How to Connect Car Stereo Wires

Stereo wiring is always important and many fellows get confused, I consider easy to do. Once it is done properly, then you will only enjoy quality music. There will be no need of any other thing to do after connecting the wires. Just switch it on and enjoy the latest features that are made to impress buyers.

So, if you are looking for ??How to connect car stereo wires?? so you can connect the wires with ease and also ensure the proper connections. So here I will tell you details about this topic and in the end, you will be able to do the stereo wire connections speedily and easily without doing any mistakes.

So let?s start, here we go;

How to Connect Car Stereo Wires

If you are trying to install a stereo in your car and want to replace the old one or factory fitted then you are thinking correct as, without a good stereo, driving is completely boring and for installing the new stereo, definitely you should have to know about making the wire connections and trust me it is very easy and once you finish reading this whole article carefully, you will become an expert in making stereo wire connections.

Tools Required for Connecting Wires

For connecting the cars stereo wires, you will need the following things first and that are the;

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wires harness
  • Wiring Kit
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire connectors

Electrical tape and other protection things are just your choices while keeping the wiring kit with you will help in doing any kind of wire connections always. So, progress with me, sit tight and continue reading to become an expert.

Stereo Wires Encoding

Let me tell you that all of the wires are encoded by the different colors and this is a great ease. If you want to install a stereo and make wire connection by your own then these colored wires will help you to make the connection process easier. There are different wire colors in different harnesses when you buy them from different shops, although some of the major encoded colors used worldwide in wirings, like

  • Yellow wires represent the switched 12 V+ or constant fused wire
  • Orange wires represent constant 12 V+
  • The red wire is key for excess repower circuit, it determines that whether the power is on or off
  • Blue wire send the power of 12 V when FM or Bluetooth is on
  • Black wires represent the ground wires mostly
  • Grey represents illumination
  • Brown wires represent the dimmer
  • Right front represents the antenna

It is easy to know that which one is the ground wire. It mostly is black or maybe another color, you will get to know when you connect all the same color wires and the remaining left, in the end, will be the ground wire to be directly attached with the stereo. It is very important to do all the connections perfectly as otherwise there will be a short circuit if you did it wrong. So if you are also facing this question,?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires? then follow this step by step guide.

A Step by Step Guide on?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires?

It is very important to do all the connections perfectly as otherwise there will be a short circuit if you did it wrong. You can also seek guidance from the instruction manual on which colored wires connections are shown but definitely, people do not get the complete information from manuals or found it difficult and keep asking for this question.

This is the reason that I wrote this dedicated article to do the car stereo wirings connection to clear your mind from all the queries? by providing you all the necessary information related to this hot topic and every one of you must know about this thing so that you may not have to take help from others or to make it done by some expert by wasting? your money on them. It?s a simple thing and you should get to know how to do it but this is only possible if you give this article a complete and careful reading.

Step 1

So starting this guide for?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires.??First of all, you have to buy the wiring harness from the market so that you can attach to your car?s new stereo. If you have bought it already with your new stereo than well done, also keep the other things with you while starting this work like tools, e.g screwdrivers, wire cutters etc and the connectors to connect the wires firmly

Step 2 ?

Now you are prepared to make the connections. Relax your mind and take the wire harness and now connect all these wires with the same color wires of the stereo with the help of the wire connectors. Connect each and every single colored wire of the wiring harness with the stereo same color wires properly. If you don?t use the connectors for the harness wires than you have to connect all the wires first but with difficulty. So it is better to use the wire harness head unit so that you can get a collection of all the wires together. Let us continue with?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires.

Step 3

After making the connections of the wires, make sure that those connections are strong enough if you don?t use connectors than you can do wire crimping and too strong this connection you can apply any tape on it but it is still not the best option. Another option for my dear reader is that you can easily connect these wires by soldering because it is still secured than the crimping method.

Soldering is basically a method which uses a metal that can be melted and is applied over both connected wires and then it gets dried up and makes a strong connection of the wires. Many people love this method as it is the strongest method but it?s very hectic to separately do all soldering for a lot of wires and it is too much time consuming

Personally, I like to use the connectors for the wires connected as it does not make so much time, it?s easy to connect the wires with these connectors and also it ensures the strong connection so why not to choose this convenient, strong and easy method.

If you find any kind of difficulty in the connection, use the tools whose names I have told above like use the wire cutter and trim the wires, a little bit so that it can easily come in the grip of the connector and it is pretty much simple to do.

Whichever the method you found the best convenient, go for it but it is just that the connection should be powerful and stable

Step 4

After connecting all the wires, two wires will remain in the harness outplay head unit and that will be the ground wires (earth wires) these are mostly black colored, these wires are for the connection with direct chassis of the stereo. So must ensure to ground your stereo by connecting it with this earth wire properly. After that, you will be all done. All the wires connections are done by ensured strong connection

Step 5

After that, it is a must that you should check out that if the stereo connection is working or not. So check the connections by using the continuity test using the voltmeter. Set the voltmeter. Connect the two weeds of the voltmeter and if they make a beam sound than well done you have ensured testing for the right connections. You can also test the good connection by directly placing the one probe back into the harness and one on the other side of the harness and double check it by hearing the beam sound

Step 6

Now coming to the last step with How to Connect Car Stereo Wires. Place the stereo on its place or attach brackets to adjust it. In short, prepare your stereo to get mounted well on its place and then just adjust the stereo in its compartment. Also, ensure the proper mounting and tight screws. So, excellent, you are done now. I have explained the whole procedure for?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires. Just Plug and play now and enjoy listening to the melodious stereo while driving.

Important Things About Connecting Car Stereo Wires

Let me tell you some of the most important things that you must know and check for connecting the wires of your best car stereo

  • Wires used for the connection must be of high quality. You should buy the whole wiring harness head unit of a well-known company. Although from where ever you take the wire harness, just make it sure that it is of high quality
  • When you take the harness to make sure that the ground wire fits into your stereo or not otherwise it will be of no use if the main ground wire is not connecting properly. You can check this on the spot when you buy a new stereo and the harness check out the ground wire first
  • Another important thing is that those wires may form a clump after long usage sometimes so in order to protect those all harness wires and to avoid their damage and distortion or making them pretty much convenient to use, bind them or wrap them together with tape. Cover the whole connected wires with tape and make them protected more.
  • You must have to choose the right size, high quality and best sound producing stereo for your car. Although this article is dedicated to wiring connections it is also obvious and must to take the best stereo so that along with that perfect wiring connections, stereo can produce the best sound as well.
  • Make sure that all the wires are clean
  • Ground wire has its little connector on its end sometimes, you can connect with that also or may trim it off and connect to the stereo chassis by other connections
  • There are differently sized stereo as well for different cars, make sure to take the proper size otherwise you will ruin your whole car?s sound system.
  • Testing the correct connection with the voltmeter is necessary to ensure safety otherwise incorrect connections can burn or short circuit the wiring.

Final words?

Now that I have explained the whole procedure for?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires. Let me share my story.

I had the bad factory fitted stereo in my car last year back and I was sick of it. I wanted to change that stereo and finally, I bought the perfect sized stereo. I opened up all the wirings of the previous factory fitted stereo and tried to replace it with the new one but when I came to its wiring connections, first it frightened me as I was thinking that what the mess was this and didn?t understand that what was happening that time. I checked out the whole instruction manual but couldn?t do anything at that time and with frustration, I put back the stereo safely in my home without installing in my car.

After that my car was without stereo and I was trying badly that somehow I can get to know about wiring the stereo properly and I searched a lot about it and finally I got the idea, although the information was not complete and I faced a lot of problems yet the wiring harness and the connectors made my work much easier. I became dedicated that I will not make this work done by anyone and do it myself completely. Now you have this guide on?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires, so simply follow this.

Finally, I connected all those wires harness to the stereo wires of matching colors and ground wire was also perfect in fitting. I tested the connections for accuracy and I was a little bit confused at that time and nervous also for getting to know that all my struggle has borne fruit or not because if you don?t connect your wires properly, you ruin the whole work you have done on it. So, fortunately, I tested the wiring connections and listened to the proper and smooth beam sound and it was the sign that I had done it well with perfect accuracy.

Fortunately, I was glad listening to my best sound stereo and that was actually made possible just because of properly connecting the car stereo wires.

I have explained much about this topic and I hope that you are now able to do the proper connections with great confidence. I didn?t have found such nice and comprehensive information on this topic during my time but still, after collecting info from all the sides, I did connections superbly.

I will say that just trust in yourself and do it now and for the safety purpose, the test will tell you before the complete work is done and still at that time you will be able to correct any mistake in connections. So I hope you will love my sincere efforts for you people. This article is going to help you a lot to read it and do this practical now if you also want to replace the old stereo in your car with a new one. Do it confidently.?

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Good luck with your quest on?How to Connect Car Stereo Wires.

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