Best 10 Inch Subwoofer 2019

In this article, I have given detailed information on Best 10 Inch Subwoofer for 2019. 10 Inch Subwoofers bring quality and powerful bass to your car stereo. I am a big fan of this moderate-sized subwoofer.

This article will explain in detail about “Best 10 Inch Subwoofer” with top reviews of quality products. I have selected top 7 products for this 10 Inch subwoofer article.

Comparison Chart for Best 10 Inch Subwoofer 2019

Here is the comparison chart for Best 10 Inch Subwoofer Reviews for 2019. I have added 7 best products for this article. All basic features are added to this chart.

10 Inch Subwoofer Impedance Power Handling (Watts) Price
Skar Audio VD – 10 D2 2 Ohm Peak: 800 RMS: 500 Check Price
Rockford Fosgate P300 2 Ohm Peak: 600 RMS: 300 Check Price
Kicker 10C104 Comp 4 Ohm Peak: 300 RMS: 150 Check Price
Rockford Fosgate P3D4 4 Ohm Peak: 1000 RMS: 500 Check Price
Pioneer TSW261S4 4 Ohm Peak: 1200 RMS: 350 Check Price
JL Audio 10W0v3-4 4 Ohm Peak: 300 RMS: 350 Check Price
Pioneer TS-SWX2502 4 Ohm Peak: 1200 RMS: 300 Check Price

Skar Audio VD – 10 D2, 10 Inch?Subwoofer for Car

This is a great 800 Watts Subwoofer. If you want a great quality sound in your car, these subwoofers are least expected to disappoint you in any way possible. This shallow mount car subwoofer is loved and bought by many, across the globe.

While most of the customers feel that the features you get are pretty amazing, keeping in mind the price too, some of the customers also felt much eased after buying this subwoofer as it sounds fabulous.

Skar audio bags the confidence of their customers with this product as they have been able to provide many people with a blissful listening experience through the same subwoofer. It has amazing power handling and much more!

Let us have a deeper look at the General Characteristics of this 800 Watt shallow mount car subwoofer;

  • If you are an audiophile who adores high pitched sounds, and frequencies, then this subwoofer is just the right choice for you. This subwoofer can effortlessly produce high power sounds, with a peak power of 800 Watts and an RMS power of around 500 watts.
  • This subwoofer has a very low mounting depth, so if you are someone looking for shallow mount depth, this speaker will serve the purpose certainly! It has a mere mounting depth of 4.41 inches.
  • The engineering done has managed to fascinate us a lot. It is designed in a way that it can handle a huge amount of power, while also managing to include a shallow footprint. This feature is just another name for versatility.
  • We have recorded a lot of dominance in the performance of this subwoofer. This has been possible due to the installation of a low profile single stack ferrite magnet.
  • The dominance is enhanced in efficiency when we consider the utilization of yet another amazing feature; a high-temperature 2-inch voice coil.
  • This subwoofer is black in color, and we are totally in love with what it looks like!

Why should you buy this Sakar Audio 10 Inch Subwoofer?

  • High quality and detailing is what this speaker excels at. There are less or no distortions, and this speaker is determined to make your listening experience much better.
  • This speaker needs no large spaces or bigger boxes to fit in. you can save up space in your car and utilize it for other purposes of your personal will, with these speakers. They are easier to install with a lesser mounting depth too.
  • These subwoofers are extremely affordable, keeping in mind the prices of other subwoofers of the same kind, and also the number of amazing features that you are getting along with these Best 10 inch subwoofer.?

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What are the cons of this product?

  • These speakers might not be able to fit into some vehicles. So the sizing must be considered and compared.


These are nicely priced subwoofers, with a good outlook and an amazing interior. They perform well with high frequencies and provide you with a rock and roll listening experience. These speakers are good at what they do and don?t promise you any unreasonable expectations that they are unable to fulfill.?Skar Audio has managed to impress many, through these subwoofers.

Rockford Fosgate P300

With this little baby, you will not have to worry about finding the amps that match, or the perfectly sied enclosures. This best 10 inch subwofer, is tremendously well made, as it serves to be the perfect blend of an enclosure, a subwoofer, and an amplifier, so you can run as far as you can from doing the mind-boggling mathematics.

Rockford Fosgate has always been our favorite mention in a conversation where performances are being talked about of various products.

This subwoofer will be adding life to your speakers, quite sure. You can just sit back and relax, knowing your money was well-spent with these subwoofers. It comes with the installation of a custom sealed enclosure as well as being mightily powered. The exterior is pretty durable and you can easily rely on it not to get bumps or scratches on the subwoofer while it is in the trunk of the car.

Here are some of the General Characteristics of this Rockford Fosgate product;

  • This subwoofer is not only tough and solid but is also pretty well-made.
  • An industrial heat-activated vinyl, installed in the subwoofer and mostly termed as the ?black material? of the subwoofer, aids in preventing scratches and dings.
  • A material that has been famous for making speaker enclosures, has been used to enhance the dignity of this product. The 5/8 inches medium density fiberboard MDF is not only effective but also includes the high level of density.
  • I is designed in a way that it traps the right amount of air inside, for a tighter sound quality. Also, enables less flexing while air and cone motion is happening.
  • This design supports a sealed enclosure, which is the best you can find, given the price range as well.
  • The system is incredibly easy to work with, as it is all-inclusive. It literally includes everything, from an enclosure to the sub and the amp. So if you buy this product, all you require is a signal from the source to get going with your rocking listening experience.

Let us now answer some basic question, frequently asked by our readers.

Why should you buy this product?

  • One of the basic features that have attracted many over the years towards Rockford, is their design. This subwoofer maintains the legacy and comes with a design that has everything inbuilt within the subwoofer. From the amplifier to the subwoofer and the enclosure, everything works together to achieve perfection of performance and maximum ease for the customers is enabled.
  • The built-in amplifier is not an ordinary one. It has an amazing power handling of 300 watts RMS and 600 watts peak power. This is the kind of amplifier destined to provide a magnificent performance.
  • Rockford enables maximum control over the subwoofer. So that you can adjust the settings according to your own will.
  • There is an addition of the punch level control to enable ease and efficiency in the performance of this subwoofer
  • The protection is thoroughly considered with this subwoofer. It comes with an added overload, overvoltage and short circuit protection which makes sure that the amplifier stops working if any dangerous situation occurs that moves further to damage the subwoofer.
  • The sound quality is unquestionable to us. It does not only work well with high frequencies, but you can also enjoy lower ones perfectly with this subwoofer. Get ready for a punchy bass, and a clear sound quality.
  • It has been rated extremely well by the customers and offers a quite decent durability.

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What are the cons of this product?

  • Some people have rated this product as not-so-durable.


This is a subwoofer that is designed just according to your needs. It is all-inclusive and efficient when it comes to performance. This subwoofer is undoubtedly one of our absolute favorites.

Kicker 10C104 Comp

If you take a closer look at the market, these subwoofers serve to be the most reliable and decently priced products in the 10 inch section. Kicker has always been a trusted company through all these years, without a doubt. Without being too hard on your wallet, these subwoofers add tremendous bass to your sound system.

You can have both; a constant performance paired with an energetic feel with these speakers installed in your car stereo system. Audiophiles have adored these speakers so much that these have been one of the most widely sold products for quite some time.

We have listed the Kicker 10C104 subwoofer in our favorites, and we do not regret this even a bit! Let us get to know this product more.

Here are some General Characteristics of this product:

  • Along with having a tough steel basket, these speakers have ensured zero damage to your ears as well. This has been made possible through the installation of a coil-cooling perimeter venting. This feature also makes sure there is a reliable foundation for heavy basses.?
  • Durability and a perfect balance are the keys to a perfect subwoofer, and we are proud to announce that both of these qualities is are present in these subwoofers. A Ribbed foam surround has been more than successful in fulfilling this purpose.
  • There is no unwanted distortion, which makes your listening experience so much more than what it already is!?Learn here about properly mounting the subwoofer box in the trunk.
  • The audio clarity is enhanced on so many levels. One of them can be explained by the fact that a 360-degree back-bracing is enabled.
  • This product has been widely recognized for being extremely user-friendly. The 4 Ohm impedance makes it compatible with any sort of amp, so you don?t have to worry about getting some specific amp that might go well with these cool subwoofers.

Why should you buy these?Best 10 Inch Subwoofer?

  • The price range is extremely fascinating, especially when you are getting high quality and unique features in only less than 100 dollars!
  • The power handling is extremely commendable. There are no distortions and a perfect balancing effect is always there when it comes to loud sounds or higher frequencies.
  • The durability is amazing and makes this speaker a total worth-buying product. The ribbed foam surround and rigidity of this speaker is a proof for its longevity.
  • Maximum bass quality is enabled through a specially tuned and directed port, which increases your level of satisfaction with this product for good.
  • This subwoofer is user-friendly and it allows smooth connection with any system. It just makes you lose less sweat worrying about compatible car stereo systems or amps.
  • Given the compact size, this subwoofer can fit into tight holes, taking less space of your car which you can utilize for other stuff of your personal preference.
  • Read this guide about why you should a subwoofer in your car.?

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What are the cons of this product?

  • There is an absence of mounting screws. Although this problem is not frequently reported by the valued customers.


These are extremely affordable speakers that provide you with rick bass and a tighter sound quality. These speakers are a perfect blend of good design idea and excellent execution. These subwoofers have more qualities and unique features than you can ever get from any other subwoofer in this price range.

They are stylish looking and flexible when it comes to the installation process. Being user-friendly is not less of an achievement for the product. To cut it short, Kicker continues to amaze us with this product like it always does!

Rockford Fosgate P3D4

We have always been fond of reviewing Rockford Fosgate products, for their high-quality delivery of performance by their products, that too in reasonable prices. Rockford has managed to maintain its repute with this subwoofer as well. This subwoofer can easily be listed as one of the best choices you can make when it comes to a medium powered sub.

This subwoofer displays automotive bass performance, which makes us drool over it even more! Rockford engineers have continued to improve their product quality with this subwoofer as it contains a 2.5-inch voice coil and also a protective PVC textured magnet cover.

It is also equipped with an anodized aluminum cone and a vertical attach sound technique. This subwoofer does not only enhance the bass and get you loudness in your music, but it also provides you with a tighter sound that helps you cherish any type of music genre with these subs.??

The durability and strength of these subwoofers is another factor worth mentioning about this product. This will enhance your Car Stereo performance.

Apart from these details, let us have a deeper look at this product by discussing some of its General Characteristics;

  • It enables efficient dissipating of heat through an expert anodized aluminum voice coil former. This prevents an eventual speaker failure from happening and increases the longevity of these speakers. Extreme heat buildup is also managed through the presence of this feature within these speakers.
  • This brand and especially this product has managed to make us feel safe while subwoofer shopping, as this product and many others from the same brand name, are CEA-2031 confirmed. It can be explained by saying that you can have a blind trust on these subs to handle the power ratings, on so many different levels without having to worry about distortions or damages to your car stereo system.
  • There are tinsel leads stitched to the spider of these subwoofers. This not only enhances the durability factor but also ensures high-quality performance expectations from this speaker.
  • There are no installation issues, despite the presence of a larger surface area. This is made possible through the incorporation of CAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) design by the engineers at Rockford. They have modified the way in which the surround adheres to the basket, which aids in maximizing the nominal efficiency and maximum output.
  • These subwoofers are decently priced and easy to install given the compact sizing. These speakers make you worry lesser and lesser!

Why should you buy this product?

  • Punch series has managed to keep Rockford in the limelight, as expected. The potent, powerful and tighter music just makes their products totally worth spending money on. They provide you with a sound that will make your car stereo system stand out among the rest.
  • These subs enable deeper bass, with no distortions as well as no damage to their quality. The anodized aluminum coil helps this subwoofer to stay fit and healthy even when the bass gets too hot!
  • An oversized rubber surround is attached that serves for the longevity and durability of this product while simultaneously helping more air movement through the speakers for bigger bass.

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What are the cons of this product?

  • There have not been any prominent setbacks worth mentioning here.


These are extremely affordable subs that ensure zero damage and longer life-span. They work efficiently for making your listening experience better and more fun! Deeper bass is their thing which makes them stand out from the rest.

Pioneer TSW261S4

When it comes to precision and toughness, this woofer is totally worth a mention. This is mainly due to the ribbed cone design that is also injection-molded. You don?t really have to worry about this subwoofer hitting the hard notes right, because it does do extremely well with higher frequencies.

Pioneer is one of the most known brands across the globe for their quality performances. With this subwoofer, they have built a double layered elastic polymer surround that provides exceptional support for the woofer so your listening experience can be made so much more than what it already might be.?I have explained here,?subwoofer size chart?along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers.

This subwoofer comes with a lot more cool features that will be convincing enough for buyers who are in dire need to elevate their listening experiences in their cars for good. All you have to do, in order to learn everything about these speakers, is to keep reading!

Let us discuss a few General Characteristics of this Pioneer TSW261S4 10 inch equalizer;

  • One of the most notable qualities of this subwoofer is that it comes with a reinforced cone structure. The structure of its cone is re-designed in such a way that it delivers more durability and accuracy while performing. It not only comes with a rigid and lightweight dust cap, but it also features a single along with a drive cone. This just beats all the competing subwoofers and their designs. This is especially useful when it comes to maintaining cone efficiency at high sound pressure levels. Durability is also increased through this design.
  • A single-piece basket is also installed which helps in producing a louder and perfect bass. This basket is not only said to create tighter sound impressions but also is derived from Pioneer?s world record holding SPL competition subwoofers. This single basket can do a whole lot more. For example, it reduces harmful vibrations throughout the subwoofer and aids in providing an increased driving force to the cone area of the subwoofer.
  • A richer bass is expected due to the installation of a new spider assembly. A better playback response is enabled, while also managing to improve the sound outline and the linearity. This is done by re-designing this spider assembly in a way that it is not directly attached to the basket because that can cause harmful vibrations throughout the cone. It is instead attached to the spider holder so the chance of these harmful radiations destroying r minimizing the performance of these subwoofers is disabled.? Best 15 Inch Subwoofer Reviews 2019.

These were some of the basic qualities of these Best 10 Inch Subwoofer. Let us now discuss some of its Basic Features;

Product Impedance 4 Ohm
Product Dimensions 10 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches
Model number TSW261S4
Product Sensitivity 93 dB
Product Weight 11.4 pounds
Product Design 10 inch single 4 Ohm Champion Series Subwoofer
Product Frequency Response 20 – 125 Hz
Product Top Mount Depth 5.5 inches
Product?s Power Handling Power Rating:

Peak: 1200 watts

RMS: 350 watts

These were some of the basic features of this Best 10 Inch Subwoofer, these will provide you with a deeper understanding of the do?s and don?ts of this subwoofer. Let us move on to answer some of these basic questions that are frequently asked.

Why should you buy this?

  • This 10-inch subwoofer has ventilation holes designed and incorporated in its structure so that overheating does not happen and damage the air flow or the overall performance of the subwoofer.
  • The combination of this speaker with a combined IMPP cone makes it tough, yet light in its weight. This eliminates distortions.
  • It is extremely affordable, and gives out all of the above mentioned unique features in a price range lower than a 100 dollars!
  • The tighter sound quality is maintained through the modified designing of this subwoofer.

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What are the cons of this product?

  • 10% of the people on Amazon have complained that it pops out after a few trials. The other 90% have strongly disagreed though.


These are good subwoofer that is also low in their prices so your wallet is not ripped apart. These Best 10 Inch Subwoofer work quite well considering their price range, and provide all you audiophiles with a punchy and a tighter bass for a rocking listening experience in your cars.

JL Audio 10W0v3-4

Given the price range, when you compare other subwoofers with it that belong to the same class, this speaker stands out not just in its overall performance, but also in terms of linearity and excursion capability. You can, in short, find the trademark JL performance that you have been looking for.

There is an optimized motor system installed for better linear cone movement. Heat dissipation has been made a lot easier by the presence of advanced cooling systems throughout the frame. This JL audio subwoofer is engineered for power handling and reliability that will satisfy your ears.

The bass produced by this amazing subwoofer is not in any way disappointing. In fact, it is just what a person expects from JL audio products. Increased output is a basic feature that this subwoofer comes with. There is a lot more to what this subwoofer can do. Let us discuss this?Best 10 Inch Subwoofer. You should always adjust stereo settings for a better result.

Here are some General Characteristics of JL audio 10W0v3 – Best 10 Inch Subwoofer:

  • Very little power is needed to get this baby going. A mere 75 watts will be enough to drive this subwoofer. This is like defining flexibility in a different way. However, for better performance, you might want to pair it up with a 200-300 watt amp.?Read about if you want more bass out of your subwoofer.
  • Talking about flexibility, these speakers can be mounted easily not just in a sealed enclosure but also a ported one.
  • The airspace will also not come in the way as these speakers only need 0.65 cubic feet of airspace when it comes to a sealed box and a mere 1.125 cubic feet space when it comes to a ported enclosure.
  • Lower distortions, along with enhanced dynamic stability is produced by these subwoofers due to the presence of a dynamic motor analysis system. This gives rise to a tighter, and cleaner bass. The sound quality is also refined and you along with your car are made ready for a rocking listening experience!

Why should you buy this?

  • The bass is so deep that you can compare it with a 12-inch subwoofer?s bass, and still, this subwoofer will be able to clean sweep the award!
  • These speakers are compact in size hence are easier to install and require less space.
  • The 11.4 mm of linear excursion makes it possible for the unit to eliminate distortions and provide a soothing and cleaner sound quality.
  • The sealing is one of the finest in town, as it includes a rear gasket which also makes the installation easier.?Read this guide on car door speakers.
  • The mineral field and the polypropylene woofer is one of the main reasons we can trust the durability of these subwoofers as they support molding the unit in case of emergencies.
  • The larger roll surround is also worth mentioning, it provides the appropriate amount of excursion

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What are the cons of this product?

  • The grills are not included in the box.
  • It works best with an amp. Again the customers have to spend a few extra bucks for that.


This is an amazing 10-inch subwoofer. While some may call it overpriced, but we disagree. Keeping in mind the quality and the looks, this subwoofer is the best you can get in the given price range! It provides you with tighter bass and cleaner sound quality. JL Audio has nevertheless been able to live up to the expectations associated with them with this subwoofer!

Pioneer TS-SWX2502

This Pioneer subwoofer provides the best hard-hitting bass, that too from a small-sized and compact subwoofer. His subwoofer does not only exhibit a powerful performance but also is flexible when it comes to fitting into tighter spaces.

It can be installed in most of the standard, extended or crew cab pickups, due to its small and compact size of a mere 6 inches deep. Your music has been made up to the mark by the accurate and tighter bass that this subwoofer is designed to soothe your ears with.

The over-sized cone, along with a gasket surface help a lot in achieving the purpose of a hard-hitting bass. This subwoofer can be termed as a fully carpeted enclosure, and this also increases the durability factor of this subwoofer. There is increased control over the motion of the cone, with this subwoofer, which aids in developing the overall performance of the speaker in a much better way. Read here about?Removing Car Stereo without tools,

This was some basic information about these subs. Let us move further on discuss some of the General Characteristics of this amazing 10-inch Pioneer subwoofer!

  • You will witness a dominant performance destined to woo you with these excellently designed Pioneers subwoofers. Your music will undoubtedly be more enriching and enjoyable with the accurate, tighter and deeper bass provided by these subwoofers.
  • These best 10-inch subwoofer features a compact size, hence are easier to install. Moreover, the advanced designing is effective in such a way also that these subwoofers can fit into a lot of vehicles without destroying our personal space in the car.
  • Without making any changes to the external dimensions of the unit, these subwoofers provide a much better bass due to the oversized cone structure along with the rear gasket.
  • The fully carpeted enclosures not only add to the look of these Best 10 Inch Subwoofer but also increases their durability and longevity by providing these subwoofers with a scratch resistant. Moreover, this designing also aids in saving the space as you can easily install these subwoofers with carpeted enclosures in your cabin or luggage area.

These were some of the general characteristics of this Best 10 Inch Subwoofer. Let us move on to describe some of its Basic Features;

Product Impedance 4 Ohm
Product Dimensions 8.4 inches x 18.5 inches x 14.4 inches
Model number TSSWX2502
Product Sensitivity 93 dB
Product Weight 20 pounds
Product Design 10 inch single 4 Ohm reinforced MICA injection molded Resin Cone Subwoofers
Product Frequency Response 20 – 125 Hz
Product?s Power Handling Power Rating:

Peak Power Range: 1200 Watts

RMS: 300 watts

After listing the basic features, we shall move on to the next step. In order to know more about these subwoofers, all you have to do is to keep reading.

Why should you buy this product?

  • The one amazing feature about its designing is that it has an increased cone surface area along with a rear gasket without changing its external dimensions. This larker cone surface area allows for a deeper and a much more satisfying bass by enabling an enhanced level of air movement.
  • The highly rigid cone is made up of MICA injection molded resin which enables these subwoofers to give out an enhanced bass and an amazing listening experience simultaneously.
  • A dual spider allows more stiffness, and hence a better excursion of the cone. Not only this, but it also supports the linear movement of the best 10-inch subwoofer for much more accurate and smooth bass.
  • It comes with a straighter connection of wires that makes thus subwoofer easier to install.

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What are the cons of this product?

  • Some customers have reportedly said that after a passage of time passes, there is a decline in the performance of the speakers.


These Best 10 Inch Subwoofer is a good choice for people who are a fan of loud and heavy basses. This subwoofer is highly usable due to its compact designing and these subwoofers can be installed in any vehicle without much difficulty.

Benefits of 10 Inch Subwoofers

It will not be unjust to say that Best 10 inch subwoofers define versatility on so many levels. This is why it will prove to be very beneficial for your car if you decide to add these subwoofers to your car?s stereo system.

Here are some of the features these10-inch subwoofers bring along with them, to your car stereo;

  • Apart from the enormous amount of good sound quality that these subwoofers will bring along, you can also expect Greater Range from a set of 10-inch?subwoofer. We all know how most of the cars have 6 inches or 15-inch subwoofers installed in them. While this also may sound okay to some people, we staunchly believe that it will not be good enough for audiophiles and music lovers. The 10-inch subwoofers are less complicated yet more efficient.
  • We believe that everyone has their own personal preferences or choices when it comes to music, or choosing their car subwoofers. Some want a crisp bass, while some want smooth low-end frequencies. As far as10 inch subwoofers are concerned, not only do they provide a Crisp Bass, but they are also really quick when it comes to responses because of their compact sizing. In short, if you are looking for a tighter and enhanced quality sound, a 10-inch subwoofer will be the best choice for you.
  • These subwoofers are smaller in size, making them incredibly Easy to Install. If you are having a vehicle with limited space, these subwoofers might be able to work out for you.
  • Given a correct installation, these subwoofers can be a power pack. In fact, they strike the perfect balance between power and performance. They are smaller in size, but their Power Output is great. You will not have to worry about the limitations of these subwoofers, as there are hardly any or just a few presents. After all, small things can do great things!
  • These subwoofers are extremely Keeping in mind their size, as well as price, they prove to be extremely beneficial and durable without giving much trouble. They also have essential features such as they include anodized and non-anodized voice coil as well along with other specifications.

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