How to Make All Speakers Work on Surround Sound?

Do you ever think about why we enjoy more watching movies in cinemas rather than a home? Have you ever noticed why u feel that you are in the same environment with the movie characters in cinemas? It is a magic of surround sound system that differentiates your listening experience from traditional 2 channels stereo speakers.

We can experience different levels of sound in the latest Dolby Atmos sound system e.g. if someone is underwater, you can listen to the debt of water and the relevant surrounding environment.

Like movies, music can be enjoyed a lot in surround sound system because different instruments and sound effects recorded for different audio channels to let you immerse in an awesome sound. In this article, our editors have explained in detail about Making?All Speakers Work on Surround Sound.

Oh, by the way, I forget to tell you about myself. I am Rebecca Carlos, a musician by profession living in Peru. I love to listen to instrumental music on my surround sound helps me to release my tensions, make me calm and able me to visualize fresh creative ideas regarding music.

How to Make All Speakers Work on Surround Sound?

First of all, you need a multichannel sound source e.g. DVD home theaters systems, blue-ray home theater system or separate A/V receiver. In order to experience true surround sound system, the audio content must be available in Dolby digital 5.1 channels, 7.1 channels, 9.1 channels or Dolby Atmos system which is 11.1 channels and the latest available technology.

Most of the A/V receivers also have the feature of DTS (digital theater system) that is also created to experience surround sound through attached speakers


In 5.1 surround sound system, your speakers have to properly placed to the right and left in front of your listening position. Place another two speakers on your rear right side and rear left side if it?s not possible then place your surround speakers a few feet behind and above your listening position.

Centre channel speaker should be placed right beneath the viewing screen. U can place sub-woofer either in front of you or in the front corner of your room to make its sound bass enhanced. If you want to get the best surround sound effects always place speakers one to two feet above from your ear level.


In 7.1 surround sound setup, all the setup is same as 5.1 surround sound system except two additional speakers to the right side and the left side of the listener along with rear right side and rear left side speakers.

First things first, check whether the A/V receiver speaker connections are properly attached or not? In most of the cases, the connections behind the receiver might be connected at wrong slots or maybe loose in connection. Make sure to unplug the receiver first before checking the connections otherwise you might not be able to read this article further due to electric shock.

If your surround sound speakers not placed correctly you can?t listen appropriate surround sound. Firstly place speakers in appropriate positions to experience true surround sound.

Make sure the audio content that you are listening to is compatible with surround sound system. If you want to experience 5.1 channels surround sound out of originally 2 channels stereo song, it won?t happen. Nowadays, most of the movies and audio content are recorded and mixed in for 5.1 or 7.1 audio channels but not in every case.

Supporting audio codecs are compulsory to play sound out of A/V receiver. Some audio codecs are not supported in some old fashioned A/V digital receivers. Firstly, search about the codecs supported by you?re A/V receiver and then try to play relevant sound content on it.

If you want to play surround sound through your smart TV, you need HDMI, Digital Optical or Coaxial wire because these wires can transfer 5.1 or more channels to your surround speakers. Simple audio video cables won?t transfer more than 2 channels audio to attached speakers. Moreover, Bluetooth will also not transfer more than 2 channels audio from any device to you?re A/V receiver.


Now it?s time to plug the wires into the receiver after setup the surround sound system. It should be simple to plug the wires in the right place but I have seen many good installers make mistakes. You have to careful when u hook up the wires.

A/V receiver has all slots behind like right left the center, subwoofer, surround right and surround left slots. Everything writes on behind the receiver. Put wires in each relevant slots carefully, make sure the positive and the negative connections of wires of each speaker. in order to attach a/v receiver to your TVyou need HDMI cable, digital optical cable or coaxial cable to transfer more than two channels audio from your TV to your receiver. Some receivers have digital cables options and some have coaxial cable options.

How To Individually Check Speakers with a Surround Sound System?

A sound will come sequence wise on each of the following speaker?s right, left, center channel, right surround, and the left surround. If you check the sound coming from the speakers it indicates red on the screen. If it does not indicate then check your cable connection. Firstly check center channel speaker if it’s indicated on the screen then check the cable connection. Like this check all speakers one by one.

Now it?s time to enjoy your movie with surround sound where u can experience the real environment in which the movie was shot. By the way, watch a horror movie on the surround sound system at your own risk as sound can emerge from any corner of your room.

Say goodbye to conventional stereo speakers and listen to the sound as it was meant to listen. So guys, hope you find above mention tips useful, hope so it will definitely help you that how to make all speakers work on surround sound, thanks for reading. Have a good day!


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