How to Play Video on Car Screen

This article is about different ways you can play video on car screen. Recently, I have had a few readers reach out who want to play video on their car stereo, but they are not sure about compatibility.

Now, let me make one thing very clear, the video screen is only available with the double din car stereo. If you have a single din, then simply forget this idea 🙂

Double din car stereos offer user-friendly features along with an LCD screen. You can use this screen for different purposes. In fact, I personally use it for the rearview camera. However, you can use it for your passengers to watch videos while you travel. (Not you driver.)

  • To play video on car screen, you can use Bluetooth, USB device, Memory card, and DVD or CD.
  • These four are the best and least expensive methods that you can use to play and watch video files on your car stereo screen.
  • I have explained how to with all these in detail below.

Different Methods to Play Video on Car Screen

Now that you have got a new double din car stereo, let us move a step further and discuss the ways to watch and play video on car screen.

Using a DVD or CD to watch videos:

This is the least expensive method, and the easiest method to watch videos on the car screen. Simply buy your desired video in the DVD format and you can play it in the car stereo. Also, you can download the video that you are looking to play in the car and then burn it on a DVD and enjoy.

Now, even HD videos are available in the DVD format that is just amazing. Also, you can buy a couple of empty DVDs and use the computer to burn the required video files – legally procured.

Using a USB device:

Now, all major brands add USB ports in their car stereos. This USB port can be used for various different purposes, but I will focus on the video’s format here.

To play video on car screen by USB, I recommend maintaining a dedicated USB for your car stereo. USB can easily get corrupted if it is being used at different computers and ports.

Click here to check prices of USB Devices.

Then, download the required video, and make sure the format is supported by the car stereo. It is recommended that you go through the instruction manual that comes with the car stereo. Read in detail about the files that stereo can read.

After you have downloaded the video, transfer it to the USB. Now your USB is ready to be attached to the car stereo.

Simply plug USB to the port and select the file and boom, you are watching video on the car screen.

Using Mobile Phone:

You can watch and play videos on the car screen via your mobile phone. Now, you can use two methods for this.

  • The first, is to use Bluetooth and play the required file on the car stereo. You can also play videos on the car stereo screen by this method.
    • For this, you will need to connect your mobile Bluetooth with the car stereo.
    • Next, check if your car stereo is Bluetooth compatible, if not, then this guide on adding Bluetooth to car will help. If your car stereo is not compatible with Bluetooth, you can easily add this feature.
    • Now, different car kits are commonly available to purchase that feature Bluetooth technology.
  • The second method is to attach a mobile phone via cable and play the files on the car stereo screen. However, this feature is not supported by the majority of car stereo brands. I have not used it personally but a few friends have done this.

Using Memory Card or Data Card:

Now, this is again is one of the easiest methods, and an inexpensive one. For this, you will need to buy a data storage card or as they call it memory card. Always buy from a reputed brand and a trusted seller, I have seen many people who just buy cheap products and later realize their mistake after losing data. Now that you have bought a good quality data card, you will need to download all the video files that you intend to watch on the car stereo screen.

How to play Youtube Videos in Your Car?

Transfer all the files the on the memory card from your computer or laptop whichever you have. That’s it, your data storage card is ready to play videos on the car screen. Simply insert it in the required port or place, select the file and play the video at car stereo screen.

Now, do not mix-up this memory card or data card with the USB, these are two entirely different things, although both can be used for the same purpose.

These data storage devices are now available in 16 GB and even 64 GB space. It is up to you to select your required memory card space. If you plan to play HD video on the car screen, then it is better to select a data card with more space. I am using a 500 GB data card that was gifted to me by the manufacturer, and they have like only 50 pieces which they delivered among friends.

Final Words on How to Play Video on Car Screen

We have covered different methods you can use to easily play video on the car screen. I enjoy watching videos on the long drive when my wife is driving, or while I am riding with my friends. I always recommend not to watch and play video files while you drive. However, if you are not in the driving seat, then this is your right to watch. Follow all local and federal laws while you drive. Feel free to contact me for any question related to car audio accessories.

Mention in the comment, which method are you using to play video on car screen.


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