How to Play Music through USB in Car?

In this article, I have explained in detail about playing music in a car through USB. We all have a bunch of music in our computer or on a USB. The only problem for a few is how to play it in the car.

The most convenient way is the transfer of your data from computer to the car is the attachment of the USB to the computer and get your music files written on the USB flash and then play it in your car. As if you directly transfer files from the computer to your USB the compression is reduced too. Thus the quality of music is enhanced in your system and you will get the optimum music experience.

Step-by-step guide for Playing Music through USB in Car?

Here I would like to explain? the step by step playing of USB in a car as follow:

Step1: ?find the USB port:

The most important task is to check the availability of the USB port in the car and it is a very important part of the listening music as you can do nothing if your car does not carry a USB port.

Step2: Connecting your device:

The next step is the connection of the USB port of your computer with your Android device by using a micro USB cable and after connecting with the USB port you will be seen having a USB icon on your phone so that you will be able to listen to the music saved in your computer.

Step 3: Activation of your USB setting:

The next step is the pulling down of your notification bar down and then you will select the icon of the USB port connected and you will have the ability to listen to the music of your choice.

Step4: ?Mounting of the storage card:

We know that all the devices of android basis approximately have an SD card for storage of data. So it is the important thing that you have to select the option of mounting the SD card on the mobile phone. After that, you should have to wait for the confirmation by the phone.

Step 5: Selection of the audio source from the car:

Using the stereo interface of the car is the next and most important step of the music listening of the car. In the setting of the music system, you have to select the setting option USB on the car stereo system. After that, you have to connect your android phone to the car USB and thus you can reach to the SD card of your android phone.

Step6: ?Listen to your favorite music:

After transferring the music listen to the music and enjoy the maximum music system.T his music system will help you to listen to the music of your choice. It is a quite wonderful experience for you.

Problems with the USB Playing:

There are certain problems associated with the listening of the music and these problems are as follow:

  1. If your car does not have the USB port. Then it is a true problem to be faced but you can fight with this problem by using an additional port for the listening of the music.
  2. Sometimes there are problems with the formatting of the USB drive.
  3. There are also problems with the USB drive setting and location of files in the? USB drive and you will not be able to find the music of your desire and this sometimes problematic.

Last words for?How to Play Music through USB in Car?

?I have explained the entire process for playing music through USB in car. It is quite an easy task to connect the USB system to your car especially when your car comes with a built-in USB port and it is a very quick thing. But you know we are living in the technological age and if your?car stereo system does not come with the USB port you can put a one in it but adding an adapter and you will be able to listen to the music completely. It will help you out that you may be able to listen to every music available on your mobile phone or pen drive.

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