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In this article, we are looking for the best double din stereo. So, we review five excellent choices. With a Double Din Stereo, you will have better options and more user-friendly features. My personal favorite feature is the rear-view camera display. For me, it is difficult to reverse the car without the rear camera. So, you need both a great stereo and a great back-up cam, and the Double Dins can handle both.

Every day hundreds of new products arrive in the market and it is a hectic task to find the Best Double Din Head Unit for car stereo. There are many so-called best brands that just produce useless Double Din Stereos. At,, we always select quality products with the best price tag, you will find the best quality Double Din Head Unit Reviews.

Double Din Stereo Benefits

  • With Best Double Din Stereo, you still will get to enjoy the benefits of having a video screen.
  • You can use it to watch videos, play different apps, and most important, use the rear-view camera display.
  • Thanks to the latest technology, now we can connect Android phones and Apple phones with a double din stereo.
  • Note: that Double Din Stereos are also referred to as Double Din Head Unit or a Double Din Radio.

New car models normally come with a standard single din stereo. However, you can always select and install the best aftermarket double din stereo. Recently, I have received many emails from my readers, who are finding it hard to select best car stereo to replace their standard single din. As a result, we wrote this article.

Comparison Chart for Best Double Din Stereo 2021

Along with all the features and specifications of Double Din Radio, I have added a check price section. With Best Double Din Car Stereo you can enjoy your favorite tracks on the go. I have added 5 Reviews for this article and you can the basic comparison chart below:

Best Double Din StereoDisplayFeaturesPrice
Pioneer AVH-X490BS7 Inch Touch ScreenEDITORS CHOICE: Input ports for rearview camera, read A/V input with a rear USB port. Upper end on price.Check Price
Jensen CMN866.8 inch Touch ScreenBEST MID PRICED OPTION: Compatible with the satellite SiriusXM radio tunerCheck Price
Pioneer AVH-X390BS6.2 Inch WVGABluetooth, Handsfree, Slightly smaller screen for car fitCheck Price
BOSS-BVB9351RC6.2 Inch Touch ScreenMID RANGED TO VALUE: Car DVD Player with Rearview Camera – Bluetooth Audio and CallingCheck Price
ATOTO A6 Pro7 Inch HD Touch ScreenAndroid Stereo, 2X Bluetooth with aptX – Quick Charge/Ultra Preamplifier, WiFiCheck Price
Eincar Double Din6.2 inch, touch screenLEAST EXPENSIVE: Android, rear-view camera, Valued Priced Check Price

Pioneer AVH-X490BS

Are you ready to get impressed by the Pioneer AVH-X490BS Best Double Din Stereo Receiver? Yes, it is highly unlikely that you wouldn’t be taken by the multi-faceted features of this impressive in-dash receiver. It is on the higher end for quality and price, but still has a great value.

To write down all the amazing features of this receiver would be very time consuming. But, this precise write-up will highlight some of the key features that will certainly help you in your buying decisions.

To start, the sound quality of this Pioneer car stereo receiver is as unique as you are. It’s features like Time Alignment, Graphic Equalizer, and Auto EQ, along with many other features, enable you to tailor your listening experience.

Why the Pioneer Double Din Stereo Receiver Should be Your Choice

First, the touchscreen is outstanding, and you can adjust it easily to an optimum viewing angle. The screen in this unit, is impressive enough, but then Pioneer tops it off with a set of easy-to-use controls and huge app compatibility. I have used this amazing double din stereo for weeks now and it always impresses me with the quality of its features.

The Basic Features

To start, the display of this in-dash receiver possesses a 7-inch touchscreen motorized display. The color customization is great with five different colors. With LED backlight the touchscreen is clear resistive. The resolution of the WVGA display is 800 x 480. The illumination timer, brightness control, dimmer setting, navigation, and the home screen shortcut optimization enhance the effectiveness of this amazing Double Din Stereo.

The Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver with 7-Inch WVGA Display/Sirius XM-Ready comes with a peak power output of 50 watts per each of the 4 channels.

The presence of the built-in Bluetooth makes this Double Din Stereo more desirable that will help do the hands-free calling and other audio streaming, supporting two phones at a time. The Mixtrax video and audio effects increase the already multi-color illumination.

What Makes this Double Din Stereo Distinguished?

The easy connectivity of this best double din head unit with smartphones is a compelling factor why you should go with this receiver. Accommodating a more user-friendly experience, Pioneer has integrated built-in iPhone, iPod, iPad control and other controllers and adapters in the receiver that are required to get an extra viewing result with video contents.

To increase the Android user experience, there has been integrated devices related to music and other playback controls. One such impressive manifestation is the AppRadio which is compatible with the Android application. Also, the AppRadio One is compatible with a few selected iPad and iPhone.

>>>>>Check Price<<<<<

Moreover, this Pioneer best double din stereo receiver has a few more distinguishing features like integration with Spotify and Pandora. (Both of the Spotify and Pandora are compatible with iPhone as well as Android phones.)

Pioneer Audio and Video Components:

The special audio and video features of this DVD/CD car stereo receiver enable you to select a wide range of audio and video contents. You can choose to play music from what is easily available as in the form of CDs, DVDs, and another memory device like flash cards and USBs. The details tab of the receiver will show you all the information about the compatibility of such devices.

Furthermore, there is an option of the FLAC file playback system through USB. The seven EQ curves for preset of the thirteen bands graphic equalizer is another add-on the audio feature. The network mode is three way to convert the outputs for highs, lows, and mids.

Adding advanced sound retriever, and low- and high-pass filters, the Pioneer has magnified the importance of this double din head unit, making it highly desirable for its audio-minded customers.

My kids have made a dedicated playlist whenever we go for dirt bike riding and we listen to our favorite songs on the double din stereo.


The Pioneer Double Din Stereo Receiver works with the SiriusXM SXV300 tuner and Traffic & Weather Now, supports new Tune Mix, and Sports Flash features. The inputs of the device consist of the dual rear USB input, rear A/V inputs, rear USB input, and rear-view camera input. There are four-channel preamp outputs.

I always recommend buying a double din stereo with better connectivity options, and the Pioneer AVH-X490BS is one of the best Double Din Stereo for 2021.

>>>>>Check Price<<<<<

With all of the above-mentioned characteristic features, I want to also mention that the DVD receiver is easily adjustable. Moreover, it has all the audio controls of most factory steering wheels.

On ordering this Pioneer, you will get it with good packaging and some amazing accessories for the double din head unit. You are just one click away to connect your car stereo receiver with multi options as such your iPad, iPod, iPhone, or any other recordable disc full of AAC, MP3, and WMA music.

Jensen CMN86

Supporting a highly impressive LCD screen of 6.8 inches, the Jensen CMN86 Double Din Car Stereo Receiver is an extreme value at a middle price. The stereo’s capability of audio stream as well hands-free calling adds an extra value to your car stereo system.

It goes without saying that Jensen is a highly reliable (yet newer) brand, and they have made one of the best Double Din Radios. Certain features of this double din car stereo make it much desirable for you. In this small write-up, you will get to know some of the many reasons why you should buy a Jensen CMN86 Double Din Car Stereo Receiver.

Even with being on the newer side, within no time, they have gained huge popularity in the double din stereo market.

General Features of Jensen CMN86 Double Din Car Stereo:

The specific attributes of a Jensen CMN86 Double Din Car Stereo Receiver can be sub-categorized into three groups. The group features are the general ones, the smartphone features, and the audio and video attributes. To start with, we are going to uncover some of the basic and general features of the double din car stereo receiver.

General features of Jensen Double Din Car Stereo 2021:

In the following bullets, you are going to explore some basic features of the stereo receiver.

  • This specific stereo receiver comes with AM/FM tuner and 6.8″ touchscreen display panel that makes highly desirable for the car drivers.
  • This model does not come with a CD/DVD option, if you want a Jensen with a CD/DVD option, try this model (JENSEN CDR462).
  • This amazing car stereo fits in four inches tall double-DIN dash openings.
  • The general attribute is the amplifier option. Although about receiver is accompanied with its respective amplifier, the Jensen Double Din Car Stereo Receiver has an immaculate output power of thirteen watts within the all the four channels.
  • Audio streaming has become much easier due to the special Bluetooth. This built-in Bluetooth option will be a great help for activities like the hands-free calling.
  • One of worth-mentioning general features of Jensen CMN86 Double Din Car Stereo Receiver is the steering wheel control system that offers an effective user experience.

The Smartphone feature of Jensen CMN86

Besides the attributes like effective navigation due to iGO PRIMO NAVIGATION and lane guidance including the maps for more eleven million points of interest, this Double Din Car stereo receiver has some feature related to smartphones.

The user can connect smart devices like iPods to it making his/her interaction with it highly important. User-friendly features are a must for a quality double din stereo, with Jensen you can enjoy better connectivity.

There are built-in options for smartphones such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod through which one can easily connect his/her smartphone with it in order to do functions like listening to music. Really, it’s a great stereo, and we do recommend them for our mid-range price option. (Remember, always adjust stereo settings better sound and music.)

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The Video and Audio Features and the Expandability of this Double Din Stereo:

There are much to explain about this best double din head unit, but to sum them up here in this small article is not possible. The ten-band EQ (parametric) with the eight preset tone curves make an amazing sound texture that the user will love.

You can add subwoofer control with an external amp. Besides, as far as the expandability is concerned, it is compatible with the satellite SiriusXM radio tuner. The inputs include both the front (mini-jack) and the RCA rear input apart from the input for rear camera view.

The output of this Double Din Radio consists of preamp five-channel outputs, i.e. rear, front and subwoofer, and A/V rear output.


The amazing Double Din Stereo offers you a comfortable view with its high-resolution touchscreen display. The device takes little time to pair with any other Bluetooth device, and the list goes on.

The mid price and ease of use make the Jensen CMN86 Double Din Car one of our favorite stereo receivers, and a highly recommended choice.

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Pioneer AVH-X390B

One of the many masterpieces manufactured by on of our favorite car audio companies, the Pioneer AVH-X390BS delivers quality once again. With a slightly smaller screen to fit smaller dashes, the AVH-X390BS’s 6.2″ WVGA Display is still big enough for all of its functions. It is one of our recommended Best Double Din Car Stereo Receivers of the year. There are too many features again to list them all. So, to keep it comprehensive, we will just focus on a few essential ones.

Pioneer always comes up with tailor-made products that keep in mind the requirements of their music loving, end users. Apart from producing the best quality products, Pioneer keeps pace with the changing world by introducing many innovative features. The succeeding paragraphs will highlight such characteristics of the Double Din Car Stereo Receiver.

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Why this Double Din Car Stereo?

This amazing Double Din Stereo is equipped with lots of user-friendly features. I am a big fan of Pioneer products and this double din head unit is just awesome. Let’s look at just why that is.

Some of the Basic Features of Pioneer Double Din Stereo Receiver:

Starting with the term double din, it is particular refers to the size of the receiver. Well, a single Din means the size of the traditional car radio. Whereas if the size is double as compare to that of the radio of traditional car, the size then refers to double Din.

This is just an external dimension that usually fits the modern car’s space for its stereo. It is imperative to know before installing a new stereo or updating the old one that what are the exact external measurements for your car stereo receiver.

Pioneer makes the stereo tools for your car to meet all of your requirements. The Double Din Car Stereo features big and beautiful touchscreen to fit in this Pioneer Double Din Stereo Receiver making these receivers so attractive that you can’t escape without buying one for your personal car. If you face any problem during installation, read this fitting guide about car stereo.

The output Peak Power of this Double Din Car Stereo is 50 watts x 4 channels that makes it one of the best stereo receivers. With a slightly smaller touchscreen display 6.2 inches, this new multimedia receiver has a redesigned and easier user-friendly operation. For quick access and recognition, the icons have been enlarged.

The display of this beautiful receiver has a color combination of more than five colors viz., red, green, blue, amber and white. The clear and resistive touchscreen provides more vibrant and brighter colors as compared to the traditional touchpads.

The Smart Features of this Multimedia Receiver:

Apart from maximizing the connectivity options like the Bluetooth feature of this receiver which offers great help in maintaining the call quality of hands-free and wireless communication and other audio streaming that increases the capability of browsing media library of the user.

With this beautiful Double Din Radio, Pioneer has successfully enhanced the users’ experience by integrating into it the built control options for iPod, iPhone and iPad, and other related smart gadgets.

When connected to one above application, the user can easily use the basic controls such as Pause, Play, Repeat, FF, Rev, and Random including the display track, album information, and the artists for music playback. The same goes with the compatible android application like playback controls of the music files received from your smart devices and gadgets.

Some of the Amazing Audio/Video features:

The user can play any type of audio-video content from a range of sources like DVDs, CDs, and USB memory devices. With seven preset EQ curves, the thirteen bands graphic equalizer has a swipe setting touch panel and built-in low or high pass crossover. The driver can customize the sound setting according to his own choice with the help of the digital Time Alignment.


No matter what the exclusive features of such a stereo receiver are, how much power it pumps out, or how many amazing apps it can download, if the controls aren’t easy too, all other features are not going to be that useful.

>>>>>Check Price<<<<<

However, the Pioneer Double Din Stereo receivers in general offer a very good user experience to the driver. So, he/she can easily use it without any distraction. You will enjoy your drive with this best double din stereo.

BOSS Audio Systems BVB9351RC

One of the best Bluetooth Double Din Car Stereos is definitely the Boss Audio BVB9351RC. This Double Din Stereo has excellent hands-free and touchscreen options with GPS and Bluetooth. In modern-day hectic routines, to stay in touch with your connections at both work and personal life has become extremely important. When you are traveling or on way to your home or office, an excellent car stereo like this one will help resolve your communication problems.

The Boss Double Din Stereo is the most popular nowadays because of their amazing performance. When I decided to write this article, I choose this double din stereo because I am also very impressed by their performance. If you want to play with lots of options, then this Double Din Stereo is what you need.

General Feature of a Boss Double Din Stereo:

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a touchscreen hands-free Boss Audio BVB9351RC Best Double Din Stereo.

  • One of the foremost features of the car stereo is the full control with both apple and android. This device can easily be controlled and navigated by any smartphone or smart device.
  • One lovely attribute of this beautiful car navigation stereo lies in the ease with the rotary volume control.
  • It comes with the GPS software already installed in it.
  • The compatibility of this amazing car stereo with the Bluetooth hands-free makes highly desirable for users of all ages.
  • With the tuner facility, listening to music has become easier that makes it a necessary part of modern vehicles.
  • Other features of this Best Double Din Radio include some video aspects and rear camera input.

>>>>>Check Price<<<<<

To sum up each and every feature of this stunning Bluetooth Double Din Car Stereo in this small write-up is unjustifiable to it. The above mentioned are some common attributes of an ordinary car stereo. Now, we are going to discuss some of the key features and factors that make this stereo a highly attractive stereo stand out from the crowd.

Advantages of a Boss Audio BVB9351RC

Although one can encounter such features in other stereo devices, the way the Boss integrated these features in them is what makes it highly desirable to the users. We will take look at some of the beautifully integrated attributes of this Best Double Din Stereo.

  1. One of the beautiful aspects of this touchscreen Bluetooth hands-free car stereo is the rotary volume control system. This rotary button is much easier to use as compared to the old push button. The Boss has successfully integrated it in the stereo without compromising the external look of the double din stereo.
  2. The sound quality is excellent. The sound feature of any car stereo is of great importance. Without such quality, it remains no worthy for any users. The sound of this Bluetooth stereo will never disappoint you either you heard that using any source.
  3. Another feature that distinguishes the Boss Bluetooth car stereo from the others is the GPS navigation system. Many car stereos’ GPS navigations show fault at some point in time, but the GPS navigation of the BOSS Audio BVB9351RC Double Din Car Stereo is never faulty.

This device supports an external flash or USB drive up to 32 GB. You can listen to the music of your choice selecting from a variety of files that will be your great help, especially on long drives.

  1. The video and the pre-amp outputs make this device very special as these features let you expand your system by enabling you to add up to three signal processor or amplifiers for all of your rear, woofer and front channels.
  2. The Preset EQ is another feature that helps the users to choose the EQ curves for a wide range of music files, e.g., pop music, hip-hop, and rock music.


Primarily, the Boss Bluetooth stereo is a functional car stereo that allows its users to listen to music from a range of external devices besides offering them to the option of streaming. One can you, definitely, listen to a phone call through it using a hands-free. One of the Best Double Din Stereo for money.

>>>>>Check Price<<<<<

Many features of this car stereo has made easier to control with the innovative graphics interface of the widescreen touch display. The additional aspects, like the AUX and AV inputs and RDS Tuner, make the Boss Audio BVB9351RC a Best Double Din Stereo a good, solid part of your car stereo system.

ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR

In recent years, the car stereos have, considerably, developed from the classical radio station to a multimedia stereo. With a meager amount of fewer than fifty dollars, an amazing car stereo can be purchased which is much more than just a radio station. Today’s different models of these multimedia stereos have many features redesigned in order to offer a better user experience.

Video files, as well as audio contents of any format, can easily be operated in these modern 2Din car navigation stereos such as playing the MP3 files to DivX. The size of the hard disk has significantly increased too. The addition of SD card has further simplified the phenomena offering a lot of ease in the operating these stereos.

Why the ATOTO A6 2DIN Android Car Navigation Double Din Stereo is Preferable:

ATOTO has successfully established itself as an accomplished brand maintaining a unique position with better quality service and reliability. There are many advantages of an ATOTO A6 2DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo.

To start with, the A6 series has made possible for the drivers to keep the navigation software of cars up-to-date with an online facility that would be possible with the old dash-in stereo device. For the drivers, the user interface has been made easier to use and you will always appreciate this Double Din Stereo.

It is highly integrated into the dashboard which is controlled by the keys of steering wheels along with an effective factory amplifier. Some exclusive features of this amazing car navigation stereo are going to be discussed in the following paragraphs.

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These features can be categorized into three different groups. Some are general features, while, others are exclusive to this beautiful ATOTO A6 2DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo.

The Basic Characteristics of ATOTO A6

The input slots of the device include the reversing camera input, audio/video inputs besides a micro SD slot that is aimed at storing media files. It also has some three interfaces for USB connections. One of the most important to note here is that these two interfaces, i.e. USB interface and the SD slot, can read a number of external devices as long as USB 500mA can be used to power it.

Once of top features of the A6 series is that the Double Din size offers four types of the front panel with the different serial number has different sizes. With such frontal various dimension, ATOTO is the first A6 is first to introduce Android 7in Navigation Stereo (with the minimum size of 174mm x 97mm frontal dimension).

One of the Best Double Din Stereo. I have explained here, subwoofer size chart along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers.

Easy to navigate, easy to update, easy to control, easy come in handy with this extraordinary stereo making it highly desirable for many. These navigation stereos are very easy to connect with smartphones.

There is now a Quick Charge option which makes the smartphone charging process much easier. With the A2 series, you can charge your Android phone at a much faster speed as compared to other such car navigation stereos.

The availability of the option of the built-in Dual Bluetooth 4.0 allows the stereo users to connect it with various other devices having Bluetooth in them to the ATOTO A6 2DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo.

A6 is the first one to introduce features like the Bluetooth Tethering for the internet. The users can download various contacts from phone to the stereo and add them to the favorite list.

The attributive aspects like phone pairing, quick dialing have been very simplified with this version of car stereo navigation. The highlight advantage of this stereo is that you can easily connect your phone data with it Wi-Fi Hotspot and Bluetooth Tethering.

You can easily download several Android apps, stream the music of your choice online, and use the navigation with the help online maps and the real-time traffic.


The ATOTO A6 series is a much-improved version of the previously famous M4 series. The series is much better as compared to the M4 version with a high level of reliability and which quite different from other car stereo navigation both in term of features and function.

>>>>>Check Price<<<<<

Features like versatile connectivity and the quick charge make this serious in your beautiful car which will give you complete ease while driving from navigation to playing the music of your choice from any external application. I always recommend buying a double din stereo with better connectivity options and this is one is the perfect example.

Eincar Double Din Car Stereo

It’s a high-quality digital stereo with both FM and AM, included. You can stay connected with the whole world with this Double Din stereo. Connect with the online transmission, listen to the news, switch to any of the online podcast channels or tune some music station. Do everything by just sitting your car and clicking to the stereo.

You can listen to any old songs or some others that will remind you of something or someone else. Your every single day car drive will be memorable with this stereo. Its RDS tuner will allow you for an automatic and semi-automatic search of any of the radio station. You can get daily travel information. It will facilitate you in every possible way.

It supports the rearview camera by which you can park your car easily. You will not need to turn your face back for parking. Just watch the back view in double din screen and done. It is actually the RCA AV connector type rear view with the camera single input.

It will automatically switch to the packing image when a reversed gear is engaged. This backup cam is included in the box for free.

It is a 6.2 inch LCD touch screen display. It comes with 7 color button backlight. This screen is totally touch enabled with the high responsiveness as an excellent feature. Its crisp high-quality view and vivid color contrast are just amazing.

Built-in Bluetooth is for you to give a direct facility to make hands-free phone calls. You can make and receive phone calls which out taking your hands off from the steering wheel. Use your whole smart phone on this stereo screen and do things get done soon.

You can use the Google voice prompts and your voice commands in order to make calls, set alarm, distance info, weather report, sending messages and even reading messages for you. You can stream the music from your smartphone to the car’s speakers.

Click here to check the latest price.

For ultra connectivity, it also gives the USB ports connections to your digital devices like portable media players, flash drives, etc. It supports connectivity with the dual TF Card ports. One is for the map and one for the entertainment. The free 8GB card can be inserted in the slot easily.

It performs automatic reverse boot and there is zero delay switch to the rear. You can enjoy using your smartphone apps on this stereo screen. It comes along with the multi-language remote control, user manual, 8GB micro SD card, camera, and some cables.

The overall dimensions of this universal double 2 din unit are 6.7 x 9.4 x 11 inches.? ?It gives a 1-year warranty with technical support. This double Din stereo is highly affordable.

Adriana’s Double Din Stereo Story

I have described Best Double Din Stereos that are available in the market for 2021. Selecting good quality double din stereo will always enhance your music quality and they come with user-friendly features. I hope after reading this article you will be in a better position to select quality double din stereo.

My name is Adriana. I am a crazy lover of good double din stereos. I just bought a Double Din stereo for my new car. I truly love it and now I can’t expect to live without this technology.

A Double din stereo is everything for the car. This technology has brought a revolution. It has made the long drives memorable and enjoyable. Double din is more preferred over the single din stereos. You can access your entire smartphone with your stereo. Voice commands will help you do everything hands-free.

When I bought my car, just about everything was perfect, but the music system was not good enough. I had to go to Disney land with my best friend and his little son. I thought that we would enjoy a lot even in the journey as the journey was of at least 4 hours. But the sound system of my car was making me tense.

I heard about the double din stereos. And immediately I get it. Fortunately, in just my first attempt, I got the right thing. I get it installed in my car. After that, I played it and used its all features. I found my double Din stereo incredibly amazing. I am glad that this technology is now in my car too.

The best thing is that I bought the best double Din stereo from here at a reasonable price. All of its features and quality is just amazing. Finally, I went to Disney land with my best buddy. We enjoyed there a lot. Most of all we enjoyed the journey at its peak.

We played a lot of rock and pop music. We also played the best songs and the bass was just lovely. His little baby boy also enjoyed the journey a lot and when we reached our destination, we were as fresh as we were when we started traveling.

My friend and I also played some old songs. Those songs rewind our old days. We spend good quality time with each other after so many years. We passed our whole journey shouting and enjoying songs. And truly speaking, this was because if this double Din stereo, otherwise the journey might be extremely boring.

But I am happy that I bought a Double Din stereo and now I am enjoying my every journey and making some good memories. I will also suggest a good thing to you people that I have experienced. So, buy a double din stereo and add a little luxury to your life.

At StereoAuthority, we always focus on quality that will bring amazing results. You can contact me by using the comment section below or by clicking the contact us page.

Good Luck.

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