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If your car lacks a Bluetooth feature than you are missing a lot of fun. This amazing technology that we call as Bluetooth comes with a feature that can allow two different devices to connect with each other remotely and there is no wire connection between them. In this article, our editors have explained the best ways that will help you add Bluetooth connection in your car.

So by connecting wirelessly, you can use all the different features with those devices without worrying about cables and wires.

With the advancements in technology, this Bluetooth feature is now present in almost any new car. You can connect your phone wirelessly with the Bluetooth technology in the car stereo and it will let you play music directly from your phone without using the aux cable.

How to Add Bluetooth to Car?

Thanks to the latest car manufacturers, now almost every car is equipped with a factory fitted car stereo, however, there are a few exceptions. This article is dedicated to those car owners whose car is not equipped with Bluetooth technology and planning for?adding Bluetooth to the car.

If you own an old car, you are missing the awesome streaming of music over the Bluetooth. With the advancements in the technology, adding a Bluetooth to any car is now just a simple and effortless procedure. You can use a Bluetooth Receiver, Car Specific Bluetooth adaptor, Universal Kit or buy a car stereo with Bluetooth technology.

If your car lacks this amazing feature, then this article is for you. I will discuss in detail, how you can add a Bluetooth technology in your car.

Ways to Add a Bluetooth Device in Car

Here, I will discuss four different ways, you can this technology in your car. If your car lacks a factory fitted Bluetooth?car stereo, then below is the list of best-suited options for you.

  • Universal Bluetooth Kit
  • Dedicated Bluetooth car adaptor
  • Go for a new Aftermarket car stereo with built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Bluetooth Receiver

Now let us discuss these four options in detail.

Universal Bluetooth Kit

I just love this device, these Universal Bluetooth kits can be attached to almost any car without any effort.? These universal Bluetooth Kits is a perfect choice if your car lacks a factory fitted Bluetooth technology.?Universal Bluetooth kits are simple yet they will amaze with you with their performance.

Universal Bluetooth kits commonly come with a separate speaker and a plugin for a microphone. You can simply attach it to the car dashboard or with the sun cover. These?Universal Bluetooth kits will not hinder in the function of the car stereo, yet you will enjoy the latest technology with ease.

One of the best features of this?Universal Bluetooth kits is their portable nature. You can shift these Bluetooth kits from one car to another simply by removing and attaching in the other car. The only thing that I don’t like about?Universal Bluetooth kits is that they lack a few features that are related to hands-free calling from mobile devices.

Now I have also seen many?Universal Bluetooth adaptors that require wires to be attached with the car stereo. I don’t like such Bluetooth adaptors as you will need to remove the car stereo and attach this adaptor with the wires to the system. Click here to buy from Amazon.

This is a hectic procedure and it also limits the portability of the adaptor. So I suggest going with a?Universal Bluetooth kits that do not require any wiring etc. However, these wired Bluetooth adaptors normally have better voice clarity than the portable ones.

Dedicated Bluetooth Car Adaptor

Dedicated Bluetooth car adaptor or a car specific Bluetooth adaptor is a perfect choice if you just want to add this feature to the factory fitted stereo. With easy to install, you will simply love this amazing device known as a Dedicated Bluetooth car adaptor.

To install car specific Bluetooth adaptor, you will need to remove the factory fitted car stereo. Now attach the wires and cables from the Bluetooth adaptor to the factory fitted car stereo. Don’t forget to attach the dedicated microphone?that will make hands-free calling very easy for you.

Now amazingly since this Bluetooth adaptor is attached with the car stereo, you can see all the call details at the screen of stereo. You can check all the details about the caller and even answer the call while driving with just a click of a button. Click here to buy this from Amazon.

You can attach the microphone at the dashboard or with the sun protector while answering calls you will hear the caller voice from the car speakers. However I strongly recommend not to do any calls when you are driving, if there is some urgent call, it is better to stop the car and answer the call.

I recommend using this option if you want to keep your previous car stereo and just add the Bluetooth technology with it. This may require some work, as you will be adding wires of this dedicated Bluetooth adaptor with the car stereo and mounting the microphone. still, I recommend this as this is inexpensive and can be done easily. These also feature streaming music but it is advised to check the manual for this feature.

Aftermarket car stereo with built-in Bluetooth technology

An aftermarket car stereo can be added to your car and these new car stereos have all the necessary features that can owners are looking. Aftermarket can stereos can have two options:

  • It can have a built-in Bluetooth technology.
  • It can have an add-on feature for Bluetooth.

Now it is up to you, I recommend going for the aftermarket stereo which comes with a built-in Bluetooth. Why will you want to again work and add Bluetooth?

I have just posted a detailed article on Bluetooth Car Stereo.?

It is better to spend a few dollars and get the best suited Bluetooth featured Aftermarket Stereo. With this amazing car stereo, you will be just a click away from getting benefits of this Bluetooth technology.

Now, this amazing Bluetooth technology is getting so famous that almost every car manufacturer is adding this feature to their car stereos. If you are buying a new car, then check for this feature at the time of purchase. All the good Car Brands have this feature and you should also ask for Bluetooth featured car.

Bluetooth Receiver

This is one of the most simple ways by which you can add a Bluetooth feature to your car. You just need a Bluetooth receiver and pair it to your phone and you can easily stream audio over it. Now amazingly this Bluetooth receiver comes with a different set of options to help you enjoy all the features.

You can simply plug-in a 3.5mm input that is commonly located at the center of the stereo or console. It may be located at one side in a few brands.

You can select from one of the options listed below for Bluetooth Receiver.

  • Battery operated.
  • USB-operated
  • 12-v operated

Now I recommend going with a USB- powered Bluetooth Receiver. I have found them easy and user-friendly. Problem with the battery powered Bluetooth receiver is that you have to maintain a proper charging for this. However, not a big issue for many, simply place that receiver near the auxiliary in jack.

Final words:

I have given details of four different and tested methods that will help you to add a Bluetooth feature to your car. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to Car audio accessories.

What are the Benefits of Having a Bluetooth Car Stereo?

Here, I will enlist some of the major benefits of having a Bluetooth car Stereo. Even if you don’t have a Bluetooth car stereo, you can always the Bluetooth technology with the methods that I have just shared above.

Some of the benefits of having a Bluetooth technology in your car:

Adding Bluetooth to Car
Adding Bluetooth to Car
  • With the latest technology, you will simply love Bluetooth features, with no more wires and adding mp4, etc.
  • Hands-free calling. This will help to avoid accidents as drivers get indulge with the phone and this can cause a fatal accident.
  • Stream Music.
  • Get all the information of calls at your display.
  • Play your favorite tracks from your mobile.
  • No more DVD s for songs.
  • Live stream using mobile internet.
  • Dial a call directly from the stereo screen and even receive all calls.

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