Soundbar Placement Options

Soundbars are the wonderful combination of a complete surround sound system, all put into a small device. With proper soundbar placement options, they provide you with a complete music experience without buying a big heavy hi-fi system.

Soundbars allow you to move beyond the limits of built-in TV speakers, which are slow and often do not work properly. It’s a great invention for sound loving people that want a streamlined look.

In this article, we explained in detail the best positions for soundbar and subwoofer placement. Whenever you buy a sound bar, its placement an important first step that will ensure the best sound experience.

Soundbar Placement Options

Obviously, you will not want to place your sound bar in front of your TV screen. (You would be surprised at how many times we have seen this absurd placement! Usually infront of an unraised screen on a console or table.) So, here are some of the best options for placement of sound bars for maximum sound and viewing enjoyment.

Soundbar Placement on Top of the Table:

First, you can place your sound bar on the top of the table. It is good to note, that you should place it close to your TV set, but as mentioned earlier, not in front of the screen. That way you can still see the screen. While, at the same time, the soundbar’s connectivity will be increased (when it is closer to TV). Focusing on quality IR linkage will help your TV remote to work properly.

Mount on the Wall:

A second, very good option is to hang the soundbar on the wall near your TV. The benefit here is that it requires much less space to place your sound bar on the wall. This is by far, the most used of the soundbar placement options.

Soundbar Placement Under the TV:

You can place these sound bars under your TV if they are larger in size or occupy a lot of space under the console or table. In this case, this is a smart option. Under the TV is a good way to get complete connectivity with the TV.

Note, I have seen many people try to hide soundbar behind the television, and I do not consider it the best option. However, installation and connection is easy with soundbar placement behind the TV. Only opt for this option as a last choice in my opinion.

Soundbar Placement Behind the Couch:

Again, behind the couch is not a recommended option for soundbar placement. I have seen many of my friends doing this, however, it may affect the sound quality. Soundbars can deliver awesome music and sound, you just need to place them properly.

SoundBar on the Floor:

This is another of the most common soundbar position buyers go for. You can easily place the soundbar anywhere on the floor. However, we recommend that it should be near the TV for better sound quality. If you have small kids in the home, then it strongly recommended not to place the soundbar on the floor. Kids can potentially harm themselves or the soundbar. As a result, if you have kids, maybe try another off floor option first.

Mount Soundbar on Top of TV

In my case, and in my home, the ideal position of my soundbar is at the top of the TV or under the TV. I like this way because you can easily use the wireless remote to control the soundbar. It also looks good. Installation is also very easy. Just use the screws that come along with the soundbar to secure it properly.

Best Position for Soundbar Subwoofer

If your soundbar supports a dedicated subwoofer, you have a number of options to place that:

  • In a corner
  • Behind the sofa
  • Behind the couch
  • Under the TV
  • On the floor next to the TV or console table

Pro Tip: If you can, position your subwoofer in a corner of a room of in another spot where the bass can reverberate off of the surfaces around it.

Tips for Mounting a Soundbar:

  • Always make sure the soundbar is connected to the bottom panel of the TV, as this will give it a clean, streamlined look.
  • Next, always select a device that suits your TV and its size.
  • You should be assured that your soundbar is attached properly in place and that is secured solidly. That way it will not fall off and get destroyed. (Remember that sound is vibration, and vibrations move things over time.)
  • Also, your soundbar should not cover the Infrared light of the TV which would make disturbances in your TV experience.
  • Next, see if you can connect your sound bar to your smartphone if your soundbar is equipped with Bluetooth and/or wireless internet.
  • Finally, move any objects that interfere the sound waves out of the way so they will not affect the pitch and intensity of sound.

How Do I Attached Soundbar with a 55-inch TV for a Birthday Party?

It was my son’s birthday last week, and I decided to throw a party for him. You know kids nowadays need a lot of entertainment at any party. In fact, parties right now are very Hi-tech, and just about every teenager is a music lover. They love parties full of music and life. This makes your party music incredibly important.

So, when I decided to throw this party. I decided to arrange it in a very modern way. I arranged everything from the decorations, drinks, food, to the gifts. Also, of course, the music. Did I mention it was a sleep over too? So, I had to manage a movie night for them too.

I have a 55 inch TV screen, but doesn’t have any virtual speakers or a sound system. I wanted this party to be a super hit. So, I need a surround sound system for both music and home theatre effects, but for a small budget. (As noted, I am an accountant by profession and I want this party to be economical.) One of my friends suggests to me that I should go for a soundbar for my TV, as they are economical and take up less space.

For this purpose, I started research on the Internet about a good economical sound bar. Here is what I found.

Samsung HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio Sound Bars:

This Samsung Soundbar is on the lower end for price, but it is still a good sound bar system with a powerful sound quality. In addition, the features include good bass effects and excellent connectivity. It is also supported by Dolby Audio power which makes the sound quality is quite clear in these devices. The production efficiency of sound is also good.

Sony HT- ST5000 Sound Bars:

Sony ST5000 Soundbars are beautiful sound systems. They are on the the more expensive side, but for a reason. You can tell the difference in quality and produces Hi-Res audio sound powered by Dolby Atmos. It has a sleek, low profile design, and integrates easily with your TV as well as your modern décor. As we discussed, there are many soundbar placement options, and even with an expensive soundbar, placement is still important for quality sound. These newer sound bars with smaller profiles help in allowing convenient placement.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar

The Yamaha Soundbar is another mid-range priced option that includes a wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth, and Alexa Voice Control built in. This device produces an extremely clear sound and I think it offers the best value for the price in soundbars. Connecting the soundbar is easy enough, and the subwoofer adds a lot to the sound experience.

Samsung HW-Q70T 3.1.2ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos / DTS:X (2020) Sound Bars:

As a mid-range priced option, these high rated sound bars are coming with the edge cutting technology, including being compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. It also is equipped with the Dolby Atmos feature and voice control features.

They produce immersive sound with the 8 speakers with a dedicated middle speaker. It is quite easy to install and is user friendly. Samsung boasts “adaptive sound” which makes it easy for you to hear quiet whispers to loud explosions without jarring your system.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

With Bluetooth connectivity and Alexa voice control built in, the Bose Soundbar 300 speaker is convenient as well as a powerful sound producer. This soundbar also earns the description of immersive. It blends into your console or pairs nicely with mounted TVs, and if you have other Bose speakers, you have the opportunity to pair with them as well. The price is in the mid-range and it has excellent reviews.

Soundbar Choice for this Situation

After going though all the options for sound bars, looking at all their features and price points, I decided to buy the Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar.

At the mid-range price point, these sound bars are a good investment. They are fully equipped and they require low maintenance. Even though my TV is a Samsung, I still found this sound bar to be compatible. When I spend my speaker money, I usually go for a mid-range option for watching TV. While, when I am shopping for music speakers, I make sure I have the best.

My son was also very happy to get a speaker on his birthday with complete surround sound. The bass is strong and the sound is very clear and good quality.

My Soundbar Placement Option

For my soundbar placement, I decided to put the soundbar speakers under my TV and secure it in place so it will not fall off. It was very easy to connect.

It looks modern and pairs well with the look of my TV while not taking up much space. My only problem was it took away some of my surface space that holds other component objects. However, it was a good trade-off.

My son’s party was a huge success, and the music and movie sound was great. I was much happy to see my son happy and all the kids had a great time.

For me, this soundbar is perfect for our situation as it is a reasonable buy. The sound quality is great and the resolution of sound is quite good. It provides the complete surround sound effect. Moreover, its placement has also improved its worth in my view.

Final Words About Soundbar Placement Options

Soundbars are good options for TV audio if you are unwilling to get surround sound system. You should go for it if you like loud music environment with clarity. If you have any confusion on set-up, refer to soundbar placement options.


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