Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers 2019

In this article, I have explained in detail, Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers. Selecting a good headset for truckers can be a hectic task, especially when there are so many brands out there. I am a truck driver and I have to travel on daily basis. I love to listen to music and call using a headset.?

Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers?

Our editors have selected top quality headsets for truck drivers for this article:

Blue Parrott B450-XT, Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Blue Parrott B450 ?XT is my favorite set of a headset. As a trucker, they have got a good range of the volume and they satisfy my appetite for music fully. I love music and music is my soul. These headsets are one of the best among its competitors. It has a Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth technology is quite awesome and has a very strong signal. It is a set of ear device which provide you with the louder clear noise cancelling devices. If you want a beautifully build device with great sound quality and maximum Bluetooth effect. These devices have great working abilities.

I would like to explain some features as follow:


It has Class 1 type of Bluetooth and the version of Bluetooth is 4.0. It comes with the headset profiles too and the version of the headset profile is 1.2 and this is a unique technology with which you are able to connect the headset with your mobile phones.

The version of the hands-free mode is HFP 1.6 which provides the execution of ultimate profile for hands-free working. It also has the technology of A2DP that is advanced audio distribution profile which means the best availability of the sound signals and quality of sound and its stereo effect is also very good.


The range of these speakers is more than 300 feet which is a great feature and able to connect the headset with the device with great ability to get the maximum working capabilities and this is so far maximum range for any wireless device.

NFC Pairing:

It provides the NFC pairing which is near field communication which means it has the ability to connect and build a connection protocol between the smartphones and headsets. It is the best way to provide the best communication protocols among devices.

Talk time:

It is the device which gives the uninterrupted talk time of 24 hours. I mean that?s a big duration and you can enjoy long calls when you are on the journey during a truck driver. It keeps you to your mobile phone and also with the music system and gives you the maximum loudness.

Standby Time:

It has a long standby time of 500hours. Its battery is very strong and keeps the battery charging for a long duration. Its battery is very strong and makes you feel great as being a trucker and you cannot charge it again and again.


Its microphone has the range of 6mm and it can cancel the noise within the headphones and produce a louder sound. It is the device which protects the truckers from the vehicles noise as it can cancel the effect of noise a lot. Its stereo effect is optimum.

Frequency Response:

Its frequency response is 100Hz to 10kHz. It gives you high bass experience the sound quality is very high. It is the device which provides you loud stereo sound. It gives you high quality of sound.


Its speaker has the 36mm speaker and these speakers produce the maximum loudness. Its bass is very high and it keeps your music experience best and remarkably good. Its bass is also very deep and up to the mark.

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  • Its long battery time is its biggest advantage and keeps your sound experience great and outrageous.
  • It can be recharged while talking on the phone.
  • Its function button is customizable.
  • Its ear cups are very comfortable.
  • The mic is great and sound cancellation is very good.
  • It has the ability to combine with two devices at a single interval of time.


  • This device is quite bulky and put weight on your head and ears.
  • These headsets are quite expensive.
  • Voice quality memo is not great and creates a problem.


The quality of these speakers are very high and are considered as one of the best headsets and the quality of sound in these speakers is very good and loud. It keeps the level of sound very high and the notes in the ear are too much for these speakers.?

BlueParrott B250-XT, Best Bluetooth Headset for Truck Drivers:

Being a trucker makes you a person who keeps on traveling o the roads especially highways. You have to face a lot of problems while listening to music and you need to get your headset connected to your music system to listen to music. These headsets not only give you the chance to listen to music but also you can use this device to communicate with other people.

It makes your hands free and allows you to listen to the hustle free music without any interruption of noise outside and you are going to feel awesome. It not only makes you feel good but also provide you with the optimum music experience. Its effect is sound canceling and it is a lightweight headset system which has the property of providing you the utmost music experience.

I will explain the prominent features of this headset as follow:

Sound quality:

When you talk about the headsets the most important factor you should focus on is the sound quality. The sound quality is the most eminent factor to get interested of the user and it is one of the best in its activity of producing one of the best quality sounds.

It has an ability to cancel the effect of the ambiance and protect you from the headache of honk of other vehicles on the high ways.? It has the noise suppression technology which makes it stand out. ?It is the best feature as it not only provides you the hustle free music experience but also is a source of interruption-free calls attending.


Microphones of these outclass are also very good. It provides you with the optimum quality of talking over the mic as it has two directional boom mic. It has the ability to cancel the effect of sound to the maximum level and makes you feel great as you speak every word on the mic is clearly audible to the listener.


It has great battery life as it provides you the talk time of approximately 20hours with one charge which means its battery life is great especially for the truckers who have the minimum availability of power supply to charge their headsets. Its battery life is great and quite very much user-friendly for the truck drivers as they are full of great features to work on.


It is the device which is available in the design of the one ear coverage. This design is specially made for the truckers as you can keep in touch with the headset with one ear and the other ear is open so that you can listen to the traffic sounds which are necessary. Its design is user-friendly and highly modern. You can use it with ease and comfort if you are a trucker.


Its headset is quite durable and able to withstand the shock and prolonged use without any problem. These devices are able to withstand the jerks as they are highly flexible and able to work problem free.

Smartphone connectivity:

It also comes with the Vxi BlueParrott application which you can install on your smartphones. This application has compatibility with the android, ios both and these headphones have the ability to turn your smartphones into a walkie talkie. This device is a perfect combination of modernity and comfort. These headsets are full of a lot of great features.

Price effectiveness:

These devices are very much cost effective and it will not affect your pocket a lot and you can say these headsets are in your ability to buy. This feature of the headsets is the great quality to consider.

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  • These headsets have customizable buttons with which you can listen to music.
  • Bluetooth is compatible with all of the devices.
  • Its battery is very long lasting.
  • Its voice quality is high definition and ultra clear.
  • Its noise-canceling quality is ultra best.


  • Its sound quality is not up to the mark.


This is the ultimate wireless headset for the truckers as they enjoy their road trip with the help of these headsets. These are the headsets of great noise cancellation and you can enjoy this headsets a lot. You will surely love these headsets.

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