How to Test Car Speakers?

In this article, I have explained in detail,?How to Test Car Speakers? I have seen many fellows who want to test their car speakers but are unaware of the procedure. This is a step by step guide that explains everything related to the testing of car speakers.

A true audiophile knows how to keep his loved speakers close to his heart. If you are a music lover you are better aware of your speaker’s status and that is an important thing to keep in mind that your speaker should have to be tested after some time to check their effectiveness and working.

I mean if there is any fluctuation in their working then it must be a questionable thing to be done. You can try to get back your speakers easily and thus you would love it. So if you are going to keep the health of your car speakers up to date the diagnosis is the most important task to be performed. For this purpose, you should test your car speakers regularly.??

In order to test your car speakers, remove the enclosure, use the battery to test speakers, also a multimeter is used for this purpose and finally test the capacitor and wires of car speakers. I have explained all these below in detail.

How to Test Car Speakers?

Let us proceed to the step by step guide and test the car speakers.

Step 1: Removal from the enclosure:

First of all, remove the speaker from box in which the speakers are enclosed and let the negative?or positive terminal of the speaker exposed if the speaker is already loose with no connection then there is nothing to do to loosen it but If the speaker is attached at its place then just cut the power wires separately, first cut positive and then negative wire.

If speakers are connected with the help of a switch or attachment plug then just unplug the terminals. You should also turn the power off of the device as it is a critical thing to occur. If you do not turn off the power it can be the cause of damage to your speakers and the testing devices like multimeter too. Do not remove the wires of the cone while doing it.

Step2:? Connection with 9 volts battery, testing car speakers with a battery

Its step 2 explains that you can join the terminals of the battery with that of the speaker. The sequence is like you have to connect the positive terminal of the battery with the positive terminal and the negative terminal with the negative terminal of the battery.

If this connection has generated a pulse then the speakers are working fine. You can also test the tweeters speakers with this method too.

Step3: Use of Multimeter:

You can check the continuity of the speaker by the help of multimeter. It is a way to check the continuity of the resistance too you just need to properly fix the circuit so that the circuit may check the readings properly and be the cause of test. Try to focus on the circuit. If the circuit is open then any problem can occur.

Step 4: Capacitor testing:

You can implant a capacitor with your circuit or you can also set the settings of the multimeter to a capacitor to check the capacitance of the speakers. You just need to connect the positive terminal to the positive and the negative terminal to the negative and if the reading of the capacitance is same claimed then your speakers are working perfectly.

Step5: Testing the wires:

You can test the speaker wires with the help of a voltmeter firstly and most importantly you have to test the wires by turning the power off of the speakers and then after turning it off? you will need to dismantle the wires of the speaker by connecting it to the voltmeter and it is done if your circuit is complete and you do not need to worry if the display is not showing the open signal then wires are fine and you do not need to worry about.

Step6: Testing of the fuse of the amplifier

You just need to connect a bulb with the battery and other terminals of the battery will be connected to the fuse if the bulb lit up then there will be no issue and if it doesn?t then there is surely a problem. You can also use a multimeter for this purpose.

Last Word:

These things should be kept in mind that the car speaker testing should be done for the purpose of increasing the quality of the car speakers and eventually it will be the cause of increasing the volume and your audiophile nature will be satisfied.

Feel free to ask me questions related to testing of car speakers. Just post your question in the comment section below.

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