How to Remove a Car Stereo Without Din Tools

You have bought a new car stereo but the problem is how to remove a car stereo without din tools. I always recommend using proper tools and kits for the removal of a car stereo, however, this guide is focused, if you don’t have any din tools. Two months back, I decided to add this topic at Stereo Authority and on the same day, I used this method to remove a car stereo without din tools.

Normally I don’t recommend removing stereo without a proper kit, without proper tools, you may damage the car stereo. When I tried removing stereo?without tools, I did manage to remove it without any damage. Read the whole article, before you finally decide to pull a shot.

How to Remove a Car Stereo Without Din Tools

Removing a car stereo without din tools is simple and you will only need two sharp knives, two forceps. With the help of the knives, remove the outer plastic and with forceps, remove the internal metallic part. Follow this step by step and don’t rush into this. Below, I have given detail of “How to Remove a Car Stereo Without Din Tools”.

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Step by Step Guide:?How to Remove a Car Stereo Without Din Tools

Before starting this guide, let me tell you, that this guide is focused on removing a single din car stereo. For a double din stereo, I will post an article soon.

So, here we go, first, you will need to ensure that the car engine is switched off. Now you will need to arrange two medium-sized kitchen knives for the first step. With these sharp knives, you will remove the external cover of the car stereo. Knives should be sharp enough to penetrate the sides of the stereo. Now simply pull the external cover out with these knives.

You have to use both knives simultaneously and push them into both sides of stereo to pull it out. This is a simple process and you can easily remove the external cover. Be careful, not to damage yourself with the knives.?

Now that the external cover is removed, you can see the inner plastic. You can easily remover the inner plastic with your bare hands. Now here you will have to use a special technique, just push to down and up and then pull the internal plastic out. It normally comes out easily, you have to be careful and slow to avoid breaking of the frames. Sometimes there are strings attached to the internal sides of the car stereo that make it stable during installing. You will need to detach those strings that normally maintain a strong support for the car stereo.

Now I have seen many fellows who just get stuck at this very step. Let me explain it again, you can again use two knives and put them at the corners of the frames and pull the frame out by putting pressure on the knives. If still fails, you will have to pull out the metal that is holding it inside.

To remove the metal clamps that keep stereo fixed at a position, you will need two forceps. Hold the corners of the frames with these forceps?and slowly move it out.? Don’t rush at this point or it may get struck again.

Very carefully, pull it out while holding both forceps?tight with your hands.? You will need to pull it out using both forceps simultaneously. While pulling it out, ensure that it should come out straight, otherwise it may break or get stuck.

Once it is out of that very position, you can observe the metallic frames or clamps that hold it inside and makes it difficult to remove. These metal plates are the main reason for the stability of the car stereo. You can remove those metallic frames with a U shaped wire that can be easily made at home. Once you remove the metallic frame then there is nothing to worry. Read here about Subwoofer Box Designs.

Home Made Din Tools

Now I have seen few fellows who have made their own din tools. For removing car stereo, you need a U shaped gadget that is normally available in the market. But you can also make that at home easily.

Let me explain that here:

Get a hanger that is used to hand shirts. Several of the homemade din tools can be made by using a wire. Cut the bottom part of the coat or shirt hanger with the wire cutter into two equal halves and each of 5-6 inches long. You should use a steel wire cutter as ordinary cutters may damage the hanger wire. Now simply using your hands and pressing with the thumb you can bend the wire into a U shaped device that can be used to remove car stereo.

Similarly, you can make any tools that can be made with the hanger wire and be used in the installing or removing of the car stereo.

Available Din Tools in the Market

When we talk about din tools it may seem that we are discussing some complex gadgets but in reality, these are a set of basic tools. Din tools are used while operating car stereo and they can be used for both single din head unit and a double din head unit.?

Following tools can be part of the Din Tools Kit:

Screwdrivers, wire cutters, covering tape a dedicated car stereo removal kit that includes a couple of simple gadgets.?

Why you should use the proper tool?

I always recommend using proper, din tools to fix or adjust car stereos. The main purpose of writing this article is that I have seen many people who don’t have tools at home. Although these din tools are pretty cheap still we avoid buying them, Why??

I always use proper tools to fix or remove car stereo and for this article, I had to learn this process. As I said, I work with a team of technicians and engineers at Stereo Authority Head Quarters, so I had all the guidance needed. For my readers, I have explained the whole process of removing a car stereo without din tools in this step by step guide.?

While you are removing the car stereo without din tools, never rush to remove it. You may break the external plastic or even damage the car stereo wiring. I always recommend following the guidelines on the instruction manual that normally comes with the product. Not every product is same and similarly not every car stereo is identical.?

Read this guide about why you should a subwoofer in your car.?

Final Words about Removing a Car Stereo Without Din Tools

Once you have removed the car stereo out, check its back. You will notice any cables and plug attached there. Remove the power cable and cable for sound. Remove any other cable or plug that may be attached there at the back of car stereo.

Now it is easy to remove all the cables that are attached to the stereo but you may get confused when attaching again with the stereo. I have just posted an article about car stereo wire colors, also I have added a dedicated chart in that post.?

Detach any cable from amplifier and subwoofer if any. I recommend using a 10 inch subwoofer if you really want to enjoy quality music with powerful bass.?Learn here about properly mounting the subwoofer box in the trunk.

With proper tools, things become easier. You can use a screwdriver instead of knives and that is always best. Don’t use keys to remove the plastic frame, instead use forceps. At any stage, you feel like it damaging the stereo, stop there and arrange proper tools.?Read this guide on car door speakers.?I have explained here,?subwoofer size chart?along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers.

Removing a car stereo without din tools is like an art, I recommend that you follow all the steps as mentioned and you will have no issue.?Read about if you want more bass out of your subwoofer.

I have given all the details about,?How to Remove a Car Stereo Without Din Tools and still, if you have any question, you can contact me by using the comment section below. If you have also made ay din tools that you use to install or remove car stereo, do let me know and we will add that with your name to this blog. We can always make these simple tools at home without any difficulty and save our hard earned cash.

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