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How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo

How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo? by Stereo Authority

You are on the right page if you are also searching for How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo?. We all want more comfort and luxury in their life. Connecting your car stereo to the laptop has many benefits. As this help us to play songs and watch movies. We can play all of our favorite movies on the car stereo that are saved in our laptops.

A good laptop and a good stereo, both make our life amazing. They help us to entertain and make our travels enthusiastic. And a combination or connection of both the laptop and the stereo is the best one. Think about how much your travel life will be better if they are connected together.

How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo?

I bought a new laptop last month ago. I searched a lot about many of the laptops. Finally, I took the Best 13-inch Laptop as I think that it is an ideal size. As an ideal sized laptop can be used in the workplaces, home and also placed in the car easily.

Once we were going on a trip. My mom was driving the car and I was sitting in the car too and was using my laptop. During I was watching a movie on my laptop, I suddenly thought that can I connect my laptop to the car?s stereo. Because I thought that if I do so that not only me but also other sitting in the car can enjoy their journey. ?

So I started searching for this topic on the internet and I was thinking that it might be easy and yes it was easy for me. So read this article completely so that you can also connect your laptop to the car stereo. This is so much easy but many people are thinking that it might be tough or impossible.

After reading this article you will become confident enough that you can also easily do this.

So, let me share the methods of How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo?

Step by Step Guide to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo

I have divided this guide into the following steps.

Here we go:

Method 1

The first method is the easiest and the simplest. You have to connect the AUX cable to your car stereo and the other end of this cable to your laptop. Then you have to select the AUX mode from your cars stereo options and modes.

Click on the AUX mode and you are just done. Now you can easily play your favorite movie on car stereo. You can also play the songs, music or anything you want to entertain you. This will make your long and boring journeys bearable and even interesting.

The longer length of the cable affects the sound quality. If the capacitance per foot of the cable is low then the, then frequency loss will be less.

But if you don?t have the Aux cable or in case your laptop is not connecting by this method than read other methods that will work for you.

Method 2

You can also connect by the OBD II connection port in your car. This port is actually located near the fuse box, under the steering wheel. Plug the OBD II end of the adapter with the OBD II port of your vehicle.

In case if you did not find that port in your car than seek from help from the car?s instruction manual.

Now, you have to insert the USB adapter end to the USB port of the laptop. Fit on that port which is adjustable to it. Don?t try to forcibly insert into the port.

Now insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive of a laptop. After that, follow the prompts of the installation wizard to completely install the driver and then, you are done. Driver and the software installation CD?s are provided with the OBD II to USB adapter cable.

Method 3

You can also connect your laptop with the Bluetooth but it will allow you to do everything with full liberty if the connection is strong and stable.? You can do a lot of things like playing music etc. you can play your favorite songs list too.

All you have to do is to ON the Bluetooth mode of the stereo and the laptop both. After enabling the Bluetooth mode on, you can get a stable Bluetooth connection. It also depends upon the Bluetooth version and the quality laptop and a stereo.

Method 4

Another method is to connect your laptop with the cars stereo by the help of RCA cable. Just make the connections and enjoy.

Give all these methods a careful view.? All of you have different laptops and different qualities of car stereo obviously. So, that?s why I have given you, lots of different methods for your ease.

Benefits of connecting a laptop to the car stereo

Just follow these methods and within no time you will be enjoying your laptop connected with your car?s stereo.

If you have a new car model or the latest upgraded stereo in your car then you can also seek help from the voice guide. Many stereos have a voice guide and also SIRI help button.

There are a lot of benefits of connecting laptop to the car stereo and they are;

  • You can enjoy playing your favorite songs with a video that you have saved in your laptop.
  • You can enjoy music that will make your journey memorable.
  • You can watch movies and other kind of videos on it.
  • You can also watch Netflix that will make your journey enthusiastic.
  • You can talk to anyone face to face like you do on your laptop but it also depend upon stereo quality.

Final words About?How to Connect Laptop to Car Stereo ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Now, you also need to go and do this right now. After reading this article, you should have enough confidence to connect your laptop with the car stereo.

Now, whenever I and my family go outside together, I always connect my laptop to the car stereo. ?I use AUX cable often. Mostly we watch some good content on Netflix and this makes our journey enjoyable.

Feel free to ask me any questions related to the car stereo.

Best of Luck.

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