Best Budget Surround Sound

A good surround sound system can turn any home theatre into an authentic cinematic experience, immersing you right into the world of your favorite movie.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to become the life of any party, a set of surround sound speakers will crank your event all the way up to 11! You and your friends will be dancing all night long and it’ll feel like you’re stood in the front row of a concert.

However you choose to use it, once you’ve had the full-on surround sound experience once, you’ll find it difficult to go back to a regular stereo speaker ever again. Sadly, some of the high end systems can set you back thousands of dollars and somebody’s got to pay for the Netflix subscription, right?

Thankfully, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best surround sound systems you can buy on a budget and compiled them into an easy list for you. However, if you still feel like doing your own research, we have a handy buyer’s guide below to help you out.

It’s worth mentioning that all the products listed in this article are 5.1 speaker systems. This just refers to the items included in each system: 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Without going into too much detail, I can assure you that a 5.1 system is the perfect balance of great quality audio and reasonable prices.

Without further ado, here are our top 6 picks for the best budget surround sound systems:

Best Budget Surround Sound

Acoustic Audio AA5400

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Bluetooth 5.1 Surround Sound System with LED Light Display, FM Tuner, USB and SD Card Inputs - 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Set, Includes Remote Control - AA5400 Black

If you look around online for a surround sound system at a reasonable price, you’ll find plenty of products from Acoustic Audio by Goldwood. This company is one of the best around when it comes to providing great audio quality without breaking the bank.

We chose the AA5400 for this list because it has some of the best reviews on Amazon and offers a variety of appealing and unique features. The manufacturer even listed this product as their ‘ultimate home theatre experience’. High praise indeed!

The subwoofer delivers powerful bass that you’ll feel right to your bones. If you’re playing Call Of Duty with this system, it’ll probably feel like explosions are actually going off around you.

Each speaker included in the set even has an LED illumination system that you can change with a remote control. These can play a variety of different patterns and colors to recreate the nightclub experience at home.

However, if you don’t want the distraction of flashing lights while you’re trying to watch a movie, you can just turn the LEDs off.

The only issues you might have with this system are with the installation. The system isn’t wireless, so you might find it tricky to hide all the cables away when it’s all connected.

Also, some users had trouble following the instructions provided and had to do some Googling to figure it out.

Still, it’s got very high quality audio if you’re looking for surround sound on a budget.


  • High quality audio – A great system for immersing yourself with sound
  • Durability – Some customers reported no issues with their system for 2 years!
  • LED lights – Plenty of different options to set the mood
  • 300 watts of power – You can blast this system pretty loud if you want to!


  • Not wireless – Can make things difficult to set up at first
  • Static issues – Some users complained about static sound coming through some of the speakers, potentially caused by dust or dirt in the cable ports

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Bluetooth 5.1 Surround Sound System with LED Light Display, FM Tuner, USB and SD Card Inputs - 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Set, Includes Remote Control - AA5400 Black
  • THE ULTIMATE HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE: Our 5.1 speaker system includes 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer; Delivers powerful surround sound while watching TV, gaming, or streaming music from your phone to the built in Bluetooth receiver
  • LED ILLUMINATED SURROUND SOUND: Each system features an integrated power amp with 300 watts of power while the LED illuminated subs display multi colored flashing lights in a variety of different patterns
  • GREAT FOR AT HOME ENTERTAINMENT: Use our sound equipment for binge-watching your favorite TV shows, for movie nights at home with the family, or for gaming on your computer, or for listening to music on your MP3 player
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Our system is compatible with any standard 3.5 millimeter headphones, RCA stereo, or RCA 6 Channel surround audio outputs, and features a standard US 110V grounded wall plug
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA5400 powered subwoofer speaker, 5 passive wired satellite speakers, full function remote, 3.5 millimeter to RCA cable, 3 RCA to RCA jack cables, and an instruction manual

Logitech Z606

Logitech Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth

Whilst this system does only offer 160 watts of power, it more than makes up for it with convenience.

You can control the audio settings on the system with a remote control or on the actual speaker itself. With a lot of older surround sound systems, the remote control and the display on the subwoofer can often look a bit outdated.

However, the Z606 will look right at home next to any other modern appliances.

You can even play audio from pretty much any source. It’ll connect to PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles and you can even do it via bluetooth!

Not only that, but with support for bluetooth 4.2, you can be assured of a fast and reliable connection between your device and the speakers.

It doesn’t actually come with any mounting brackets, but if you already have some or feel like splashing out, this system is easily mountable on your wall.

You don’t have to though, the surround sound quality will be just as effective with the speakers on a shelf, a table, or just on the floor.

It also comes with super long, 20 foot rear satellite speaker cables that give you the flexibility to set the system up in whatever configuration your room will allow.

You can even play around with the placement of each speaker until you find the optimal audio quality.


  • Bluetooth 4.2 – Connect any bluetooth device through a stable connection
  • Adaptability – This system isn’t restricted exclusively to a 3.5mm jack like some others on the market
  • Flexible configuration – Set the speakers up any way you like (unless your room is 100 feet long!)


  • 160 watts of power – These speakers won’t go as loud as some competitors
  • Red/black wire connection – This slightly outdated system of connecting the speakers can sometimes be faulty and become disconnected

Logitech Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth
  • True 5.1 surround Sound - Surround yourself with audio from your favorite movies, music and games with a 5.1 speaker system that includes left, right and center channels, 2 rear satellites and ONE subwoofer
  • 160 Watts of room-filling sound - 160 watts peak/80 watts RMS system with a 5.25 Inch bass driver fills your room with incredible sound. You'll get sparkling clear highs (up to 120 kHz) and deep, powerful bass (as low as 50 Hz) with a speaker system made for Audio lovers
  • Put it almost anywhere - the extra-long 20 foot rear satellite speaker cables allow for optimal placement in living rooms, gaming spaces, offices, bedrooms—just about anywhere you want. Set them on desks, consoles and end tables, or easily mount them to the wall(Mounting brackets not Included)
  • Your audio from virtually any source - listen to audio from computers, phones, tablets, TVs, Blu-ray/ DVD players—almost any source. You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or physically using a 3.5mm Audio jack or RCA cable to hear games, music, movies, everything.Satellites: 55 W RMS (total)
  • Better Bluetooth - with support for Bluetooth 4.2, you'll get great wireless sound quality, with a faster, more reliable connection that can support 2.5-Times the Audio data of Bluetooth

Frisby Audio FS-5120BT

With this speaker, you’ll be paying for convenience and adaptability, rather than pure audio quality. Not to mention, a killer LED light display that’s sure to catch some people staring.

You can connect these speakers to any device that has bluetooth but it also comes with USB and SD card ports, giving you a great range of devices to play audio from. These aren’t features you can find on every surround sound system at this price point, so definitely scores high marks for Frisby Audio.

The control system on the remote control and on the speaker itself are super easy to use. You can even turn on multi-colored LED lights on the subwoofer to create a pretty funky atmosphere

As well as all the extra gadgets and extras, this system still does the basics well and you can connect via a digital optical output (used with TVs) or via analog RCA.

Analog RCAs are the most commonly used audio cables. They fit into 3.5mm headphone ports, which pretty much every speaker has. By the way, the cables for both of these outputs are included with the system!

At this price point, you’ll be lucky to find any systems with truly top of the line audio quality. These speakers will likely be an upgrade from your standard TV or laptop speakers so they’re definitely not too shabby.


  • LED lights – Always fun for a party!
  • Versatile set up – Connect pretty much any device to this system
  • Clear sound quality – You shouldn’t have any issue with static


  • 125 watts of power – These aren’t the most powerful speakers, but they’ll still fill the room with sound

Pyle PT589BT

Pyle 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System - 300W Bluetooth Surround Sound Audio Stereo Power Receiver Box Set w/ Built-in Subwoofer, 5 Speakers, Remote, FM Radio, RCA - PT589BT,Black

With this surround sound system, you get the best of both worlds in terms of audio quality and input adaptability.

The system boasts a nice 300 watt power output, meaning you’ll have the option to tear the roof off if you turn it all the way up!

This speaker set supports bluetooth connectivity and has 5 physical inputs to choose from. These include HDMI, AUX stereo and even FM radio, so whatever device you want to connect to it, there’s probably an option for you.

The remote control and digital LCD display panel make it easy to control all the audio settings.

It’s definitely a good set of speakers for the cost you’d pay for it, however there are some drawbacks.

Some users reported that it was quite difficult to initially set the system up. The instructions in the box might not be crystal clear but there are plenty of guides and videos on the internet to help you through it.

Also, some users complained that some of the speakers didn’t work or produced sound at different volumes, even when connected. This could just be an issue with people not setting the system up properly (probably due to unclear instructions) but you should be wary of this when purchasing.


  • 300 watts of power – A good level of volume for an affordable system
  • Versatile input sources – Plenty of options for however you want to play your audio
  • Bluetooth connectivity – No need to fiddle with a remote control if you want to use your smartphone


  • Unclear instructions – You might find it difficult to set the system up at first
  • Unreliable quality – You could find some of the speakers functioning worse than the others

Pyle 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System - 300W Bluetooth Surround Sound Audio Stereo Power Receiver Box Set w/ Built-in Subwoofer, 5 Speakers, Remote, FM Radio, RCA - PT589BT,Black
  • 300 WATT POWER: The Pyle 5.1 Channel A/V Amplifier Receiver w/ Subwoofer is perfect for your audio and visual home theater entertainment system. It gives you 300W peak to be used for multi speakers allowing you to enjoy high quality amplified audio
  • 5 INPUTS: The personal digital amp box features 2 HDMI IN / 1 OUT, 2 AUX stereo input, FM radio antenna input. Connect external sources such as Playstation, TV, Blu Ray, Xbox 360, laptop, computer, media server, CD or DVD player, and tape deck
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: The professional integrated indoor house AV receiver is equipped w/ Bluetooth music streaming. Works w/ today’s latest devices including smart phones, tablets, iPhone and computer w/ hassle-free receiver pairing
  • 5.1 SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM: The entertainment system provides full range audio reproduction. The Pyle entertainment set proudly brings you (1) base receiver w/ built in subwoofer, (1) center channel speaker, and (4) directable satellite speakers
  • DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY: The compact amplifier has a built-in digital LCD display panel which displays all the functions and input used. A power cable and remote control are also included in the package for distant audio adjustments

Rockville HTS56

Rockville HTS56 1000w 5.1 Channel Home Theater System/Bluetooth/USB+8' Subwoofer, Black

This system is one of the best on the market at such a budget friendly price point. We’ve been looking at speakers with a total power output of 300 watts, but the Rockville can put out 1000 watts!

So this is easily the most powerful speaker on the list but it must be missing a few key features, right? Well, as far as we can tell, this system still does everything you need it to do.

It’s compatible with bluetooth v2.1 (slightly less reliable connection than v4.2 but still passable), USB, SD card, RCA, AUX and optical input. Without getting too technical, this system is compatible with pretty much every device you have!

It’s great for every occasion you’d need it for. Whether you’re hosting a party, movie night or gaming session, this speaker can be suited to your needs.

Another cool feature of this system is the changeable LED light display. You can choose between 8 different color modes (including multi-color mode) and 4 different patterns.

Whilst this is one of the more expensive options we’ve listed in this article, Rockville also has a very similar model: the HTS45. This model offers most of the same features as its older brother, the HTS56, and still puts out 800 watts of power.

If you’re interested in saving some money and don’t mind losing out on a bit of power, Rockville has you covered.


  • 1000 watts of power – Definitely the most volume and audio quality you can get at this price
  • Variety of sources – Comfortably connect this system to whatever device you want
  • Bluetooth v2.1 connection – A step up from standard bluetooth, allowing you to connect easily and reliably


  • High price point – A bit higher than the average budget system but a less expensive option is also available

Rockville HTS56 1000w 5.1 Channel Home Theater System/Bluetooth/USB+8" Subwoofer, Black
  • HTS56 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with LED Light Effects. Plug and play system with everything you need right out of the box. 1000-Watts Peak Power. 500-Watts Program Power. 250-Watts Continuous RMS Power. 8” Subwoofer with Built-In Receiver. 1x 3” Center Channel Speaker.
  • 2x 3” Full Range Front Channel Speakers. 2x 3” Full Range Rear Channel Speakers. Top Quality MDF Wood Cabinets with Plastic Front Panels. Built-In FM Receiver with Amazing Reception. Built-In Optical input to connect to your Television. Digital Display. Selectable preset equalizer curves.
  • You can independently control the volume of each speaker and the subwoofer. Bluetooth v2.1. USB Input (max file size 16Gb). SD Input (max file size 16Gb). 2 ¼” MIC Inputs with Echo function for karaoke. 5 RCA Audio Outputs. 6 RCA DVD Audio Inputs. 2 RCA AUX Inputs.
  • Optical input to connect to your TV. FM Antenna Input. Full Function Remote. The Subwoofer unit has 4 LED lighting modes: (blink to the beat, solid on, spectrum EQ analyzer, off) and selectable with 7 colors or multi-color mode.
  • Zero distortion can be heard even with volume and bass settings all the way up! The sound on this system is better than anything even that cost twice the price!. Cable Length: Front L/F: 12Ft, Rear L/R: 30Ft, Center: 10Ft. Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz. Certification: CE and RoHS Compliant. Signal to noise ratio: ≥70dB (Maximum output with THD+N < 1%)

Buyer’s Guide

Here, we’re going to go through some of the key things you should be looking out for when you’re trying to find the right surround sound system.

Of course, depending on what you want the system for, your needs will differ, but we’ll make sure everyone is catered for with this handy guide.

Power Output

When companies list the power output of a surround sound system, bear in mind that this is the total power output for all the speakers combined. Each individual speaker will only have a proportion of the total amount and the subwoofer will always have the most.

A total output of 300 watts is enough to meet the needs of most people and the higher up you go, the more difficult it’ll be for your power outlets to cope.

Connection Variety

A standard surround sound system will connect to a device via RCA or AUX and these will do just fine if your devices can support that. However, this means dealing with a lot of cables and having to worry about devices being close enough to connect.

What you really want to look for is bluetooth connectivity. Most decent modern systems will cover this and, in general, you’ll want to find one that supports as many different types of input as possible.

Setup Versatility

Almost all surround sound systems still rely on a wired connection between each speaker and the subwoofer. Those that don’t are often either very expensive or don’t work very well.

This means setting up your surround sound system could be a little restrictive if you don’t look for the right one.

Try to find a system with the right length of cable for your room. If you can, measure the dimensions of the room you want to set it up in and try to get a system with cables that match.

You don’t want them too short or your speakers won’t fit neatly into the corner of the room. You also don’t want them too long or you’ll have cables tracking all over the room and that can get messy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Brand For Budget Surround Sound?

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood provides a great variety of surround sound speaker systems at very reasonable price points. Because they have so many options for you to choose from, there’s a very good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for with them.

Are Ceiling Speakers Ok For Surround Sound?

Ceiling speakers can make an ok home theatre into an awesome one! A standard surround sound system will have five or six speakers placed around the walls of a room, but with a ceiling speaker, you can have audio coming at you from all directions.

It’s a great way to immerse yourself further in a movie or a game. You’ll just need to make sure your ceiling speaker is compatible with your existing surround sound system. Alternatively, some companies will provide a ceiling speaker as part of the set.

What Is The Difference Between A Soundbar And A Surround Sound System?

Soundbars are effectively a downsized version of a surround sound system. With a full surround sound system, you’ll often have 5 or 6 individual speakers that can be placed around the room.

A sound bar, on the other hand, just utilises one speaker to project sound throughout the room.

The main differences in quality depend on the products you buy in each category. A high quality sound bar can produce better sounding audio than a low quality surround sound system.

However, the main benefit of surround sound is the immersive quality of having audio produced from all around you as you listen. A soundbar can’t compete with that.

Can I Play Music On My Phone Through Surround Sound?

Depending on the type of surround sound system you have, you will be able to play music through your phone in a couple of different ways.

If your phone and your surround sound system both have bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to transmit music wirelessly from your phone through the speakers.

However, if your phone or surround sound system don’t have bluetooth available, you’ll often be able to connect them via an AUX cable. You just have to make sure they both have AUX ports.

This shouldn’t be a problem for your sound system as this tends to be standard, but some modern smartphones (particularly iPhones) are being produced that don’t have an AUX port.

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