Where to Buy Cheap Vinyl Records

Are you a collector? Building your special collection of vintage and modern vinyl records is possible if you know where to get them. In this article, you’ll learn where to buy cheap vinyl records to display an outstanding collection at home and enjoy unique records that will definitely impress your friends and other avid music lovers.

Despite advancements in the music recording industry, vinyl records have maintained their extraordinary physical beauty and quality that excels that of digital downloads and CDs. Vinyl records set the mood and create a special ambiance where you want to enjoy a special audio experience, even if you listen to music on your computer or smartphone all the time.

Keep on reading to learn more about buying vinyl records.

What are Vinyl Records?

Vinyl records or phonograph disc records represent an analog sound storage medium. They are circular discs made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride with spiral grooves cut into them. These grooves usually start near the periphery and end near the center of the disc.

A couple of decades ago, vinyl records were considered obsolete, but they have recently become quite popular among music lovers worldwide. As a matter of fact, some collectors are willing to pay a fortune to obtain unique vinyl records.

Some of the most expensive records are singles or demos that were later discarded by the artist or production company. Others are expensive because they were signed by band members or because the record represents the only surviving copy of musical production.

CDs, streaming services, music applications, and all other forms of digital storage and streaming allow music lovers to enjoy their favorite records whenever they like. However, vinyl records create a memorable audio experience as the turntable’s needle creates a sense of warmth that digital music records lack.

Why Do People Still Buy Vinyl Records?

Unlike smartphones and streaming computer programs, vinyl records require that the listener actually sits down to experience the audio experience. The setup usually involves other social activities that involve relaxing or arranging the mood for a group of friends. The experience of listening to a vinyl record is about creating an event or an experience rather than just listening to the audio.

Even the drawbacks of vinyl in the form of pops or errors in playback add character to the record, so each record represents an individual experience with a set of imperfections that it doesn’t share with any other copy. Here are some reasons why people still buy vinyl records.

Sound Quality

Compared to digital records, the sound produced from vinyl records tends to fill the room and has more depth and warmth. You can listen to more details and subtle sounds that are harder to grasp in digital records.

Older vinyl records weren’t edited, so you can sense the imperfection of the human sounds and instrumental improvisation that creates a unique audio experience that resembles attending a live concert.

If you’re buying a newly pressed vinyl record, the audio quality will be impressive because the master is of excellent quality and is produced and enhanced using high-quality modern recording equipment.


This refers to the individualism of the sound produced by every record. Unlike standardized CDs, each vinyl record has its character with some imperfections that affect the playback to create a special musical experience.

The surface noise or hum of the needle along the grooves of the vinyl record is part of the unique experience of enjoying a vinyl record. In some sense, it compares to the quality of digitally enhanced photos versus photos or paintings that haven’t been altered or enhanced. To each their own, but artist lovers agree that unedited artwork is the true form of artistic creation.

Most hardcore audiophiles enjoy these add-ons because they add texture to the musical composition or song. They also differ from one record to another, making your record one of its kind.


Digital music is accessible, convenient, and portable, but vinyl records provide the sentimental aspect that digital records might lack. Enjoying listening to a vinyl record creates an emotional state that involves feelings of nostalgia, especially if you’re listening to a record that you personally connect with.

As the old tunes evoke your emotions, the audio quality reminds you of places and people that probably no longer exist. Audio and music lovers also appreciate listening to the creations of people who passed away, but their creativity still exists and entertains millions of people.


Although MP3 players and other forms of digital music are extremely convenient, they cancel the need for physical interaction with the music and the records.

People who buy or listen to vinyl records choose a time and place to enjoy their records. The process involves choosing a comfortable seating arrangement, preparing drinks or snacks, and might involve inviting someone over to enjoy the record.

Every little detail from opening the record’s wrapper to touching it, smelling the inner sleeve, putting it on the turntable, and even maintaining the record adds to the overall listening experience.

Vinyl records also require a certain level of engagement. You can’t just leave the record on the turntable and set it on shuffle. You will have to flip the record or change it after a while, which means that you’re actually choosing what you’re listening to.

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Build a Collection

Vinyl records are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than CDs or an MP3 player that stores millions of audio files. They’re used for decoration and enhancing the visual aesthetics of your living space while providing you with a unique audio experience.

The sleeves come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to decorate your bookcase or shelves. Some sleeves also show artistic work that tells a story or acts as a visual representation of a specific period.

Where to Buy Cheap Vinyl Records in Person

Nowadays, there are several options if you want to buy cheap vinyl records. You don’t have to spend a fortune if you’re thinking about building a collection of vintage records or wish to find a unique one for a fellow audio lover.

Regardless of your financial situation, buying affordable vinyl records is an excellent way to build your music collection or explore new music genres. As a matter of fact, you can get some special records for as cheap as one dollar per record. 

The process of deciding on where to find cheap vinyl records involves a lot of surprises. The wrong impression can be given by examining the cover or sleeve, which means that you might end up with a surprise that you have never expected. Here is where to get cheap vinyl records.

Thrift Stores

This is not for the faint of the heart but is definitely worth your time and effort. Although some vinyl records might be broken or heavily scratched, most of them will be of incredible quality.

Thrift stores are where you can find some rare vintage records. They also hold a sentimental value, as you can think about the lives of people who owned and listened to them in the past.

In some cases, you might find dedications on the sleeves, love notes, or other surprises that add to the overall experience. You might also encounter a special genre that can widen your musical experience.

Estate Sale Auctions

Estate sale auctions are held when people liquidate an estate, especially one that belongs to a deceased person. If you’re lucky, you might gain access to a special vintage or unique collection that once belonged to an avid collector.

Because people are usually trying to get rid of their belongings as fast as possible, you might get some excellent records for a really low price. You might also be able to get a special turntable to enhance your vinyl records experience.


This proves that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When people are moving out or simply cleaning their basements, they might offer some unique items for donation or sale. It’s quite common to get some really cheap vinyl records if you keep an eye on such events.

You can also go through the basements of family members and friends, with their permission, to find some old vinyl records that they forgot about for so long. Just sweep the dust off the hidden shelves and boxes, and you’ll probably be impressed with what you can find.

People would love to give these items away because they’re not using them, so they will be cleaning their space. The best thing is that you might be able to get these records for free.

Clearance Sections

Check out the bookstores in your area, and you might find some excellent records in the clearance section. Some good records might be forgotten or ignored, only to end up in the right hands, yours.

Most record stores also have clearance sections that allow you to explore new music genres or records that you haven’t heard of. Stores use this technique to clear space, get rid of their inventory, and make room for new items. It’s a win-win situation because you’ll be able to buy amazing records for a low price.

Where to Buy Cheap Vinyl Records Online

Not a big fan of browsing stores and attending estate sales auctions? There are multiple platforms and online marketplaces where you can get cheap records online.

Each of these platforms offers a vast collection of records that cover various genres, and the price can be predetermined, or you can bid to buy your records for the best price. Here are the best online platforms to buy cheap vinyl records.


As one of the biggest online marketplaces, eBay is an excellent place to buy cheap vinyl records online. There are probably millions of vinyl records available for sale, which represents an excellent opportunity for vinyl records lovers.

What We Like

  • First, you can find original records.
  • Second, you can either choose to join an auction or make use of the buy-it-now option.
  • Next, you can browse vinyl records by speed or size.
  • Finally, you can check the reliability of the seller by examining feedback.

What We Don’t Like

  • The sellers’ definition of the mint condition is subjective.


Amazon is a vast marketplace that offers exceptional vinyl records as well as tips for maintenance and care.

What We Like

  • Often cheaper than specialty record stores.
  • Your purchases are supported by Amazon’s policies.
  • You can save on shipping costs.

What We Don’t Like

  • When ordering multiple records, they’re usually placed in the same box, which might damage them.

Experience Vinyl

Experience Vinyl is a marketplace that offers a unique collection every month. You can search for the latest additions by setting the price or browsing the artists’ names. It also offers some exclusive collections.

What We Like

  • A big selection of new records is regularly added.
  • You can find some hard-to-find records.
  • You can preorder records.

What We Don’t Like

  • Shipping prices vary.


Vinylom is home to hard-to-find vinyl records, as well as rare music tapes and CDs. It allows you to explore more than 600 online record stores to find the vinyl record you want.

What We Like

  • It features online record stores from several countries.
  • Different music genres are available.
  • Offers help when there’s a dispute between the seller and the buyer.

What We Don’t Like

  • The website’s setup is not that user-friendly.
  • Some of the sellers have just one or no feedback.
  • Fees are charged on the item’s price and shipping cost.

Dusty Groove

Dusty Groove is an online record store that offers a big collection of some of the most famous music genres. Prices are usually cheap, and there are some random bulk records that you can get for an amazing price. 

What We Like

  • The collection is updated daily.
  • FIt offers fast shipping.
  • You can browse the collection by choosing the genre, year, or condition.
  • It offers some of the rarest second-hand vinyl records.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some subgenres are mixed together.
  • You might receive some records that you don’t like if you buy a bulk collection.

Stranded Records

In addition to their brick-and-mortar shop, this Stranded Records offers a user-friendly online shopping experience. There’s a section for top-selling and upcoming records, in addition to records produced by their own label.

What We Like

  • A big collection of experimental and avant-garde records.
  • You can get some records for a discount.
  • You can follow the social media pages of the brand.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some records are more expensive than other record stores and marketplaces.

Where to Buy Cheap Vinyl Records Wrap Up

Vinyl records offer a unique audio experience, allowing you to experience vintage and new genres of music with exceptional sound quality. Unlike digital music, every record features a sense of individuality that contributes to the uniqueness of the overall experience.

With a little research, you can gain access to some of the rarest vinyl records available. There are multiple physical and online options to browse and shop for vinyl records.