Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $1000

An ‘integrated amplifier’ refers to the amalgamation of the preamp and power amplifiers in addition to the phono equalizer and tone controls contained within a single device component.

An ‘integrated amplifier’ allows you to ‘free-up’ space on your Hi-Fi system without sacrificing its power and efficiency. 

There is nothing more frustrating than hosting a party and spending hours figuring out how to connect and use your amplifier as opposed to preparing the crucial cocktails!

Trailing wires are also a hazardous nuisance and thus, this device is the perfect choice if you are looking to connect all of your music sources to a two-channel amplifier without the hassle of needing two components. The majority of integrated amplifiers also support Bluetooth connectivity. 

So do not fear, entertainment lovers! Instead, read on for the best integrated amplifiers under $1000 that will ensure that your stereo systems are pumped up and ready to blast off.

Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Integrated Amplifier | Bluetooth Connectivity | 70W x 2 Channels | Built-in DAC and Phono Pre-Amp | Analog Mode | Advanced Ultra High Current Power

This integrated amplifier is engineered with Denon’s reputable amplifier technology, delivering a wapping 70 Watts of power-per-channel. Say goodbye to amateur interference and corrupted tonality as this amplifier leaves no room for error.

It also offers compatibility with a wide range of speaker types, offering operational stability within all environments ranging from your home kitchen to recording studios.

The device can be used for other purposes besides music. The three digital inputs help to enhance the sound and visual quality of a range of audio, including TV, Blu-Ray, Media Players and more. You can also utilize it to input the high quality resolution sound from your computer or laptop device.

This amplifier also contains an ‘analog mode’ that allows it to operate as a solely analog amp. You are able to turn on this mode easily and this stops the digital input and Bluetooth circuitry, avoiding any high frequency distortions and influence. You are therefore able to enjoy your favorite analog source with unhindered clarity and consistency.

Another indisputable bonus of choosing this integrated amplifier is that Denon has over 100+ years of experience within the technological industry.

Founded in 1910, Denon has a deep heritage of “firsts” in audio technology and is renowned for being Japan’s first audio electronics manufacturer and the first company to produce the commercial CD player.

Their commitment to technological revolution assures the consumer that each product is crafted with integrity and reputable experience. 

A potential flaw to this product is the lack of specificity available when it comes to volume setting. The device is controlled by a remote that adjusts the sound from 47.1 decibels to 76.6 decibels in one click which is a large jump.

This may not suit those who are wanting to fine tune their sound within a recording, performance and/or listening capacity.  


  • Masterful audio performance – Duplicit circuitry allows the consumer to disable digital circuits, turning off the Bluetooth for an undisturbed analog experience.
  • Slender design – the vibration resistant design reproduces sound with the utmost clarity and intricacy. 
  • Bluetooth support and digital connectivity – Intensify your audio experience with 2 Optical, 1 Coaxial & 1 Phono input that enables you to connect to a CD player, Blu-Ray, Turntables and more. The device can also pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Intricate balance between high power & music – ensures that the output audio is clean and fully immersive.
  • High-Grade components – 100 year legacy of designing audio-technological devices provides the assurance that the Denon PMA-600NE has undergone stringent testing.


  • Remote controlled device doesn’t give much leeway for precision when it comes to volume adjustment. 

Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Integrated Amplifier | Bluetooth Connectivity | 70W x 2 Channels | Built-in DAC and Phono Pre-Amp | Analog Mode | Advanced Ultra High Current Power
  • ENJOY MASTERFUL AUDIO PERFORMANCE EVEN AT THIS PRICE POINT – Divided circuitry allows you to disengage digital circuits, which turns off the Bluetooth for an undivided analog experience
  • SLIM DESIGN, INTEGRATED AMP – Enclosed in a vibration resistant design, the PMA-600NE powers the widest range of speakers (70W at 4 ohms) and reproduces audio with the utmost accuracy and superiority for a multi-dimensional sound experience
  • BLUETOOTH SUPPORT AND DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY – Extend your audio experience with nearly unlimited sources. 2 Optical, 1 Coaxial & 1 phono input to connect a CD Player, Blu-Ray, turntables & more. Pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth with the built-in DAC
  • LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE SONGS WITH IMPECCABLE PRECISION – Powered by the Denon Advanced High Current (AHC) single push-pull circuit power amplifier, this amp BALANCES HIGH POWER & MUSIC DETAILING PERFECTLY - the output audio is clean, rich and immersive
  • HIGH-GRADE AUDIO COMPONENTS – With more than a 100-year legacy of designing premium audio components, trust your Denon PMA-600NE has undergone rigorous testing. Solid build quality, clean aesthetics, modern design, and sound quality which is built to last

Yamaha A-S501BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier

This device boasts an impressive high quality sound with multifaceted features. It has a black, slender, elegant appearance and also has the advantage of containing digital inputs.

This Yamaha A-S501BL also possesses ‘Gold Plated Terminals’ in its speakers, ensuring the highest quality of connection and preventing weathered interference that can cause signal loss. This amplifier is therefore perfect for garden parties, festivals and summer BBQ’s. 

A terminal for connecting a subwoofer is also provided, allowing the listener to maximise the bass output of your system for a punchier sound with better overall nuance.

You can also connect to the two speakers (A+B) individually in order to hear them in separate rooms at the same time. There are four terminals contained within the device and you are able to switch between both by a simple rotation of the selector dial. 

In order to efficiently quieten the vibrations that have detrimental effects on sound quality, the A-S801 has an iron plate bottom design to prevent interference.

In addition to this, the power transformer is supported by a sturdy anti-resonance base. The solid center bar further increases the rigidity to smooth out any vibrations.

These intricate design innovations are specific to Yamaha and their unfaltering reputation as a giant within the technology industry provides the consumer with the assurance that this product has been crafted with the utmost level of skill. 


  • Gold plated analog inputs including Phono – ensures the smooth sound.
  • Speakers A, B, A+B and custom made power transformers – enable listening in separate rooms, simultaneously. 
  • Solid center bar to ensure rigidity and dampen any unwanted vibrational interference.


  • Although speakers are able to be used separately, they can only be connected to one, centralised device at a time.
  • The remote buttons are small and therefore not easy to use.

NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amplifier

This integrated amplifier has garnered multiple accolades including an EISA award for ‘Best Product 2008-2009’. It has also received top recognition from the world’s leading sound-based publications.

The intricate circuit amalgamates low noise with high overload margins to eradicate external noise and distortion.

Although this product has been on the market for quite some time, the contained equalization is specific and accurate and there is an infrasonic filter that cleanses any airborne vibrations that may cause unwanted, polluting feedback.

The contained PowerDrive circuit has proven itself to offer an exquisite combination of balancing complex loudspeaker loads whilst never compromising the dynamic power behind the sound. 

The PowerDrive automatically monitors the operating condition of the amplifier, using its intelligence to auto-optimize the power settings for uniformity, ensuring that distortion remains low which is especially important for parties and events where people are inclined to ‘lose themselves’ in the music without being constantly jolted  and frustrated by a fuzzy, skippy sound system. 

There is also a large power transformer and a 30 day return period guaranteed if the device turns out to be faulty for any reason, so the consumer is able to buy and try with confidence! 


  • PowerDrive circuitry – automatically monitors the operating condition of the amplifier, ensuring the produced sound is clean and that distortion remains low.
  • Front panel input – able to connect smartphone, tablet devices and other portable media players.


  • The ‘tone defeat’ function gives a static noise when disengaged.
  • The company is not as reputable as Yahama or Denon.

YAMAHA A-S801BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Alike the Yamaha A-S501BL, the A-S801BL Integrated Amplifier is equipped with Gold Plated Terminals to ensure the smoothest of sounds. It is held in high regard due to it’s precision-processing power alongside the device’s ability to handle and process a large amount of data without any feedback distortion.

It is pricier than its predecessor as it’s higher quality signal output produces a far superior signal to that of a standard integrated amplifier. 

There is also a digital audio input for TV and Blu-Ray Disc Player and this device also includes optical and digital input terminals, for those who are unfamiliar with this terminology, the optical input is for receiving audio from TV and the coaxial input is for receiving audio from Blu-Ray disc players.

The audio remains in the digital format, providing the listener with clean and multifaceted audio for all of your entertainment needs.

One of the many pluses of this amplifier is the straightforward connection to the CD input. This direct amplification enhances and maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio.

There is also an inclusive ‘Pure Direct’ modality that causes the signals to automatically travel via the shortest, available circuit route. In turn, this enables the device to bypass the tone, loudness and balance controls and thus eradicate any signal interference that may degrade the audio quality. 

The variable loudness control function is conveniently positioned on the front panel and this uses electronic volume to produce a higher sound quality, allowing the listener to adjust the loudness with specificity.

It is separately positioned from the overall volume enabling the controls to balance low and high frequencies with ease. This function provides full tonality at any volume level by equalizing and compensating for the natural loss in the human ear at lower volume levels. 


  • Digital audio inputs for TV and Blu-Ray Disc player.
  • Pure Direct Mode for greater sound clarity.
  • Able to adjust loudness with specificity due to variable control function.
  • Straightforward connection to the CD input.
  • Anti-Resonance base – prevents unwanted vibrational interference.


  • The mute button does not mute the music and only lowers the volume in small increments.
  • The remote buttons are small and not easy to use.

YAMAHA A-S801BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black)
  • 100 W plus 100 W (20 Hz 20 kHz, 0.019% THD)
  • USB DAC function: DSD (2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz), PCM (384 kHz / 32 bit), WAV / FLAC
  • Gold plated digital coax input/TOSLINK optical input.Frequency response 10 Hz 100 kHz plus/ 1.0 dB
  • Gold plated analog inputs including Phono
  • Speakers A, B, AplusB and custom made power transformer / 12,000 µF block capacitors / extruded aluminum heat sinks

Micca OriGain Compact Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Micca OriGain Compact Stereo Integrated Amplifier and DAC, 50W x 2, 96kHz/24-Bit, USB and Optical S/PDIF (Black)

Micca home audio products are crafted to suit the ever-evolving requirements of the modern listener. The company ensures that the product is easy to use without compromising its multifaceted versatility.

This compact amplifier boasts a range of connectivity options and its quaint size enables it to fit into any home or work based environment.

Despite it’s smaller size, the sound performance and quality is not compromised so the listener does not have to worry about size being the amplifying factor with this product. It is built with the same high quality materials associated with larger Micca products.

This amplifier is also able to be directly connected to a computer via USB or to a TV’s optical output for high performance playback. However, it is important to check that your TV’s optical output can be set to the appropriate setting (PCM) in order to do so.

It is also important to note that this device does not support sound formats such as Dolby or DTS. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly examine your external devices for the correct connectivity prior to purchasing this amplifier. 


  • Compact stereo amplifier – provides a power-packed sound whether in the office or at home.
  • Able to sync with speakers of any size, from small cubes to full size speakers without compromising the sound quality.
  • Able to connect to a TV’s optical output and a computer device via USB.
  • High energy efficiency rating.


  • Unable to connect to Dolby or DTS formats.
  • Speakers can pop when new audio devices connect.

Micca OriGain Compact Stereo Integrated Amplifier and DAC, 50W x 2, 96kHz/24-Bit, USB and Optical S/PDIF (Black)
  • Compact stereo amplifiers are the best choice for powering speakers in the home or office.
  • Use the OriGain with speakers of any size, from small cubes to full size floor standing speakers.
  • Experience the convenience and superior quality of digital audio from a computer via USB, or to from a TV's optical audio output
  • 50W x 2 power output into 4 Ohm, 30W x 2 into 8 Ohm, less than 0.5% total harmonic distortion
  • Includes UL-Certified 24V/4.75A power adapter with Level VI Energy Efficiency rating

Buyer’s Guide

When considering which integrated amplifier is the best match for your sound-based needs, it is important to note the following:

Number of Outputs

Multifaceted devices such as the Denon PMA 600-NE offer the user with a range of output options without the need to check compatibility. This prevents disappointment and also allows the listener to utilize the amplifier within differing environments. 


The Yamaha A-S501BL and A-S801BL are the perfect selection for those who wish to use an amplifier to ‘turn up the heat’ at parties and events.

This is because the speakers are able to be individually synchronized and moved into different rooms, providing an expansion of sound-based entertainment without the hassle of purchasing separate speakers and connecting them to a second amplifying device.

Volume Specification

Devices like the Denon PMA600-NE may not be the best selection for those listeners who like to hone in on volumization.

The vast gap in decibels is frustrating when mastering the volume for specific events that may need volume fluctuation, such as weddings, where people will be wanting to converse whilst listening and dancing to the music.

It is therefore important to consider devices that allow the listener to modulate the volume with intricate accuracy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need An ‘Integrated Amplifier’? 

These devices minimize the need for multiple wires and are perfect for connecting all of your music sources to a duplicit channel amplifier whilst only using one component.

This style of amplifier provides input switching and phonograph equalization whilst boosting the signal output to the speakers, amalgamating the job of the preamplifier and the amplifier to ensure a smooth transition.

‘Integrated Amplifiers’ are also cost effective as they remove the need to purchase a separate preamp and amp.

What Is The Difference Between An ‘Integrated Amplifier’ And A ‘Power Amplifier’?

An ‘Integrated Amplifier’ amalgamates the preamplifier and the power amplifier into the same container, usually sourcing from the same power supply.

This means that source switching, volume control and sound amplification all happen within the integrated amplifier, simplifying the process and removing the need for external devices.

What Should I Look For In An ‘Integrated Amplifier’?

A good ‘Integrated Amplifier’ should contain an efficient power output, a high level of speaker sensitivity (this is crucial as this has the most impact on the sound), a strong signal to noise ratio and a device that has been manufactured by a reputable company with years of experience within the sound technology industry. 

How Do I Connect Two ‘Integrated Amplifiers’ Together?

If you want to connect two ‘Integrated Amplifiers’ together, simply do not use one of the contained preamps, take an RCA cable and connect it from the unconnected preamp output to the input function on the second amplifier.

Then, hook one speaker up to each individual amplifier, ensuring that you are using the channel that is already connected. 

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