made up of very thin plastic and steel. It has a standard headphone and microphone jacks but also comes with the USB adapters.

This has enhanced its connectivity. A physical dial to adjust the volume is also present which help in the complete hands-free connectivity and you do not need to hold your device in your hands.

Comfort level:

It is one of the most comfortable pieces of headsets. They are easy to use as they have the larger ear cups, foam on the head and in fact it has a great comfort level. It is also a great feeling that this device is much suitable for people who wear glasses or having long hair.

Gaming experience:

It is the type of device which has an optimum gaming experience. It provides a loud sound with the pure cinematic effect. It provides a pure gaming experience and the sound quality of this headset is very good. You know that it?s purely gaming headset and it is full of Dolby digital surround sound 7.1? sound quality.


It is the headset which is able to set the treble and bass according to your desire and you can manually redo it. It is a very much important thing to notice that it can work in a very better way the sound quality of these headsets can go beyond the best. It has a very awesome system that works and delivers high-quality sound. You will be amazed by the loud and clear sound from these?Best Headphones for Gaming and Music.


  • Comfortable design and easy to use.
  • It has a microphone which cancels the effect of noise.
  • It has impressive surround sound effects.
  • It has slightly or approximately negligible latency.
  • It is a very light set of a headset.


  • Its G keys are not customizable.
  • It is not available in a variety of colors.
  • It has poor noise isolation.
  • It has sometimes relatively high leakage.


These are one of the best headsets. It is quite reasonable in price. They are full of sound quality and has full on bass effect. Its sound quality is super loud and has full on stereo effect, in fact, the quality of sound is Dolby 7.1 edition. Its software is very much updated and the version of this headset is very stylish in design.

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This headphone features a mic which is quite adjustable and very up to date. It keeps the system very much best and this sound experience is ultimate and you will surely love this. It has the ability to filter a lot of noise. It provides you with a chance to listen to music at the maximum level and without any interruption. You will definitely love these headsets too.

I hope I have explained whatever related to the topic completely. Hope I did the justice to it any question regarding this is more than welcome. You are free to ask anything related to this headphone, just post your question in the comment section.

BENGOO Stereo?Over Ear Headphones

Bengoo G9000 stereo gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets. It is a device which is not very expensive but its action is the same as the expensive one. It is not ripped off due to damage easily and its action is the same as the most expensive one.

These?Best Headphones for Gaming and Music have the ability to provide maximum connection to many gaming devices like play station 4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, computer, mobile phone. These devices are very much great in its action and this headset provides maximum working experience.

Some of the features of these gaming headsets are as follow:


It is the set of a speaker which is consisted of the audio quality which is great and the bass of this headset is too great. Its bass is not very much irritating in fact it can cancel the effect the noise effect and produce the optimum quantity of sound.

It is the quality of this headset that they not only produce the maximum sound but also the clear one. It sound performance is not like Dolby surrounds sound but in spite of this, its sound is too great. It is the device which provides the best deep and heavy sound.


Its mic has a much directional system and it picks up the voice very nicely and the effect of these speakers is maximum. It is very much sensitive and able to pick up the sound waves very nicely. It can take the lowest pitch of the sound easily. If you are in a room and you listen to the voice of the door creaks then you can listen to it on the mic. It is a blessing and nuisance at the same time. So you can say its microphone is the best to show the sound effects.


It is the device which has highly cushioned air cups and these do not put pressure on your skull and also not produce an impact on our head and hair too. It is the device which has the ability to save us from the disaster of getting tired and having pressurized by the headset. It is the toughest thing and also the most comforting thing too.

Surround sound subwoofers:

This headset has a vivid speaker system which has the ability to provide you with the best bass and optimum sound quality. This sound quality is able to produce the maximum sound and also a perfect bass. I mean what is the purpose of headset for you. It just delivers the best quality of sound for you thus it is the best speaker system which gives you comfortable sound quality with optimum effect.

Multiple compatibilities:

It provides you with the best compatibility with the variety of devices available in the market like PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone etc. I mean it has a long list of devices from which you get your optimum musical experience.


  • It provides you with one of the best sound quality.
  • It?s cheap in price and quite affordable.
  • Its volume control is very much in line.
  • Its comfort level is very high.
  • Its bass is deeply clean and powerful.


  • It is made up of plastic which gives it average look.
  • It gets a little bit static if you have to deal with it during the recording of sound.
  • It mic is so sensitive that it can also pick up the sound of surroundings too.
  • The USB jack and the 3.5mm jack is present at the same place and you cannot use it at the same time.


For these speakers, as they are the best speakers as far as your power of purchase is concerned and also it carries the best features which provide you with the maximum sound quality and optimum gaming experience. Its bass is very deep and the sound quality is very loud.

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well I am a bit private sort of person so I don?t like my sound to reach other places so I don?t like its oversensitive microphones but it is a blessing for some people who like its sensitive microphones.

ONIKUMA Pro Stereo?Best Headphones for Gaming and Music

Onikuma headset is the best piece of a headset which has the quality, looks, and design. Its material is up to the mark and quite awesome in its sound quality. It keeps you updated and you have the better sound of things. Well, it comes with the best sound quality and the rate of music and bass is quite high.

You should also aware of the fact that these headsets come with lifetime warranty. It?s a perfect gaming headset. It produces the best quality of loud sound that you can enjoy these headsets maximum. It has the themed look which you can set according to taste and style. You can arrange these headsets anywhere you want as they give you vivid sound quality and extremely deep bass.

I will like to explain the features of these headsets as follow:


These are the set of a headset which is made up of breathable material. The design of this headset is ultra modern. It is the device which is of extreme gaming capabilities and provides you with a great gaming experience. It has bigger ear cups and controls the sound insulation. It has a maximum working experience to work on these articles.

Heavy bass:

It has a heavy bass and provides the best sounding experience to the person who is using it for gaming or music or listening to the sound of games. It will give you the feeling of sound shock as the sound field is too strong and the loudspeaker coil has a thickness of 50mm and the sound is too loud.


Its microphones are omnidirectional with the high performance of 36dB. These microphones ultimate in its sound features and the sensitivity of sound waves is maximum in these headsets. It is the headsets which provide you with the ultimate sound and voice quality.

Comfort level:

These headsets have got the ability to provide you with the maximum sound quality with optimum comfort level these headsets have a stretchable headband which protects you from the extra pressure on your skull. Its ear puffs are also very much soft that you can use them for hours without getting tired. Its headband material is lightweight.


It has the ability to provide you with the great wide compatibility with the devices as you will surely love these headsets for their super cool compatible nature. It has the best attachment on Nintendo, Windows PC, Mac OS PC, iOS device, Android device, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360. It means it can get connected to any device of your desire.


  • It has the ability to form the cupping around the ear which makes these devices the best one to deal with and also provide perfect padding.
  • It has availability of RGB lightning.
  • It has a long cable which makes it hustle free.
  • It provides clear sound quality and it is hustle free.
  • It features a multi-platform.


  • It has not an adaptation to Xbox 1.
  • No clip in line for a volume control system.
  • If the sound is too high then mic looping can occur.


These are one of the best headsets you can ever use and these headsets provide you with the optimum music supply and the ultimate voice transmission is a good feature of these speakers. You can use these speakers for very long durations of time as these are able to provide you a great level of comfort and adaptability.

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Their style is too cool and modern that you can use these devices and provide yourself with the best quality of sound experiences. For me, these are the best one to get along with.

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