How to Hide Speakers in Living Room?

In this article, I have explained in detail,?How to Hide Speakers in Living Room? You will find a step-by-step guide along with tips and tricks that will help you hide speakers in your living room. Hiding speakers can be a tough job. I mean these are the devices which you love a lot but along with the utmost liking these are the devices which are full of the features and great qualities but these home speakers take a lot of space.

Step-by-step Guide for Hiding Speakers in Living Room

You can hide home speakers with a variety of different methods that I have explained in detail here:

  1. Hiding with plants:

You can hide your big giant speakers behind the bunch of the fake plants available in the market. You need to do a market survey to select the correct size of the plant for hiding up the speakers. It will not only give a fresh look to your room but also cause you to hide the monster looking big speakers.


Now when you finish buying a great looking plant which is available in different sizes to decorate your room then you need some scissors, glue, cardboard, foam and spray paint to beautify your room.

Step 1: The first step includes the selection of the site where the plant should be placed or arranged. You should have to be very careful while selecting the sight of placement of speakers. This is the best thing you can do to enhance the beauty of your speakers.

Step 2: Do the measurements of the speaker. You should know that the size of the speaker is very important to select the size of the artificial plant and the place where it should be placed. As it is able to carry such load or not. That way you should do the measurements for the purpose.

Step 3: ?You should go to the market and select a perfect basket for the plants. The basket should be beautiful and also it has the size which is according to the size of the plant, speakers, and the place it is going to be placed.

Step 4: At this step, you should check that the size of the basket should be according to the size of the speaker and space is completely covered by the basket and there is no issue while storing the speakers in it.

Step 5: ?Then add plants above the basket and let it adjust. Now you can add the foam to support the speakers and protect them from the shock and decorate it with the help of spray paints.

Now you can add a beautiful plant around your speaker so that your living room will be enhanced aesthetically and you can successfully hide the speakers too.

  1. Hiding of wires:

You can hide the wires of the speaker by many ways. Like I can tell you the different ways of hiding the wires of the speaker.

You can hide the wire by the following ways:

  1. You can add the raceways channels to hide the wires of the speakers and then paint the channel to get a fully blended look.
  2. You can use a drill machine to add holes in the baseboards and hide the long wires with the base board or the door.
  3. You can also get a wireless speaker set to secure yourself from the hustle of wires.
  4. You can also hide the speakers under the flooring of the room and make things easy to go.

How I Hide Speakers in My Living Room?

Well, the procedure to hide the speaker will be quite easy, if you follow all the steps that I have already mentioned. You just can go through the methodology of installing the speakers and then you are on the way to hide the speakers.

I know the humongous speakers especially in the living room looks quite odd and completely destroy the interior of the room. You should aware that your speaker is your love and so is your home so try to balance both of them.

I am an interior designer by profession and the interior of my house is quite adjusted with my love of music but it was my son birthday party and I was running short of space so I have to manage the speakers but you know a party needs a music system too.

So I decided to manage the space by hiding my speakers under the table by the involvement of nails and drill and I hide the cables and wires under the flooring. This has made my day the party went well and space was secured by me. The above-mentioned method helped me a lot. My son was super happy so I am.

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