Best 7.1 Home Theater System Buyer’s Guide

I am a movie buff, and I love watching the latest releases in a movie hall. But, once the pandemic came, going out to enjoy a movie was no longer an option. Televisions, computers, and mobile phones are the only source of entertainment now. But none can substitute the sound and clarity of a picture like a theatre. 

I was looking around for options, and when I saw a 7.1 surround sound speaker system at a friend’s home, it blew my mind away. The 7.1 home theatre system uses eight speakers – left, right, top, and then two more speakers on each side for surround sound, and lastly, a subwoofer. I knew I just had to get one for myself!

I went to town comparing various options and selected the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Channel Home Theater. Its wide soundbar, downward-facing subwoofers, and surround speakers with both full-range drivers and tweeters can belt out 600W of raw acoustic power that fills my place with 105dB of surround sound goodness!

#1 Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Home Theater: Best Overall

The brand Nakamichi has been around since 1948. They focus on soundbar products only. The Pro 7.1.4 gives 360-degree surround sound optimized for modern OLEDs, HDTVs, and QLEDs.

Features and Benefits

  • Downward facing subwoofer: The system comes with an eight-inch down-facing subwoofer to give you a literal earth-shattering experience.
  • 360 degree surround sound: The heart of the system is the soundbar, which has eight speakers placed in all directions (front, left, right, and towards the ceiling). The soundbar gives you an amazing surround sound effect.
  • Dolby Atmos: The system uses Dolby Atmos technology to process the maximum amount of sound objects (128). It gives you a feeling of being part of the action happening inside your screen.
  • Rear speakers: The rear surround speakers also have full-range drivers and tweeters for high-frequency sound to give you a deeper experience.
  • Latest Video Formats: The 7.1ch system is compatible with both 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, giving you the best video experience as well.
  • Connectivity: The system is Bluetooth aptX compatible, apart from having all major wired connectivity options, including HDMI and optical cable. You can stream your favorite apps on it.

Why should you buy it?

The Nakamichi packs a lot of punch in a soundbar configuration. It has one of the best 360 surround sound effects, and with the latest video and audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Vision, it will give you a deep and rich video as well as a sound effect.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Home Theater
Soundbar focused 7.1ch home theater system with great 360 degree surround and downward facing subwoofer speaker for earth shattering bass.

#2 Onkyo THX-Certified 7.1-Channel: Second Choice

The system has a two-way speaker, which has solid MDF enclosures and A-OMF woofers. It also has a two-way 7.1 surround sound system. It has a fire-connect mirror network audio which helps the user to play the music in different rooms.

Features and Benefits

  • Speakers: The system has speakers with MDF enclosures and woofers that use A-OMF. The surround speakers use A-OMF drivers, while the front speakers use twelve-inch cones to give 125W bass. 
  • Formats: The home theater system is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X standards for realistic sound and overhead surround effect.
  • Chromecast: The system supports playback control using Chromecast-based smartphone apps, which are very easy to use.
  • Supports 4K UHDR systems: If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV, you need a theater system compatible with it to give you the best output. 
  • Audio: The system gives options for different audio sources. It can get connected to the Wifi for smooth streaming of the apps. It has a high current capability of audio amplification, which gives the strongest loudspeaker. 
  • Design: It has front and center channel speakers. All the speakers have a bamboo diaphragm.
  • THX-certified system: This system guarantees theatre-like sound quality. It is perfect for smaller rooms with less distance between the viewer and the screen, roughly around six to eight feet. The system produces very little distortion in this scenario.
  • Compatibility: The system is compatible with IOS, Android, etc., many types of systems. It also has a built-in track selection, playback management in the Onkyo controller app for IOS and android. It can stream anything with DTS play-fi.

Why should you buy it?

The THX-certified system gives a distortion-free sound and provides a cinema-like experience in your home.

Onkyo THX-Certified 7.1-Channel
THX certified system meant for theater like quality in your home.

#3 Pyle 7.1 Channel Home Theater System: Most Customizable Sound

The system has cutting-edge technology. It has a subwoofer, surround satellite speaker, which gives distortion-free music. It also connects to Bluetooth, which allows the user to play songs from their phone.

Features and Benefits

  • Connectivity: The Pyle system gives the Bluetooth facility to connect the devices. You can play internet radio services through your speaker using this receiver. You can also connect your phone, and it is compatible with most of it. It also gives an option of a 3.5mm aux cable port. It helps the user connect the iPods, mp3 players, etc., and play music through the system’s speaker.
  • Sound: The home theatre has satellite speakers, a pre-amp, an amplifier with a subwoofer. It also has a ten inches long-throw active driver, which uses around 500-watt power. The signal to noise ratio is 85db which means it will throw a clear and sharp sound without any noise behind it. It gives a theatre-like experience to the viewers in the home itself. 
  • Design: It comes with six standing and one flat center speaker. It weighs around 35lbs. The material used is a wood finish. The satellite and center speakers are black and have a smooth piano-black finish. It gives a stylish look when you add it to your living room.

Why should you buy it?

The functions like setting the bass and treble and customizable EQ levels give the user a wonderful experience.

Pyle 7.1 Channel Home Theater System
The home theatre has satellite speakers, a pre-amp, an amplifier with a subwoofer. It also has a ten inches long-throw active driver

#4 Samsung HWQ67CT 7.1 Channel Home Theater: Fully Wireless

The home theatre has a classy design with black color finishing with natural sound quality. The user needs one remote to control all the functions of the system. You can also use a Samsung television remote to control the soundbar function.

Features and Benefits

  • 3D surround: The home theater brings alive your movie or music with sound from all sides, front, left, right and above.
  • Wireless: The home theatre does not have a wired connection, and it allows the user to enjoy the system in multiple rooms. It can connect to the Wifi and also to apps via Bluetooth. The user can play the videos using the Bluetooth feature.  
  • Soundbar: The system has a thirty-eight inches beam soundbar. The user can connect the console to the soundbar to get good background music during playing games. 
  • Tested audio: The system has acoustic technologies and a cutting-edge computer modeling system. It gives a balanced output and a room-filling sound. It helps the viewer to enjoy the movie thoroughly. 

Why should you buy it?

The system is wireless which eliminates the situation of dealing with complicated wires. It gives access to the listener to use the app and enjoy the music.

Samsung HWQ67CT 7.1 Channel Home Theater
The home theatre does not have a wired connection, and it allows the user to enjoy the system in different rooms too

#5 Fluance Elite Surround Sound Home Theater 7.1: Lowest Distortion For Dialogues

The home theatre has a very good performance, and its design complements the house’s interior. It is a complete entertainment set for the home. The system uses Dolby surround and DTS system, which gives sound effects like a cinema hall.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful surround sound: The system is a 7.1 surround sound system with a ten-inch subwoofer for bass, tweeters, and mid-range speakers—the speaker is designed to eliminate distortion and give you a perfect frequency response. 
  • Cabinets design: The system comes in a wood grain frame that complements the interior of the house. Its engineered MDF wooden cabinet gives natural, distortion-free sound. It also provides an option with the white color set, which goes with all interior designs. So, the user can choose between the two.
  • Floorstanding towers: The system has three-way floor-standing towers. The high-frequency tweeters, powerful midrange, and subwoofer come into the system. They suppress distortion or any unwanted disturbances. Each speaker performs well at every volume level.

Why should you buy it?

The home theatre system gives a good bass effect to the music and has a low distortion rate.

Fluance Elite Surround Sound Home Theater 7.1
The system has a vibrant 7.1 surround sound with a ten inch subwoofer, tweeters and mid range speakers.

#6 YAMAHA High Definition Digital Cinematic Sound 7.1 Channel: Best Movie Experience

The home theatre provides an HD sound quality which gives a wonderful experience to the listener. The speakers are simple to mount on the ceiling and offer a different experience from traditional table-mounted speakers.

Features and Benefits

  • Component: The Yamaha speakers come with six two-way speakers of 150 watts. It also has an eight inches cone woofer and one-inch swivel titanium dome tweeter designed. It also has 100ft long wire, which gives ample opportunity to keep the speaker in various areas. 
  • Connection inputs: The speaker gives many options for connectivity. It also offers four HDMI input ports, making it easy to connect multiple devices and use the home theatre conveniently. Users can also pair the home theatre with HDTV and playback devices to enjoy the movies.
  • Easy to install: The speakers are easy to install as it comes with a long wire. All the instructions are adequately written and guide the user to install them. You can also install the speakers on the ceiling. It can be controlled by the remote easily.

Why should you buy it?

The home theatre gives a clear sound with the Dolby TrueHD system. It provides a theatre-like feeling to the listener.

#7 Klipsch RP-500M 7.1 Home Theater System: High-Quality Bass

The home theater system has two pairs of RP-500M, one piece of RP-500C, one pair of RP-500SA, and one piece of SPL-100. It is easy to mount and is made of durable material.

Features and Benefits

  • Woofer: The woofer is made with a dual-layer of copper coil for good conductivity. They are attached with a stamped steel basket, non-resonating material that lowers the distortion and clarifies sound. They are made of rigid and light material. It holds the shape and delivers lower frequencies with excellent efficiency. 
  • Material: The speaker has an aluminum foot to give a classy look. Simultaneously, it also decreases the contact from the floor, which reduces the sonic resonance. There are copper trim rings around the tweeters and woofers, which give a modern look to the system.  
  • Hybrid Tractrix horn technology: This technology assures high-frequency energy. It throws music directly to the listener and avoids unwanted and artificial reverb caused by walls. It will give a clear and precise sound to the listener. The rear tractrix port design creates ideal airflow. It eliminates disturbance for low-frequency music.

Why should you buy it?

The 7.1 home theater system has a good quality material that gives powerful sound in any shared space. Hybrid Tractrix horn technology lessens the distortion and unwanted disturbance and provides crystal clear music.

Klipsch RP-500M 7.1 Home Theater System
Hybrid Tractrix horn technology assures high-frequency energy. It throws music directly to the listener and avoids unwanted and artificial reverb

#8 Axiim 7.1 Wireless Pro: Best Wireless

The speakers have aluminum trim for a classy look. The woofer uses an aluminum cast to give rigidity to the structure. The basket reduces the resonance by moving air freely to support the frame. It makes the speakers more durable.

Features and Benefits

  • Audio: It supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD master audio. The speaker has an audio control with ten band graphics equalizer. It also supports 4K 60fps with HDR. Dolby Vision plays a clear picture and gives powerful sound to the viewer. 
  • Wireless: The system has a one Q UHD wireless media center. It uses a WiSA compliant 24bit HD wireless audio connection to give wireless features to the system. The Bluetooth connectivity gives the user access to play songs from phones or iPods, or other devices. The user can play songs using IOS and the android app.

Why should you buy it?

WiSA transmitter makes the system wireless and helps the user connect any device remotely and listen to music. It has six HDMI input and output ports which supports Dolby Vision and gives a wonderful experience to the user.

Buyer’s Guide: Best 7.1 Home Theater System

Speaker Drivers

Most modern-day home theater systems support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and Dolby Vision for video. These technologies give you more refined sound and can process a high number of simultaneous audio inputs. 


Like all speaker systems, a 7.1 home theater system’s loudness depends on the power output that it can give. You should look for systems that give you at least 300W peak power output. Remember, peak power is not the actual power you will experience most of the time. If the speaker system specifies RMS or average power output, look for at least 120W. 


The 7.1 home theatre is a big investment. So, the purchaser needs to make sure that the product comes with a longer warranty period. Some come with one or two years of warranty whereas some come with five years too. A warranty shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the product. So, choose wisely before making the purchase. 

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is the most important criteria one should look for. The system should have multiple Bluetooth, 4K video compatibility, Wifi, HDMI ports, etc. The remote can control it. The user should go for the design, which has various options to enjoy the session thoroughly. It will allow the user to connect the phone, iPods, and other systems and give multiple options to play the movie. 

Space Required

Earlier buying a 7.1ch meant it would take up a lot of space in your apartment. Nowadays, more compact 7.1ch systems that use soundbars to reduce the number of external speakers are available. For example, our top choice, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro, is also a soundbar-based 7.1 ch system.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best 7.1 Home Theater System.

How to set up a 7.1 surround sound system?

A. The system has various parts like a subwoofer, center channel speaker, left/right speaker, surround speakers, etc. The surround speakers are placed on either side of the listener at the ear level. It can be fixed to the wall or can be installed on stands. The subwoofer is simply placed on the floor in front of the listener. The left and right speakers are set at 25 degrees in front of the viewer. The central channel speaker is placed below the tv and should be at the center, and the listener should get a crystal clear sound from it. 

Are 7.1 speakers expensive?

A. Some of the 7.1 speakers are expensive, and some are not. But, if you want more features, high quality of sound, excellent compatibility, then be ready to pay more. The price will fluctuate according to the requirement, so be wise, prioritize the needs, and then make a purchase.

Conclusions For The Best 7.1 Home Theater System

Home theatre is the best alternative for theatres and is the most suitable option to enjoy the home’s OTT platform. Nothing is more precious than enjoying the best quality of pictures and experiencing the ultimate sound base at home.

In our opinion, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Channelhome theater is the best choice among the many options that we have considered. It has a wide-angle soundbar that provides 360-degree high-quality Dolby Atmos sound and surrounds speakers with full range and tweeter speakers. Apart from this, it has a downward-facing subwoofer system for high-quality bass. 

The Onkyo THX-Certified 7.1-Channel is our next best choice because the system has THX integrated features that ensure theatre-like sound quality. All the parts fit THX standards. It is a certified system and is perfect for smaller rooms where there is less distance between the viewer and the screen, roughly around six to eight feet. 

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Samsung HWQ67CT 7.1 Channel Home Theater, which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. 

Thanks for sticking through to the end! We hope our review is helpful. If you are looking for more help, please visit these reviews and recommendations.

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