How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk 2019

In this article, I have given a step by step guide that will answer the question, “How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk??I am going to talk about an interesting topic that most of you people are thinking and often wondering that how can we install speakers in car trunk.

You may be wondering what you have not found this kind of stuff on the internet yet and you just want to do it now, so I will tell you here that how you can install speakers in your car?s trunk. So read this article fully to get complete and proper information about Speakers in Trunk.

?I have my car speakers fitted in the doors and I was not satisfied from them because the sound quality was not good and most of all, the bass was not producing at all that made me sad. All the time when I came from my office, coming towards my home, I always turn on the sound system of my car and the bad quality sound make me frustrated literally.?

I did internet surfing and somewhat found topics related to that but all were spamming and I didn?t get anything worthy so that I can find another way to get a clear and high-quality sound from my speakers.

How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk

Finally, I got an idea to fit the speakers in my car?s trunk. I researched about best car speakers and came to know that 6×9 car speakers are now a day more common and popular, these normal sizes speakers fit to most of the cars. I wanted to fit 6×9 speakers in the car?s trunk and found a little bit of information and then started doing this work, although it was not a good attempt at first.?I have seen many fellows who just install car speakers in the door.

I faced some of the difficulties but I resolved them all and then my car speakers was adjusted in such a proper way that I am proud of myself of doing such a wonderful installation, I did mistakes at first but now I am an expert and want to share this information with you that you will probably not found anywhere and you will definitely praise this worthy information when you also did this proper installation of speakers in your car?s trunk.

I just want to share it, so that you may not face the difficulties in speakers installation that I have faced at first. So, read this article carefully for enjoying quality music and for providing your ears something worth listening.

Tools Required to Install Speakers in Car Trunk

So, all you have to do is to properly mount the speakers in the trunk and for this purpose, you will need some of the tools like

  • Socket wrench set
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • Wrenches of different kinds
  • Screwdrivers
  • Connectors etc

Step by Step Guide?to Install Speakers in the Trunk

?For installing the speakers in car trunk you have to follow these steps;

  • If you want a good sound system, first select the proper size speakers or your car
  • Place the speakers in the car?s trunk and make the connections by checking that polarity is correct or not. Do this carefully, it?s a very easy and simple step
  • Make sure that all the wiring connections are correct and before placing the speaker on the exact place, firstly test it
  • Checking connections and testing will ensure that the speaker is working correctly

Use the required tools for proper settings and you just have to simply mount the speaker in the trunk by making its connections and the main thing is that, is that enough to have a proper quality sound and you think that you are just done here, no, not at all.? The actual thing is to properly fix it so that it can perform better and should not displace and detach from its wiring when your car faces any jump or even during traveling on proper roads.

I have experienced this as I have said I had to face difficulties at first, my speaker displace from its position because trunk has some of the space left and speaker remain moving that?s why I did following things and done a proper and complete installation and I am sharing this thing below.

If you have a small family car, go for an 8-inch subwoofer, whenever going for a car subwoofer, access the trunk space and your requirements. You should?mount them properly in the trunk.?Read here if you are looking for ways to get more bass out of your car subwoofer. I recommend using an amplifier with car speakers.?Also, check amplifier compatibility with the subwoofers. I have recently posted an article on why you should have subwoofers.

Proper installation guide

After you are done with the proper connections of the speaker you have to install it in a proper way that it creates a high bass and excellent quality sound and remain fixed at its position because loose fitting is a complete mess, the speaker keep moving and does not perform well.

So for proper installation of speakers in the trunk, you can follow these steps:

  • Wooden box

You can buy a wooden box for your speaker or made it if you know how to do this. Otherwise, prefer buying a proper wooden box and place the speaker into it and tighten it with screws so that the speaker is properly installed in the trunk. The wooden box is essential if you want to properly secure the speakers in car trunk.

  • Plastic hooks and screws

You can also adjust the speakers in the trunks side walls with the help of plastic hooks and screws, just fix the hooks on either side of the speaker or on the trunk?s side wall, this will hold the speaker properly and will never let is to displace from its exact position. These plastic hooks may seem normal but they have a lot of strength and they will fix and properly fix speakers in car trunk.

  • Attachment with trunk?s roof

You can also attach the speaker with trunk roof by help on any hook, you do not have to go deep at all, just fix the speaker with the trunk roof strongly. You can also use plastic or other strong hooks available in the market. I recommend using the hooks that will be attached to trunk rook and secure the speakers in car trunk.

  • Use strips or wood plates

If you found the installation of speakers in roof difficult than simply fix it on the base of the trunk using strips or wooden plates. While using wooden plates, secure it by using the screws and it is just simple. Wooden plates are fixed at the floor of the trunk and you can easily fix the speakers on these wooden plates. This is one of my favorte method to install speakers in car trunk.

Volume settings

After properly placing, adjusting and fixing the speaker ( proper installation ), you need to do to the volume settings. Adjust the volume, not very high not too low. Set the volume in the middle ranges, you can also adjust it as you like the most. Your speaker is connected with your car?s electric system, you just have to tune the sound with buttons or knobs.

After adjusting the volume, you are done. All the setup is complete. Turn on the speakers and enjoy as you have now properly installed the speakers in the trunk.

Final words:?How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk

So I have explained all the things about ??how to install speakers in car trunk?? and once you read this whole article you will understand it completely. Your car?s speakers must be of high quality and installation should be done correctly, connecting wires of speakers with car?s electric system should be properly checked.

After that volume settings according to your preferences will complete the work. Installing speakers the in-car trunk is really amazing as the sound is not directly affecting on your ears and you become able to listen a soft, loud and a high-quality sound.

Follow the rules and regulations must because many people keep the speakers so much loud that it irritates others on the roads. Follow all the federal laws and always use a seat belt for your protection. Just install the speakers in your car?s trunk now and do the fun. I have also done all this and I am loving my car quality sound system with?speakers in the trunk.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to car speakers.

Good luck.

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