Best 12 Inch Subwoofer 2019

Let us add more fun in the journey with these 12 Inch Subwoofer. Car Subwoofers play an important role in delivering good quality music. I love to go on a long drive while listening to my favorite tracks. Driving becomes boring if your car is not equipped with a powerful subwoofer. In this article, I have added detailed product reviews for 5 of the best 12 Inch Subwoofer to buy in 2019.

Comparison Chart for Best 12 Inch Subwoofer 2019

Here is the comparison chart for 5 Best 12 Inch Subwoofer to buy in 2019. I have added all the basic features in this chart with the price tag.

Best 12 Inch Subwoofer Impedance Power Handling (Watts) Check Price
Dual Electronics? 4 Ohm Peak:1100 RMS: 600 $$$
MTX Audio 2 Ohm Peak: 800 RMS: 400 $$$
Skar Audio 2 Ohm Peak: 800 RMS: 500? $$$
ASC Package Dual 2 Ohm Peak: 300 RMS: 150 $$$
Rockville RWS12CA ?4 Ohm Peak:1200 RMS: 400? $$$

Dual Electronics BP1204– Best 12 Inch Subwoofer for Bass

Here?s an outstanding subwoofer enclosure. These are Dual Electronics BP1204 Enclosed Car Subwoofers that have made their mark in the world just because of their hard struggle. They are freaking amazing just like their wonderful and outstanding look and I am energetic to explain all of their features to you people.

So get ready, sit tight and proceed forward with me. Here we go;

Features of Dual Electronics BP1204 Enclosed Car Subwoofers

With alluring features, these subwoofers keep on attracting people and they will always remain excellent

Increased output capability

These 12 inch subwoofers have the specialized tune port that is aided with the great computer design. They are actually having the 2.5 inch of voice coils in them for the vast increase in the output efficiency of these subwoofers that provides a consistent low sounding bass and makes the sound honeyed and just awesome.

Mirrored chambers

Dual Electronics BP1204 Enclosed Car Subwoofers has the mirror interior design that produces an enlightened and an amazing effect when paired with the illuminated technology. These are actually 2 subwoofers mounted in a sealed enclosure and the 2 mirrors give them a separate look, like 2 subwoofers in a beautiful cage.

So the mirrors on both sides of the carpeted enclosure give a unique look ever and both of these extra large mirror/viewing windows are made up of strong Plexi glass for adding in its protection.

Illuminating design

These subwoofers have a special illuminating design and this creates a surreal viewing experience. The blue light is coming from the enclosed subwoofers behind and personally speaking I am a big fan of these gorgeous subwoofers. This incoming light not only gives the subwoofers, a lovely look but also illuminates up your car.

Crossover included

Actually, when this 12-inch dual band pass enclosure was created, they ensure the built-in of the crossover and now it?s the facility to all of us as this allows us to connect the subwoofers with our cars and immediately have the freedom to use different setups.

High-quality audio

Dual Electronics BP1204 enclosed subwoofers delivers a high-quality bass from their brushed Aluminum injection Molded woofer cones for a studio accurate bass response. This unblemished sound will delight your insight happy and it is designed for the same purpose to provide a huge amount of bass for your listening pleasures.

You can ask those people who use this or have been using these subwoofers that how much they love their subwoofer high quality and extraordinary bass sound.

Specially built enclosure

This good-looking and durable 12-inch enclosure is made to increase the shelf life of these subwoofers. These chambers are specially built to withstand in any of the jostlings because of any road condition, to withstand any shock, bump and any kind of situations like that.

These two subwoofers are completely safe in this enclosure and do not displace from their proper position. Also, this 12 inch enclosure protects subwoofers from dust, damage, loose wiring, tearing etc.? Best 15 Inch Subwoofer Reviews 2019.

1000 watts max power

They give the perfect sound in any case on in any situation like they also give the best sound on the roads etc, providing the accurate bass. They control the maximum power of 1100 watts and 600 watts of RMS power handling at 4 ohms impedance and 30Hz to 200 Hz of a frequency range.

Brushed aluminum cones

Although I have told a little bit about this feature, above but the purpose of giving a separate point about this feature is that these are the multipurpose brushed aluminum cone. This gives these subwoofers a sleek, complete and a modern look with the best performance. From these brushed cones, this high amount of power is delivered.

Along with this, when these are paired with the illuminating technology than the reflective aluminum make the subwoofer to shine brightly and all the subwoofers and the entire enclosure began delighted and also makes your car to illuminate with grace.

Sound MDF construction

The design of this 12 inch subwoofer enclosure is designed as such that it includes the top grade in line carpet that eliminates a lot of enclosure movement so that it can give the streamlined sound quality through both of these subwoofers for a superior sound on the roads also.

Ventilated system

It has a built-in ventilated controlled circuitry system that helps to keep the system cool all the time and even during its peaks usage for max bass output and a lot of hours of nonstop music entertainment or continuous usage. It keeps performing at its best and remains at all the normal temperature all the time in any case or in any situation.

High performance

While designing these studio subwoofers, engineers ensured it for the best high performance and also for the sound superiority

Available color???????

The available color of this subwoofer enclosure is black and the backlight that illuminates the box enclosure is of blue color. The overall look of this subwoofer looks super fabulous.? You will love using this gorgeous subwoofers enclosure


This 12 inch subwoofer enclosure provides a good warranty and support. 1-year warranty for guaranteed high-quality sound and a complete reliability for its hassle-free parts and a labor warranty with excellent customer service.


Dual Electronics BP1204 Enclosed Car Subwoofers delivers the best performance with a cool look and a unique design.

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So, probably it will be the best option for you people to buy this amazing subwoofer enclosure, you don?t need to build the box yourself and take it from the market for protection, it is already enclosed in a wonderful box enclosure with a Plexiglass viewing window. Plug and play feature applies here, just adjust the sub enclosure and play it and you will definitely love listening to this melodious audio sound

Specifications of Dual Electronics BP1204 Enclosed Car Subwoofers

  • Item dimensions are 30 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches
  • Available color is black
  • Chassis size is ported
  • Item weight is 58 pounds
  • Complete warranty of one year
  • This subwoofer has an increased output capability
  • They are digitally optimized subwoofers
  • They have curbed Plexi glass viewing window
  • It has Sound MDF construction
  • Dimensions are 30? W? x 14.4? D x ?4? H
  • Increased output capabilities
  • High performance
  • They have brushed aluminum cones
  • 1100 watts of peak power handling
  • 45 ounce magnet for excellent sound control
  • 5 inch voice coils
  • Proper ventilated system
  • Subwoofers are completely safe inside the rugged carpet design for avoiding their displacement.


  • Illuminating design is awesome
  • High quality audio
  • Best performance
  • Crossover is included
  • Mirrored chambers gives a beautiful view


  • Toggle difficult to operate if locations are in the trunk

Final words

Dual Electronics BP1204 Enclosed Car Subwoofers are the best regarding to the sound quality, high performance and a complete protected and excellent look. If you want to buy these than it?s the best option for you but it still depends upon your choice, read all the details about these subwoofers and make a selection.

MTX Audio– Best 12 Inch Car Subwoofer for 2019

So, this is going to be an amazing review here. This is MTX Audio TNE212D, Terminator series subwoofer enclosure. This is the most alluring subwoofer and the best thing is that these are actually a pair, two speakers enclosed in a box.

Thanks to the excellent subwoofer enclosure, and there will be no need to do any hard work by building the subwoofer box yourself and then to adjust it. It?s a cool facility that you just have to take this subwoofer enclosure, adjust it and play. So let?s start;

Features of MTX Audio TNE212D terminator series subwoofer

This subwoofer has got some of the best? features like;

2 subwoofers enclosure

These are actually 2 terminator subwoofers housed in a one perfect box or you can say it as a vented sealed enclosure

Ideal bass

It?s the best option for your guys if you want the perfect bass in your subwoofers

Internal wirings

This subwoofer is internally wired for a 2 ohms entire final load, all wiring is inside the box and gives it, a perfectly fine look from outside.

Overall look

There is a MTX audio logo on the subwoofer dust caps. This chassis looks so much dainty and alluring. Not only you will love using it but also seeing that gorgeous look will make you happy.

Black carpeting

It has a dark amazing black color carpeting done over the box that also helps it to give it a fine and perfect look.? Beside this, carpeting is highly durable and protects the enclosure from any damage. It?s an aviation black grade carpet with the Terminator logo embroidered on the carpet front.

Power handling ?????????????

MTX Audio TNE212D subwoofer can handle the max power 1200 watts total, Peak power of total 800 watts and the RMS power of 400 watts. The recommended power range in these subwoofers is 200-400 watts RMS @ 2 Ohms


These subwoofers uses the 48 oz magnet inside them.

Aluminum coil

They have aluminum voice coil if 2 inches used inside it for the best performance because this is a high quality coil and highly durable material. Actually this the best material used in the voice coils now a day and no other one is better from this up till now.

Propylene cone

MTX Audio TNE212D subwoofers have their propylene cone.

Rubber cone

These 12 inch subwoofer comes with the rubber surrounding for extreme protection and avoiding the displacement of the speakers from their proper position.


The dimension of these subwoofers are as such; Height is 14 inch, width of 29-11/ 16 inch x 13-1/2 inch D1 x 11-1/8 inch D2


This sub enclosure is ruggedly constructed inside and it?s a 5/8 inch MDF construction


Although it is a large 12 inch sub enclosure but it is truly light weight and you can easily mount this sub enclosure in the car?s trunk, or below seats if they have enough space to fit there. Best recommendation is to fit them in trunk of the car for the best sound and high performance, it can also be used in other vehicle trucks etc.


These 12 inch subwoofers have a good frequency response of 37 Hz-150 Hz

Sound quality

These subwoofers are enclosed in the properly sized enclosure to give the best sound quality and the best thing is the low pitched flawless sound


They have the 1 year warranty but just for the subwoofers, nor for the box.So it?s a good warranty and support for the customers.


MTX Audio TNE212D subwoofers enclosure is completely economical. So such a modest amount and a high class sub enclosure is definitely should not ignored by a genius guy.

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Specifications of MTX Audio TNE212D terminator series subwoofer

Specifications are listed below, in order to get a quick know how about these subwoofers, give them a look below;

  • Product dimensions are of proper 14 x 29 x 13 inches
  • Product weight is 45.1 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 56 pounds
  • Two 12 inch TNE212D subwoofers housed or a vented enclosure
  • Produces the ideal bass
  • Ruggedly constructed by using 5/8 inch MDF
  • Its construction has aviation grade durable black carpet also
  • 1200 watts of max total power handling
  • Recommended power range is 200-400 watts RMS @ 2 ohms
  • These subwoofers have 2 inch aluminum voice coil
  • They are also having the rubber surround and a propylene cone
  • MTX Audio logo on the subwoofer?s dust cap
  • There is a Terminator logo also that is embroidered on the carpet?s front
  • Peak power handling is the 800 watts total
  • RMS power handling by these speakers is 400 watts total
  • Dimensions of this sub enclosure are 14 inch H29-11/ 16 inch width x 13-1/2 inch D1 x 11-1/8 inch D2
  • 48 oz magnet used inside the subwoofers
  • They have the frequency response of 37-150 Hz
  • Customer reviews gave this 4.4 stars out of 5
  • Authorized internet dealer
  • 1 year manufacturer?s warranty


  • Gives Excellent ideal bass
  • Gorgeous black color
  • Durable carpeting
  • Handles power superbly
  • Enclosed subwoofers
  • Good 1 year warranty


  • Very loud sound to irritate others
  • I didn?t found any other cons

Final words

Details are provided to let the people know about the actual features and specs of the products genuinely and I have explained these things much to my dear readers. Take these subwoofers for you and install them in your car?s trunk for a good sound experience and get ready to listen to its unblemished sound. Best of luck.

Skar Audio– Best 12 Inch Subwoofer 2019

The subwoofer which can handle ample amounts of power and is most versatile to use, its the one and only Skar Audio VD-12 D2 subwoofer, the powerful subwoofer from the well known VD series.

So let?s start discussing its features first, to know every detail about it. Here we go;

Sound system

These subwoofers sound great. Basic manufacturing and styling of this subwoofer is mainly done for an extraordinary sound quality and when you will use it, this will be automatically proved to you people.

Shallow footprint

This is a Skar AudioVD-12 D2 shallow mount car subwoofer. This subwoofer was actually engineered for the shallow footprint which mainly allows it to become the most versatile for usage. You can install this subwoofer under the seat and even on any other places easily.

It?s actually have the 10 inch shallow mount with a design of 4.41 inches, have the mounting depth of 4.92 inches and in this depth, it got adjusted properly and completely.

Ample power handling

Handling an ample amount of power is its basic, best and most common feature and its extraordinarily and smoothly controls a great amount of power that you will not found in any of the other car?s subwoofer.

Skar AudioVD-12 D2 subwoofer can handle the peak power of 800 watts and the RMS power of 500 watts. So such an ample amount of power is best controlled by this high quality subwoofer. Also it has the 2 layer Conex spider for high power handling

Voice coils

The driver of these subwoofers utilizes the high temperature 2 ohm dual voice coil configuration that is made up of strong copper to make this subwoofer, a durable sound piece. It is actually a 2 inch copper voice coil.

Ferrite magnet

These voice coils are attached with a powerful and low profile singe stack Ferrite magnet that allows this subwoofer to perform with dominance.

Paper cone

This subwoofer has also got the pressed paper cone that allows the subwoofer sound to come out smoothly and gives a perfect listening.

Roll foam

This subwoofer has the high roll surrounding for the protection purposes. Foam used is proved in its testing, it is completely durable and do not get tear off by the continuous usage.

Frequency response

Subwoofers are different and they have got different frequency responses from each other. Mainly this subwoofer has got the frequency response of 35-300 Hz.


High sensitivity is always good for any of the subwoofers for the best loud and clear sound and this subwoofer has the best 86.7 DB of the sensitivity.

Subwoofer cone

Another best thing is that this subwoofer has got the competition grade cone for the greatest performance and a smooth representation

Unique design and color

This subwoofer has got the best sleek and smooth design that looks amazingly perfect and it?s black color just gives it a smooth and gorgeous black look. Mounted in a car, its outer visible appearance gives a perfectly great and awesome look.

Excellent bass

This subwoofer is going to give you an excellent bass as its voice coils are designed for the best bass production and it will give you a joy while listening

Mounting place

It?s your choice to install this subwoofer anywhere in your car but its best to place this, under the car?s seat and there will be no issue of sound there also, actually the thing is that it will get adjusted best there because this size of subwoofer mounting is best there.


Skar AudioVD-12 D2 subwoofer has a light weight of 15 pounds and if you are thinking to replace your factory fitted car subwoofers with this one, then it?s a good option for you people.

Cooling feature

All of the high-quality components of this subwoofer come in conjugation with the high-quality cooling design that allows it for shallow mounting without any kind of problems and also enables it for the best performance.


This brand has the best warranty and support of their products, to their dear customer’s ease


Again this subwoofer is also highly affordable and the choice is completely yours, it is worth each and every single penny you have spent on it.

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Specifications of Skar AudioVD-12 D2 subwoofer

All of the specifications are listed below, give them a complete view

  • Product dimensions are 14 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Model number of this item is VD-12 D2
  • Weight of this subwoofer is 15 pounds
  • This subwoofer is also having the 2 inch bass voice coil of copper
  • It has competition grade cone
  • High strength and durable foam is surrounded on its inner sides
  • 2 layer cones spider
  • Have Skar Audio logo on its centre
  • Peak power handling of 800 watts
  • RMS power handling of 500 watts
  • Electrical resistance of dual 2 ohms
  • Xmax is 11mm
  • Pressed paper cone
  • High roll foam surrounding
  • Dual 2 ohms voice coil configuration
  • Mounting depth is 4.92 inches
  • Frequency response is 35- 300 Hz
  • 4 stars out of 5 according to customer reviews
  • Uses ferrite magnet in it


  • High quality sound
  • Excellent bass
  • Best sleek and fantastic design
  • Ample amount of power handling
  • Maintains a shallow foot print
  • Powerful subwoofer


  • You may have to take the enclosure box separately for its fitting
  • No other cons found

Final words

So finally we are done for this subwoofer here. Now you know a lot of things about it. This subwoofer is freaking awesome. It?s a monster subwoofer. Go and get it. Don?t enjoy alone, listen it with your friends, enjoy it and be happy.?

ASC Package Dual Kicker Sub Box– Best 12 Inch Subwoofer for Money

This is a good, grey colored subwoofer box with a unique shape; let?s start reviewing about this amazing subwoofer;

Features of ASC package Dual Kicker sealed Hatched Sub enclosure C12 Comp

Every subwoofer has got its unique features and specifications, some may look similar to the others but definitely they are different from each other regarding to their quality, look, color, performance and different other features.

Dual 12 inch box

It has a dual 12 inch subwoofer box. It?s actually a sealed Hatchback subwoofer box with a mounting depth of 15 inches and air space of 1.25 cubic feet per sub. This sealed box enclosure keeps the subwoofers protected and helps it to generate the best sound without any distortion or any difficulty.

The overall dimensions of these sub box enclosure are width 28 inch x Height 12 inch x Top Depth 12 inch x Bottom Depth 17-3/4 inches.

Gray carpet

This box containing subwoofers is protected or carpeted with a grey carpet that actually gives it a graceful look along with the strong protection. This carpet is of high quality and does not tear off or damage even after years of its usage, it will maintain its high quality and if you take a great care of it, than you will increase the quality life of this subwoofer, more

Binding terminal cups

This has also got the 2 high quality terminal cups; accept those Banana terminal Plugs or the bare wire up to 10 GA.

Tight sound quality

These subwoofer sealed design in a box creates a tight sound quality bass and in a sound system if there is no bass than an audio system is nothing without it but just only the punchy loud sound. But this subwoofer?s sound is full of high-quality bass that will let you listen to something desirable.

Power handling

Power handling by these subwoofers is also its good feature. It can handle the peak power of 300 watts and the RMS power handling of 150 watts. Each of the subwoofers enclosed in the sealed box manages the power in its best way and performs the best.


While talking about the impedance of these subwoofers, it is of single 4 ohms.

Sensitivity and frequency

It has got the highest sensitivity value of 88.3 dB and has a frequency response of 27-500 Hz

Rigid cone and coil wires

These subwoofers have their super rigid and injection molded cone with the 360 degrees of the back bracing and also have the high temperature coil wires

Proper heat dissipation

This subwoofer enclosure is designed as such that it remains at normal temperature all the time. It has the vented pole piece for the proper heat dissipation. It is actually a strong sealed basket with a coil cooling perimeter venting.

Tinsel leads and terminals

These subwoofers have the durable spiraled tinsel leads and the handy spring loaded terminals.

Double stitching

Both of these subwoofers have yellow colored double stitching on surround; it gives this subwoofer a good and a unique look

Light weight

This brand new item is light weighted, having only 53.3 pounds and this light weight can be easily mounted in any of the car for the peak performance and the best sound

Mounting info

This sub sealed enclosure has the mounting depth of 5-7/8 inch and the mounting cutout of 11 inches.


This subwoofer is also of a good and trusted company so it also gives a good warranty and support to their dear users


These enclosed subwoofers are available to everyone in a modest amount. So go and get it.

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Specifications of ASC package Dual Kicker sealed Hatched Sub enclosure C12 Comp

  • It?s all the specifications are bulleted below;
  • Product dimensions are 59.2 x 31.4 x 19.6 inches
  • Item?s model number is 212H_10C12-4-N_10C12-4-N
  • Weight of this product is 53.3 pounds
  • Ribbed surround for strength at the high excursion
  • It has durable spiraled tinsel leads
  • These subwoofers have the yellow and tough double stitching on its surrounding
  • They have handy spring loaded terminals
  • It has high temperature voice coils
  • Produces a high quality sound
  • Loudest bass for the buck
  • It has a strong steel basket with a coil cooling
  • Handles the peak power of 300 watts
  • RMS power handling of 150 watts
  • It has impedance of single 4 ohm
  • Sensitivity of 88.3 db
  • Frequency response is 27-500 Hz
  • Mounting cutout of 11 inches
  • Air space is 1.25 cubic feet per sub
  • They have super rigid and injection molded cone with 360 degrees of the back bracing


  • Best for quality bass
  • Ventilated system is the cool feature
  • Strong grey carpet gives a decent look


  • Vented enclosure are sensitive to change.

Final words

Knowing all the details about these subwoofers, you should make a choice know. These enclosed best 12 inch subwoofer will make you fall in love with them and you will proud of having them in your car.

Rockville RWS12CA– Best 12 Inch Powered Car Subwoofer?

Here comes another best subwoofer of 12 inches. These are Rockville RWS12CA Slim Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure which comes with the wire kit.

Features of Rockville RWS12CA Slim Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure

Amazing subwoofers with remarkable features have gained much attention of the people. So let?s begin;

Super sealed design

This subwoofer has a super slim sealed MDF enclosure design, equipped with a slim but a heavy duty subwoofer that is designed for the best performance.

Remote control

This subwoofer is best for its intense bass and has a remote bass control. So you can easily adjust the bass settings according to your likings. It a great convenience and personally I love this most.

Low pass crossover

It has the low pass cross over, variable +12 db of the bass boost and 150 MV to 5 Volt gain control. Another thing is that this subwoofer enclosure can feature low and high levels of input.

Rockville is developed with a perfect and smart integrated solution for adding bass in the sound system either it is a car or some other vehicle. Its optimal bass performance is the best thing, these subwoofers have got

Easy installation

This subwoofer enclosure can be easily installed in any car. Because of its slim profile it can be easily fitted in any of the place, like car?s trunk or even for the behind or under pickup truck seats. Its gets installed easily without any difficulties.

High performance

Rockville RWS12CA has a true high performance. It placement in any of the side in the vehicle does not affect its best performance at all.

Ultra stiff cone

Rockville RWS12CA subwoofer has the Ultra Stiff Composite pulp cone with Kevlar reinforcement, giving it?s a sleek look and helps in its adjustment properly.

3D cap

This enclosed subwoofer is having a molded 3D Acrylic dust cap that gives it a complete look and protects its inner from getting stucked to dust and protects this subwoofer from any damage also.

Foam surround

This subwoofer has the high density laminated foam surround for its complete protection from any kind of damage. The usage time of this subwoofer is highly increased because of this highly durable number 1 foam.

Motor structure

Rockville RWS12CA subwoofer has the Vented Core magnet motor structure with 70 oz magnet used inside it. It?s a high power Strontium magnet with Ultra saturated and high BL structure of the motor.

Washers and yoke plates

This subwoofer has used 8 mm of washers and yoke plates while it?s manufacturing


Rockville RWS12CA subwoofer has also the 2 inch high temp aluminum voice coils and these are also responsible for the best performance of this subwoofer and

Power output

This sleek enclosed subwoofer has the max power output of 1200 watts and RMS power handling of 400 watts CEA rated and 1.36 mm peak to peak X-max.

Black tweet carpet

This subwoofer box enclosure has the Aviation black tweet carpet and it comes with an embroidered logo of Rockville on it. This carpet protects the box and the subwoofer also and increases the whole enclosure?s shelf life; also a good and smooth look is appeared by this carpet. Also it has got the black textured synthetic leather front panel.

Impedance and frequency

Rockville RWS12CA subwoofer has the impedance of 4 ohms and the frequency response of 38 ??Hz to 500 Hz and also the SPL of @ 1w/1m: 96dB

High level input

This Rockville subwoofer has also featured the quick connect Molex high level input which can smarty turn on the circuitry and this unit easily integrates in to any OEM system with the minimum wiring.


?It provides a good warranty and support for its users and in case of any damaged part, you can return it back but within a few days of buying it.


This amazing subwoofer is thrifty; you can easily buy it without worrying about your budget. It will be the best choice of you for the selection of these best subwoofers. The best thing in enclosed subwoofers is that you do not have to take another box from the market or to make a box by utilizing your time. Just buy them, adjust and play.

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Specifications of Rockville RWS12CA Slim Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure

  • 12 inch super slim subwoofer
  • Ultra stiff composite pulp cone
  • 3D ?of Molded Acrylic Dust Cap for protection
  • Rolled and expanded steel basket
  • Dimensions: 24 inch, Length x 15 inch, Height 4.37 inch, Top Depth x 6.65 inches?
  • SPL @ 1w/1m: 96dB
  • Sealed MDF enclosure design
  • Handles peak power of 1200 watts
  • RMS CEA rated power of 400 watts
  • High density of foam laminated surrounding
  • Vented core magnet of motor structure with 70 oz magnet used in? it
  • It also has 2 inch high temp aluminum voice coils
  • 8 mm of the washers and the Yoke plates
  • Aviation grade black tweet carpet with an embroidered logo of Rockville on it
  • This item has the frequency response of 38 Hz to 500 Hz
  • They have an impedance of 4 ohms
  • Also has the 13.6 mm of the peak to peak X max.


  • Slim design is perfect
  • Ultra stiff cone
  • High level input
  • Best performance
  • Excellent bass
  • Cool look and design?


  • Slight errors in measuring the depth difference.

Final words

So, finally you know all the complete details about this best 12 inch subwoofer enclosure and all other 12 inch subwoofers also. Rockville RWS12CA is freaking awesome and a perfect choice for the money. So you can take this amazing subwoofer in a very affordable price easily or you can give it to any friend as a gift. You can listen to a high quality sound with a good bass that you will always appreciate.

Final Words for Best 12 Inch Subwoofer?

All the subwoofers reviews are given here, dedicatedly for the Best 12 inch subwoofer for your convenience. I put a lot of efforts for this, to provide my readers, compiled information about all the Best 12 inch subwoofer in a single article here.? So select the one, which you found with the best specs and features here according to your preferences.?

Good luck.

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