Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer

The never debate about?Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer has reached stereoauthority and two weeks back, I decided that I should write an article on this topic. Now for that last week, we arranged a poll at our office and asked all employees to give their opinion about?Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer.

Around 37 people took part in the poll at the office and we have received 700 emails?related to this topic. So, I decided to write this whole article about?Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer based on the feedback of our team and readers.

Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer

The subwoofer can be placed under the seat and you will have more powerful bass within the cabin. Although I personally don’t like, it reduces the passengers comfort in the long drive. Similarly, if you place the subwoofer in the trunk, it will not only give you bass that will be strong and there will be no inner cabin discomfort. You don’t want to feel shaky while sitting on the seat that has a subwoofer underneath it.

Comparison Chart-?Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer

So, here?s the comparison chart of Underseat Subwoofer vs Trunk Subwoofer, so that you can make an easy, perfect and right selection of subwoofer for your car and enjoy something worth listening.

Give this chart a complete view carefully to that you become able to do the right decision because it totally depends upon you that which of the features you want in your car?s subwoofers.

Subwoofers Underseat subwoofer Trunk subwoofer
Size Smaller in size Have a variety of sizes available, e.g 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 15 inch
Installation Easy to install A little bit difficult to install but provides different ways for installation and proper installation is must here for its proper functioning
Portability Highly portable, you can take them anywhere you want Not portable
Space consumption Take very less space ?????????????? Requires some more space for installation
Sound quality Good sound quality Much more better sound quality and handles low frequencies best
Durability Less durable Highly durable
Placement Placed exactly under the car?s seat in the cabin Placed inside the trunk
Weight Lightweight Carries proper weight
Bass production Bad in bass production but large one?s produce somehow better bass but they don?t adjust under car?s seat properly Best bass production and gives a melodious sound
Performance Performs well if a good company subwoofer is selected Best performance
Car recommendation Fits in small-sized cars easily and in a more better way Fits into a variety of cars as available in different sizes.
Safety These subwoofers are exposed to damage? as located in the cabin Safe in the trunk, not exposed to any damage at all but should be fitted properly so that it may not slide from its exact position
Customization capability Not so many options for customization as only fits under seat or in compact small areas. Present more customization options
Price? Affordable for everyone A little bit expensive for some and quality demands some price obviously

Underseat Subwoofer

Here are some of the major benefits of the underseat subwoofers.

Benefits of Underseat Subwoofer

  • Easy to install and manage.
    Underseat car subwoofers come with easy to install feature. You just have to place it at the specific place and fix it with stripes.
  • Smaller in size.
    Underseat?car subwoofers normally come in smaller sizes and are specially made for small cars.
  • Affordable price tag.
    Majority of the under seat car subwoofers come with the best price. Since they are made for small cars, the price is always maintained at a certain figure.
  • Can be easily installed even in small cars.
    Amazing these compact car subwoofers can be installed almost in any car. You do not?need any big or luxury vehicle for these under seat car subwoofers.
  • Lightweight.
    Since these small subwoofers are made for smaller cars, it is ensured that they are lightweight and easy to manage.?
  • Portable.
    Small size and lightweight, make these under seat?car subwoofers among the best portable subwoofers nowadays.
  • Because of low weight, they don’t?weigh down the vehicle.
    Nos this is important, I have seen fellows who bought a heavy piece that literally?just affects the suspension. The driver has to be careful at speed breakers and at jumps. Always buy a subwoofer that suits your car. Do not rush for big sized beasts which are good for nothing.?
  • Can be easily installed and removed in no time, requires no extra effort or training.
    These compact subwoofers do not need any training for installation. Like many trunk subwoofers which require a proper mounting, you don’t need any of that stuff with these. Just place at the required area and fix it hooks or stripes.
  • For Underneath subwoofer, you do not need to allocate extra space.
    Yes, you do not need any extra space, just place these under the seat and you are good to go.
  • Good performance.
    Even with smaller size and low prices, these compact subwoofers always deliver quality music with a powerful bass. You can always trust these under the seat subwoofers, just go for the best brand.
  • Features a remote control for better control of the quality of music.
  • Designed in such a way that they can be installed even at tight spaces.
  • Your car will be filled with a thunderstorm like bass.

Disadvantages of Underseat Subwoofers

Here, I will brief few of the main disadvantages of the under seat car subwoofers.

  • Quality of sound may not be as good as trunk subwoofer.
  • Large sized subwoofers are better for more powerful and neat bass.
  • Durability may be compromised, trunk subwoofers normally last longers. Since these are compact, they may lack external covering for a better protection.
  • It is more exposed to shocks and damages as it is located within the cabin.

Trunk Subwoofer

Now, this is my personal favorite, once you have installed a subwoofer in the car, you will only enjoy the quality and powerful bass.

Benefits of?Trunk Subwoofer

Here, I will mention a few of the benefits of a trunk subwoofer.

  • More power and better experience of low frequencies.
  • You can go for a variety of sizes since space is never an issue with a trunk subwoofer. You can choose between 8,10,12 or even a 15 inches subwoofer. All of these sizes can be easily installed in the trunk.
  • You can use a variety of methods and techniques to mount a subwoofer in the trunk. You can use a wooden box, external support, stripes, ropes or even hooks to make it stable. I recommend going for a box design that helps produce more bass.
  • You can even add multiple subwoofers at a time.
  • You can customize it in many different ways.?You must always attach top rated amplifier with the subwoofer if you are really looking for results.
  • Now I have already written a detailed guide that you will you select the best amplifier.?I have explained here,?subwoofer size chart?along with features and specifications of different car subwoofers. I personally like a 10 inch car subwoofer.
  • Read this guide about properly mounting the subwoofer box in the trunk. Also here, I have explained ways to get?more bass out of your subwoofer.

Disadvantages of Trunk Subwoofers

Here, I will mention some of the major disadvantages of the trunk subwoofer.

  • Maybe pricey for few, as under seat car subwoofers come with a much cheaper price tag.
  • You have to ensure stable mounting for a better driving experience. I have seen fellows who have to stop at times, just to adjust or fix the trunk subwoofer.
  • I have seen a few fellows who just don’t like the large size and built structure of a trunk subwoofer.

Good luck.

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